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Crochet Lace: Techniques Patterns Projects Pauline Turner Detailed practical guide to making the most popular types of crochet lace inc. motifs and Irish crochet. Well Illust. with diagrams and photos. £35.00 Add
The Complete Book of Knitting Barbara Abbey Comprehensive detailed guide.Well Illust with many B/W photos and diagrams. 239pp. £25.00 Add
Introduction to Hairpin Crochet Pamela Thompson Detailed practical guide to making attractive braids and edgings. 42 black and white photos. 63 line drawings. 94pp. £14.00 Add
Crochet Lace Mary Konior An Illustrated guide to making Crochet Lace Fabrics. Detailed practical well illustrated with black and white photos. 128pp. £40.00 Add
Heritage Crochet - An Analysis Mary Konior Fascinating and indispensible handbook examining the background of the craft, particularly examining the period between 1840-1940. 85 black and white photos and 65 line drawings. 120pp, £14.00 Add
Machine Knitting: The Technique of Lace Kathleen Kinder Authoritative guide. Well illustrated. 128pp. £55.00 Add
The Advanced Knitting Architect Sion Elalouf Authoritative practical guide. Many diagrams. 76pp. Spiral bound. £34.00 Add
New Crochet Workshop - Part 1: Basic Crochet James Walters Expert practical guide. Well Illustrated. 40pp. £12.00 Add
Tuck Knitting Designs and Patterns Regine Faust Well illustrated in black and white. 208pp. £70.00 Add
The Harmony Guides: 220 More Crochet Stitches - Volume 7
Includes all over patterns, edgings trimmings etc. Superbly illustrated throughout. 96pp. £24.00 Add
Profitable Knitting Series Choosing and Buying a Knitting Machine Tessa Lorant Useful survey. 48pp. £12.00 Add
Mon Tricot 1100 Stitches Patterns and Knitting Crochet Unknown New Edition of the Knitting Dictionary. Covers basic techniques, Aran, Jacquard, Afghan, Openwork, Lace, Shawl Stitches. Well illustrated with black and white photographs. 194pp. £40.00 Add
Cowichan Indian Knitting Museum Note No.21 Margaret Meikle Unique survey with black and white photos and illustrations. 26pp. £50.00 Add
Knitting from the Netherlands Henriette van der Klift Tellegen Traditional Dutch Fishermans Sweaters their history and patterns. Well Illustrated throughout. 96pp. £20.00 Add
Fisher-Gansey Patterns of Scotland and the Scottish Fleet Michael R. R. Pearson Part of the 'Traditional Knitting of the British Isles' series (leisure series knitting Vol. 2). Many illustrations and patterns. 84pp. £100.00 Add
Fisher-Gansey Patterns of N.E. England Michael R. R. Pearson Part of the 'Traditional Knitting of the British Isles' series (leisure series knitting Vol. 1). Many illustrations and patterns. 84pp. £90.00 Add
They Lived By The Sea Henrietta Munro and Rae Compton Folklore and Ganseys of the Pentland Firth. Illustrated. 32pp. £80.00 Add
The Opinionated Knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann The Opinionated Knitter includes 22 of Elizabeth Zimmermann's original patterns, plus excerpts from her journal (previously unpublished) and notes from Meg Swansen. 128pp £28.00 Add
Bead Crochet Ropes Judith Bertoglio-Giffin Pattern book for bead crochet ropes. 21pp. £18.00 Add
Tubes - Crocheting with Beads II Kate Coburn An instructional guide to crocheting with beads. 20pp. £15.00 Add
Patterns & Graphing for Bead Crochet Ropes Judith Bertoglio-Giffin Instructions, patterns and projects to make beaded crochet ropes. 21pp. £28.00 Add
The Technique of Irish Crochet Lace Ena Maidens The author covers historical background of Irish Crochet Lace, then the required equipment and basic stitches and methods. There are 50 patterns included. 168pp £24.00 Add
New Crochet & Hairpin Work Jane Koster & Margaret Murray A specially commissioned definite work, and a new approach to the whole subject of crochet and its many uses. 160pp £10.00 Add
Japanese for Machine Knitters Mary Weaver An aid to reading Japanese knitting patterns. 124pp £18.00 Add
Easy Fairisle for the Brother Ribber Mary Weaver Electronic, Punchcard including single bed patterns for chunky machines. 157pp £58.00 Add
A Resource Book for Machine Knitters Kathleen Kinder A full guide to machine knitting, with example guides and the uses for various attachments. 136pp £50.00 Add
Understanding Your Ribber & Doublebed Alles Hutchinson A guide designed to give instructions in the use of a ribber and doublebed in machine knitting. 60pp £45.00 Add
The Ribbing Attachment Part 2 Mary Weaver Including instructions for using the jacquard attachment. 318pp. Part 1 also available. £15.00 Add
The Harmony Guide to Aran and Fair Isle Knitting Debra Mountford (Editor) This comprehensive sourcebook provides knitters with the patterns, techniques and stitches for Aran knits and Fair Isle designs. Illust. 174pp £20.00 Add
Machine Knitting: The Technique of Pattern Card Design Denise Musk This book tells you all you need to know about creating your own pattern cards and producing stunning, unique machine knit designs. Illust. 142pp £46.00 Add
Sweaters from Camp Amy Detjen & Meg Swansen & Joyce Williams A collection of 38 designs for vests, pullovers, tams and cardigans taken from Elizabeth Zimmermann's knitting camp. 215pp £80.00 Add
Charts for Colour Knitting Alice Starmore A selection from the authors personal source material, offering a wealth of material for knitters of all levels of ability. Illust. 137pp £20.00 Add
The Knitted Teddy Bear Sandra Polley A guide to knitting your own heirloom teddy bears with 12 different patterns and easy to follow instructions. Illust. 96pp £25.00 Add
The Complete Book of Traditional Guernsey and Jersey Knitting Rae Compton This book traces the origins of this Channel Island garment and its subsequent history. Illust. 144pp £50.00 Add
Machine Knitting Hand Tooling Techniques Susan Guagliumi The first complete guide to hand tooling techniques with machine knitting. Illust. 249pp £45.00 Add
Heirloom Kitting for Dolls Furze Hewitt This book contains 92 patterns for knitted doll cothing and dolls house decoration. Illust. 87pp £15.00 Add
A Machine Knitter's Guide to Creating Fabrics Susanna E. Lewis & Julia Weissman Here in a single volume are all the facts and inspiration a creative knitter needs in order to design magnificent fabrics on a knitting machine. Illust. 266pp £60.00 Add
A History of Hand Knitting Richard Rutt The first full history of hand knitting, in a book which makes absorbing reading for knitters and non-knitters alike. Illust. 248pp £38.00 Add
Machine Knitted Fabrics: Felting Techniques Janet Nabney Felting adds a whole new dimension to machine knitting and in this book the author shows how to produce exciting fabrics. Illust. 127pp £15.00 Add
Creating Original Hand-knitted Lace Margaret Stove With step-by-step pictures and diagrams and careful examination of individual stitches, the author enables knitters to creat original, hand knitted, lace. Illust. 179pp £16.00 Add
Simply Socks Anna Zilboorg Complete instructions for knitting 45 traditional Turkish sock patterns. Illust. 128pp £28.00 Add
The Old Hand-Knitters of the Dales Marie Hartley & Joan Ingilby A study of the traditional art of hand knitting of the dalesfolk of Yorkshire and Cumbria. Illust. 133pp £25.00 Add
The Knitting Stitch Bible Maria Perry-Jones The essential illustrated reference. Over 250 traditional and contemporary stitches photographed, with easy to follow charts. Illust. 256pp £38.00 Add
The Machine Knitting Tutor Angela N. Gordon A comprehensive guide for machine knitting on single bed machines. Illust. 243pp £180.00 Add
Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings Veronica Gainford A collection of knitting patterns for kilt hose and knickerbocker stockings. Illust. 74pp £32.00 Add
North East Fisher Ganseys
A comprehensive collection documenting the traditional woollen garment once worn by fishermen. Illust. 28pp £25.00 Add
The Sacred History of Knitting Heinz Edgar Kiewe Signed by the author. An interesting book describing the history of knitting and other non-woven needlework back to Biblical references. Illust. 222pp £45.00 Add
The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow: Vol I Jules & Kaethe Kliot Text in German/English. This rich collection of knitted lace projects has been reproduced from a collection of released pattern sets dating from the early 1900's by the German Designer Christine Duchrow. Illust. 128pp £50.00 Add
The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow: Vol II Jules & Kaethe Kliot Text in German/English. This rich collection of knitted lace projects has been reproduced from a collection of released pattern sets dating from the early 1900's by the German Designer Christine Duchrow. Illust. 96pp £40.00 Add
The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow: Vol III Jules & Kaethe Kliot Text in German/English. This rich collection of knitted lace projects has been reproduced from a collection of released pattern sets dating from the early 1900's by the German Designer Christine Duchrow. Illust. 144pp £58.00 Add
Knitting IVth Series Therese de Dillmont Text in English.A selection of knitting patterns from the DMC library with detailed instructions on creating the knits. Illust. 63pp £40.00 Add
Textile Design Anthropology ' History of Knitting' Heinz Edgar Kiewe A study of the history of knitting presented at the exhibition at the Australian Wool Corporation. Illust. 40pp  £22.00 Add
Hints and More Hints Alles Hutchinson A Veritable Encyclopedia of Machine Knitting hints for all. 74pp £20.00 Add
Bullions & Beyond Prudence Mapstone A selection of tips & techniques for the crochet bullion stitch. Illust. 29pp £38.00 Add
A-Z of Knitting Sue Gardner The ultimate guide for the beginner through to the advanced knitter, full step-by-step walkthrough of every knitting technique you will ever need. Illust. 152pp £10.00 Add
Handtooling for the Chunky Knitting Machine: Volume 1 A-K Kathleen Kinder A detailed explanation of handtooled patterns for chunky machine knitted fabrics. Volume 1 A-K. Illust. 96pp £74.00 Add
Handtooling for the Chunky Knitting Machine: Volume 2 L-Z Kathleen Kinder A detailed explanation of handtooled patterns for chunky machine knitted fabrics. Volume 2 L-Z. Illust. 111pp £58.00 Add
Chart-Rite: Knitting Methods to Match Bonnie Ralston and Norma Sweet A comprehensive knitting guide, step-by-step instructions and diagrams from a master knitter. Illust. 114pp £38.00 Add
Das Neue Stricken: Pullover . Jacken . Westen Horst Schulz Text in German. 'The New Knitting: Jumpers.Jackets.Vests' How to make colored pattern without thread tangle, fantastic two-tone patterns succeed with the new knitting technique presented in this book. Illust. 64pp £20.00 Add
The Knitter's Book of Wool Clara Parkes Thoughtfully exploring what makes wool so dynamic - explaining how differences between sheep, components of the wool fibre, the processing of wool and many other factors contribute to the finished yarn you hold. Illust. 207pp £40.00 Add
Knitting Machine Workbook No.2 Tami Nobuyuki A guide to machine knitting, workbook no. 2 with a focus on basic ribber techniques. 128pp £30.00 Add
Knit Better Bonnie Ralston and Norma Sweet A study of problems in knitting and why they happen and how to fix them. 49pp £25.00 Add
Knitting Patterns - Exclusive Knitwear Designs for All the Family Patricia Roberts This beautifully illustrated book, which features 60 easily comprehensible patterns, gives everyone the opportunity to knit these otherwise expensive garments at home for the price of the yan and this book. Illust. £25.00 Add
Continuous Cables Melissa Leapman Expert knitwear designer Melissa Leapman goes beyond the traditional, ordinary cables explored in her first book, providing knitters with an original collection of projects and stitch patterns featuring beautiful, closed-ring cables. Illust. 192pp £22.00 Add
American Indian Designs Adapted to Knitting Regine Faust A collection of knitting patterns inspired by traditional Native American embroidery. Illust. 224pp £28.00 Add
The Harmony Guides: Cable & Aran Stitches Erika Knight (Editor) A one-stop reference for inspiration, brimming with 250 texture-friendly designs to delight knitters of all skill levels. Illust. 271pp £30.00 Add
The Harmony Guides: Knit Edgings & Trims Kate Haxell (Editor) Offering clear, concise instructions and photographs for a variety of knit edgings and projects, this dependable handbook provides guidance to finding the perfect edging or finishing for a project. llust. 143pp £15.00 Add
Norwegian Knitting Designs Annichen Sibbern Bohn Text in English. A study of traditional Norwegian knitting patterns with a selection of projects for you to try at home. llust. 64pp £40.00 Add
Strik med Nordisk Tradition Vibeke Lind Text in Danish. 'Knit with Nordic Tradition' A collection of traditional Nordic knitting patterns with step-by-step instructions. llust. 129pp £45.00 Add
Lace and Eyelet Stitches Erika Knight (Editor) A Harmony Guide. 250 stitches fully illustrated in colour. 271pp. £45.00 Add
Rowan Denim Kim Hargreaves Fourteen original designs for men women, and children. An inspired collection based on Guernsey and Aran Knitting. Fully illustrated. 53pp. £35.00 Add
Knit and Purl Stitches Erika Knight (Editor) A Harmony Guide. 250 stitches fully illustrated in colour. 271pp. £30.00 Add
A Shirt For All Seasons Jodie Raymond Knit-on collar with three choices of neck openings. Easy diagram and written instructions for step-by-step knitting. 99pp £28.00 Add
The Ribbing Attachment Part 1 Mary Weaver Full working instructions with garment patterns. 216pp. Part 2 also available. £15.00 Add
Let's Knit Series No. 14
Text in Japanese. Fascinating knitting and crochet designs direct from Japan. 82pp £25.00 Add
Knitting Machine Workbook No.3 Tami Nobuyuki A guide to machine knitting, workbook no. 3 with a focus on pattern knitting techniques. 130pp £30.00 Add
The Rosebud Twins Patricia Evans and Jane Woodbridge The original 1950's knitting patterns for 61/2" dolls from Woman's Weekly Magazine, 1950-1953. 80pp £32.00 Add
The Art of Fair Isle Knitting Ann Feitelson A study of the art of fair isle knitting, its history, technique, colour and patterns. 183pp £40.00 Add
Charted Knitting Designs Barbara G. Walker This is the third of three knitting patterns books published by Schoolhouse Press, it contains 350 different charted designs. 269pp £30.00 Add
Stranded Knits Ann Kingstone A guide to smart skills for colourwork knitting, including 16 glorious designs. 197pp £40.00 Add
Knitting Workshop Elizabeth Zimmermann Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop guides knitters from beginner to master status through carefully created lessons. 134pp £40.00 Add
Tunic & Bolero & Vest
Text in Japanese. Fascinating knitting and crochet designs direct from Japan. 64pp £18.00 Add
Knit One, Purl One Frances Hinchcliffe A display of historic and contemporary knitting from the V & A's collection. 30pp £80.00 Add
Knit One, Knit All Elizabeth Zimmermann A collection of Elizabeth Zimmerman's garter stitch patterns with full illustration and instructions. 168pp £26.00 Add
Hairpin Crochet - Technique and Design Pamela Thompson Traditional hairpin crochet patterns, many dating from the last century, have been recorded here and adapted for the modern needleworker. 118pp £15.00 Add
Bible for Machine Knitting Vol I & II Silver Knitting Institute Text in English. Split across 2 volumes, 'How to Knit Garments' and 'Guide to Knitting Techniques'. 223pp & 207pp £65.00 Add
The Garter Bar Alles Hutchinson A guide of the newest techniques, correct usage and unsual patterns for the garter bar. 36pp £35.00 Add
The Essential Book of Crochet Techniques Nancie M. Wiseman From the first chain stitch to buttonholes and blocking, you'll find expert guidance for mastering a time-honored craft 128pp £16.00 Add
Crochet Edgings & Trims - 150 stitches Kate Haxell (Editor) The go-to resource for all crocheters to add a personal touch to their designs, regardless of skill level. 143pp £15.00 Add
Hook Knitting
A display of new concepts in crochet, showcasing several projects with high quality photography throughout. 77pp £30.00 Add
The New Crochet Dictionary Rhoda Ochser Goldberg Over 600 photographs and diagrams, showing crochet methods, tools, yarns, symbols and more. 160pp £25.00 Add
Punch Card Stitch Patterns
A collection of various stitch patterns including fair isle, tuck stitch and slip stitch. 120pp £34.00 Add
Knitting Computer Know-How Alles Hutchinson A collection of instructions, hints and patterns for using the charting attachments from a group of well-known experts. 76pp £35.00 Add
Treasury of Couture Patterns 250
Text in simplified Chinese. 250 fantastic illustrated knitting patterns. 128pp £40.00 Add
Single Bed Colour Changer Patterns and Techniques Diane Bennett This book is written for Brother amd Toyota single bed colour changers and the Knitmaster YC6 although many of the designs can be knitted using the YC5. 60pp £15.00 Add
Machine Knitting Technology & Patterns Mary Weaver A guide for single bed knitting on single and double bed machines. 315pp £40.00 Add
A Ladybird Book about Knitting Maureen Harvey and Michael Harvey The reader is taken step by step through the beginnings of knitting, and at each stage a useful article can be made to add to the sense of achievement. A perfect gift for Ladybird and knitting enthusiasts alike 52pp £20.00 Add
Botanical Knits 2 Alana Dakos Twelve more inspired designs to knit and love. 120pp £22.00 Add
A Stitch in Time Vol. 1 Jane Waller & Susan Crawford A collection of vintage knitting and crochet patterns from 1920-1949. 356pp £90.00 Add
A Stitch in Time Jane Waller A collection of knitting and crochet patterns of the 20s, 30s & 40s with modern yarn equivalents. 336pp £50.00 Add
Pearsall's Illustrated Handbook For Knitting In Silks M.T. and H.T. The illustrations in this book are in every instance engraved from examples actually knitted according to the instructions given. £38.00 Add
The Furida Knitting & Cross-Stitch Book
A little book of patterns, all designed exclusively for the makers and users of Furida (Angora Wool). 62pp £90.00 Add
The Good Yarn Guide Tessa Lorant In this book, the author sets out to show you how to buy the best yarns available and still use an old favourite pattern. £20.00 Add
A Shetland Pattern Book Mary Smith & Maggie Twatt A fantastically rare collection of patterns direct from the Shetland Isles. £55.00 Add
Knitting With Dog Hair Kendall Crolius and Anne Black Montgomery A woof-to-warp guide to making hats, sweaters, mittens and much more. 101pp £12.00 Add
Amberyarn: The Jacquard Collection Part 1 Doreen Nelson A guide to Jacquard knitting, focussing on sweaters and cardigans sizes 20-50 ins. 28pp £15.00 Add
Knitting Full-Fashioned Hosiery Max C. Miller Mechanical design and method of operating a flat full fashioned knitting machine for hosiery. 259pp £25.00 Add
Fairisle Yokes Joyce A. Schneider A punch card supplement to yoke sweaters the easy way. 39pp £18.00 Add
Knitting Machine Patterns From "News & Views" Volume 3 Frances Stafford A collection of 93 patterns for infants, children, men, women & household items from our third year. 98pp £20.00 Add
Drafting Made Easy Jill S. Stern A fantastic guide for tailored knitwear, designed to be a guide for knitters of all skill levels. 82pp £25.00 Add
Knitting Around Elizabeth Zimmermann This book, teaches you to be the boss of your knitting. Liberating teachings have inspired generations of knitters and the classic patterns will keep you knitting for years. 25 projects. 192 p £20.00 Add
Knitting with Two Colors Meg Swansen & Amy Detjen Techniques for stranded knitting and designing color-patterned garments. Detailed photos and examples throughout. 64pp £30.00 Add
A Time to Knit Ann Kingstone English designer Ann Kingstone has created a beautiful collection of 12 patterns themed for the seasons of the year. 77pp £15.00 Add
Works of Aran Jenny Watson A collection of 12 stunning designs for mother and daughter to recreate, with high quality photography showing finished articles. 58pp £30.00 Add