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Contemporary Machine Embroidery Deborah Gonet 23 projects with step by step instructions. Includes waistcoats, shirts, scarves and hats in velvet, linen and silk, accessories etc. Superbly Illustrated in Colour throughout. £5.00 Add
Contemporary Embroidery - Exciting and Innovative Textile Art Anne Morrell A dazzling display of the very best in international embroidery depicting many artist and many styles. Illust. throughout in Col. £6.00 Add
And So To Embroider Needlework Development Scheme Encouraging and stimulating book planned to encourage individual creative design. Well Illustrated. £5.00 Add
Designs from Historic Textiles Jan Messent An introduction to textiles which have been the object of decoration for thousands of years. Illustrated in the author's inimitable style. 40pp. £7.50 Add
Design Sources for Pattern Jan Messent Intended to stimulate a gereater awareness of visual patterns in all forms. Well illustrated by the author in her inimitable style.40pp. £7.50 Add
Desigining with Motifs and Borders Jan Messent How to adapt motifs to suit various purposes and shapes. Illustrated in the author's inimitable style. 40pp. £7.50 Add
Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving Grace Christie Invaluable pracrical introduction to the crafts of embroidery first published in 1906. Black and white illustrations. 370pp, £12.00 Add
The Embroidered Countryside Richard Box An exploration of the world of nature, using different techniques, including fabric collage, machine and hand embroidery. An inspirational source book and highly practical guide. Well illustrated in colour. 112pp. £10.00 Add
Animal Embroideries and Patterns From 19th Century Vienna Raffaella Serena A unique survey of the petit point of Vienna during the era, dedicated to the world of animals. Outstanding colour photgraphs of originals and new black and white graphs which will enable the embroiderer to reproduce the historical designs. 236pp. £10.00 Add
Blackwork Embroidery Elisabeth Geddes and Moyra McNeill Concise history followed by practical guide. 320 black and white illustrations. 115pp. £4.50 Add
Chinese Embroidery Josiane Bertin Guest Historical and cultural information plus detailed practical instructions revealing the secrets of this ancient craft. Very useful glossary of the complex symbolism used. Lavishly illustrated with 75 colour illustrations and over 100 line drawings. 128pp. £22.00 Add
Original Designs for Smocking Jenny Bradford Milner Craft Series. Concise practical guide with 25 design plates plus colour photos and line drawings. 59pp. £6.50 Add
The Madeira Book of Embroidery Stitches Jenny Bullen Useful compendium with descritpion and colour plates for each stitch. 112pp. £4.50 Add
Costume - The Journal of the Costume Society No 14
Dedicated to Anne Buck. Comprised of articles by authoritative costume historians on various subjects including Medieval Courtly Splendour, Charles I's Clothes, Embroidered Gloves, Maternity Dress 1845, The Second Hand Clothes Trade 1700-1978 etc. Many black and white illustrations. 192pp. £15.00 Add
Assisi Embroidery DMC Library New revised Edition. 12pp of text. 68 Colour Plates of designs plus 10 Black and White illustrations in the text. £12.00 Add
The Bayeaux Tapestry Embroiderer's Story Jan Messent Extensively researched, fascinating and colourful account of the people, tools and techniques used in this amazing work. Illustrated fully in the author's inimitable style.112pp. £12.50 Add
Blue and White The Cotton Embroideries of Rural China Muriel Baker and Margaret Lunt Unique survey of Chinese folk embroideries, most obtained in 1930's by Dr. Carl Schuster whose collection is preserved in Switzerland and the USA. Full directions including graphs. 101pp. £18.00 Add
A Dictionary of Canvas Work Stitches Mary Rhodes A detailed survey revealing 250 different canvas work stitches each with working details. Very well illustrated with 250 photographs and 250 diagrams plus 4 Colour plates. 240pp. £5.00 Add
A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery Designs Textures Stitches Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn A wealth of ideas from two internationally renowned embroiderers. Highly illustrated throughout. Corners sl. bent. £22.00 Add
A Treasury of Needlework Projects from Godey's Lady's Book Arlen Zeger Wiczyk (Edited and Compiled) Hundreds of 19th Centuey Needlework and crafts projects selected from the pages of this most famous American magazine for women. Many B/W illustrations. £20.00 Add
Gertrude Jekyll Before the Boots the Gardens and the Portrait Joan Edwards A celebration of the first 40 years of the artist's life, when she began her career as as embroiderer/designer. £12.50 Add
Historic Samplers Selected from Museums and Historic Homes Patricia Ryan and Allen D. Bragdon A presentation of 30 outstanding American Samplers originally made in the 18th and 19th century with full guides for reproduction. 130 colour illustrations. 160pp. £28.00 Add
Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries Nerylla Taunton A superb authoritative and detailed survey. Very well illustrated throughout. 220pp. £24.00 Add
Layers of Stitch Contemporary Machine Embroidery Valerie Campbell Harding and Maggie Grey Lavishly illustrated practical authoritative guide to creating innovative and exciting pieces. 128pp. £20.00 Add
Embroidery Motifs from Dutch Samplers Albarta Meulenbelt-Nieuwburg Expanded edtion with over 700 colour coded cross stitch charts for reworking the old motifs. Over 700 line illustrations, 6 colour plates, 14 black and white photographs.193pp. Small signature on FEP. £14.00 Add
Front and Back Tapestry of the Apocalypse at Angers Francis Muel and Antoine Ruais Superb survey illustrated with colour photographs. 80pp. £20.00 Add
Raised Embroidery Barbara and Roy Hirst A Practical guide to Decorative Stumpwork. Superbly illustrated authoritative and detailed practical guide. Price clipped. 80pp. £25.00 Add
Designer Quilts Moda Fabric Artists Great Projects from Moda's Best Fabric Artists. Fully illustrated practical guide. 123pp. £6.50 Add
Half Square Triangles - Exploring Design Barbara Johannah Practical guide based on the design exploration of Jane Warnick. 80pp. £14.00 Add
Quilting and Improvisation Vikki Pignatelli Expoloring Curves, Openwork and Dimension. Superbly illustrated in colour throughout. 172pp. £18.00 Add
Paper-Pieced Curves and Quilted Projects Jodie Davis Well illustrated practical guide. 79pp. £15.00 Add
Pieced Vegetables Ruth B McDowell Fully illustrated practical guide. 128pp. £12.00 Add
The Batsford Encyclopaedia of Embroidery Stitches Anne Butler Unique work of reference for the embroiderer with 500 individual stiches photographed and explained. 336pp. 453 photographs. Over 1,000 line diagrams, 6 colour plates. £26.00 Add
500 Alphabets in Cross Stitch Julie Hasler Detailed guide with superb colour charts. 160pp. £12.00 Add
Florentine Embroidery - All you need to know for perfect results Barbara Miller The complete guide to working Florentine stiitches. Over 50 patterns to embroider. Well illustrated. 95pp, £20.00 Add
Japanese Folded Patchwork Mary Clare Clark Techniques Projects and Designs of a Unique Asian Craft. Very well illustrated. 127pp. £18.00 Add
Fast Flying Geese Quilts and more Karin Hellaby Fully illustrated practical guide. 96pp. £12.00 Add
Armenian Needlelace and Embroidery Alice Odian Kasparian 'A preservation of some of History's Oldest and Finest Needlework'. Very well illustrated with black and white photos. 127pp. £40.00 Add
The Signature Quilt Pepper Cory and Susan McKelvey Traditions, Techniques and the Signature Block Collection.Very well illustrated. 194pp. £20.00 Add
The Embroidery of Boutis - The Art and Technique of a Provencal Treasure Francine Nicolle Photographs by Jean-Louis Aubert. Translated by Katherine Haden. Superb beautifully illustrated detailed survey. 189pp. £70.00 Add
Berlin Work Joan Edwards The first of Joan Edwards' small books on the history of embroidery. £5.00 Add
Small books on the history of embroidery - The Bead Embroidered Dress Joan Edwards The sixth in the series of small books on the history of embroidery £6.50 Add
Australian Quilt Heritage Margaret Rolfe Very well illustrated survey. 96pp. £25.00 Add
A Picture Book for Church Kneelers Joan Edwards Well illustrated booklet. 32pp. £6.00 Add
Primitive Gatherings - Quilts and Accessories Terry Burkhart and Rozan Meacham Practical guide very well illustrated. 95pp. £25.00 Add
Slow Down, Curves Ahead - The Creative Curves and Ellipse Rulers Virginia A. Walton Very well illustrated practical guide. 56pp. £30.00 Add
New Jersey Quilts 1777 to 1950 - Contributions to an American Tradition Rachel Cochran, Rita Erickson, Natalie Hart and Ba A comprehensive survey of over 170 of the many quilts discovered by members of the Heritage Quilt Project of New Jersey. 255pp. £25.00 Add
Modern Primitive Quilts Laurie Simpson Redefining Country Style. Well illustrated practical guide. 96pp. £12.00 Add
Garden Stars - Paper Pieced Stained Glass Liz Schwartz and Stephen Seifert Practical guide to quilting. Well illustrated.112pp. £35.00 Add
One Man's Samplers - The Goodhart Collection
Unique exhibition catalogue. Fully illustrated with black and white photographs. 48pp. £45.00 Add
Chikan Embroidery The Floral Whitework of India Sheila Paine Black and white Illustrations. 60pp. £30.00 Add
Rowan Patchwork and Quilting Book Number 1 Kaffe Fassett Thirteen designs by the author. £30.00 Add
A Colourful Journey: Book 5 Kaffe Fassett Over Twenty Designs from Rowan for Patchwork and Quilting by Kaffe Fassett and others. £22.00 Add
The Liberated Canvas Penny Cornell A creative approach to canvas embroidery. Superbly illustrated in colour. 63pp. Small pen name on FEP. £28.00 Add
A Wider View Barry Biggins Designs suitable for Bobbin and Needle Lace, Embroidery and Quilting. Over 90 double side pages of designs. Ring bound for ease of use. £20.00 Add
Feathered Sun John Flynn Step by step practical guide. 56pp. Ring bound for ease of use. £20.00 Add
Maple Leaf Quilts Ilene Bartos Practical guide. 12 projects, 9 Triangle techniques. Well illustrated. 94pp. £20.00 Add
Amish Sparkle Star Marilyn Doheny Practical guide for traditional quilting stars. £14.00 Add
Making Welsh Quilts Mary Jenkins and Clare Claridge The quilts that inspired the Amish. Detailed well illustrated practical guide.120pp £40.00 Add
Amish The Art of the Quilt Robert Hughes Superb colour photographs of eighty two masterpieces of American quiltmaking. Plate Commentary Julie Silber. 207pp. £18.00 Add
Audrey Walker Jennifer Harris (Foreword) A celebration of her work. 60pp. £20.00 Add
Bits and Pieces: Textile Traditions Jeannette Lasansky Superb survey of a broad spectrum of topics by 12 authorities including quilt historians, social historians etc. Well Illustrated. 120pp. £25.00 Add
Making Connections Around the World with Log Cabin Janet Rae and Dinah Travis Fascinating survey superbly illustrated in colour throughout. 127pp. £40.00 Add
Australian Heritage Needlework Cross Stitch, Counted Thread and Canvaswork Jennifer Sanders (Editor) Superbly illustrated practical guide. 64pp. £40.00 Add
Welsh Quilts Jen Jones A Towy Guide to Welsh Quilts. Very well illustrated with coloured photographs throughout. 63pp. £40.00 Add
A Schole House for the Needle Richard Shorleyker Produced from the original book printed in 1632 and now in the private collection of John and Elizabeth Mason. £70.00 Add
Northern Comfort New England's Early Quilts 1780-1859 Lynne Z Bassett and Jack Larkin A celebration of the artistry of early New England Quilts drawing upon the collection of Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.A definitive account. Illustrated. 118pp. £20.00 Add
Weldons Practical Needlework - Volume 1
A facsimile edition presented by Piecework Magazine of this turn of the century famous collection of knitting, crochet and embroidery practical articles with accompanying illustrations. £25.00 Add
Weldons Practical Needlework - Volume 2
A facsimile edition presented by Piecework magazine of this turn of the century famous collection of knitting crochet and embroidery practical articles with accompanying illustrations. £25.00 Add
Weldons Practical Needlework - Volume 4
A facsimile edition presented by Piecework magazine of this turn of the century famous collection of knitting crochet and embroidery practical articles with accompanying illustrations. £45.00 Add
Weldons Practical Needlework - Volume 5
A facsimile edition presented by Piecework magazine of this turn of the century famous collection of knitting crochet and embroidery practical articles with accompanying illustrations. £40.00 Add
Weldons Practical Needlework - Volume 6
A facsimile edition presented by Piecework magazine of this turn of the century famous collection of knitting crochet and embroidery practical articles with accompanying illustrations. £20.00 Add
Weldons Practical Needlework - Volume 8
A facsimile edition presented by Piecework magazine of this turn of the century famous collection of knitting crochet and embroidery practical articles wtih accompanying illustrations. £21.00 Add
Weldons Practical Needlework - Volume 7
A facsimile edition presented by Piecework magazine of this turn of the century famous collection of knitting crochet and embroidery practical articles with accompanying illustrations. £15.00 Add
Stitch Magic Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn Ideas and Interpretations from two highly respected embroiderers. Over 90 sumptuous photographs. Detailed explanations. Comprehensive stitch glossary and stitch diagrams. 144pp. £35.00 Add
The Subversive Stitch Rozsika Parker Embroidery and the making of the feminine. Fascinating and unique survey. 245pp. Top edge sl. grubby. £9.00 Add
The Ladies Handbook of Fancy and Ornamental Work Civil War Era Florence Hartley New Edition. Includes Knitting Quilting Braiding Embroidery etc. 262 Engravings plus additional period information. 240pp. £15.00 Add
Victorian Needlecraft Artistic and Practical R.L.Shep Editor New Enlarged Edition based on the Butterick Metroplitan Art Series 1889 with additional material from Household Elegancies 1875. Includes Linens, Dress accessories, childrens articles, alphabets etc. Over 600 illustrations. £20.00 Add
Embroidery Beading Designs and Techniques Maisie Jaratt A continuation of 'How to Bead: French Embroidery Beading' explaining the methods and techniques of embroidery beading. 72pp. £12.00 Add
French Embroidery Beading - How to Bead Maisie Jaratt A guide to all the basic techniques and instructions for numerous designs for French Beading. 48pp. £8.00 Add
Textile Graphics by Lilian Dring Joan Edwards Compiled by Joan Edwards. Foreword by Constance Howard. A unique survey of this amazing innovative textile artist. Well illustrated. 20pp. Paper covers stapled. £20.00 Add
Cooking Between Stitches Rosalie Peters A captivating traditional recipe book interspersed with a selection of embroidery patterns. Fully illustrated. Sl. grubby. 74pp. £12.00 Add
The Master Touch of Lesage: Embroidery for French Fashion Palmer White A study of the role of the Lesage family, raising embroidery from a French traditional craft to an incomparable international art. From the founding to their designs for Vionnet, Dior and many others. Beautiful illustration throughout. 171pp. £135.00 Add
Folk Costumes - Woven Textiles and Embroideries of Rumania Tancred Banateanu & Gheorghe Focsa & Emilia Ionesc Text in English. A comprehensive study of traditional Romanian folk costume, textiles and embroidery. High quality illustrations. 423pp. £50.00 Add
The Art of the Hungarian Furriers Maria Kresz Text in English. Translated from the original 'Nepi Szucsmunka' A study of traditional Hungarian folk costume made from sheepskin. Focus on decoration and embroidery. High quality illustrations. £20.00 Add
Haft I Zdobienie Stroju Ludowego Kazimierz Pietkiewicz Text in Polish (mainly) some text in Russian/French/German/ English/Czech. 'Embroidery and Embellishment in Folk Costume' A study of traditional folk costumes from Poland with specific focus on detailed embroidery and decoration. High quality illustration. £25.00 Add
Volkstumliches Handwerken in der Schweiz Dieter and Jolli Scharer Text in German. 'Folk Craft and Needlework from Switzerland' a study and guide to the traditional arts. Illust. 144pp £20.00 Add
Line in Tapestry Kathe Tod-Hooker This book is written about line use, line technique and producing lines in tapestry - from the simple to the difficult. Illust. Cover is sl. grubby. 82pp £30.00 Add
Shaped Tapestry Kathe Todd-Hooker This book is filled with information about weaving tapestries 'outside the box' i.e. non rectangular or 3D. Illust. Cover and bottom edge sl. grubby. 77pp £70.00 Add
Embroideries and Jewellery of Greek National Costumes K. Papapanos Text in English. A study of Greek folk costume with specific focus on the detailed embroidery and jewellery. Illust. £15.00 Add
Drawn to Stitch Gwen Hedley A remarkable guide to using line and other forms of mark-making in textile art and embroidery. Illust. 144pp £12.00 Add
Edges & Finishes in Machine Embroidery Valerie Campbell-Harding A library of possible finishes and edges for machine embroidery with step-by-step instructions. Illust. 128pp £22.00 Add
Moroccan Textile Embroidery Isabelle Denamur Text in English. Moroccan Textile Embroidery explains how Moroccan women passed this cultural art on to the next generation and how embroidered patterns were used to decorate interior spaces. Illust. Cover has sl. wear. 191pp £115.00 Add
Ottoman Embroidery Marianne Ellis & Jennifer Wearden This book is a celebration of the extensive collection of Ottoman embroidery at the V and A which ranges from the middle of the 16th century to 1900. Illust. Price clipped. 144pp £25.00 Add
Bulgarian Folk Costumes and Embroideries Maria Veleva Text in Bulgarian. A selection of high quality plates showing traditional folk clothing and embroidery from Bulgaria. Illust. £25.00 Add
The American Quilt Tradition Ian McCallum A study of American quilts and the processes and patterns used, produced in conjunction with the exhibition held at the bi-centenary of American Independence in 1976. Illust. 56pp £10.00 Add
Embroidery Stitches Barbara Snook A concise handbook of stitches with the minimum of words and the maximum of easily followed diagrams. Illust. Cover sl. grubby and price clipped but clean copy. 127pp £10.00 Add
Norsk Prydsom Halfdan Arneberg Text in Norwegian. 'Norwegian Embroidery' a study of traditional Norwegian craft and patterns. Illust. DJ sl. worn. £12.00 Add
An Embroidery Sampler
Text in English. A selection of techniques and high quality patterns for embroidery. Illust. Clean copy. 100pp £20.00 Add
The Art of Kantha Embroidery Niaz Zaman Text in English. A study of the traditional arts of quilt making of Bengal, along with a study of the changes since it's revival in the 1980s. Illust. DJ faded and sl. grubby but contents clean. 176pp £60.00 Add
Traditional Icelandic Embroidery Elsa E. Gudjonsson Text in English. This book is a pioneering survey of the rich Icelandic tradition of embroidery and also presents a selection of patterns for those that have a practical interest. Illust. Sl. marks on cover and edges but contents v. clean. 96pp £56.00 Add
Church Needlework: I - Altar Linen Kathleen M. Harris Book 1 of the Church Needlework series, studying embroidery of linen laid on the Altar. Illust. Cover grubby and has a small tear but contents clean apart from private inscription on title page. 32pp £14.00 Add
Church Needlework: 4 - Vestments Nora Jones Book 4 of the Church Needlework series, studying embroidery on the ceremonial clothing worn by priests/vicars. Illust. Cover grubby/tatty but contents clean apart from private inscription on title page. 34pp £12.00 Add
Church Needlework: 5 - Altar Frontals Beryl Dean and others Book 5 of the Church Needlework series, studying embroidery on the linen laid at the front of the altar. Illust. Cover grubby/tatty but contents clean apart from private inscription on title page. 32pp £12.00 Add
Contemporary Embroidery Design Joan Nicholson A combination of stimulating text and over 100 specially drawn embroidery examples along with suitable stitches to recreate the images. Illust. Cover grubby/tatty but contents clean. 159pp £30.00 Add
Early Russian Embroidery in the Zagorsk Museum Collection Zagorsk Museum Text in Russian/English. A guide through the Zagorsk Museum's extensive collection of early russian embroidery. Illust. Good copy, one small mark on spine. 294pp £65.00 Add
Needlework at Parham Barbara Snook and Mary Gostelow A study of the needlework held at Parham House in Pullborough, considered one of the best collections in the country. Illust. Cover sl. worn. 30pp £8.00 Add
Samplers in the City of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery Karin-M. Walton Catalogue of samplers in the City of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, published on the occasion of 'the first efforts of an infant hand' exhibition held in 1983. Illust. 104pp £80.00 Add
Needlework Samplers of Northern Ireland Heather M. Crawford A selection of patterns and history of samplers made in Northern Ireland. Illust. 128pp £25.00 Add
Jacobean Applique Projects Dilys Fronks A step-by-step pattern and instruction book for producing Jacobean style applique projects. Illust. 116pp £12.50 Add
Small Gifts in French Trapunto Solange Kergreis Designed to initiate you into the art of French Trapunto and inspire you to work in this fabulous rediscovered technique. Illust. 48pp £15.00 Add
Needleworks (Igne Oyalari) Taciser Onuk Text in Turkish/English. A study of kinds of oyas and embroidery techniques in traditional Turkish handicrafts. Illust. 138pp £58.00 Add
Red & White - American Redwork Quilts and Patterns Deborah Harding Contains 2 Volumes. The most comprehensive look at redwork available. Redwork, a type of needlework popular during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Illust. New. £22.00 Add
Beginner's Guide to Blackwork Lesley Wilkins Blackwork is a timeless, classic sixteenth-century embroidery technique in which beautiful designs are created by stitching geometric designs on to evenweave fabric. Illust. Clean copy. 64pp £25.00 Add
Traditional Blackwork Samplers Lesley Wilkins This sequel to Lesley Wilkins' successful Beginner's Guide to Blackwork offers a rich source of new ideas and inspiration to embroiderers, whatever their skill level. Illust. Clean copy. 64pp £20.00 Add
A Perfect World in Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork Di van Niekerk This book is a must for all ribbon embroidery and stumpwork enthusiasts. A substantial 160 page book packed with new ideas and techniques. Illust. Cover has v. minor marks. 160pp £48.00 Add
An Embroidery Pattern Book Mary E. Waring A selection of traditional embroidery patterns with instructions to create them. Illust. Cover tatty. 171pp £38.00 Add
Embroidery and Pattern Design Hannah Fowler and George F. Craggs A handbook for teachers and art students showing traditional embroidery patterns with instructions to create them. Cover sl. tatty but v. good for age. 156pp £40.00 Add
Machine Embroidery - Dorothy Benson Joan Edwards A study of the life and work of Dorothy Benson and The Embroidery Department of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. Illust. 20pp £30.00 Add
Designs For a Lifetime Usha Shrikant A classic collection of embroidery designs and plates with a description of stitches and some history of different regions of Indian ethnic embroidery. Illust. 208pp £25.00 Add
1988 Huh Dong-Hwa Collection 4: The Wonder Cloth Huh Dong-Hwa Text in English/Korean. Book No. 4 of the Huh Dong-Hwa Collection at the Museum of Korean Embroidery, focusing on the traditional pojagi wrapping cloths. Illust. Sleeve has small marks from storage but book is v. clean. 192pp £38.00 Add
Harriet Powers's Bible Quilts Regenia A. Perry A fascinating study of the quilts made by Harriet Powers, an African American woman born 1837 in Georgia, discussing the artists own explanation of her work as well as its place in the wider quilt making community. Illust. £60.00 Add
Embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750 Donald King & Santina Levey Part of The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection series - this lavishly illustrated book celebrates early English embroidery. Illust. 112pp £40.00 Add
Tapestries - Their Origin History and Renaissance (Ltd Edn) George Leland Hunter No. 72/550. A study of the origin and history of tapestries including construction techniques and skills. Illust. Cover tatty, rough cut edges and spine damaged but contents clean. 438pp £60.00 Add
English Embroidery Barbara J. Morris V&A Museum Illustrated Booklet No. 1. A study of traditional English embroidery. Illust. Clean copy. 48pp £6.00 Add
Embroidered Knot Gardens Owen Davies Specialist techniques and simple instructions combine in this practical guide that inspires the reader to create their own textured, three-dimensional garden designs on canvas. Illust. 128pp £45.00 Add
Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth Susan O'Connor Colourful Elizabethan inspired blanket with 24 individual embroidery designs and full size patterns. Illust. 92pp £120.00 Add
Stitch Dissolve Distort with Machine Embroidery Valerie Campbell-Harding & Maggie Grey From two of the world's bestselling textile authors, Maggie Grey and Val Campbell-Harding, looks at the new and exciting techniques to dissolve, melt and distort fabric, both before and after stitching. Illust. 128pp £35.00 Add
The Quilter's Resource Book Maggi McCormick Gordon The definitive book on quiltmaking traditions from around the world. Illust. Clean copy 448pp £12.00 Add
Early American Charted Designs I. Lucretia Hollingsworth and Connie H. Adams Part of the Dover Needlework Series. A collection of 51 motifs taken from antique American coverlets. Illust. 48pp £17.50 Add
Contemporary Whitework Tracy A. Franklin This book contains full instructions on the traditional techniques used in whitework, plus ways to explore and develop these techniques for more contemporary applications. Illust. Clean copy. 128pp £26.00 Add
Historical Designs for Embroidery Louisa F. Pesel This volume brings together the author's 'Embroidery Notebooks' containing hundreds of patterns and motifs from the 20s and 30s. Illust. Cover sl. worn from storage and top edges sl. grubby. 63pp £38.00 Add
Civil War Ladies: Fashions and Needle-Arts of the Early 1860's R. L. Shep (Editor) A selection of primary source material from Peterson's Magazine 1861 and 1864 showing fashion illustrations, cutting patterns and embroidery etc. Illust. 348pp £18.00 Add
Needlework Economies Flora Klickmann (Editor) A book of making and mending with oddments and scraps. llust. 114pp £25.00 Add
The Little Box of Quilter's Chocolate Desserts Mary V. Green (Editor) Recipes and quilt block instructions are provided on laminated cards, pairing scrumptious desserts with colourful quilts that inspired them. llust. Sticker and sl. wear on cover but contents new. 21pp £13.00 Add
Jacobean Embroidery (1935) Ada Wentworth Fitzwilliam and A. F. Morris Hands A study of Jacobean embroidery in all its forms and fillings through to the late Tudor times. llust. Scarce book. Cover has some wear and edges and end papers grubby. 57pp £30.00 Add
Russian Embroidery - Traditional Motifs The Museum of Folk Art Moscow Text in Russian/English. A guide to the collection of traditional Russian embroidery held at the Museum of Folk Art in Moscow. llust. 316pp £25.00 Add
War-Time Needlework Daily Express A complete guide to thrifty sewing and knitting. llust. 183pp £16.00 Add
Handbook of Stitches Grete Petersen and Elsie Svennas A concise handbook describing in words and diagrams, over 200 embroidery stitches. llust. DJ sl. tatty/torn and private inscription on front end paper, but otherwise clean. £14.00 Add
Lefkara Lace Embroidery Androula Hadjiyiasemi A study of the historical development, designs and techniques of Lefkara lace embroidery. llust. £65.00 Add
Embroidered with White Heather Toomer The 18th Century fashion for Dresden lace and other whiteworked accessories. Detailed authoritative survey. Superbly illustrated with colour and black and white photographs. 180pp. £19.00 Add
Stitches Straps & Layers Maggie Grey Authoritative guide to building exciting surfaces using layering methods. Includes innovative developments with pintucks and creative methods of stitching and distressng fabrics. Fully illustrated in colour throughout. 96pp. £85.00 Add
Diana Springhall A Brave Eye June Hill The life and impact of one of the UK's greatest embroiderer's. Superbly illustrated in colour throughout. 176pp. £12.00 Add
Blackwork Embroidery: My Methods and Techniques Jack Robinson Privately published. Detailed practical guide. Well Illustrated with L/Ds. 64pp. £55.00 Add
Polish Folk Embroidery Jadwiga Turska A magnificent survey fully illustrated in colour throughout. 335pp. £100.00 Add
Hungarian Renaissance and Baroque Embroideries Emoke Laszlo 'Aristocratic embroideries on Linen'. The collections of the Museum of Applied Arts Budapest II. A superb beautifully illustrated detailed survey. 219pp. £115.00 Add
Madeira Embroidery Alberto Vieira Detailed authoritative guide, including history and technique, to this stunning work. Small dent in top right hand corner of book O/W very good. 135pp. £28.00 Add
A-Z of Bead Embroidery Sue Gardner An essential guide for beginners and experienced needleworkers. Over 440 step-by-step photos and 30 beautiful designs from around the world. 128pp £20.00 Add
Embroidery and Lace Ernest Lefebure Embroidery and Lace: their manufacture and history translated and annotated by Alan S. Cole. 326pp £25.00 Add
The Lace and Embroidery Collector Mrs Head A guide to old lace and embroidery by Mrs Head. 252pp £9.00 Add