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Fans from the East Debrett's Peerage An authoritative study of the origins of the fan. Many photograhs, some in Col. £8.50 Add
Stiletto Caroline Cox The exciting story of the stiletto,a highly charged sex symbol,illustrated with new and vintage photography that explores the stiletto and its relationship with sex and power, femininity, fashion and fetishism. 176pp £25.00 Add
Shawls Stoles and Scarves Alice Mackrell The Costume Accessories Series. A unique history from 1600 to the present day. 78 B/W illustrations. 8 colour photographs. 96pp. £40.00 Add
OGI - A history of the Japanese Fan Julia Hutt and Helene Alexander A comprehensive authoritative history of the Japanese fan. 220 plus full colour photogrpahs. £30.00 Add
Baker's Encyclopedia of Hatpins and Hatpin Holders Lillian Baker This book will be a valuable aid to collectors of hatpins and all who are interested in period costume, jewelry, and memorabilia. 192pp. £28.00 Add
Carnival Masks of Venice - A Photographic Essay J.C. Brown Unique and superb coloured survey of these amazing accessories. Beautiful and inspiring. 96pp. Landscape style book. £28.00 Add
Modern Boardwork Part 1 Weft Working N. G. S. Symonds Helps for students of hairdressing No.5. Practical guide. 40 illustrations. 85pp. £50.00 Add
Modern Boardwork Part 2 Knotted and Drawn-Through Work N. G. S. Symonds Helps for students of hairdressing No 3. Practical guide. 84pp. £50.00 Add
Handbags Tracy Tolkien A Miller Collectors Guide packed with invaluable tips fact files price guides and over 120 color photographs. 64pp. £8.00 Add
Hats From India Rosemary Crill Unique well illustrated catalogue of a unique exhibtion. 64pp. £24.00 Add
Making Leather Purses and Totes Lisa Galvin Detailed practical guide. Very well illustrated with colour photographs throughout. 128pp. £35.00 Add
Fur in Dress Elizabeth Ewing Unique comprehensive survey with 144 illustrations. 168pp. £15.00 Add
Walking Sticks Alfredo Lamberti Text in Italian and English. Superb suvery illustrated with colour photographs. 125pp. £20.00 Add
Shoes in Vogue Since 1910 Christina Probert Fascinating pictorial survey. 96pp. £18.00 Add
Make Yourself a Hat Dora Shackell Practical guide with illustrations by the author. 31pp. £5.00 Add
Victorian Fashion Accessories Ariel Beaujot An engaging prose illuminating the complex identities of the women who used accessories and the Victorian culture that created and consumed them. Some black and white illustrations. 216pp. £19.00 Add
Gloves The Costume Accessories Series Valerie Cumming A concise history with 62 black and white illustrations and 4 pages of colour photographs. 96pp. £20.00 Add
The Shoe Show British Shoes Since 1790 Ken and Kate Baynes Highly informative and entertaining account of the recent history of shoes.Well illustrated with black and white photographs. 96pp. £12.00 Add
Clogs or Wooden Soled Shoes Evelyn Vigeon Reprinted from the Journal of the Costume Society. Unique concise survey. Some illustrations. 27pp. £7.50 Add
The Art of Stick Dressing Norman Tulip Well illustrated concise practical guide. 56pp. £7.50 Add
Visiting Cards and Cases Edwin Banfield The author discusses the history and development of visting cards and their cases with the help of more than 300 illustrations. 149pp £10.00 Add
Fascinating Walking Sticks A.E.Boothroyd Fascinating and unique survey. Illustrated. 205pp. £65.00 Add
Panama a Legendary Hat Martine Buchet A detailed study and history of the Panama hat with full page high quality illustrations throughout. 143pp. £100.00 Add
The Art of the Shoe Marie-Josephe Bossan A study of the history and importance of the shoe and its place in the Roman legion, medieval England and the opression of Chinese women. High quality illustrations. 256pp. £34.00 Add
The Visual History of Costume Accessories Valerie Cumming A fully illustrated history from Hats to Shoes: 400 years of costume accessories. 174pp. £40.00 Add
The Boot Bradley Quinn The first book dedicated to the style and history of the boot revealing an elegant showcase of cutting-edge creations. 192pp. £15.00 Add
The Couture Accessory Caroline Rennolds Millbank This volume celebrates the visionary hats, bags, shoes, belts, scarves, gloves and jewels fashioned by deigners of the 20th century. High quality illustrations. 192pp. £22.00 Add
Victorian Costume and Costume Accessories Anne Buck Revised Second Edition. An authoritative study of over 60 years of development in fashion, art and society in Victorian Britain. Illustrated. 224pp. £10.00 Add
Railway Buttons, Badges & Uniforms David J. Froggatt A comprehensive study of Railway badges, button and uniforms of the UK from historical to 1989. Line drawings and plates throughout. 208pp. £55.00 Add
Costume and Accessories in the 18th Century Marion Fletcher A study of 18th Century costume and accessories held at the National Gallery of Victoria. High quality Illustration. 32pp £18.00 Add
The Costume Accessories Series: Hats Fiona Clark Covering the period from 1600 to the present day showing an extraordinary variety of hats and headwear. High quality illustration throughout. 96pp £12.00 Add
Wooden Shoes H. Noorlander A fascinating study of wooden shoes - their makers and their wearers. High quality illustration throughout. 76pp £10.00 Add
The Botanical Footwear of Dennis Kyte Dennis Kyte A fascinating book showing the unique artwork of Dennis Kyte who literally draws inspiration from fruit, vegetables and flowers. Very high quality illustration. 175pp. £18.00 Add
The Hat - Trends and Traditions Madeleine Ginsburg The colourful story of the hat century by century and the many variations of this ever popular fashion item. High quality imagery throughout. 160pp £12.00 Add
The Tie - Trends and Traditions Sarah Gibbings An extensive and authoritative study on the history of the tie and what it says about it's wearer. High quality imagery throughout. 160pp £12.00 Add
The Book of Ties Francois Chaille A superb volume with a remarkable array of visual documents from all over the world along with a lively and informative text revealing the history and legend of the tie. High quality imagery throughout. 180pp £32.00 Add
Masks - The Art of Expression John Mack A great variety and richness of masks and masking traditions are brought out in this survey and the accompanying 150 colour photographs. High quality imagery throughout. 224pp £30.00 Add
Hats - Status, Style and Glamour Colin McDowell This sparkling guide captures the fascinating subject of headwear from every angle, to dazzle and delight fashion historians and designers. High quality imagery throughout. 224pp £20.00 Add
How to Make Rope Soled Footwear Alan James Raddon Very interesting guide with step by step instructions to make many different types of rope soled footwear, completely edo friendly and easy to make. Imagery throughout. 57pp £50.00 Add
Hats - an Anthology Stephen Jones and Oriole Cullen A window into the world of millinery; the wonderful, the whimisical, the wicked, and the downright wacky. This book marks the captivating 2009 exhibition at the V&A. High quality imagery throughout. 128pp £22.00 Add
The Footwear Industry in Ireland 1922-1973 Jon Press The purpose of this book is to examine the experience of the footwear industry since 1922 in Ireland. Illustrated. 229pp £10.00 Add
The History of the Hat Michael Harrison A presentation of 250 specially-drawn hat portraits from the earliest times advancing through the Anglo-Saxon times and Middle Ages making interesting and entertaining reading. Illustrated. 188pp £24.00 Add
Blackthorn - Lore and the art of making Walking Sticks John Murchie Douglas A study of the history and methods of making walking sticks and some lore of Blackthorn. Illustrated. 80pp £7.50 Add
Khon Masks Dhanit Yupho Text in English. Thai Culture, New Series 'No.7'. A brief study of the 'Khon Masks' golden face masks detailing an ancient battle. High quality imagery throughout. 16pp £24.00 Add
The Sex Life of the Foot & Shoe William A. Rossi In this extraordinary book the author examines the realities of foot and shoe erotocism practised by almost all of us, whether conciously or unconciously. Some illustration. 265pp £19.50 Add
A History of Shoe Fashion Eunice Wilson A study of shoe design in relation to costume for shoe designers, pattern cutters, manufacturers, fashion students and dress designers etc. High quality imagery throughout. 334pp £8.50 Add
Fans of Imperial Japan Neville John Irons Part of a two volume set. A comprehensive study of the artistry and skills used in making the famous Japanese fans. High quality imagery throughout. £24.00 Add
Masks - Their Meaning and Function Andreas Lommel A study of the meaning behind masks and the psychological processes which determine their form and functions. High quality imagery throughout. 228pp. £20.00 Add
Masterpieces from The Time Museum Various A stunning survey showing the collection of watches, clocks and scientific instruments held in the collection of the Time Museum and sold at Sotherby's on Thursday 2nd December 1999. High quality imagery throughout. 315pp £35.00 Add
Face of the Spirits - Masks from the Zaire Basin Frank Herreman (Editor) Text in English. A fascinating tome produced in conjunction with the exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum, Antwerp. Detailed descriptions and full page photos of each mask. High quality imagery throughout. 261pp £80.00 Add
The Book of Ties Davide Mosconi & Riccardo Villarosa A comprehensive study of the tie and 188 knot variations with history, techniques and high quality photographs. High quality imagery throughout. 191pp £40.00 Add
Cult Shoes - Classic and Contemporary Designs Harriet Walker A lavishly illustrated exploration of the world's top shoe brands and designers, from Manolo Blahnik to Melissa, Camper to Clarks, and from the 18th century to the present day. High quality imagery throughout. 192pp £17.50 Add
The Shopping Bag - Portable Art Stephen C. Wagner & Michael L. Closen A display of 155 of the best and brightest shopping bags are reproduced in this book, a must have for all art and design lovers or collectors. High quality imagery throughout. 96pp £9.50 Add
Trainers Neal Heard Paying tribute and charting the rise of the sports shoe. Tracing the birth of the trainer in 1900 through the legendary Converse All Star and Air Jordans, a complete trainer compendium. High quality imagery throughout. 432pp £25.00 Add
The Degrees and Hoods of The World's Universities & Colleges Frank W. Haycraft A fascinating study of degress and hoods from universities and colleges from around the world. Some illustration. 101pp £20.00 Add
Bags: A Selection from the Museum of Bags & Purses, Amsterdam Sigrid Ivo Presenting the bag in all its diversity regarding its use, forms materials and adornments, a must be for enthusiastic and professionals alike. 384pp £18.00 Add
Fans of Imperial China Neville John Irons Part of a two volume set. A comprehensive study of the artistry and skills used in making the famous Chinese fans. High quality imagery throughout. £65.00 Add
A Collection of Thimbles Unknown An insight into how the first collection of thimbles from Royal Crown Derby was devised and designed. 21pp £7.00 Add
Indispensables Accessoires XVI-XX Siècle Madeleine Delpierre Text in French. 'Essential Accessories 16th-20th C.' A guide to the exhibition held in the Paris Museum of Fashion and Costume in 1983-84. Illust. 136pp £25.00 Add
l'eventail miroir de la belle époque Madeleine Delpierre Text in French. 'The Mirror Fan of the Belle Epoque' A guide to the exhibition of fans held May - October 1985 at the Palais Galleria. Illust. 152pp  £30.00 Add
Picture Book of Boots and Shoes Northampton Museum A brief pictorial guide to Northampton Museum's fine collection of footwear from throughout Europe. Illust. 16pp £6.50 Add
Umbrella Frames 1848-1948 Stanley Moxon A centenary study of Samuel Fox and Company, famed umbrella frame makers. Illust. 56pp £18.00 Add
Glovemaking in West Oxfordshire N. L. Leyland and J. E. Troughton A study of the craft and history of glovemaking in West Oxfordshire. Illust. 41pp £14.00 Add
Accent on Accessories - First Edition Dora Shackell A clear guide to making fashionable and attractive accessories in your own home. Scarce book. Illust. 120pp £15.00 Add
Borse E Valigie Letizia Bordignon Elestici Text in Italian/English. 'Bags and Suitcases' A collection of very high quality photographs and study of the history of the bag and its current role as a fashion accessory. llust. 141pp £8.50 Add
Ces Bijoux Qui Font Rever Gilles Neret Text in French. 'The Jewels That Make You Dream'. llust. 160pp £25.00 Add
Manolo's New Shoes Manolo Blahnik Here, more than 130 of Blahník’s witty, seductive drawings are collected into one inspiring volume. £15.00 Add
Plastic Handbags: Sculpture to Wear Kate E. Dooner Over 300 handbags in this newly revised 2nd edition are displayed in color photographs to reveal the beauty of these tiny sculptures of art. 112pp £20.00 Add
Fun Handbags Desire Smith Examine 140 special handbags that made the author pause and judge them among the most fun she has encountered over many years in the fashion world. 160pp £25.00 Add
Feet & Footwear in Indian Culture Jutta Jain-Neubauer Illustrates the religious and erotic significance of feet and footwear signifying the richness and diversity of ancient footwear. 170pp £18.00 Add
M. De Garsault's 1767 Art of the Shoemaker: An Annotated Translation D. A. Saguto A facsimile of the original French text, translations of other 18th century writings on shoemaking, a glossary of 18th century terms, and suggested further reading. £50.00 Add
Vintage Purses at Their Best Lynell K. Schwartz The beautiful diversity of high quality vintage purses is presented here through a friendly and informative text and hundreds of clear color photographs. 160pp £30.00 Add
Eyeglass Retrospective: Where Fashion and Science Meet Nancy N. Schiffer This book provides an overview for identifying and dating vintage eyewear for the growing numbers of collectors. 192pp £30.00 Add
Specs Appeal: Extravagant 1950s and 1960s Eyewear Leslie Pina & Donald-Brian Johnson The 450 colour photographs and vintage ads shown here offer a dazzling eyeful of the best these eras had to offer. 176pp £30.00 Add
Carry Me: 1950's Lucite Handbags, an American Fashion Janice Berkson This book celebrates some of the most fantastic and desirable handbags of the 1950s. 207pp £55.00 Add
Popular and Collectible Neckties Roseann Ettinger A fascinating look into the world of men's neckwear, chronicling the style, fabric, and design changes that evolved in the second half of the 20th century. 160pp £30.00 Add
20th Century Neckties Pre-1955 Roseann Ettinger Over 400 hundred color photographs illustrate the development of the necktie, from the turn of the century, through the Roaring Twenties, the Depression, and the War years. 158pp £22.00 Add
Handbags Roseann Ettinger This all-inclusive book showcases hundreds of unique handbags, from pouches worn in the dark ages to contemporary clutches, illustrated in 450 beautiful color images. £40.00 Add
Walkingsticks Ulrich Klever This is a comprehensive look at decorative walking sticks, including their use, history, and craftsmanship. Stoeber explores the rise and fall of the cane industry. 244pp £22.00 Add
Walking Dreams: Salvatore Ferragamo 1898-1960 Margo Glantz Exploring the life and work of one of Italy's and the world's most outstanding fashion designers, an artist who revolutionized the manufacture of footwear by introducing innovative materials. 144pp £24.00 Add
Handmade Shoes for Men Laszlo Vass & Magda Molnar The many detailed photographs in this book reveal the closely-guarded secrets and tricks of the trade that come between the taking of measurements and the completion of the shoe. £24.00 Add
Buttons Diana Epstein & Milicent Safro The book contains scholarly information on the history of button design and production, as well as a detailed caption for each button that describes it . 174pp £24.00 Add
Chapeau, Chapeaux Bianca M. du Mortier Text in Dutch/English. A lovely booklet published in connection with the presentation of the Rijksmuseum's collection of hats. 55pp £15.00 Add
Trunks, Traveling Bags, and Satchels Roseann Ettinger The variety of packing trunks and carrying bags for salesmen, tradesmen, bankers, doctors, and travelers that are shown here will astound you. 160pp £15.00 Add
Hats in Vogue Since 1910 Christina Probert The collection of hats in this book, ranging from the witty, to the sophisticated, to the downright weird, will captivate anyone interested in the history of hat style. 96pp £30.00 Add
Georgian Shoe Buckles Barnard Hughes & Therle Hughes Illustrated by the Lady Maufe Collection of Shoe Buckles at Kenwood. £50.00 Add
Accessories (Chic Simple) Kim Johnson Gross & Jeff Stone From sunglasses and scarves to handbags and heels, this text cuts through the endless options in accessories to help define a personal style. 174pp £25.00 Add
Unfolding Pictures: Fans in the Royal Collection Jane Roberts, Prudence Sutcliffe & Susan Mayor The first fully detailed study written from within the Royal Collection on one of the most important collections of fans in the world. 224pp £25.00 Add
Fashions In Eyeglasses: From the 14th Century to the Present Day Richard Corson This is the most comprehensive history of eyewear to be published in English, fully updated to the present day. 336pp £14.00 Add
Accessorize: 250 Objects of Fashion and Desire Bianca Du Mortier & Ninke Bloemberg Text in English and Dutch. This book contains 250 of the most beautiful accessories, lavishly photographed. £40.00 Add
Pettini Ornamentali: Ornamental Hair-Combs Marialuisa Domeniconi The collection presented in this book shows form and material of hair combs from 1800-1920. 143pp £28.00 Add
Snuff and Snuff-Boxes Hugh McCausland A clearly presented history of snuff-taking and snuff-boxes from 18th C. to the modern day (1951). 144pp £15.00 Add
Furs and Fur Garments Richard Davey A historical study of the best garment fur producing animals and the garments that can be made. Scarce book. £30.00 Add
How to Look At Furs J. G. Links A study of particuar furs, with a little history, qualities to be looked for , uses, virtues and faults. 125pp £8.00 Add
The Shoemaker in Art John H. Thornton Mini catalolgue for the exhibition held from March 26th to April 22nd 1961 at the Museum and Art Gallery, Northampton. £10.00 Add
The St. Giles' Shoe-School Victor A. Hatley An incident in the history of shoe manufacturing at Northampton. 8pp £10.00 Add
Shoes Concealed in Buildings J. M. Swann A mini study of historical shoes found when demolishing buildings, with pictures. £10.00 Add
Wachlarze Zachodu i Wschodu (Fans of the Occident and Orient) Beata Biedronskaa-Slotowa (Editor) Text in Polish and English. A stunning display of the fans held in the collection of the National Museum, with high quality photography throughout. 267pp £60.00 Add
Choice of Careers No.3 - Boot and Shoe Manufacture Central Youth Employment Executive Booklet No.3 intended to help boys and girls choose suitable forms of employment. 43pp £30.00 Add
Un Soffio Di Vanita: Ventagli dal XVII al XX secolo Amalia Filippini Sacchetto and Lidia Testoni Sassi Text in Italian. 'Breath of Vanity: Fans from the 17th to 20th Century'. High quality photography throughout. 137pp £85.00 Add