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Hispanic Lace and Lace Making Florence Lewis May The detailed history of Spanish Lace authoritatively described with 432 Illust. £20.00 Add
Crochet Lace: Techniques Patterns Projects Pauline Turner Detailed practical guide to making the most popular types of crochet lace inc. motifs and Irish crochet. Well Illust. with diagrams and photos. £35.00 Add
New Patterns in Honiton Lace Caroline and Barry Biggins Practical guide with many B/W illustrations. £17.50 Add
Lace for Dolls and Doll's Houses Ann Collier Over 45 Decorative Patterns in Bobbin and Needlelace. Pracitical guide. Well Illustrated. £8.00 Add
Tatting in Lace Mary Konior A collection of 42 patterns, with diagrams and photographs, mainly from the author's own designs. 120pp £80.00 Add
Lace Villages Liz Bartlett An exploration of the villages that were crucial to the development of bobbin lace. B/W Illustrations. £7.50 Add
Carrickmacross Lace Irish Embroidered Net Lace Nellie O Cleirich A survey and manual with full size patterns. £6.50 Add
Knotted Lace in the Eastern Mediterranean Tradition Elena Dickson Detailed practical guideto this ancient craft. Lone drawings and black and white photogrpahs. 133pp. £25.00 Add
Lace and the Emerald Isle Alan Brown Privately printed unique survey of the history of lace in Ireland. Black and white illustrations. 51pp. £15.00 Add
Lace in Miniature Ann Collier How to create decorative lace and lace accessories for the small scale. Very well illustrated with detailed line drawings. 128pp. £8.00 Add
Building Torchon Lace Patterns Bridget M. Cook Full colour photos and colour coded diagrams throughout. Brief multi language instructions. Nearly 30 original bobbin lace patterns. 98pp. £60.00 Add
Traditional Bedfordshire Lace Technique and Patterns Barbara M Underwood Authoritative historical and practical guide to this beautiful lace. Well illustrated in black and white throughout. 92pp. £15.00 Add
The Complete Book of Tatting Rebecca Jones 'Everything you wanted to know but couldn't find out about shuttle lace'. Practical guide. 339 Black and white illustrations. 8 Colour photos. 112pp. £20.00 Add
Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns Withof & Duchesse Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof Stunning selection of patterns for the lacemaking enthusiast with full instructions and many black and white illustrations. 144pp. £85.00 Add
Crochet Lace Mary Konior An Illustrated guide to making Crochet Lace Fabrics. Detailed practical well illustrated with black and white photos. 128pp. £40.00 Add
Romanian Point Lace Angela Thompson and Kathleen Waller Detailed instruction manual and pattern resource for this needlpoint braid lace. Superbly illustrated throughout. 144pp. £180.00 Add
The Complete Book of Tatting (Hardcover) Rebecca Jones Detailed practical guide. 112pp. 339 black and white illustrations. 8 colour photos. £20.00 Add
Flanders Lace - A step by step guide Mary Niven Very well illustrated practical guide. 120pp. £65.00 Add
Tatting Shuttles - Related Tools and Accessories Pam Palmer Unique comprehensive history of these craft tools. Very well illustrated with colour photos. 90pp. £55.00 Add
Armenian Needlelace and Embroidery Alice Odian Kasparian 'A preservation of some of History's Oldest and Finest Needlework'. Very well illustrated with black and white photos. 127pp. £40.00 Add
Special Effects in Bobbin Lace Sandi Woods 'Over 20 Patterns using colour in bobbin lace'. Very well illustrated throughout. 126pp. £29.00 Add
Antique Point and Honiton Lace Mrs Treadwin Reprint of the work first published in 1874. 'Containing plain and explicit instructions for making transferring and cleaning laces of every description'. Line drawings. 71pp plus adverts. £20.00 Add
Birds and Animals in Honiton Lace Saikoh Takano 40 patterns each with illustrations and instructions in English, German, Dutch and French. Very well illustrated throughout. 126pp. £30.00 Add
Flowers in Honiton Lace Elsie Luxton and Yusai Fukuyama Nearly 50 original patterns with instructions and illustrations. 125pp. £35.00 Add
The Technique of Tape Lace Ineke van den Kieboom and Anny Huijben Detailed technical guide written in English, French and German. Fully illustrated throughout. 160pp. £50.00 Add
Bruges Flower Lace Edna Sutton Well illustrated practical guide.118pp. £10.00 Add
Cinque Secoli di Merletti Europei: I CAPOLAVORI Doretta Davanzo Poli Text in Italian. 'Five Centuries of European Lace Masterpieces'. Well illustrated survey. 381pp. £70.00 Add
Youghal Lace The Craft and the Cream Pat Earnshaw A unique survey of a top quality lace product last made during the First World War. Illustrated. £30.00 Add
Dare to Design - The Nervous Woman's guide to Bobbin Lace Design Anne Dyer Well illustrated with black and white drawings and photos.103pp. £28.00 Add
Limerick Run Laces - An Introduction Pat Earnshaw Many line illustrations. 46pp. £35.00 Add
The Book of Fine Linen Francoise de Bonneville Preface by Mark Porthault. Translated from the French by Deke Dusinberre. Superbly illustrated. 208pp. £8.00 Add
A Wider View Barry Biggins Designs suitable for Bobbin and Needle Lace, Embroidery and Quilting. Over 90 double side pages of designs. Ring bound for ease of use. £20.00 Add
New Braids and Designs in Milanese Lace Patricia Read and Lucy Kincaid Detailed practical guide. 136pp. £250.00 Add
Le Pompe Patterns for Venetian Lace Santina M. Levey and Patricia C. Payne This work contains bobbin lace patterns with directions for working them and an illustrated historical introduction. 128pp. £80.00 Add
Teach Yourself Torchon Lace Eunice Arnold Practical guide complete with all six work cards. £18.00 Add
Introduction to Bobbin Lace Stitches Bridget M. Cook and Geraldine Stott Superb authoritative practical guide. 368 Illustrations. 87pp. Softback. £10.00 Add
Introduction to Needlepoint Lace Nenia Lovesey Detailed practical guide. 63 Line Illustrations. 63 Black and White Photographs. 120pp. £8.00 Add
The Illustrated Dictionary of Lace Judyth L Gwynne Unique reference book. Many black and white illustrations. 224pp. £12.00 Add
The Bobbin Lace Manual Geraldine Stott Very well illustrated practical guide. 120pp. £60.00 Add
Technique and Design of Cluny Lace L. Paulis and M. Rutgers Practical guide. Fully illustrated with Line drawings and black and white photographs. 85pp. £46.00 Add
Tambour Work Yusai Fukuyama Detailed practical guide with 99 photographs and 194 pattern diagrams and pattern drawings. 120pp £48.00 Add
Success to the Lace Pillow Christine and David Springett A survey of antique bobbins. Well illustrated booklet. 58pp. £25.00 Add
Outlines and Stitches A Guide to Design Pat Earnshaw With special reference to Halas needlelaces. Detailed survey very well illustrated in black and white throughout. 106pp. £30.00 Add
Supplement to the New Punto Tagliato Embroidery Louisa and Rosa Tebbs A practical textbook of workmanship in this fascinating Art Embroidery including many unique Stitches and elaborate Fillings. Beautiful decorated cloth cover. £40.00 Add
Pattern Book of Renaissance Lace Cesare Vecellio A reprint of the 1617 Edition of Corona delle Nobili et Virtuose Donne. 112 Illustrations. £45.00 Add
Plants and Flowers in Lace Bridget M Cook Practical guide with patterns contributed by a worldwide team of experts under the guidance of Bridget Cook. Very well illustrated in black and white throughout. 48pp. £15.00 Add
Lace for Children of All Ages Christine Springett Charming well illustrated practical guide. Oblong paperback. 72pp £50.00 Add
Russian Bobbin Lace Valeria Faleyeva Text in English. Superb survey of russian bobbin laces. 28pp text followed by 107 photographs mainly in colour. Laminated covers. £58.00 Add
Lets Make Bobbin Lace Eeva Lisa Kortelahti Detailed authoritative practical guide to bobbin lace superbly illustrated throughout. 112pp. Text in English and Finnish. £40.00 Add
Honiton Lace: The Visual Approach Elsie Luxton and Yusai Fukuyama 40 original honiton lace designs with right and wrong side photographs working diagrams and prickings. 127pp. £14.00 Add
Starting Needlepoint Lace Valerie Grimwood Detailed practical guide with over 150 photographs and drawings. 128pp. £30.00 Add
Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace Bridget M Cook Authoritative comprehensive guide for the lacemaker. Very well illustrated throughout in black and white. 208pp. £24.00 Add
101 Torchon Patterns Robin Lewis Wild Detailed practical guide with coloured technical diagrams.132pp. £42.00 Add
Russian Lace Patterns Anna Korableva and Bridget M Cook Practical guide presented in English, Dutch, French and German.144pp. £95.00 Add
A Schole House for the Needle Richard Shorleyker Produced from the original book printed in 1632 and now in the private collection of John and Elizabeth Mason. £70.00 Add
Introducing Traditional Bedfordshire Lace in 20 Lessons Barbara M Underwood Authoritative practical guide to making Bedfordshire Lace. Very well illustrated throughout. 115pp. £8.00 Add
The Torchon Lace Workbook Bridget M Cook A concise lacemaking course. The basic skills fully explained with prickings and diagrams. 96pp. £10.00 Add
Bedfordshire Lace Making Pamela Nottingham Practical guide. 59 photographs 63 prickings 132 working diagrams. 144pp. £45.00 Add
Withof Lace Trude v.d.Heijden-Biemans Co authors Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof and Puck Smelter-Hoekstra. Detailed practical guide. Many prickings diagrams and photographs. 160pp. £32.00 Add
Further Steps in Honiton Lace Susanne Thompson Detailed practical guide with many prickings and line drawings. 110pp. £80.00 Add
Lace Fans Ann Collier Practical guide well illustrated with prickings diagrams and coloured photographs. 127pp. £24.00 Add
Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace Bridget M Cook Comprehensive guide with 702 line illustrations and 43 photographs. 208pp. £48.00 Add
50 New Milanese Lace Patterns Patricia Read 50 stunning lace patterns with prickings and coloured and black and white photographs.128pp. £200.00 Add
Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking Rosemary Shepherd Revised Edition. Practical guide with many prickings and line illustrations. 112pp. £24.00 Add
Binche Lace Michael Giusiana and Linda Dunn Detailed practical guide. 79 two tone line illustrations. 41 Black and white illustrations and 93 photographs. 96pp. £35.00 Add
Kant Op Zijn Best Stephane Vandenberghe and Frieda Sorber Superbly illustrated survey of lace from the Gruuthusemuseum, Brugge. £40.00 Add
Handleiding tot het vervaardigen van Duchessekant L.W. van der Meulen-Nulle Practical guide with many line drawings. Text in Dutch. 87pp. £14.00 Add
Illustrated Dictionary of Lacemaking Alexandra Stillwell An A-Z of Terms used for bobbin, needle and crochet laces, netting, tatting and decorated nets. Over 2,000 entries. Over 800 illustrations. 253pp. £23.00 Add
Needle Lace Techniques and Inspiration Jill Nordfors Clark Superbly illustrated detailed practical guide. 142pp. £35.00 Add
The Bedfordshire Family of Laces Jennifer Fisher Well illustrated practical guide. 144pp. £16.00 Add
Duchesse Lace An Introduction Jane Newble-de Graaf Detailed practical guide. 58 photographs and 101 Diagrams. 127pp. £19.00 Add
Needlelace Pat Earnshaw History and practical guide. Many colour plates and line drawings. 128pp. £12.00 Add
50 New Bobbin Lace Patterns Claire Burkhard All new collection of stylish contemporary patterns with practical instructions clear working diagrams and photographs. Text in English German and French. 159pp. £14.00 Add
Lace in Fashion Pat Earnshaw A detailed survey from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Centuries. Many black and white plates. 168pp. £14.00 Add
Embroidered Machine Nets Limerick and Worldwide Pat Earnshaw History and practical guide very well illustrated throughout with line drawings and black and white photographs. 218pp. £45.00 Add
Alencon Lace Roberta Morgan Editor Translated from the original Historie du Point D'Alencon by Mme G Despierres 1886. A unique history with detailed illustrations. 207pp. £350.00 Add
Lacemaking by Diagram Johanne Nyrop-Larsen Simple fascinating and instructive method for making 17 original laces based on old Flemish patterns in Tonder lace. Text in Dutch English and German. Hardcover Binder with patterns prickings and fully illustrated instruction book with 48pp. £70.00 Add
An Illustrated Guide to Lace Emily Reigate This is lavishly illustrated throughout with examples of lace from all manufacturing centres and all ages. 262pp. £15.00 Add
Needlace Stitches: Classic and Contemporary Ros Hills and Pat Gibson Detailed practical guide. 32 colour photographs. 160 black and white drawings. 188 line drawings. 160pp. £9.50 Add
Bobbin Lace Jewellery Jennifer MacPherson Detailed practical guide to making Brooches, Earrings, Necklaces etc. Superbly illustrated in full colour throughout. £19.99 Add
La Dentelle a l'aiguille Brigitte Delesques Depalle Text in French. Beautifully illustrated practical guide. 143pp. £100.00 Add
A Bedfordshire Lace Collection Barbara Underwood A stunning collection with 67 prickings including a separate folding sheet. Plus many black and white photographs and instructions.Consists of lace made today from old prickings, modern adaptions of old patterns and new designs. 119pp. £75.00 Add
Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking Doris Southard Practical guide. 126 halftones. 123 black and white illustrations. 224pp. £7.50 Add
Milanese Lace Designs Ann Moore Very well illustrated practical guide.122pp. £140.00 Add
Recognising Laces M.J. Geers-Vermeulen Well illustrated guide. Text in Dutch English French and German. 72pp. £25.00 Add
Copper Wire Lace Anne Dyer Practical guide. Well illustrated with line drawings and some colour plates. 141pp. £70.00 Add
Needlelace Designs and Techniques Classic and Contemporary Catherine Barley Very well illustrated practical guide.176pp. £35.00 Add
A Visual Introduction to Bucks Point Lace Geraldine Stott Practical well illustrated guide. Hardcover and softcover both available. 90pp. £16.00 Add
Alphabet Inspirations in Coloured Bobbin Lace Sandi Woods Comprehensive detailed well illustrated guide. 144pp £50.00 Add
The Lavendon Collection of Bobbin Lace Patterns Valerie Harris A History and over 60 patterns. 71 line drawings and 73 black and white photographs. £20.00 Add
Drafting Torchon Lace Patterns Alexandra Stillwell Practical detailed guide. 64 Black and white photographs. 69 prickings.70 Line drawings. 144pp. £18.00 Add
The History of the Honiton Lace Industry H.J.Yallop Unique detailed history with an extensive bibliogrphay and over 100 photographs. 352pp. £20.00 Add
Home Lace Making M.E.W.Milroy A Handbook for Teachers and Pupils. Illustrated with 3 Plates and 9 Diagrams. 47pp. £95.00 Add
Creating Original Hand-knitted Lace Margaret Stove With step-by-step pictures and diagrams and careful examination of individual stitches, the author enables knitters to creat original, hand knitted, lace. Illust. 179pp £16.00 Add
The Art of Tatting (1910) Katharin L. Hoare Photographic plates display a wide range of the art of tatting, from the majestic and ornate, experienced tatters will be able to work visually from the plates. Illust. £100.00 Add
The Art of Tatting Lady Hoare Facsimilie of the 1910 edition. Photographic plates display a wide range of the art of tatting, from the majestic and ornate. Experienced tatters will be able to work visually from the plates. Illust. £14.00 Add
A Pattern Book of Tatting Mary Konior A book to interest both experiences tatters and newcomers to shuttle lace, two basic methods are outlined with clear diagrams. Illust. 96pp £40.00 Add
A Pattern Book of Tatting (1985) Mary Konior A book to interest both experiences tatters and newcomers to shuttle lace, two basic methods are outlines with clear diagrams. Illust. 96pp £40.00 Add
Tatting Patterns Mary Konior A collection of 56 practical tatting designs, covering all forms from edgings, braids and strips to composite designs and fragments. Illust. 80pp £60.00 Add
The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow: Vol I Jules & Kaethe Kliot Text in German/English. This rich collection of knitted lace projects has been reproduced from a collection of released pattern sets dating from the early 1900's by the German Designer Christine Duchrow. Illust. 128pp £50.00 Add
The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow: Vol II Jules & Kaethe Kliot Text in German/English. This rich collection of knitted lace projects has been reproduced from a collection of released pattern sets dating from the early 1900's by the German Designer Christine Duchrow. Illust. 96pp £40.00 Add
The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow: Vol III Jules & Kaethe Kliot Text in German/English. This rich collection of knitted lace projects has been reproduced from a collection of released pattern sets dating from the early 1900's by the German Designer Christine Duchrow. Illust. 144pp £58.00 Add
Making Lace with Little Grey Rabbit Dorothy K. Cox A graded series of bobbin lace patterns inspired by the Little Grey Rabbit stories. Illust. 58pp £9.00 Add
Idrija Lace Bridget M Cook & Metka Tratnik A selection of patterns from the Idrija School of Lace in Slovenia. Illust. 106pp £140.00 Add
Italian Lace Designs Elisa Ricci A splendid pictorial anthology presenting a rich selection of 243 classic examples or Italian laces from over 300 years of history. Illust. 95pp £12.50 Add
Lasadoireacht II Mary Shields Carrickmacross Lace Workbook 2: A practical workbook offering the lacemaker the opportunity to develop the techniques of this fine Irish lace 'Lasadoireacht'. Illust. 36pp £75.00 Add
Arabesque Kay Blakey An English interpretation of Duchesse Lace with design adaptions for a variety of laces. Illust. 64pp £45.00 Add
Limerick Lace Nellie O' Cleirigh & Veronica Rowe A social history and maker's manual for the most famous of all Irish laces 'Limerick Lace'. Illust. 91pp £35.00 Add
Venetian Gros Point Lace Nenia Lovesey & Catherine Barley An instructional book for those that have already mastered the basic techniques of needlepoint lace and want to specialise in Venetian Gros Point. Illust. 75pp £25.00 Add
Initiation a la Creation Dentelliere Collette van Steyvoort Text in French. 'Introduction to Creating Lace' . Well presented book showing a practical guide to creating beautiful lace patterns. Illust. 189pp £40.00 Add
3 Knuder - 100 Mader Gry Hvidberg Text in Danish/English. '3 Knots - 100 Ways' A collection of marvellous bobbin lace for you and your home. llust. 100pp £20.00 Add
Kantklossen 1986 J. J. Vandenhorst Text in Dutch. 'Bobbin Lace 1986' A collection of figurative, modern and classic Dutch lace patterns. llust. 79pp £15.00 Add
Lefkara Lace Embroidery Androula Hadjiyiasemi A study of the historical development, designs and techniques of Lefkara lace embroidery. llust. £65.00 Add
The Technique of Tonder Lace Inge Skovgaard Practical and historical guide. Nearly 70 photographs and 130 working diagrams and prickings.144pp. £30.00 Add
Bobbin Lace Yusai Fukuyama Detailed authoritative practical guide. Well illustrated with black and white photographs and line drawings. Text in Japanese and English. £90.00 Add
A World of Necklaces: Africa, Asia, Oceania, America Anne Leurquin Throughout this book, the author sets out to untangle the intricacies of the way necklaces are used and what they signify. 464pp £110.00 Add
Syllabus Grof (Brugs) Bloemwerk Sonia Vanoosterwijck Text in English/French/German. 'Syllabus: Coarse Bridge Floral Work'. £40.00 Add
Lace: The Poetry of Fashion Bella Veksler This is a delightful journey through the history of a celebrated ornament of fashion. 167pp £26.00 Add
20th Century Linens and Lace Elizabeth Scofield and Peggy Zalamea A guide to identification, care and prices of household linens and lace. 208pp £20.00 Add
Vintage White Linens A to Z Marsha Manchester A visual treat and an essential price guide for anyone interested in household linens. 192pp £35.00 Add
Lace of France / Les Dentelles de France Michel et Claudette Bouvot Text in French/English. Celebrating the 2012 OIDFA congress, diplaying the lace produced in France over the last 500 years. £65.00 Add
La Dentelle de Bayeux Mick Fouriscot & Mylene Salvador Text in French. 'The Lace of the Bayeux'. £280.00 Add
Guipure Kloskant - Techniek en Patronen Annelie van Olffen-Spikermann Text in Dutch. 'Guipure Bobbin Lace - Techniques and Patterns'. £14.00 Add
The Torchon Lace Book Christine Springett Fully illustrated, complete guide to Torchon Lace with many interesting projects. 56pp £42.00 Add
Bayeux Lace - Yesterday's Lace for Today Marie-Catherine Nobecourt and Janine Potin Text in English. Full instructions, explanations, photos, sketches and diagrams. 78pp £50.00 Add
Freude Am Kloppeln Barbara Pollak Text in German. 'Joy at the Cloppen' This book is mainly aimed at clerics who have already mastered the basic concepts of this craftwork and are looking for advanced projects. £45.00 Add
Spitzenschmuck fur den Kopf - Barben aus Hermannsburg Marianne Stang Text in German/English/French. 'Embellishment for the Head - Lappets from Hermannsburg'. Very scarce book. £170.00 Add
New Christmas Lace No. 3 Jana Novak Text in English. 30 patterns with 30 new ideas for Christmas decorations, with precise working diagrams and instructive text. 65pp £25.00 Add
Borddekoration Jana Novak Text in Danish/German/English. New ideas for table decoration, suitable for beginners and experienced lacemakers. 72pp £35.00 Add
Dentelles de Notre Temps Pavol Michalides Text in French. 'Lace of Our Time'. A study of the lacemaking arts of Elena Holeczyova (Czechoslovakian). £13.00 Add
Filet Lace - Stitches and Patterns Margaret Morgan A book that explains filet lace techniques to beginners, although experienced lacemakers will also gain a great deal. 168pp £24.00 Add
Nyplattya Pitsia / Bobbin Lace Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti Text in Finnish/English. With patterns, pictures and instructions for several projects. 112pp £28.00 Add
Ruusuja Nyplaten / Roses in Bobbin Lace Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti Text in Finnish/English/German. With patterns, pictures and instructions for several projects. 120pp £24.00 Add
Nyplaysmalleja / Bobbin Lace Patterns Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti Text in Finnish/English/German. With patterns, pictures and instructions for several projects. 40pp £20.00 Add
Narua Nyplayksessa / Bobbin Lace with Paper Strings Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti Text in Finnish/English/German. With patterns, pictures and instructions for several projects. 48pp £30.00 Add
Kant en Kostuum - Museumpromenade 11 Martine Bruggeman Text in Dutch. 'Lace and Costume'. Fantastic historical study of lace in costume, fully illustrated. 64pp £10.00 Add
Knypplade Faglar Ulla Fagerlin & Brigitta Hulterstrom Text in Swedish/German/French. 'Lace Birds'. Full of patterns and high quality pictures. 80pp £15.00 Add
Ostern und Fruhling - 25 Kloppelmuster Brigitte Bellon Text in German. 'Easter and Spring - 25 Bobbin Lace Patterns'. Full of patterns and high quality pictures. 64pp £45.00 Add
Brugs Bloemwerk J. E. H. Rombach-De Kievid Text in Dutch. 'Bruges Flowerwork'. A hanbook for making Bruges lace flowerwork with 26 patterns. 62pp £12.00 Add
Duchesse-kant Kant Voor Hertoginnen R. Delescen - van Rijsewijk Text in Dutch. 'Duchesse Lace: Lace for a Duchess'. A handbook for making Duchesse lace with 28 patterns. 64pp £20.00 Add
Withof / Duchesse Trude v. d. Heijden-Biemans et al. Text in Dutch. A handbook for making Withof / Duchesse lace fully illustrated with pictures and patterns. 64pp £20.00 Add
Kant Uit Koninklijk Bezit A. van Schendel Text in Dutch. 'Lace of the Royal Collection' containing 84 b&w images of stunning royal lace, lent by the Queen to the National Museum. 251pp £20.00 Add
Introduction to Bobbin Lace Patterns Bridget M Cook New patterns of Point Ground lace are provided here with diagrams fully colour-coded and each pattern produced in simple diagrammatic form. 107pp £28.00 Add
Buck's Point Lacemaking Pamela Nottingham Beginning with the basic stitches and lace edgings, the book then gives fourteen traditional patterns presented as a progression of increasing skill levels. 128pp £7.50 Add
Dentelles aux Fuseaux Bibliotheque D.M.C. Text in French with an English Translation. 'Bobbin Lace' includes patterns. £40.00 Add
Honiton Lace P. M. Inder Brief outline of Honiton Lace history from City of Exeter Museums and Art Gallery. Illustrated. 28pp £4.00 Add
A Renascence of the Irish Art of Lace-Making A. S. C. Facsimilie of the 1888 edition. Illustrated. £15.00 Add
The Romance of the Lace Pillow Thomas Wright Being the history of lace making in Bucks, Beds, Northants and neighbouring counties, together with some account of the lace industries of Devon and Ireland. 272pp £25.00 Add
Bobbin Lace Making for Beginners Amy Dawson A simple, straightforward, and above all a 'how to do it' book. Fully illustrated. 88pp £6.00 Add
Chats on Old Lace & Needlework Mrs Lowes This little book has been compiled to emphasise the distinct awakening to the beauty of ancient laces and embroideries. 386pp £30.00 Add
European Laces - an Introduction Heather Toomer This booklet provides an introduction to one of the least known but most rewarding of antiques: lace. 48pp £10.00 Add
Uudet Nyplaysmallit Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti Text in Finnish. 'New Lace Designs'. Full of designs, pictures and instructions. 107pp £25.00 Add
Embroidery and Lace Ernest Lefebure Embroidery and Lace: their manufacture and history translated and annotated by Alan S. Cole. 326pp £25.00 Add
Devon Pillow Lace: Its History and How to Make It A. Penderel Moody A study of Devon Pillow Lace, fully illustrated with detailed instructions. 160pp £20.00 Add
The Lace and Embroidery Collector Mrs Head A guide to old lace and embroidery by Mrs Head. 252pp £9.00 Add
Lace Making Eleanor Page Part of the Craft for All Series. A full guide to creating wonderful lace works. 94pp £10.00 Add
Lace Making and Collecting: An Elementary Handbook A. Penderel Moody A guide to making and identifying different types of traditional lace. £20.00 Add
The Technique of Needlepoint Lace Nenia Lovesey Detailed practical guide. 58 photographs, 82 diagrams. 144pp £10.00 Add
100 Traditional Bobbin Lace Patterns Geraldine Stott & Bridget Cook Clear and concise book of 100 traditional patterns of Bucks Point lace, one of the finest laces in England. 144pp £9.50 Add
Ruskin Lace & Linen Work Elizabeth Prickett A brief history of the craft illustrated with 129 line drawings and 32 b&w photographs. 119pp £9.50 Add
New Designs in Honiton Lace Pat Perryman and Cynthia Voysey Complementing other lace books dealing with Honiton techniques illustrated with 103 diagrams and patterns and 40 photographs. 119pp £6.00 Add
A Supplement to the Art of Bobbin Lace L.A. & R Tebbs Intended for the ambitious lace maker and gives working instructions for the making of exquisite novelties. 182pp £8.00 Add
The Dryad Book of Bobbin Lace Raie Clare Fantastic guide including the history of bobbin lace, illustrated with 44 b&w photographs and 132 line drawings. 157pp £10.00 Add
450 Years of Lace Jane Page A fully illustrated catalogue of 143 superb items of antique lace exhibited in The Allhallows Museum in the summer of 2002. £15.00 Add
Valenciennes Variaties Yvonne Krijgsman & Margreeth Dirksen Text in Dutch. 'Valenciennes Variations' Including 20 patterns. 87pp £14.00 Add
Needle-Made Laces Pat Earnshaw A comprehensive guide to the different traditional techniques of needle lace-making. 144pp £12.00 Add
A Manual of Bedfordshire Lace Pam Robinson This book fills a long recognised gap in the subject by providing a graduated course in Bedfordshire lace. 74pp £10.00 Add
Le Filet-Richelieu Th. de Dillmont Collection of b&w images of stunning lace. £28.00 Add
The Honiton Lace industry in 1887 Alan Brown An illustrated snapshot from Queen Victoria's jubilee year. 29pp £15.00 Add
Dieren in Kleur: 20 Kantklospatronen Sebastiana van den Herik Text in English. 'Animals in Colour: 20 Russian Lace Patterns'. Full instructions for all 20 projects. 28pp £12.00 Add
The Enchanted Lace, Book Two Ann Margaret Keller Full of patterns, illustrations and full instructions for lots of stunning projects. 49pp £30.00 Add
The Batsford Lace Pattern Pack: Bucks Point Pamela Nottingham 32 fantastic pattern cards (77 prickings). £50.00 Add
The Batsford Lace Pattern Pack: Honiton Elsie Luxton 32 fantastic pattern cards (125 prickings). £50.00 Add
The Christmas Lace Book Christine Springett Full of patterns, illustrations and full instructions for lots of stunning Christmas themed projects. 104pp £40.00 Add
Point Ground Patterns from Australia Elwyn Kenn This is a collection of 23 original bobbin lace designs derived from Australian flora and fauna. 36pp £10.00 Add
Branscombe Point Lace Susan Cox Full of patterns, illustrations and full instructions for lots of stunning projects. 28pp £18.00 Add
Step by Step Basic Bobbin Lace Peggy E. Martin The enlarged reprint, with further diagrams of basic edges, designed as an introduction to Bobbin Lace. 36pp £20.00 Add
Pirouette Kay Blakey A continuation of Arabesque with a selection of patterns that can be made in a variety of laces. 56pp £45.00 Add
A Grandmother's Pattern Book Gilian Dye A collection of stunning patterns taken from Grandmothers, Auts, Mothers, Daughters and more. 56pp £45.00 Add
A Little Bit of Frippery Cherrilyn Tyler A collection of patterns for a set of bags influenced by 1920's costume. Well illustrated throughout. 17pp £9.50 Add
An Introduction to Downton Lace Janet Stukins A collection of 20 Downton Lace patterns sampled from Violet Shelley of Redlynch. £25.00 Add
Lace Alphabet Jenny Taylor Full of designs, patterns and illustrations for creating beautfiul lace letters. 16pp £15.00 Add
Lace: Australian Wildflowers in Point Ground Elwyn Kenn This book will help and guide lacemakers and add a new challenge. 44pp £20.00 Add
Nieuwe Kantklospatronen Tiny Zwaal-Lint Text in Dutch. 'New Lace-up Patterns'. 35 workpieces with removable patterns. £25.00 Add
Five Centuries of Lace Ann Dolley A study of many different kinds of lace throughout 500 years of history. 70pp £25.00 Add
Angels in Russian Tape Lace Hanne Sonne This is the book for those who love beautiful and personal Christmas ornaments. The book contains the patterns for 15 small and one large angel. 79pp £7.00 Add
62 Small Hearts in Bobbin Lace Lene Bjorn A fascinating collection of 62 lace designs perfect for Christmas. Superbly illustrated. 62pp £9.00 Add
New Bobbin Lace Patterns Tiny Zwaal-Lint Following the success of her first book, the author has put together 35 new patterns with tear-out prickings. £40.00 Add
Torchon Lace Patterns Henk Hardeman A collection of 40 lace patterns, designed, drawn and photographed especially for this book with tear-out prickings. £50.00 Add
Italian Drawn Work and Antique Filet Lace (Book No. 3) Carmela Testa Co. Wonderful large instructions of rare techniques such as Sardinian Filet Lace, Serpintine stitch and fancy Italian Drawn Stitches. £10.00 Add
Weddings, Christenings and Anniversaries in Lace Bridget M. Cook (Editor) This volume offers 24 projects for gifts and items suitable for special occasions. 48pp £20.00 Add
Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress and Lace Kay Staniland and Santina M. Levey Fully illustrated study of Queen Victoria's wedding dress and the use of lace in her attire. 32pp £20.00 Add
Faden & Brief: Ein Zusammenspiel Martina Wolter-Kampmann Text in German. 'Thread and letter: An interplay'. With the help of this book you can easily find the corresponding thread to the clapper letter. 87pp £15.00 Add
Buckinghamshire Lace Walter Crane (Designer) A study of Buckinghamshire Lace and its characteristics. Covering late Victorian to early Edwardian period. 30pp £65.00 Add
Introduction to Honiton Lace Susanne Thompson This introduction to the art of Honiton lace is aimed at both the beginner and at those with experience in other laces but new to Honiton. 120pp £12.00 Add
Lapsia Nyplaten / Children in Bobbin Lace Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti Text in Finnish/English/German. With patterns, pictures and instructions for several projects. 68pp £30.00 Add
Das Spitzenkloppeln Adele Voshage Text in German. 'The Lace Batting'. Instructions on thirty-four patterns to thoroughly learn the bobbinwork. 48pp £70.00 Add
Klöppelspitzen aus Wologda Walentina A. Ketschemaikina & Regine Dehnel Text in German. 'Bobbin Lace from Vologda'. Treasures of the Russian North, with history, technique, and patterns. 144pp £150.00 Add
Tatting Techniques Elgiva Nicholls Authored by a leading expert on tatting, giving full guidance of multiple techniques. 119pp £28.00 Add
Practical Tatting Phyllis Sparks A practical approach to the craft of tatting which includes instructions for 33 patterns, all of them able to withstand everyday use. 96pp £12.00 Add
Tatting 2000 Jane Bullivant (Editor) A compilation of original patterns from contributors to the Ring of Tatters magazines. 89pp £95.00 Add
How to Lace R. W. Thompson Twelfth Edition. 'If you can see, you can lace'. 12 types, 116 illustrations. 10pp £20.00 Add
Schiffchenspitzen, Occhi, Frivolites Waltraud Naumer Text in German. 'Shuttletips, Tatting, Frivolities' An introduction to an old hand work with over 100 traditional and modern patterns and application examples. 168pp £35.00 Add
Every Woman's Complete Guide to Tatting Illustrated Norma Benporath A book of fine things to make, dedicated to the discerning needlewoman. 164pp £30.00 Add
Shetland Lace Gladys Amedro A book of patterns with guides to create stunning Shetland Lace. 122pp. £85.00 Add
Tatting: easy step by step illustrated instructions Carol M. Winandy 20 original patterns, step by step instructions, plus helpful designer ideas and hints by TATSY. 81pp £45.00 Add
New Dimensions in Tatting To De Haan-Van Beek First English edition. A new and innovative approach which expands on the traditional techniques of shuttle and needle tatting. 87pp £58.00 Add
Machine-Made Lace in Nottingham Zillah Halls A study of traditional Lace from Nottingham, made in the 18th and 19th centuries. 52pp £8.00 Add
Tatting Lace (Brilliant Classic Lace) Unknown Text in Japanese. Lots of projects with illustrations and full instructions. 68pp £30.00 Add
Needle-Made Laces 1st Series Th. de Dillmont (Editor) Collection of b&w images of stunning needle-made lace. Part of the D.M.C Library. £20.00 Add