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Necklaces The Art of Collectibles Pendants, Crosses, Sautoirs, Cameos Soraya Feder Attractively illustrated survey £5.00 Add
Tiffany in Fashion John Loring A visual feast with 250 glamorous images tracing the simultaneous growth of fashion photography and jewelry design. 271pp. £40.00 Add
Making Glass Beads Cindy Jenkins A detailed authoritative guide to the art of beadmaking with dozens of techniques described. Lavishly illustrated. 112pp. £12.00 Add
Pewter Jewellery Miriam Browne Practical and inspirational guide. 4 Colour and 88 mono photos. 90 patterns and diagrams. 120pp. £5.00 Add
Art Deco Fashion and Jewelry Compiled Authoritative concise survey with over 100 illustrations. 64pp. £5.00 Add
Tiffany Flora & Fauna John Loring This two-volume, slipcased set presents Tiffany's bejewelled plant and animal kingdom. Here the famed designers pay homage to the way nature has inspired the design of intricate jewellery and precious objects. £60.00 Add
The Royal Gold of Ancient Egypt Hans Wolfgang Muller and Eberhard Thiem A superb survey of the widest range of ancient Egyptian gold objects and jewels ever assembled in a single volume. Authoritative text. Over 400 spectacular colour photographs. 256pp. £26.00 Add
The Ring Design: past and present Sylvie Lambert A definitive study placing the ring within its historical and social context, and following the development of ring design, manufacture and materials used from the 5th century BC to today. Superbly illustrated in colour throughout. 271pp. £10.00 Add
Chatelains Utility to Glorious Extravagance Genevieve Cummins and Nerylla Taunton Thoroughly researched and comprehensive work. Indispensable research tool for jewellery and fashion historians. Superbly illustrated throughout. 311pp. £120.00 Add
Zero Karat Ursula Ilse Neuman and David Revere McFadden The Donna Schneier Gift to the American Craft Museum. Superb colour photos of amazing contemporary jewellery. 155pp. £80.00 Add
Small books on the history of embroidery - The Bead Embroidered Dress Joan Edwards The sixth in the series of small books on the history of embroidery £6.50 Add
The Jewels of Miriam Haskell Deanna Farnetti Cera Detailed authoritative survey of the woman and her jewellery. Superbly illustrated throughout. 207pp. £70.00 Add
Beadifferent Make Wire Beads Lisa Van Herik Practical guide. 64pp. £15.00 Add
Exhibition of Greek Folk Art Catalogue Laloula Chryssicopoulou Exhibition catalogue with silver work, embroidery, clothing and weaving. 47pp text plus 55 illustrations, some in colour. £40.00 Add
Ethnic Jewellery: From Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands Rene Van der Star In this lavishly illustrated book, more than 500 magnificent pieces from the Van der Star jewellery collection are presented in color, together with detailed descriptions. 255pp £65.00 Add
Nineteenth Century Cameos Michele Rowan Invaluable reference book for collectors dealers and all interested in cameos. Superbly illustrated in colour throughout. 134pp. £95.00 Add
The Crown Jewels of England George Younghusband and Cyril Davenport Ltd Edtn No. 1165 of 1400. Beautfiul study of the crown jewels with numerous line drawings and 18 tipped-in full colour plates. 84pp. £35.00 Add
Cuff Links Susan Jonas and Marilyn Nissenson Richly illustrated comprehensive survey with 186 plates for the wearer or collector of cuff links. 112pp. £22.00 Add
Antique and Twentieth Century Jewellery: Second Edition Vivienne Becker A Guide for collectors. Comprehensive and detailed with many photographs in colour and black and white.319pp £55.00 Add
Bobbin Lace Jewellery Jennifer MacPherson Detailed practical guide to making Brooches, Earrings, Necklaces etc. Superbly illustrated in full colour throughout. £19.99 Add
Victorian Jewellery Peter Hinks An illustrated collection of exquisite 19th Century jewellery. Over 300 colour and B & W plates. 328pp. £20.00 Add
Ancestral Jewels Diana Scarisbrick An evocative study of famous British jewellery and the stories of its creation and heritage. 191pp. £12.00 Add
The Pearl Silvia Malaguzzi The story of the arrival of the pearl in the West and the mythology associated with the gem. 223pp. £15.00 Add
The Art of Jewelry Graham Hughes A history of jewellery and its changing styles from pre-history to the 1970s. 248pp. £9.00 Add
European Regalia Lord Twining A companion volume to 'History of the Crown Jewels of Europe' dealing with the history and development of the Royal Ornaments. 334pp. £55.00 Add
North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment Lois Sherr Dubin Concise edition - from Prehistory to the Present. A study of the beautiful and distinctive objects of American Indian adornment going beyond turquoise jewellery. Fully illustrated. 159pp. £30.00 Add
The Queen's Jewels Leslie Field The first book prepared with the full cooperation of Buckingham Palace showing 400 years of the Royal Family's jewels. Fully illustrated. 192pp. £18.00 Add
The Jewels of Queen Elizabeth II Leslie Field Concise revised paperback edition of 'The Queen's Jewels'. Shows 400 years of the Royal Family's jewels. 120pp. £12.00 Add
Embroidery Beading Designs and Techniques Maisie Jaratt A continuation of 'How to Bead: French Embroidery Beading' explaining the methods and techniques of embroidery beading. 72pp. £12.00 Add
Five Centuries of Jewelry - 16th to 20th Century Jan Lanllier & Marie - Anne Pini A history of Jewellery and its different styles from the 16th C. to the 20th C. 327pp. £24.00 Add
Renaissance Jewels and Jeweled Objects Parker Lesley Fully illustrated guide to the Melvin Gutman Collection of jewellery dating from 1400 - 1700. 194pp. £25.00 Add
Jewellery in Britain 1066 - 1837 Diana Scarisbrick A study of 8 centuries worth of jewellery in Britain. 431pp. £62.00 Add
Design Sourcebook Jewellery David Watkins A beautifully illustrated and designed portfolio of the very best contemporary work. 128pp. £10.00 Add
A Source Book of Antiques and Jewelry Designs Clarence P. Hornung A study of more than 3800 engravings of Victorian Americana including jewellery, silverware, clocks and much more. 244pp. £10.00 Add
Understanding Jewellery David Bennett & Daniela Mascetti A unique volume showing the identification dating and valuation of the type of jewellery one can buy. 386pp. £20.00 Add
Cartier 1900 - 1939 Judy Rudoe A walkthrough of the Cartier 1900 - 1939 exhibition. Fully illustrated. 344pp. £22.00 Add
BeJeweled - Great Designers, Celebrity Style Penny Proddow & Marion Fasel An exploration of the work of important 20th C. jewellery designers and a celebration of their trendsetting creations. Fully illustrated. 143pp. £15.00 Add
Princely Magnificence
A walkthrough of the exhibition for Court Jewels of the Renaissance 1500 - 1630 at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 141pp. £22.00 Add
Masterpieces of American Jewelry Judith Price A celebration of the unique attributes of American jewellery providing a stunning fully illustrated history of the values traditions and pleasures of society. 128pp. £8.00 Add
Masterpieces of French Jewelry Judith Price A celebration of a century's worth of compelling French design providing a stunning fully illustrated history of remarkable pieces that found their way into prominent American collections. 144pp. £18.00 Add
The Jewels of The Duchess of Windsor John Culme & Nicholas Rayner An enduring record of the most remarkable jewellery sale of recent times. 224pp. £55.00 Add
Earrings from Antiquity to the Present Daniela Mascetti & Amanda Triossi A fascinating study of the history of earrings and how the styles have changed over time. Fully illustrated. 224pp. £26.00 Add
Charles Horner of Halifax Tom J Lawson A celebration of Charles Horner art and jewellery along with a chapter studying the man himself. Fully illustrated. 291pp. £75.00 Add
The Crown Jewels and Other Regalia in the Tower of London Major - General H. D. W. Sitwell A complete and authentic record of the contents of the Jewel House in the Wakefield Tower at the Tower of London. 116pp. £20.00 Add
Bulgari Daniela Mascetti & Amanda Triossi A lavishly illustrated exploration of Italy's greatest jeweler. 255pp. £41.00 Add
Jewelry by Chanel Patrick Mauries A study of one of the least known aspects of Chanel's work - her high quality jewellery. High quality illustrations throughout. 144pp. £20.00 Add
Henry Dunay - A Precious Life Penny Proddow & Marion Fasel The story of one of the greatest American jewellery designers Henry Dunay. High quality illustration throughout. 223pp. £20.00 Add
The Necklace from Antiquity to the Present Amanda Triossi & Daniela Mascetti A study devoted to necklaces of the 19th and 20th centuries but also covering the early history of the necklace. High quality illustrations throughout. 224pp. £45.00 Add
Cartier - Jewelers Extraordinary Hans Nadelhoffer Highly informative and entertaining account in which the career of the house of Cartier is traced from its modest beginnings in Paris to its eventual predominance and long held sway over the world of fashion. Fully illustrated. 320pp. £22.00 Add
Paulding Farnham - Tiffany's Lost Genius John Loring A personal study of Paulding Farnham showing the designers short but brilliant career. High quality illustration throughout. 151pp. £40.00 Add
Private Passion - Artists' Jewelry of the 20th Century Yvonne G. J. M. Joris Text in German and English. A study of the collection of jewellery at Stedelijk Museum's-Hertogenbosch. 175pp. £42.00 Add
Metropolitan Jewelry Sophie McConnell A tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art highlighting pieces of jewellery from ancient and modern cultures in every part of the world. 112p. £12.50 Add
Jewelry of Southeast Asia Anne Richter A fully illustrated study of the jewellery forms motifs and techniques unique to SE Asia. 304pp. £20.00 Add
Ethnic Jewellery John Mack A study of jewellery from Africa, North American Indians and the Far East. 207pp. £12.00 Add
Jewellery Through the Ages Guido Gregorietti A comprehensive history of jewellery covering some 40000 years from rock and cave paintings. 319pp. £20.00 Add
Rough Diamonds - The Butler & Wilson Collection Vivienne Becker A study of the progress of Butler and Wilson from antique dealers to international designers of costume jewellery. 176pp. £25.00 Add
Patterns for English Beaded Needle Cases Carol Andrews & Helen Payne A book of patterns for making beaded needle cases. Fully Illustrated. 32pp. £30.00 Add
Exotic Bead - European Designs Sara Withers A guide to making European bead jewellery. 25pp. £15.00 Add
Exotic Beads - African Designs Sara Withers A guide to making African bead jewellery. 25pp. £12.00 Add
Bloomin' Beads Valerie Hixson Pattern book for floral beadwork. 33pp. £18.00 Add
Bead Crochet Ropes Judith Bertoglio-Giffin Pattern book for bead crochet ropes. 21pp. £18.00 Add
French Embroidery Beading - How to Bead Maisie Jaratt A guide to all the basic techniques and instructions for numerous designs for French Beading. 48pp. £8.00 Add
Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork - A Bead & Weave Primer Jeannette Cook & Vicki Star Instructions for constructing and using a basic loom to weave with beads. 17pp. £25.00 Add
Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork - Fringes etc Vicki Star A Fringe & Edge, Tassel & Trim Primer. Instructions for constructing trims and frills using beads. 36pp. £30.00 Add
Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork - A Netting Primer Vicki Star Instructions for constructing netted beadwork. 24pp. £15.00 Add
Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork - A Peyote Stitch Primer Vicki Star & Jeanette Cook Instructions for constructing peyote stitch beadwork. 18pp. £24.00 Add
Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork - Sculptural Peyote Jeanette Cook A Sculptural Peyote Projects Primer. Instructions for constructing sculptural beadwork. 35pp. £25.00 Add
Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork - An Off Loom Bead Weaving Primer Jeannette Cook & Vicki Star Instructions for constructing beadwork without a loom. 35pp. £22.00 Add
Tubes - Crocheting with Beads II Kate Coburn An instructional guide to crocheting with beads. 20pp. £15.00 Add
Moods in Brass & Glass Ellsworth "Ed" Sinclair Volume 2. A supplementary guide to the fine art of wirewrapping. 102pp. £80.00 Add
Lattice Braceletts - Beadwork C. J. David Book II. Instructions to create intricate latticework beaded bracelets. 58pp. £25.00 Add
Patterns & Graphing for Bead Crochet Ropes Judith Bertoglio-Giffin Instructions, patterns and projects to make beaded crochet ropes. 21pp. £28.00 Add
The History of Beads from 30,000 B.C. to the Present Lois Sherr Dubin Concise Edition. A comprehensive history of beads and beading. Fully Illustrated. 136pp. £17.50 Add
Totems to Turquoise Kari Chalker A study of native north American jewellery arts of the northwest and southwest. High quality illustrations throughout. 224pp. £25.00 Add
Jewelry in America 1600 - 1900 Martha Gandy Fales A lavishly illustrated book documenting the beauty and importance of American jewellery from 1600-1900. 447pp. £65.00 Add
Jewellery The International Era 1789 - 1910 Shirley Bury Volume II of II - 1862-1910. A lavishly illustrated book studying the jewellery produced during a period when old craft traditions co-existed with new industrial techniques. 447pp. £135.00 Add
Bead Work Jules & Kaethe Kliot Revised Edition. Unabridged republication of the 'Priscilla Bead Work Book' designed to rekindle the spirit of fine beadwork. Fully illustrated. 56pp. £12.00 Add
Pierced & Pretty Anita Holmes The complete guide to ear piercing, pierced earrings and how to create your own. Fully illustrated. 64pp. £16.00 Add
Garrard - The Crown Jewellers for 150 Years Charlotte Gere & John Culme A fully illustrated account of the crown jewellers from their royal appointment in 1843 to 1993. 216pp. £25.00 Add
Making Modern Jewellery Peter Bagley Over 45 projects with simple techniques using modern materials, perfect for the newcomer to jewellery. 128pp. £6.00 Add
Creative Bead Weaving Carol Wilcox Wells A contemporary guide to classic off-loom stitches. Fully illustrated. 144pp. £10.00 Add
Bead Weaving Classics Takako Sako Translated from the original Japanese book. A beautiful collection of bead weaving projects fully illustrated with high quality photographs. 128pp. £25.00 Add
Bead Weaving Accessories Takako Sako Translated from the original Japanese book. Basic step-by-step instructions for dozens of projects illustrated by glorious photography. 128pp. £10.00 Add
Bead Weaving Elegance Takako Sako Translated from the original Japanese book. With emphasis on pouches and bags, a study of dozens of elegant loom bead weaving techniques illustrated by glorious photography. 128pp. £18.00 Add
People & Pearls - The Magic Endures Ki Hackney & Diana Edkins An exploration of the power of pearls with their remarkable ability to bestow upon their wearer a sense of mystery, elegance and grace. DJ grubby. 226pp. £12.00 Add
Jewels of the Pharaohs Cyril Aldred A study of Egyptian jewellery of the Dynastic period. Fully illustrated. 256pp. £8.00 Add
The Technique of Jewellery Rod Edwards A complete guide to tools, materials and techniques leading the beginner through every stage of jewellery making with precious metals. Fully illustrated. 240pp. £8.00 Add
The Art of Making Fine Wood Jewelry Tony Lydgate Techniques and instructions for creating your own fine wood jewellery and interviews with leading woodworkers. 144pp. £30.00 Add
The Encyclopaedia of Jewellery Techniques Peter Bagley A practical compendium of the jeweller's craft covering all the tried and tested techniques within the scope of the interested amateur or full time jeweller. 161pp. £6.00 Add
The Bead Maker Mary Maguire Recipes for creating hand-crafted beads. 128pp £6.00 Add
Jewelry Concepts and Technology Oppi Untracht The definitive guide and handbook for jewellery makers of all levels of ability. Fully illustrated. 840pp. £68.00 Add
A Book of Jewelry Vladislav Kuzel A fully illustrated guide to the history of jewellery from the early stone age to the stereotyped ornaments produced today. 104pp. £20.00 Add
The Art of Jewellery in Scotland Rosalind K. Marshall and George R. Dalgleish A comprehensive survey of the wearing of jewellery in Scotland through history. 95pp. £30.00 Add
Modern Jewelry Graham Hughes A comprehensive international survey of jewellery 1890-1967. Fully illustrated. 256pp. £45.00 Add
An Introduction to Sentimental Jewellery Shirley Bury Part of a series illustrated with objects from the Victoria & Albert Museum. This book covers symbolic jewellery with sentimental meanings. 48pp. £15.00 Add
An Introduction to Courtly Jewellery Anna Somers Cocks Part of a series illustrated with objects from the Victoria & Albert Museum. This book covers courtly jewellery between 1480-1700. 48pp. £6.00 Add
An Introduction to Rings Shirley Bury Part of a series illustrated with objects from the Victoria & Albert Museum. This book focuses on rings from marriage to magic. 48pp. £14.00 Add
English Victorian Jewellery Ernle Bradford A lively and comprehensive account of 19th century English jewellery. 141pp. £8.00 Add
Jewellery H. Clifford Smith A connoiseur's guide to the history of jewellery, a reprint of the 1908 first edition. 410pp. £25.00 Add
The Costume Accessories Series - Jewellery Diana Scarisbrick Fully illustrated guide to the development of jewellery from Art Nouveau to current times. 96pp. £20.00 Add
Hungarian Jewellery of the Past Angela Hejj-Detari Fully illustrated guide to Hungarian jewellery from the 10th C. to the 17th C. £20.00 Add
Hungarian Folk Jewelry Tereza Balogh-Horvath A comprehensive study of Hungarian folk jewellery and its meanings. £15.00 Add
Pearls - Ornament and Obsession Kristin Joyce & Shellei Addison An exhaustively researched chronicle filled with fascenating anecdotes and following the pearl's progression through history. Fully illustrated. 253pp. £14.00 Add
South - Western Indian Jewelry Dexter Cirillo A concise history of the role played by jewellery in the cultures and economies of the Southwestern native Indian tribes. Fully illustrated. 240pp. £17.00 Add
Lalique Glass Nicholas M. Dawes A lavishly illustrated and comprehensive examination of the stunning art of the Lalique family dynasty. 152pp. £12.00 Add
Faking It Kenneth Jay Lane A study of this history of costume jewellery. 160pp. £35.00 Add
Vintage Costume Jewellery Carole Tanenbaum An intimate tour of the author's private collection of vintage costume jewllery. 223pp. £25.00 Add
The Art of Jewellery Design Liz Oliver A creative guide to designing beautiful jewellery including both theory and techniques. Fully illustrated. 160pp. £100.00 Add
Beading with Brick Stitch Diane Fitzgerald The fourth in a series of 'Beadwork How-To' books. This focusses on Brick stitch and its history and has complete instructions for 10 projects. 128pp. £15.00 Add
Musee Cartier Eric Nussbaum A fully illustrated walkthrough of the 1988 Cartier Museum Exhibition held at the Goldsmiths' Hall. 96pp. £15.00 Add
Make Barrettes & More Jo Moody A fully illustrated step-by-step guide with 16 projects to create beautiful hair accessories. 93pp £5.00 Add
Bakelite Jewellery Martin Laurie A fully illustrated guide with a concise introduction to collecting, restoring and identifying Bakelite jewellery. 64pp. £14.00 Add
The Jewelry in Your Life Morton R. Sarett A fascinating history of jewellery with an array of fact and fancy, history and lore. Fully illustrated. 144pp. £8.00 Add
Intaglios and Rings John Boardman A study of Greek, Etruscan and Eastern Intaglios and Rings from a private collection. 118pp. £40.00 Add
Victorian Jewellery Margaret Flower A guide to Victorian jewellery with historical context and seperate sections with focus on different periods during the Victorian Era. Fully illustrated. 271pp. £12.00 Add
A History of Jewellery 1100 - 1870 Joan Evans A comprehensive history of jewellery and its development from the Middle Ages until the Victorian Era. Fully illustrated. £30.00 Add
Asprey of Bond Street 1781 - 1981 Bevis Hillier A pituresque history of the superb craftsmanship practiced by Asprey of Bond Street. 144pp. £6.00 Add
Western Asiatic Jewellery c.3000 - 612 B.C. K. R. Maxwell-Hyslop A systematic study showing the development of the jeweller's art from the early Dynastic period to the capture of the Syrian capital in 612 B.C. £160.00 Add
Greek and Roman Jewellery Reynold Higgins A remarkable survey discussing jewellery from the Early Bronze Age to the Late Roman era. Fully illustrated. 307pp. £20.00 Add
The Book of Diamonds Joan Younger Dickinson A study of the history and romance of diamonds from ancient India to modern times. 239pp. £12.50 Add
An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewellery Anita Mason & Diane Packer A detailed reference book dealing with all aspects of jewellery including tools and techniques, types and history. Fully illustrated. 390pp. £25.00 Add
Chanel Fine Jewellery Francois Baudot A study of the history and future of fine jewellery making by Chanel. High quality illustration throughout. 79pp. £25.00 Add
Tiffany & Co Grace Mirabella AA study of the history and future of fine jewellery making by Tiffany & Co. High quality illustration throughout. 79pp. £14.00 Add
Off the Beadin' Path Nancy Eha A guide to discovering you own creative trail of bead embellishment. 138pp. £10.00 Add
Amulets Michael Howes A history of the origins of sacred amulets and their magic from China, India, Africa and Europe. 190pp. £5.00 Add
Cut - Steel and Berlin Iron Jewellery Anne Clifford A history of non precious metal jewellery popular in the latter part of the Napoleonic Wars. Fully illustrated. 95pp. £44.00 Add
The Magic of Amber Rosa Hunger A fascinating study of the history of amber with specific focus on its use as jewellery. Fully illustrated. 131pp. £5.00 Add
Innovative Beaded Jewellery Techniques Gineke Root An innovative guide to producing exquisite pieces of beaded jewellery. Fully illustrated. 55pp. £8.00 Add
Classic Beaded Purse Patterns E. De Jong-Kramer A guide with 26 patterns from the authors personal collection of beaded purses. Fully illustrated. 56pp. £18.00 Add
Earrings - Elegance, Effervescence, Explosion, Exuberance, Eloquence, Excitement Sue Goodman A step-by-step guide to making bobbin and need lace earrings. 32pp. £12.00 Add
Beadwrangler's Hands on Bead Stringing Lydia F Borin 10 projects for creating beaded necklaces and earrings. 40pp. £45.00 Add
Why Not Make a Beaded Amulet Purse Daphne J Ashby & Jackie Woolsey A how to guide for making a beaded amulet purse. 43pp. £10.00 Add
A String of Pearls Peggy C. Walwin A study of the history of pearls and their origins in art, literature, geography and of course jewellery and embroidery. 116pp. £9.00 Add
Fashion Jewllery: Made in Itay Deanna Farneti Cera A stunning survey of fashion jewellery made in Italy during the 20th century, and its symbiotic relationship with Italian fashion - Almost 400 illustrations. 392pp £28.00 Add
Paulding Farnham: Tiffany's Lost Genius John Loring This is the first book ever published on this major American jewelry designer, who worked at Tiffany & the turn of the last century and created some of the firm's most dazzling jewels. £60.00 Add
Beaded Mandalas Heather Kingsley-Heath A beginner's guide to flat round peyote beading. Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for creating several pieces of jewellery. 26pp. £50.00 Add
The Scottish Regalia W. D. Collier A history of the jewellery and ornament worn by the Kings and Queens of Scotland. Fully illustrated. 33pp. £14.00 Add
A book of Ciro Pearls & Jewels Ciro Trade Catalogue A fascinating and fully illustrated catalogue of jewellery from Ciro of Bond St. 80pp. £35.00 Add
Costume Jewellery Deanna Farneti Cera A study of the history of costume jewellery by an ackknowledged expert in the field. Fully illustrated. 256pp. £28.00 Add
Amazing Gems Deanna Farneti Cera A fully illustrated guide to the world's most dazzling costume jewellery. 256pp. £30.00 Add
The English Regalia and Crown Jewels in the Tower of London E. F. Twining A brief guide to the Regalia and Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. 72pp. £75.00 Add
The Crown Jewels Oliver Warner A history of the Crown Jewels of England with 16 colour plates by Paxton Chadwick. £7.00 Add
Tudor & Jacobean Miniatures Graham Reynolds Victoria & Albert Museum small colour book 2. Fully illustrated guide to Tudor and Jacobean miniatures. 15pp. £14.00 Add
Folk Jewelry of the World Ger Daniels A study of the history of folk jewellery. Full page colour illustrations. 200pp. £18.00 Add
Dance of the Peacock Usha R Bala Krishnan & Meera Sucshil Kumar A study of the jewellery traditions in India. 500 colour plates. 335pp £90.00 Add
Extraordinary Jewels John Traina A study of the most striking pieces produced by some of the most famous jewellery houses including Cartier Van Cleef & Arpels and Asprey. 200pp. £30.00 Add
Jewelry - A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts & Engravings Harold H. Hart A study of the history of jewellery over a 4000 year period . Fully illustrated. 144pp. £10.00 Add
Tiffany's 150 Years John Loring A celebration of Tiffany's 150th anniversary being a fully illustrated history of the jewellery company. 191pp. £8.00 Add
The Master Jewelers A. Kenneth Snowman A history of the social aesthetic and business aspects of jewellery from 1850 to to the present day. Fully illustrated. 262pp. £65.00 Add
Famous Diamonds Ian Balfour An indispensible reference work for the history of famous diamonds. High quality illustration throughout. 320pp. £30.00 Add
Peter Carl Faberge Henry Charles Bainbridge An illustrated record and review of the life and work of the goldsmith & jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court - Faberge. 169pp. £6.00 Add
Gold and Silver Treasures of Ancient Italy Carlo Carducci A history of jewellery in gold and silver from ancient Italy. Fully illustrated. 85pp. £15.00 Add
20th Century Jewellery Caroline Pullee Fully illustrated comprehensive insight into the dramatic changes in jewellery design in the last hundred years. 128pp. £6.00 Add
Factfile on Jewellery David Poston and Muriel Wilson One of a series of factfiles providing a background to the history of jewellery. 40pp. £85.00 Add
The Turquoise Trail Carol Karasik A study of native american jewellery and culture of the South West. Fully illustrated. 216pp. £18.00 Add
The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving Carol Wilcox Wells A study of both basic and advanced techniques for beadweaving. Fully illustrated. 160pp. £18.00 Add
The Design & Creation of Jewelry Robert von Neumann A study of the basic procedures of sound craftsmanship of jewellery, giving exact and explicit information. Fully illustrated. 228pp. £40.00 Add
The Queen's Jewellery Sheila Young A fascinating study of H.M. Queen Elizabeth's jewellery. Fully illustrated. 119pp. £25.00 Add
Jewellery Making in Birmingham 1750 - 1995 Shena Mason A detailed study of the origins and development of the Birgmingham jewellery trade. Fully illustrated. 212pp. £70.00 Add
The Jeweller's Art Hugh Tait & Charlotte Gere An introduction to the Hull Grundy gift to The British Museum. Fully illustrated. £7.00 Add
Unclasped Derren Gilhooley & Simon Costin A study of contemporary British jewellery. High quality illustration throughout. £5.00 Add
Catalogue of Miniatures and Objects of Vertu 1976
A fully illustrated sale catalogue of miniatures from the Sotheby's sale 17th May 1976. 28pp. £14.00 Add
Victorian Jewellery Deirdre O'Day A historical study of jewellery from the Victorian era. Fully illustrated. 80pp. £6.00 Add
Victorian Jewellery Design Charlotte Gere A fully illustrated study of Victorian jewellery design. 285pp. £12.00 Add
Pearls - Their Origin Treatment & Identification Jean Taburiaux Interesting study. Fully illustrated. 247pp. £20.00 Add
Rubies Are A Girl's Best Friend Sue Heady Rubies - A peek into the vaults of Christie's to present some of the finest, most illustrious and valuable jewellery ever to have come under the hammer at auction. 96pp. £22.00 Add
Sapphires Are A Girl's Best Friend Sue Heady Sapphires - A peek into the vaults of Christie's to present some of the finest, most illustrious and valuable jewellery ever to have come under the hammer at auction. 96pp. £70.00 Add
Emeralds Are A Girl's Best Friend Sue Heady Emeralds - A peek into the vaults of Christie's to present some of the finest, most illustrious and valuable jewellery ever to have come under the hammer at auction. 96pp. £50.00 Add
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Sue Heady Diamonds - A peek into the vaults of Christie's to present some of the finest, most illustrious and valuable jewellery ever to have come under the hammer at auction. 96pp. £22.00 Add
A Journey Round the Planet of the Goldsmith's Art Mario Guidotti A record of the history, present and future of the Gori & Zucchi factory and a celebration of the Goldsmith's art. Fully illustrated. 274pp. £40.00 Add
Robert Lee Morris - The Power of Jewelry Robert Lee Morris A study of one of the most innovative designers of body ornament of our time. High quality illustration throughout. 180pp. £26.00 Add
Handcrafted Indian Enamel Jewellery Rita Devi Sharma & M. Varadarajan A history of the various techniques of enamelling in jewellery. High quality illustration throughout. 144pp. £10.00 Add
Jewelry of Our Time - Art, Ornament and Obsession Helen W. Drutt English & Peter Dormer An essential work of reference for collectors, artists, curators and students of 20th century art, craft and jewellery. Fully illustrated. 352pp. £18.00 Add
21st Century Jewelry Marthe Le Van The Best of the 500 Series. A celebration of the first decade of the 500 series - the world's foremost anthology of contemporary jewelry. High quality illustration throughout. 419pp. £30.00 Add
The Observer Jewellery Exhibition Ken Baynes & Brian Beaumont-Nesbitt A fully illustrated catalogue for the 1973 Observer jewellery exhibition organised by the Welsh Arts Council. £18.00 Add
Jewellery: A Visual Celebration of the World's Great Jewellery Making Traditions Janet Swarbrick (Editor) This guide traces the achievements of the jeweller's art, from the royal gold and precious stone jewellery of the Middle Ages to the platinum settings and new materials of the present day. 160pp £12.00 Add
The Beader's Bible Dorothy Wood A comprehensive guide to beading techniques, combining beading with knitting, crochet and embroidery. Fully illustrated. 176pp. £10.00 Add
Classical Loop - In - Loop Chains and their Derivatives Jean Reist Stark & Josephine Reist Smith A fantastic step-by-step manual for making a variety of chains based on ancient loop-in-loop techniques. Contains 34 fully illustrated projects. 190pp. £55.00 Add
The Master Touch of Lesage: Embroidery for French Fashion Palmer White A study of the role of the Lesage family, raising embroidery from a French traditional craft to an incomparable international art. From the founding to their designs for Vionnet, Dior and many others. Beautiful illustration throughout. 171pp. £135.00 Add
Alter bauerlicher Schmuck Gislind Ritz Text in German. 'Old Farm Jewellery'. A study of German folk costume and jewellery. High quality illustration. 221pp. £40.00 Add
Greek Traditional Jewelery Angelos Delivorrias Text in English. A detailed study of jewellery worn with Greek national costume since 1900. High quality illustration. 56pp. £25.00 Add
Tscheremissicher Schmuck - Ethnographische Untersuchung Ildiko Lehtinen Text in German. 'Mari Jewellery - an Ethnographic Investigation' A fascinating study of folk costume and jewellery from the Mari People (Finn-Urgic). High quality illustration. 372pp. £52.00 Add
Bulgarian National Costumes and Folk Jewellery Maria Veleva & Snezhana Dancheva-Blagoeva Text in English. A complete monographic study of traditional folk costumesand jewellery from Bulgaria. Considering materials, historical influences and artistic form. High quality Illustration. 175pp £30.00 Add
Klederdrachten Collectie Hare Majesteit Koningin Wilhelmina 1948-1973 E. Bosch-van de Kolk & J. Duyvetter Text in Dutch. 'Costume Collection of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina' A study of the Nederlands Openlucht Museum collection from Queen Wilhelmina with emphasis on costume and jewellery. High quality Illustration. 52pp £7.00 Add
Jewels of the Ancients Roger De Grey Catalogue for the 1987 exhibition - Selections from the Jill Sackler Collection of Ancient Near Eastern Jewellery. High quality photographs and descriptions for many pieces. £20.00 Add
Ancient Jewellery Jack Ogden Part of the 'Interpreting the Past' series. A study of how invaluable jewellery is to interpreting the past. High quality Illustration with many photographs. 64pp £25.00 Add
Jewels and Jewellery Clare Phillips This sumptuous book, features exquisite early medieval pieces and superb examples of jewellery design from the Renaissance up to the present. 160pp £8.50 Add
Jewelry Design Handbook Marta Serrats (Editor) Text in English/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese. This book, through some fantastic images, offers a careful selection of works by leading designers of contemporary jewelery. 559pp £50.00 Add
Jewellery of Tibet and the Himalayas John Clarke John Clarke has travelled widely in the area and his fascinating text discusses the connection of jewellery to religion and folk beliefs and its rich and many-layered symbolism. 128pp £22.00 Add
Opals and Sapphires Ion L. Idriess A practical and readable guide on how to work, mine, class, cut, polish and sell opals and sapphires. 231pp £36.00 Add
Netted Beadwork Diane Fitzgerald Part of the Beadwork how-to series. Presenting 18 projects ranging from netted floral embellishments to awe-inspiring jewellery. High quality imagery throughout. 122pp £15.00 Add
The Jewellery of Rene Lalique Vivienne Becker Produced in conjunction with the Goldsmith's Company Exhibition May-July 1987, with details and pictures for several pieces as well as a brief history of Rene Lalique - the man. High quality imagery throughout. 192pp £36.00 Add
Ancient Egyptian Jewellery Carol Andrews A comprehensive survey drawing not only on the most outstanding surviving pieces, but also the evidence of wall paintings, coffins and statues depicting ancient Egyptian treasures. High quality imagery throughout. 208pp £18.00 Add
Traditional Arts and Crafts in Yugoslavia Nikola Pantelic and Miodrag Djordjevic Provides an insight into this fascinating area of artistic creativity among the peoples living on the territory of Yugoslavia. High quality imagery throughout. 200pp £18.00 Add
Masterpieces from The Time Museum Various A stunning survey showing the collection of watches, clocks and scientific instruments held in the collection of the Time Museum and sold at Sotherby's on Thursday 2nd December 1999. High quality imagery throughout. 315pp £35.00 Add
Costume, Textiles and Jewellery of India Vandana Bhandari Unravelling the beautiful and sophisticated language of traditional Indian Costume, this detailed study shows the complex role played by clothing and ornamentation in Indian society. High quality imagery throughout. 192pp £35.00 Add
Indian Jewellery Nick Barnard Indian jewellery is among the most opulent and finely wrought in the world and this book draws on over 100 exquisite pieces from the V&A's superb collection, many never published before. 128pp £24.00 Add
Stuart Devlin Guy Manners A study of the work of Stuart Devlin, master silver and goldsmith with explanations of the creation of his most famous pieces. Illust. 40pp £35.00 Add
Tudor and Jacobean Jewellery Diana Scarisbrick A survey of the making and wearing of jewellery from late medieval simplicity through Renaissance gold and the King James 1 reign that emphasised precious stones. Illust. 104pp £40.00 Add
Naisten Korut Keski-Venajalla ja Lansi-Siperiassa Ildiko Lehtinen Text in Finnish. 'Women's Jewellery in Central Russia and Western Siberia' a study of traditional jewellery. Illust. 209pp £80.00 Add
Design & Make: Mixed-Media Jewellery Joanne Haywood Design and Make Mixed Media Jewellery provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to a wide range of materials and techniques that you need to get started in this exciting area of jewellery making. 160pp £8.50 Add
Making Connections Susan Lenart Kazmer A handbook of cold joins for jeweler's and mixed media artists. Illust. 142pp £60.00 Add
Designing With Wire - Project Book 2 Diane Trepanier Presenting beginning to advanced wire and bead jewellery projects made on the WigJig Delphi. Illust. 35pp £15.00 Add
Creative Cloth Doll Beading Patti Medaris Culea A focus on beading techniques and embellishments for your dolls from the leading expert in the field. Illust. 128pp £20.00 Add
Embroideries and Jewellery of Greek National Costumes K. Papapanos Text in English. A study of Greek folk costume with specific focus on the detailed embroidery and jewellery. Illust. £15.00 Add
Zulu Beaded Chain Techniques Diane Fitzgerald Book 3 of the Contemporary Beadwork series. A study of the intricate Zulu beaded chains. Illust. 48pp £22.00 Add
More Zulu Beadwork Diane Fitzgerald Book 4 of the Contemporary Beadwork series. A further study of the intricate Zulu beaded chains. Illust. 48pp £22.00 Add
Yoruba Beadwork: Art of Nigeria William Fagg A study of the importance of beading as part of Yoruba (Nigerian) culture and art. Illust. 99pp £35.00 Add
How to Make Polymer Clay Beads Carol Blackburn A handy guide to making beads from polymer clays such as Fimo, with clear instructions and step-by-step photographic sequences. Illust. Cover has v. sl. wear from storage. 128pp £5.00 Add
Exceptional Jewellery Pepin van Roojen Text in English. Containing a stunning collection of the best and most extraordianry modern jewellery designs. Included are profiles and interviews with cutting-edge designers from all over the world. Illust. 287pp £14.00 Add
The Art of Beadwork M. J. Anufrieva Text in Russian. Quality step-by-step pictorial instructions for creating amazing beadwork. Illust. Edges and cover v. sl. grubby but otherwise v. clean. 352pp £200.00 Add
Tambour Beading - with a Ring Frame Maisie Jarratt A complete outline of tambour beading, explaining the basic methods and techniques with full instructions for a number of delightful motifs that can be appliqued to completed garments. Illust. Cover sl .grubby but otherwise clean copy. 72pp £48.00 Add
Infinite Riches: Jewelry Through the Centuries Cynthia Duval Produced in conjunction with the exhibition held in 1989 at the Museum of Fine Arts, showcasing a range of beautiful jewellery from B.C. to modern day. Illust. 88pp £15.00 Add
Create Jewelry Pearls Marlene Blessing & Jamie Hogsett Combine stories of this irresistible gem with gorgeous designs to inspire and delight the modern jewelrymaker. Illust. 119pp £14.00 Add
Creating Wire and Beaded Jewellery Linda Jones This book is a perfect handbook for anyone interested in creating jewellery. Even if you have some experience of jewellery making, it is packed with attractive designs and ideas. Simple to follow and beautifully photograped Illust. 128pp £11.00 Add
One Hundred Tiaras: An Evolution of Style 1800-1990 Geoffrey Munn Exhibition catalogue from March 1997, showcasing the evolution of tiaras over 190 years of history. 105 photographs of beautiful quality. 38pp £10.00 Add
Resin Jewellery Kathie Murphy Kathie Murphy's book is an essential introductory guide to resin jewellery for newcomers and a highly useful reference tool and source of inspiration for established jewellers. 128pp £8.50 Add
Traditional Jewelry of India Oppi Untracht Compehensively exploring Indian ornament as both an ongoing aesthetic tradition and an important form of cultural expression. Illust. 432p £45.00 Add
Ces Bijoux Qui Font Rever Gilles Neret Text in French. 'The Jewels That Make You Dream'. llust. 160pp £25.00 Add
Antique Paste Jewellery M.D.S. Lewis A unique survey of the rise and decline of antique paste jewellery. 78pp, with illustrations, plus 48 B/W photos. £55.00 Add
Art Deco Jewellery and Accessories
A unique surveyof the exhibition held inn 2009. Superbly illustrated throughout mainly in colour. Text in German and English.159pp. £25.00 Add
Handbook of Jewellery Techniques Carles Codina Authoritative guide for the beginner or more experienced jeweller. Copiously illustrated with inspiring images. 160pp. £12.00 Add
Silversmithing for jewellery makers Elizabeth Bone Techniques, treatments and applications for inspirational designs. Very well illustrated. 192pp. £35.00 Add
Design and make jewellery using textile techniques Sarah Keay Practical book full of methods and techniques. Profusely illustrated. 126pp. £10.00 Add
Cartier 1900-1939 Judy Rudoe Published to coincide with the exhibition. A detailed survey lavishly illustrated in colour. 344pp. £30.00 Add
Made for Maharajas: A Design Diary of Princely India Amin Jaffer This book explores the role of maharajas in this age of high spending and fashion. 275pp £50.00 Add
Chinese Knots for Beaded Jewellery Suzen Millodot Suzen Millodot shows how to create a mouth-watering array of original necklaces and bracelets using decorative Chinese knots, beads, pendants and semi-precious stones. 80pp £10.00 Add
Jewelry of Nepal Hannelore Gabriel In over a dozen trips to Nepal's most inaccessible areas, goldsmith and jewellery designer Hannelore Gabriel has documented the local jewellery worn for both daily and ceremonial decoration. 210pp. £34.00 Add
Van Cleef & Arpels: Treasures and Legends Vincent Meylan Vincent Meylan explores a century in the history of one of the most prestigious Parisian jewellery dynasties. 343pp. £40.00 Add
A World of Necklaces: Africa, Asia, Oceania, America Anne Leurquin Throughout this book, the author sets out to untangle the intricacies of the way necklaces are used and what they signify. 464pp £110.00 Add
The Splendour of Ethnic Jewelry France Borel This book reveals the full splendours and the subtle meanings behind the finely crafted works of art in one of the world's finest private collections of ethnic jewellery. 256pp £44.00 Add
Those Bad Bad Beads Virginia L Blakelock A reference book for those who are learning to do bead work. Easy instructions as well as diagrams. Experienced beaders will also appreciate this beading treasure. 105pp £18.00 Add
A-Z of Bead Embroidery Sue Gardner An essential guide for beginners and experienced needleworkers. Over 440 step-by-step photos and 30 beautiful designs from around the world. 128pp £20.00 Add
Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay and Wire Jewellery Ronna Sarvas Weltman With Ancient Modern, learn to create organic, sophisticated, and distinctly contemporary jewellery by artistically combining polymer clay and wire. 135pp £15.00 Add
The Jeweller's Directory of Shape and Form Elizabeth Olver This is a guide to designing and making all forms of jewellery from earrings and pendants to cufflinks and bracelets, tie pins and rings. 80pp £38.00 Add
Greek Gold: Jewellery of the Classical World Dyfri Williams and Jack Ogden Published to accompany a unique exhibition, this catalogue describes and illustrates two hundred of the finest surviving pieces of Greek jewellery dating from the 5th to 3rd century BC. 256pp £25.00 Add
The Magnificent Jewels of Mme Helene Beaumont Sotheby's This auction catalog from the Sotheby's Geneva 1994 sale consists of 94 lots, all illustrated, all color, with all lots described in detail. £20.00 Add
Traditional Jewellery from Soviet Central Asia and Kazakhstan Natalya Sychova Text in Russian/English. A stunning display of Jewellery from the 19th and 20th Centuries in the Collection of the Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow. £190.00 Add
Tips and Shortcuts for Jewellery Making Stephen O'Keefe This is a handy guide to the basic techniques of jewellery making. It is filled with useful hints and tips to help makers avoid the most common pitfalls and to make their work professional-looking. 128pp £25.00 Add
Tiara Diana Scarisbrick Created in conjunction with an exhibition of tiaras at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, this magnificent volume showcases more than 75 of the world's most exquisite tiaras. 189pp £30.00 Add
1000 Rings: Inspiring Adornments for the Hand Marthe Le Van (Editor) With designs that range from the traditional to the very avant-garde, each of the 1,000 examples is an exceptional work of art, finely crafted by the best contemporary jewelers. 416pp £30.00 Add
500 Pendants & Lockets: Contemporary Interpretations of Classic Adornments Marthe Le Van (Editor) One look at these breathtaking suspended neck ornaments, and its clear why Larks series of jewellery design books has become so wildly popular. 420pp £22.00 Add
500 Beaded Objects: New Dimensions in Contemporary Beadwork Terry Krautwurst (Editor) This remarkable showcase of gallery-quality works - including jewelry, sculpture, wall hangings and many ohter types of beaded objects will excite collectors, inspire craftspeople and delight anyone who loves art. 420pp £22.00 Add
500 Wedding Rings: Celebrating a Classic Symbol of Commitment Marthe Le Van (Editor) This breathtaking book, which showcases a stunning collection of contemporary, handmade wedding bands and engagement rings for men and women, shows just how far a jeweller's imagination can go. 420pp £22.00 Add
Designs for Beaded Jewellery Using Natural Materials Maria Di Spirito This wonderfully inspiring book shows forty-eight gorgeous designs for jewellery made with natural materials such as coral, wood and mother of pearl combined with beautiful beads and threads. 64pp £7.50 Add
Finger Rings: From Ancient to Modern Diana Scarisbrick & Martin Henig Nothing in the museum is as rich in human interest as the collection of rings illustrated in this book, for each not only enhanced the beauty of the hand, but also had a deeper personal significance. 80pp £70.00 Add
French Beaded Flowers: The Complete Guide Zoe L. Schneider This complete resource guides the reader through the basics of the craft - materials and supplies, basic floral design, colour, bead selection and fundamental techniques. New, may have sl. shelf wear. 255pp £20.00 Add
John Smart: The Man and His Miniatures Daphne Foskett A study of the famed miniatures artist John Smart and the woks that he produced. 100pp £10.00 Add
The Beadworkers Guild - Introduction to Beadwork Jill Devon & Liz Thornton Earrings, Brooches, Fringes and Tassels. Lovely step-by-step guide (in full colour) for producing stunning beaded jewellery pieces. 111pp £45.00 Add
Fashion Jewelry: Catwalk and Couture Maia Adams Fashion Jewelry provides inspiration for designers, jewelers, and students of fashion, offering a unique insight into the working methods of a new generation of jewelers. 207pp £7.50 Add
Gli Amuleti Egizi / Egyptian Amulets Giorgio Lise Text in English/Italian. A study of the design and uses of ancient Egyptian amulets, full page photographs along with explanation by the author. 135pp £28.00 Add
Beading on a Loom Don Pierce The book features step-by-step instructions and illustrations for: Loom Construction, Warping, Basic Weaving, Increasing and Decreasing, Weaving Triangles, Correcting Mistakes, Using Negative Space, Graphing Designs, Blending Designs, Finishing and more 112pp £14.00 Add
A Handbook on Beads W. G. N. van der Sleen An in-depth study of beads from around the globe, studies of the composition and usage along with phtographs and diagrams. 143pp £25.00 Add
Jewels of Italy Massimo D'Amico A catalogue produced to accompany the exhibition held at the Italian Trade Centre 21-28 November 1987 showcasing a collection of stunning Italian jewellery. £9.00 Add
Faberge: Jeweler to Royalty A. Kenneth Snowman A catalogue to accompany the exhibition at Cooper-Hewitt Museum in 1983. Showcasing more than 200 works by Peter Carl Faberge, Russian master jeweler. 112pp £8.00 Add
Indian Rings Emma Pressmar Text in English. Translated from the original German. A study mainly concerned with South Indian rings, studying the significance of this jewellery in Indian religion and culture. 110pp £20.00 Add
Faux Gems and Jewels circa 1700 to 1930 Vivienne Becker A stunning catalogue to accompany the exhibition and sale of period costume jewellery held aby Sandra Cronan Ltd in 1994. 36pp £15.00 Add
Folk Embroidery and Jewellery of Bosnia-Herzegovina Bratislava Vladic-Krstic A catalogue for the exhibition held at the Horniman Museum, London, 1975. £6.50 Add
Bridal Jewellery Clare Yarwood-White This handbook provides insight into the unique world of bridal jewellery, guiding the reader through the processes of consulting, designing, planning and making. 112pp £12.00 Add
Jewellery from Recycled Materials Jaimie MacDonald This handbook covers the importance of using recycled/reused materials in terms of environmental impact, sustainability, creativity and necessity vs choice. 112pp £12.00 Add
Enamelling Ruth Ball In this book, Ruth Ball outlines each of the main enamel techniques in step-by-step detail and gives an insight into the variety of modern methods available for exploration. 112pp £18.00 Add
Historical Inquiry into the Production and Consumption of the Precious Metals William Jacob 1st reprint of the original 1831 edition, in 2 volumes. 380pp & 415pp £25.00 Add
Beaded Needlecases: A Book of Instruction & Design Jennie Might A wonderful project book for peyote stitched needle cases and amulet bags. This book contains twenty beautiful enlarged "true to life" color patterns. V. clean copy, sl. wear to covers. 31pp £10.00 Add
Bead Knitted Pendant Bags Etc. 3 Theresa Williams Comprehensive Instructions and patterns for 2 pendant bags and 1 handbag. V. clean copy, sl. wear to covers. 42pp £10.00 Add
Gemstones of the World Walter Schumann Newly revised & expanded fourth edition. Gemstones of the World is the single, cornerstone volume that every hobbyist, jeweller, jewellery maker and rock-hound needs. 320pp £40.00 Add
Jewelry Benaki Museum Text in Greek/English. Catalogue for the collection of Jewelery held at Benaki Museum, Athens. 49pp £10.00 Add
Metal Clay Jewelry: Projects, Techniques, Embellishments Louise Duhamel Includes 19 fashionable step-by-step projects, including a variety of styles. 144pp £10.00 Add
Moods in Wire: A Comprehensive Guide to the Fine Art of Wirewrapping Ellsworth "Ed" Sinclair A comprehensive guide to the fine art of wirewrapping in jewellery - Volume 1. 112pp £25.00 Add
Beads of the World Peter Francis Jr. Written to encourage collectors and clarify the origins and uses of beads in their native settings, this book provides the best and broadest reference available to date. 128pp £18.00 Add
Simple Recipes for Stylish Jewellery Stephanie Burnham & Various Whether you want timeless elegance, smouldering chic or up-to-the-minute styles, this book will show you how to make all sorts of jewellery, from funky everyday bracelets and brooches to tiaras and necklaces for that special events. 192pp £12.00 Add
Bead Quilled Jewelry: New Beadwork Designs with Square Stitch Kathy King Step-by-step instructions, accompanied by colour photographs, take the reader through this process, from simple designs to complex jewellery. 128pp £10.00 Add
Amber: Jewelry, Art, and Science Nancy P. S. Hopp In this well-researched book, readers discover amber and the products made from it, especially jewelry. 144pp £20.00 Add
Beaded Obsessions: Treasury of Sophisticated & Other Amulet Jewelry Cheryl Assemi & Various The 1st in the series. Hand-picked designs from the authors for you to weave in either peyote or brick stitch. 17pp £25.00 Add
Art on a String: Aboriginal Threaded Objects from Central Desert and Arnhem Land Louise Hamby & Diana Young Art on a string introduces the aesthetic and symbolic power of necklaces and other threaded objects made by Australian aboriginal artists. 96pp £25.00 Add
The Art of Resin Jewelry Sherri Haab Showing how to put the miracle of modern technology to work making necklaces, bangles, bracelets, pins, earrings, and rings. 128pp £10.00 Add
Tahitian Pearl Jewellery at Harrods Martin Coeroli & Muriel Zingraff A stunning display of the Tahitian pearl jewellery available at Harrods along with history of what makes these pearls so special. £19.50 Add
Bead and Wire Art Jewelry: Techniques and Designs for All Skill Levels J. Marsha Michler Jewelry artists look no further, Bead & Wire Art Jewelry is THE resource you need to bring together two of your favorite mediums - bead and wire. 128pp £11.00 Add
The Beauty of Navajo Jewelry Theda Bassman An elegant array of museum quality pieces are showcased illustrating the marvelous creativity and artistry of Navajo jewelers. 79pp £22.00 Add
Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski Laura MaCabe Working with world-famous Swarovski cut-crystal beads, author Laura McCabe creates luminous necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings and brooches for beaders of every skill level. 144pp £15.00 Add
Beaded Bags and More Jules Kilot & Kaethe Kilot This volume includes a selection of popular instruction books from the 1920s, illustrating the rich beaded bag designs popular during this period. New, may have sl. shelf wear. 112pp £12.00 Add
Turquoise Jewelry Nancy N. Schiffer This book displays a wide variety of Southwest Indian-made jewelry with many different colors and types of turquoise, presented according to origin and dating from over a hundred years ago up to the present with innovative designs. 64pp £30.00 Add
Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet: Making Designer Metal Jewelry Mary Hettmansperger Making gorgeous handcrafted jewellery can be an amazingly simple process that even beginners will quickly master - as long as they have this guide by their side. 128pp £35.00 Add
Contemporary Bead and Wire Jewelry Nathalie Mornu & Suzanne J.E. Tourtillot 'Making Bead and Wire Jewelry' sold more than 67,500 copies and because one great success deserves another, here's a second chic collection featuring the very best in contemporary design. 126pp £12.50 Add
Fiber & Bead Jewelry: Beautiful Designs To Make & Wear Helen Banes Very original, Banes draws on her lifelong interest in found objects and ethnic ornaments, there are photos of many of her necklaces. 128pp £12.00 Add
Native American Beadwork: Projects and Techniques from the Southwest Theresa Flores Geary Here are 15 authentic projects using such traditional stitches as the flat netting technique, flat and circular peyote stitches, the Comanche weave, free-form feathering, and more. 128pp £15.00 Add
Amulets: A World of Secret Powers, Charms and Magic Sheila Paine Here, in 31 neatly themed and beautifully illustrated chapters, the components, protective qualities and symbolism of a huge range of amulets are thoroughly explored. 192pp £30.00 Add
Wire Style: 50 Unique Jewelry Designs Denise Peck Wire Style, from the editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine, is a collection of fifty contemporary, stylish, and absolutely wearable designs from an array of top designers in the field. 119pp £9.00 Add
Stringing Style: 50+ Fresh Bead Designs for Jewelry Jamie Hogsett We've collected the most gorgeous ideas from Beadwork magazine's special issues and added 10 new projects by the talented Beadwork magazine team. 96pp £15.00 Add
Celtic Knots for Beaded Jewellery Suzen Millodot Eighteen stunning projects using clear step-by-step photographs show how to create original, stylish designs. 80pp £10.00 Add
Ornamental Knots for Beaded Jewellery Suzen Millodot This book includes detailed step-by-step photographs, accompanying diagrams, helpful advice and inspirational projects. 80pp £10.00 Add
French Beaded Designs Donna DeAngelis Dickt Follow the well-illustrated instructions to craft beaded wildflowers, roses, daisies, tulips, anemones and hydrangeas. New, may have sl. shelf wear. 128pp £25.00 Add
Croatian National Jewelry Ivanka Vrtovec Text in English. A study of Croatian national jewellery. 91pp £22.00 Add
Crowns & Tiaras: Add a Little Sparkle, Glitter and Glamour to Every Day Kerri Judd & Danyel Montecinos Every woman is a Queen, so, this royal volume presents more than 35 projects for a proper coronation. 127pp £15.00 Add
Beaded Collars: 10 Decorative Neck Pieces Built with Ladder Stitch Julia S. Pretl Julia leads the reader through the techniques for creating the stitched ladder the basic unit that is combined and joined in various ways to create each of the unique designs. 112pp £22.00 Add
The Beader's Floral Liz Thornton & Jill Devon Stitches, Designs, Projects and Inspiration for Beadwork Flowers. A unique and inspiring guide to beadwork flowers in a variety of stitches. New, may have sl. shelf wear. 143pp £100.00 Add
Festive Expressions: Nonya Beadwork and Embroidery C. G. Kwa Dr. Hwei Fen Cheah shares with us beautiful visuals and examples of Nonya beadwork and embroidery. 102pp £150.00 Add
Creative Variations in Jewelry Design Maurice P. Galli, Dominique Riviere & Fanfan Li A real gem for the student of jewelry design, three preeminent, international jewelry designers offer step-by-step instruction. 220pp £50.00 Add
Mourning Art & Jewelry Maureen DeLorme A real gem for the student of jewelry design, three preeminent, international jewelry designers offer step-by-step instruction. 256pp £45.00 Add
Miriam Haskell Jewelry Cathy Gordon & Sheila Pamiloff This important new book gives collectors the key information to make intelligent buying decisions with specific details vital to the identification and dating of Haskell jewelry. 256pp £54.00 Add
Shamelessly, Jewelry from Kenneth Jay Lane Nancy N. Schiffer Immerse yourself in the flamboyant world of designer Kenneth Jay Lane, whose gorgeous costume jewelry has ornamented the world's most famous and powerful women for more than forty years. 256pp £41.00 Add
The Bakelite Collection Matthew L. Burkholz The Bakelite Collection describes some of the many differing collecting preferences of some of the nation's most prolific appreciators of fine Bakelite jewelry. 256pp £41.00 Add
Bakelite Jewelry: Good, Better, Best Donna Wasserstrom & Leslie Pina All the questions about Bakelite answered in a colorful, richly illustrated book. 256pp £31.00 Add
Charms and Charm Bracelets: The Complete Guide Joanne Schwartz This is a much-needed, comprehensive and entertaining guide to charms and charm bracelets, profusely illustrated with over 300 color photographs. 256pp £30.00 Add
Sarah Coventry Jewelry Kay Oshel This carefully researched and stunningly photographed book provides detailed information about the items produced by Sarah Coventry Jewelry. 172pp £24.00 Add
Hattie Carnegie Jewelry Georgina McCall Today, Hattie Carnegie's jewelry is what has lasted, and this groundbreaking book showcases the full range of designs. 160pp £29.00 Add
Popular Jewelry of the '60s, '70s & '80s Roseann Ettinger Over 600 color photographs and 60 advertising pieces are presented to display the variety in these popular 60's, 70's and 80's adornments. 191pp £22.00 Add
Turquoise: Mines, Mineral and Wearable Art Mark P. Block This comprehensive guide introduces more information on turquoise than you have ever anticipated or seen before. 160pp £45.00 Add
Costume Jewelry: The Fun of Collecting Nancy N. Schiffer The popular field of collecting costume jewellery is imaginatively conveyed through appealing photographs and thoroughly researched text in this expanded new edition. 170pp £26.00 Add
The Best of Costume Jewelry Nancy Schiffer Some of the most beautiful pieces of costume jewelry made since the 1940s are presented in full color photographs. 176pp £42.00 Add
Turquoise Jewelry Nancy N. Schiffer A wide variety of Southwest Indian-made jewelry with many different types and colors of turquoise, presented according to origin and dating from one hundred years ago up to the present with innovative designs. 64pp £17.50 Add
Glass in Jewelry: Hidden Artistry in Glass Sibylle Jargstorf Enabling glass and jewelry lovers alike to enjoy the obvious glamour of such jewelry and for the first time to understand and appreciate the hidden brilliance of these little treasures in glass. 172pp £25.00 Add
The Best of Bakelite & Other Plastic Jewelry Dee Battle and Alayne Lesser Brimming over with over 150 full-page, luscious photographs of superb jewelry, this is a treasure chest of bakelite, celluliod and lucite. 160pp £35.00 Add
Mid-Century Plastic Jewelry Susan Maxine Klein A comprehensive study with over 400 beautiful color photos of fabulous and original plastic jewelry designs. 176pp £24.00 Add
How to Make Wonderful Porcelain Beads and Jewelry Vicki Kahn Using over 100 color photos and straightforward instructions, readers are guided through all the steps necessary to create magnificent layered beads and much more. 80pp £13.50 Add
All That Glitters J. L. Lynnlee This appealing and stylish book presents the trends and influences that surrounded costume jewelry from the 1920s through 1960s. 128pp £20.00 Add
Cuff Links Jean-Noel Liaut & Bertrand Pizzin This book takes a tour of the author's collection of cuff links, highlighting the famous dates in the evolution of the jewellery. £8.50 Add
Christie's Magnificent Jewels: May 19, 1994 Christie's Auction Catalogue from the Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale held in Geneva on Thursday, May 19, 1994. £30.00 Add
Christie's Magnificent Jewels: November 17, 1994 Christie's Auction Catalogue from the Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale held in Geneva on Thursday, November 17, 1994. £15.00 Add
Christie's Fine Jewels: June 6, 1995 Christie's Auction Catalogue from the Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale held in New York on Tuesday, June 6, 1995. £30.00 Add
Christie's Jewellery, Antique Jewels and Rings Christie's Auction Catalogue from the Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale held in London on Wednesday, 11 October 1995. £15.00 Add
The Jewellery and Silver of H.G. Murphy Paul Atterbury and John Benjamin This book, published to coincide with an exhibition of Murphy's work at Goldsmith's Hall in London, redresses the balance and brings Murphy once again to the forefront of the public's attention. 183pp £34.00 Add
Ancient Egyptian Jewellery Alix Wilkinson This book represents the first major survey made of Ancient Egyptian Jewellery. £28.00 Add
The Art of Erotic Jewellery Claude Mazloum The jewellery pictured here carries messages now demure; now forward, but always of great beauty and utter artistic mastery. 187pp £54.00 Add