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RUM Yesterday and Today Hugh Barty-King and Anton Massel Foreword by Hammond Innes. The detailed history of rum it's colourful past plus a survey of rum producers around the world, told in a humourous and informative way. Complemented by a mass of illustrations. 264pp. £13.00 Add
Schweppes The First 200 Years Douglas A Simmons Fascinating readable history of the oldest mineral water manufacturer in the world.Well illustrated. 160pp. Price clipped. £4.50 Add
The New Guide to Mushrooms Peter Jordan The ultimate guide to identifying, picking and using mushrooms. Superbly illustrated throughout in colour. 128pp. £8.50 Add
Come into the Kitchen Alexie Gordon and Trudy Bliss A Cookery Book for Boys and Girls. Charming drawings by Nancy Innes. 102pp. Edges foxed. Blue cloth cover faded. £8.00 Add
Mother's Ruin - A History of Gin John Watney Comprehensive well researched history of the youngest of the classic alcoholic drinks, known as Mother's ruin - Gin. Some illustrations. DJ missing and edges sl. grubby but content clean.152pp. £22.00 Add
Kenricks in Hardware R. A. Church A Family Business 1791-1966. Some illustrations. 340pp. £6.00 Add
Cakes and Characters An English Christmas Tradition Bridget Ann Henisch Fascinating social study. Sl. faded DJ. 231pp. £16.00 Add
Curries and Bugles Jennifer Brennan A Cookbook of the British Raj. Illustrated. 324pp. Top edge of FEP clipped otherwise very good in D/J. £12.00 Add
Convivial Dickens Edward Hewett and W.F. Axton The first full length account of the drinks and dining customs of the Victorians linked to the innumerable scenes of imbibing in the life works and times of Charles Dickens. Some contemporary sketches. 189pp. £25.00 Add
London Eats Out Loyd Grossman The rich and fascinating story of Londoners and their eating habits over the last 500 years. Fully illustrated. DJ grubby. 112pp. £20.00 Add
5000 Years of Tea Derek Maitland A pictorial companion. The definitive study of tea and its place in history, a story alive with excitement and humour. Fully illustrated. Dj tatty. 143pp. £18.00 Add
The Sunday Times Book of Real Bread Heather Maisner & Michael Bateman This book is a celebration of bread. Presenting a range of varied and delicious recipes. With illustration. Page edges and DJ sl. grubby and pen mark on front end paper. 336pp. £16.00 Add
Green Magic Lesley Gordon A study of the hidden meaning and special properties attributed to plants, herbs and flowers by botanists, astrologers and mystics. Fully illustrated. DJ sl. faded and price clipped. Top edge grubby and marks on front end paper. 200pp. £11.00 Add
French Tea - The Pleasures of the Table Carole Manchester A study of the history and pleasures of french tea and patisserie. Fully illustrated. Price clipped and DJ sl. grubby but contents v. clean. 144p. £8.00 Add
The Kindred Spirit Lord Kinross A history of gin and of the House of Booth. Fully illustrated. Cover is tatty and pages sl. discoloured but contents clean. £18.00 Add
Mrs Groundes-Peace's Old Cookery Notebook Zara Groundes-Peace The distilled essence of many years of research into the history of English food and cookery. Price clipped but otherwise clean. 128pp. £10.00 Add
A History of the Brewing Industry in Scotland Ian Donnachie The first book on the ancient art of brewing in Scotland. Top edge and DJ sl. grubby and price clipped but contents excellent. 287pp. £20.00 Add
The Story of Champagne Nicholas Faith A history of the development of Champagne from its start with Dom Perignon to more recent times. With high quality photographs. Edges and DJ sl. grubby and price clipped but contents clean. 246pp. £9.00 Add
Food Conservation - Ethnological Studies Astri Riddervold & Andreas Ropeid A volume presenting 24 papers delivered on food conservation at the 7th International Conference on Ethnological Food Research in 1987. Small creases on cover but contents v. good. 224pp. £20.00 Add
English Bread and Yeast Cookery Elizabeth David A history of flour milling, bread ovens and recipes as well as a study of yeast and the distinctions between different types of bread. A section is also dvoted solely to recipes. DJ and edges grubby. DJ sl. discoloured but contents v. clean. 591pp. £17.00 Add
The Compleat Housewife Eliza Smith A superb facsimile of the original 1758 book containing 800 recipes. DJ sl. tatty, edges grubby and damage to spine but contents clean. 410pp. £16.00 Add
A Hundred Years Eating James P. Johnston A study of food, drink and the daily diet in Britain since the late 19th Century. Edges and DJ grubby but contents clean. 148pp. £12.50 Add
Consuming Passions Philippa Pullar A history of English food and appetite. Fully illustrated. Price clipped and DJ and edges grubby but contents v. clean. 278pp. £6.00 Add
Dr Kitchiner and the Cook's Oracle Elspeth Davies Adapted from 'The Cook's Oracle' instructing the young cook in cooking methods for over 500 recipes. Price clipped and DJ sl. grubby but contents excellent. 81pp. £48.00 Add
Recipes from an Old Farmhouse Alison Uttley Many recipes combined with fascinating details and memories from the author's childhood in Derbyshire. Edges and end papers grubby and DJ tatty but contents clean. 132pp. £10.00 Add
Champagne William I. Kaufman A history of champagne - the wine, the region and the people. Interviews with famous authorities and interesting recipes. Fully illustrated. Small tear in top corner of DJ and page edges discoloured. 210pp. £70.00 Add
Beakers Tankards Goblets Fritz Kampfer Translated from the original German text. A history and study of drinking vessels and drinking. Fully illustrated. DJ v. sl. grubby. 188pp. £18.00 Add
English 18th Century Brewing & Wine-Making Cecilia Ware Specially produced for readers and collectors interested in the everday life of 18th and early 19th century England. Including a tempting selection of genuine old recipes. DJ and top edge sl. grubby. 48pp. £20.00 Add
The Cooks Dictionary Sonia Allison An A-Z of food and cooking covering all the basic foodstuffs of the world with fascinating recipes. Page edges and DJ sl. grubby. 223pp. £16.00 Add
Cooking with Exotic Fruit Selma and W.J.A. Payne Fascinating recipes using 30 different tropical fruits from the authors' experience of living throughout the tropics. Price clipped and DJ and edges sl.grubby but contents v. clean. 144pp. £6.50 Add
A Tradition of English Wine Hugh Barty-King The story of two thousand years of English wine made from English grapes. Illustrated. Price clipped and DJ and edges grubby but contents clean. 250pp. £10.00 Add
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine Elizabeth David A selection of the authors journalistic work written for a wide range of publications. Full of fascinating anecdotes. Price clipped and DJ sl. discoloured but contents v. clean. 318pp. £12.00 Add
French Provincial Cooking Elizabeth David A reprint of the famous tome covering the history of French cookery. Cover, edges and end papers grubby but contents clean. 519pp. £12.00 Add
Mutton & Oysters Sarah Freeman A fascinating and witty social history looking at Victorians and their food. Price clipped and edges sl. grubby. 316pp. £32.00 Add
The Chocolate Conscience Gillian Wagner A remarkable business history studying the beginnings of the chocolate industry focusing on Fry, Cadbury and Rowntree. Price clipped and page edges grubby. 178pp. £32.00 Add
Wine For Sale Asa Briggs A study of Victoria Wine and the liquer trade 1860 - 1984. Illustrated. 199pp. £10.00 Add
The Grand Salad Madeleine Masson A fully illustrated dictionary of salad ingredients. Compiled and revised from the original 1699 Acetaria by John Evelyn. Price clipped and DJ grubby. 96pp. £7.00 Add
A History of Food Margaret Leeming Extractions from diaries and cookery books of epicures throughout the centuries from manna to microwave. Fully illustrated. DJ sl. grubby. 184pp. £6.00 Add
The Butler's Pantry Book Elizabeth Drury A fascinating study showing the daily tasks and routines of servants that are gradually disappearing. DJ sl. discoloured, price clipped and page edges grubby but contents clean. 192pp. £25.00 Add
Drinking in Vogue Henry McNulty The best kind of recipe book, one that can be read for pleasure as well as constantly referred to for new ideas. DJ, edges and end papers grubby but contents clean.161pp. £40.00 Add
The Early English Coffee House Edward Robinson A fine book tracing the origin of the English coffee house system and describing its part in the social and political life of the 17th century. Price clipped and DJ and edges grubby but contents clean. 240pp. £16.00 Add
Excess in Food, Drink and Sex Charles Neilson Gattey A fascinating examination of the effects of excess with colourful examples from the past to the present. Price clipped and DJ and edges grubby but contents clean. 248pp. £7.00 Add
The New Domestic Encyclopaedia Dorothy V. Davis A completely revised and updated encyclopedia for the housewife as well as a reference book for domestic science and home economics. 512pp. £7.00 Add
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickens Entertain at Home Helen Cox A fascinating book covering 16 years of the life of Charles Dickens and his family with a focus on the wonderful variety of parties held during that time. Price clipped and DJ grubby. End papers and edges grubby but contents clean. 214pp. £12.00 Add
Food and Feast in Medieval England P. W. Hammond A unique and fully illustrated study examining the extrraordinary range of food eaten in medieval England. Price clipped. 176pp. £10.00 Add
The Kitchen in History Molly Harrison A fascinating account of the modern day housewife's predecessors' daily lives. Fully illustrated. Price clipped and DJ discoloured. 142pp £15.00 Add
The Story of Watneys Walter Pearce Serocold A historical record and interesting account of the development of the great brewery Watneys. Cover sl. discoloured and edges sl. grubby. 130pp. £16.00 Add
Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Tea and Coffee Stephen H. Twining A short history of the firm R. Twining and Co. Ltd 1706 - 1956. Fully illustrated. DJ sl. tatty and edges sl. grubby but contents v. clean. 116pp. £48.00 Add
Word for Word An Encyclopedia of Beer Ivor Brown An encyclopaedia of beer taking the reader behind the scenes of the British brewing industry. DJ, edges and end papers sl. grubby but contents clean. 37pp. £10.00 Add
Food in England Dorothy Hartley Stories, recipes, household hints, charms and history are the ingredients in this classic English cookery book. Illustrated. Price clipped and edges grubby but contents clean. 676pp. £75.00 Add
Mrs Beeton's Every Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book Mrs Beeton A facsimilie of the original 1865 edition. Described as an indispensible household bible containing more than 1000 recipes. Edges grubby, price clipped and spine faded but contents clean. 430pp. £22.00 Add
The Great American Chewing Gum Book Robert Hendrickson A fascinating book studying the origins and developments of the chewing gum industry in America. Illustrated. Edges grubby but contents clean. 238pp. £9.00 Add
Bollinger - Tradition of a Champagne Family Cyril Ray A history of champagne and the Bollinger family including the methods and processes that contribute to creating a great champagne. Price clipped, DJ sl. discoloured and edges grubby but contents v. good. 217pp. £16.00 Add
On Food and Cooking Harold McGee A unique blend of culinary loreand scientific explanation that examines food, its history and its cooking. Price clipped and DJ and edges v. sl. grubby. 684pp. £30.00 Add
Bollinger - Tradition of a Champagne Famiy (Bollinger Today) Cyril Ray & Serena Sutcliffe A history of champagne and the Bollinger family, with the addition of a detailed account showing the new generation of champagne makers. Sl. yellowing and spine faded. 219pp. £8.00 Add
The Recipes of Hannah Woolley Matthew Hamlyn English cookery of the 17th century edited for todays cooks. Price clipped, spine sl. faded and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. 144pp. £26.00 Add
Thomas Jefferson's Cookbook Marie Kimball A fascinating study of Thomas Jefferson as a gourmet and chef showing a selection of his recipes. Sl. wear on corners. 120pp. £6.50 Add
Wild and Free Cyril & Kit O' Ceirin Cooking from nature with 100 recipes & folklore. A simple and entertaining guide to a source of free and healthy food. 160pp. £45.00 Add
Tea for the British Denys Forrest The social and economic history of the famous tea trade. Illustrated. Edges and end papers sl. grubby. 320pp. £32.00 Add
Culture & Cuisine Jean-Francois Revel A journey through the history of food. Fully illustrated. Cover discoloured and edges sl. grubby. 289pp. £20.00 Add
A Directory of Wines and Spirits Pamela Vandyke Price A simple concise guide to the wines and spirits of the world. Price clipped and DJ sl. discoloured. 118pp. £12.00 Add
A Chronicle of Small Beer Gerald Curtis The early Victorian diaries of a Hertfordshire Brewer. Illustrated. Price clipped. 222pp. £20.00 Add
Eating and Drinking Andre L. Simon An anthology of epicures. A fascinating study of eating and drinking. Edges grubby, front end paper marked and DJ sl. tatty. 320pp. £14.00 Add
The Englishman's Wine Sarah Bradford The story of port, the men who made and make it and its history and development. Edges grubby. 208pp. £20.00 Add
Beer is Best John Watney The fascinating history of beer from its origins in ancient Egypt. Price clipped. 157pp. £8.00 Add
The English Bread Book Eliza Acton A reprint of the 1857 original with an introduction by Elizabeth Ray. The last of Eliza Acton's great books with a splendid collection of bread recipes of all sorts. DJ sl. grubby. 183pp. £35.00 Add
Tuppenny Rice and Treacle Doris E. Coates A study of cottage housekeeping 1900 - 1920, a delightful mixture of household hints, recipes and economies. DJ and edges sl. grubby. 104pp. £5.00 Add
Wassail in Mazers of Mead G. R. Gayre An account of mead, metheglin, sack and other ancient liquors and the mazer cups out of which they were drunk. Illustrated. Foxing to edges and end papers and marks on cover but contents clean. 176pp. £40.00 Add
Sherry Julian Jeffs Expanded and updated 3rd edition studying the history and development of sherry and sherry drinking. Cover sl. tatty and edges sl. grubby. 314pp. £18.00 Add
Rum, Slaves and Molasses C. L. Alderman The story of New England's triangular trade selling rum for slaves and selling slaves for molasses to make more rum. DJ is tatty and price clipped. 127pp. £22.00 Add
The True Story of H. P. Sauce Dinsdale Landen & Jennifer Daniel The history of an extraordinarily British institution - H. P. Sauce. Illustrated. Top edge grubby. 87pp. £7.00 Add
The Master Millers Joseph Rank Limited The story of the House of Rank, its history and development over 80 years. Illustrated. Cover grubby and front end papers show foxing but contents clean. 98pp. £16.00 Add
Dining with the Impressionists Jocelyn Hackforth-Jones A study of the fascinating connection between impressionists' art and their love of food. High quality illustration throughout. Small tear in DJ at very top of spine. 155pp. £20.00 Add
Last Dinner on the Titanic Rick Archibold & Dana McCauley With original menus, recipes and splendid illustrations, this book recreates what it was like to dine on the Titanic. Small tear in top corner of DJ. 128pp. £20.00 Add
The Medieval Cookbook Maggie Black A mouthwatering selection of 80 recipes drawn from medieval manuscripts and adapted for the modern cook. Illustrated. Tiny nick in DJ at bottom of spine. 143pp. £12.00 Add
The Drinker's Companion Nicholas Rootes An illustrated catalogue of the equipment helpful in the serving of drink. DJ grubby and sl. creased and price clipped. 96pp. £6.00 Add
Curries & Bugles Jennifer Brennan A memoir and cookbook of the British Raj, rich with arcane lore and historical notes about the imperial period. 325pp. £18.00 Add
The Butlers Guide - To Clothes Care, Managing the Table, Running the Home Stanley Ager & Fiona St. Aubyn A thorough guide teaching the fine art of housekeeping as carried on in the great houses of England by the Butler. Illustrated. 192pp. £32.00 Add
English Recipes and others Sheila Hutchins A working cookery book with recipes from GB and Ireland as they appeared in 18th and 19th Century cook books. Edges grubby and DJ sl. tatty but contents good. 411pp. £12.00 Add
The World Book of Poultry & Game Dishes Nina Froud A collection of traditional and classical recipes presenting several hundred delicious and different ways of cooking poultry and game. DJ tatty and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. 168pp. £12.00 Add
The Curiosities of Ale & Beer John Bickerdyke An entertaining book praising the invigorating and character strengthening properties of ale and beer. Some discolouration on pages and DJ tatty. 450pp. £20.00 Add
The Life and Times of The Late Demon Rum J. C. Furnas Unique history of the temperance movement, tracing the change in American attitudes towards alcohol. Edges grubby, price clipped and DJ tatty but contents clean.381pp £4.50 Add
A Jane Austen Household Book with Martha Lloyd's recipes Peggy Hickman Based on a hitherto unpublished Austen household recipe book, sure to delight social historians and cooks everywhere. Edges grubby. 128pp. £20.00 Add
Caviare & After Andre Launay The truth about luxury foods, their history, methods of preparation and the ways they should be served. DJ and edges sl. grubby. 160pp. £14.00 Add
1749 - 1965 The Eight Ages of Justerini's Dennis Wheatley A study of Justerini's history of over 2 centuries of selling fine wine. Edges and cover grubby but contents clean. 102pp. £8.00 Add
Merchants of Wine Alec Waugh A centenary account of the House of Gilbey and their origins as wine merchants. Illustrated. DJ and edges grubby but contents clean. 135pp £8.00 Add
Sweet Talk Nicholas Whittaker A celebration, chronology and pop-cultural history of twentieth century confectionary. 252pp. £14.00 Add
The Havana Cigar Iain Crawford A study and history of cigars with specific focus on what is widely considered to be the best in the world - Havana. Illustrated. DJ sl. grubby & tiny tear in corner. 42pp. £8.00 Add
English Picnics Georgina Battiscombe A delightful book poking fun at the Englishman's grand gesture and final defiance of English weather - a picnic. DJ and edges grubby. 212pp. £12.00 Add
The Gentle Art of Smoking Alfred H. Dunhill A historical, technical and practical book showing smokers how to derive pleasure rather than habit from smoking. DJ and edges grubby and price clipped. 146pp. £12.00 Add
The Science of Meat and the Biology of Food Animals E. C. Line 2 Vols. Fully illustrated guide for the meat trade showing indepth detail for animals used as food. Sl. grubby due to age. 576pp & 279pp £35.00 Add
A Handbook on Meat and Textbook for Butchers R. C. Hammett and W. H. Nevell Edited and revised 3rd Edition handbook on meat and textbook for butchers. Illustrated. Edges sl. grubby. 481pp. £16.00 Add
Table Layout and Decoration Audrey Ellis A study of the role and importance of good table layout and decoration for a meal. Illustrated. 104pp. £6.00 Add
Food and its Functions James Knight A text book for students of cookery, a scientific take on cooking as an applied science and dietary requirements in their infancy. Cover sl. grubby and end papers discoloured. 282pp. £20.00 Add
A Fire in the Kitchen Florence White The Autobiography of a Cook - Florence White gives a witty account of her life and work and captures the feel of the period. Edges and cover sl. grubby, private inscription on front end paper but contents v. clean. 339pp £85.00 Add
The Wartime Kitchen Marguerite Patten Compilation set of 3 books 'We'll Eat Again' 'Post war Kitchen' and 'The Victory Cookbook'. A fascinating collection with recipes, nostalgia and facts. High quality imagery throughout. 112pp x 3 £8.50 Add
Background to the Crown Cecil J. Parker A history of the crown cork company and the development of its products. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 215pp £40.00 Add
A Hundred Years of Ceylon Tea D. M. Forrest A lucid account of the growth of an industry which owes its origins mainly to British enterprise - The Ceylon tea industry 1867-1967. High quality imagery throughout. Price clipped and DJ sl. grubby but contents clean. 320pp £21.00 Add
In an Eighteenth Century Kitchen Limited Edition Beverley Nichols Limited Edition no. 488 of 2000. A culinary scrapbook originally conceived in the 1700s now published in its entirety. Illust. Private inscription on front end paper. Price clipped and DJ sl. grubby. 57pp £30.00 Add
Leonardo's Kitchen Note Books Shelagh and Jonathan Routh Leonardo da Vinci's notes on cookery and table etiquette, newly edited and rendered into English. High quality illustration. Cover has v. minor marks from storage. 173pp £40.00 Add
The Histoy and Virtues of Cyder R. K. French The fascinating rise and fall of Real Cyder as a native wine and in practical detail the traditional techniques for making it. Illustrated. Cover sl. grubby. 200pp £7.00 Add
Alice's Cook Book - a culinary diversion John Fisher A set of recipes to delight the palate of any Lewis Carroll fan, taken from the classic Alive's Adventures in Wonderland. Illust. Cover sl faded and price clipped. 119pp £10.00 Add
Delightes for Ladies Sir Hugh Plat Intriguing title, one of the earliest cookery and household recipe books originally published in 1602 and now reproduced. Illust. Cover, end papers and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. 106pp £28.00 Add
Cakes and Characters Bridget Ann Henisch The story of the lost English custom of the Christmas cake ruling over the dinner table. Illust. DJ is grubby. 236pp £20.00 Add