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Modern Infantry Weapons and training in their use Sergeant R.C.Sweeting Detailed instructional manual £6.00 Add
Padre George Smith of Rorke's Drift Canon William M. Lummis M.C. A unique suvrvey of a brave man, including his eye witness account of the battle at Rorke's Drift that made him famous. Some black and white illustrations. 94pp. £45.00 Add
The Zulu War illustrated David Clammer An enthusiastic, excellent history. 207pp. £5.00 Add
An Heraldic Alphabet J.P. Brooke-Little A most useful dictionary of heraldry and heraldic terms. Fascinating and illuminating guide. Over 300 line drawings. 234pp. £10.00 Add
Some Feudal Lords and Their Seals Lord Howard de Walden (Introduction) Reprint of the work first published in 1903. Illustrations of the Seals and Coats of Arms. 190pp. £6.00 Add
Military Uniforms of Britain and the Empire Major R. Money Barnes A broad history of the formations, uniforms and equipment from 1742 to the present day. Well illustrated with line drawings and colour plates. 347pp. £10.00 Add
The Uniforms and History of the Scottish Regiments Major R. Money Barnes Detailed record from 1660 to the present day. Written in collaboration with C. Kennedy Allen. Some line drawings and colour plates. 351pp. £10.00 Add
The British Policewoman Joan Lock The complex and fascinating history of the formation of the Brtitish Women Police. Some illustrations. 224pp. £8.00 Add
Home by Christmas Ian English (Editor) Privately published unique surevey of the remarkable adventures experienced by some of the prisoners of war who marched out of Camp PG49 at Fontanellato after the Italian Armistice on 8th September 1943. 8 photographs. 12 maps and 3 line illustrations. 144pp. £35.00 Add
Uniforms of the Australian Colonies Alfred N. Festberg and Barry J. Videon 12 coloured Plates with descriptive text plus details of dress regulations. £35.00 Add
Taman Indera - Malay Decorative Arts and Pastimes Mubin Sheppard Unique detailed survey. Very well illustrated in colour and black and white. 207pp. £22.00 Add
Weapons and Equipment of the Marlborough Wars Anthony Kemp Detailed well illustrated survey. 172pp. £16.00 Add
A Review of the Crimean War Lieut.Colonel John Adye C.B. Reprinted from the 1860 edition with a new introduction. £8.00 Add
Polish Armies 1569-1696 (2) Richard Brzezinski Colour Plates by Angus McBride. Men at Arms Series. 47pp. £5.00 Add
Memoirs of a Smuggler John Rattenbury of Beer, Devon Reprint of the diary and journal of The Rob Roy of the West originally published in 1837. 48pp. £15.00 Add
The Communists of Paris 1871 Types Physiognomies Characters Bertall 'Eye witness of the scenes and events of that year by an Englishman'. 40 attractive colour plates with detailed descriptions. 88pp. £150.00 Add
Deutsche Uniform und Rangabzeichen 1933/45 K. D. Patzwall Fully illustrated in black and white throughout. 74pp. Text in German. £45.00 Add
The Uniforms of British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914.1. The Sussex Yeomanry Cavalry L. Barlow and R.J.Smith Concise well illustrated survey. 17pp. £25.00 Add
Netherlands Army Regimental Badges B.C.Cats and C.P.Coenders Unique survey. Text in Dutch and English. B/W illustrations. 64pp. Paper covers. £18.00 Add
Uniforms of the Austro-Hungarian Army c1914
A book of colour plates depicting the uniforms of all branches of the Austro Hungarian Army, circa 1914.16 pages of plates. £25.00 Add
The Life and Correspondence of Major Cartwright. Two volumes complete F. D. Cartwright (Editor) Edited by his niece. Two volumes complete. Brown cloth covers with gold titles. £30.00 Add
Antique Firearms - Their Care, Repair and Restoration Ronald Lister An invaluable practical guide. Many illustrations. 220pp £8.00 Add
The Memoirs of Private Waterfield A.Swinson and D. Scott (Editors) Memoirs of a soldier in Her majesty's 32nd Regiment of Foot (Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry). Fascinating insight from a literate and opinionated soldier. 188pp. £70.00 Add
Scottish Arms Makers Charles E. Whitelaw A biographical dictionary of makers of firearms edged weapons and armour working in Scotland from the 15th Century to 1870. £65.00 Add
English Guns and Rifles J.N.George An account of the development design and usage of Englsih Sporting Rifles and Shotguns from their introduction during the fifteenth centuiry until the advent of the metallic cartridges in the 19th Century etc. Some illustrations. 344pp £20.00 Add
Kris gli invincibili - The Invincible Krises Vanna Ghiringelli An amazing survey of these beautiful Malay daggers. Over 100 coloured illustrations with accompanying text in Italian and English. 142pp. £90.00 Add
Armies of the Ottoman Empire 1775 - 1820 David Nicolle and Angus McBride Men at Arms Series No 314 edited by Lee Johnson. Fully Illustrated survey. 48pp. Other titles available. £7.00 Add
Louis XV's Army 5 Colonial and Naval Troops Rene Chartrand and Eugene Leliepvre Men At Arms Series No 313 edited by Lee Johnson. Fully illustrated survey. 48pp. Other titles available. £5.00 Add
El Cid and the Reconquista 1050-1492 David Nicolle and Angus McBride Men At Arms Series No 200 edited by Marttin Windrow. Fully illustrated survey. 47pp. Other titles available. £5.00 Add
Waterloo Uniforms 1. British Cavalry John Mollo Detailed well illustrated guide to Waterloo uniforms of the British Cavalry. 83pp. £17.50 Add
Samurai Undressed Jacqui Carey A study of the importance of Kumihimo in Japanese Samurai armour. 80pp. £85.00 Add
Pillboxes: A Study of the UK Defences 1940 Henry Wills A study of UK defences in 1940 with illustrations photographs and maps. 98pp £50.00 Add
African Arms and Armour Christopher Spring A fascinating study of African weaponry through history for both combat and ritual with high quality photographs and illustrations. 144pp. £50.00 Add
Asian Fighting Arts Donn F. Draeger & Robert W. Smith An absorbing history of man to man combat across Asia with illustrations. An essential companion for those interested in the fighting arts. 207pp. £34.00 Add
Scottish Regimental Badges 1793 - 1971 W. H. and K. D. Bloomer An illustrated reference guide to regimental badges including 1982/3 price guide. 73pp £40.00 Add
Uniforms and Organisation of the Imperial German Army 1900 - 1918 F.J. Stephens and Graham J. Maddocks A detailed account of conscription methods and general organisation of the German army and the development of uniforms through the war with illustrations. 80pp. £35.00 Add
2500 Years of European Helmets Howard M. Curtis History of helmets used throughout Europe from 800 BC to 1700 AD with high quality illustrations. 346pp. £75.00 Add
A History of The Art of War in the Sixteenth Century Sir Charles Oman An unabridged reprint of the 1937 edition. A fascinating study of 16th C. European militaries by the revered master of historical military writings. 784pp. £40.00 Add
The Diary of Colonel Peter Hawker Colonel Peter Hawker A diary of one of England's most famous sporting writers detailing his shooting exploits throughout his life. Comprised of 2 volumes with an introduction by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey. 393pp £25.00 Add
Dark Age Warrior Ewart Oakeshott An intriguing survey on the formation of modern Europe with stories of folk heroes inc. Beowulf. Illustrated with line drawings and including instructions to make replica armour. 135pp. £15.00 Add
Victorias Enemies: An A-Z of British Colonial Warfare Donald Featherstone An interesting study of the many campaigns fought under Queen Victoria's rule. 160pp. £30.00 Add
U.S. Combat Flying Clothing C. G. Sweeting The first book devoted to studying the clothing worn by the US airforce during the 2nd world war. 229pp. £60.00 Add
Dress & Insignia of the British Army in Australia & New Zealand 1770-1870 Ronald Montague The definitive reference for military costumes of the colonial period. Illustrated in B & W. Limited edition of 2000 copies. 124pp. £45.00 Add
Gunfounding & Gunfounders A. N. Kennard A directory of cannon founders from earliest times to 1850. 176pp. £50.00 Add
The North-West Frontier British India and Afghanistan Michael Barthorp A pictorial history of the Empires attempts to conquer the north west frontier 1839 - 1947. 184pp. £25.00 Add
The Medieval Soldier in the Wars of the Roses Andrew M. Boardman A revealing study of the medieval soldier during the 'Wars of the roses'. 212pp. £24.00 Add
Casques Et Coiffures Militaires Francais Christian H. Tavard Text in french.French military helmets and headgear from the Gallic era of the 2nd World War. High quality illustrations in colour. 252pp. £85.00 Add
Flying Clothing - The Story of its Development Louise Greer & Anthony Harold A study showing the development of flying clothing from 18th c. balloonists to aircrew in both world wars and the futuristic protective clothing work today. Fully illustrated. 176pp. £10.00 Add
Arms & Armour of the English Civil Wars David Blackmore Fully illustrated with diagrams and photographs of swords pikes and armour used during the civil war. £50.00 Add
British Army Uniforms & Insignia of World War Two Brian L. Davis An authoritative study on the variety of clothing equipment and badges worn by British soldiers in WWII. Illustrated. 276pp. £30.00 Add
Alfred the Good Soldier His Life & Campaigns John Peddie A study of Alfred the Great and his deeds and achievements. Illustrated. 192pp. £16.00 Add
History of The Regiment of Artillery Indian Army Major-General D. K. Palit A history of the Indian artillery regiment from 1935. £28.00 Add
The Middlesex Regiment Gregory Blaxland Part of the Famous Regiments series. Focuses on the Middlesex Regiment specifically the 57th nicknamed Diehards. 142pp. £20.00 Add
King Georges Army 1775 - 1783 Philip R. N. Katcher A handbook of British American and German Regiments with focus on the Revolutionary war. Well illustrated. 160pp. £20.00 Add
MVSN 1923 - 1943 G. Rosignoli Badges and Uniforms of the Italian fascist militia very detailed and fully illustrated. 160pp. £65.00 Add
British Military Longarms 1715 - 1865 D. W. Bailey A concise but authoritative pictorial study of Britains muskets rifles and carbines. 160pp. £50.00 Add
Art, Arms and Armour An International Anthology. Volume 1: 1979 - 80 Robert Held A comprehensive volume studying aesthetics, form and function of weaponry and armour spanning 8 centuries from 10 nations. Fully illustrated with over 1100 photographs and drawings. 544pp. £42.00 Add
European Weapons & Warfare 1618 - 1648 Eduard Wagner Minutely-detailed and exhaustive survey of the armies of the Thirty Years War. Fully illustrated. 296pp. £85.00 Add
The Projectile-Throwing Engines of the Ancients Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey Bt Comprehensive account of the construction, technique and performance of ancient artillery from the earliest catapult also including a section on bows of medieval and later times. Reprint of 1907 first edition with illustrations. 78pp. £58.00 Add
British Yeomanry Uniforms Richard Simkin & Laurence V. Archer Complete run of 32 colour plates of the famous mounted militia force. £42.00 Add
Military Badges of the British Empire 1914-18 Reginald H. W. Cox A unique work of reference describing and illustrating the military badges worn by all of the forces of the British Empire involved in the Great War. 363pp. £90.00 Add
Scots in Uniform Douglas N. Anderson The military costume of Scotland's horse and foot. Features many high quality illustrations. 102pp. £8.00 Add
The Volunteer Artillery 1859-1908 Norman Litchfield and Ray Westlake Record of the lineage organisation dress insignia and badges of the Artillery Volunteers 1859-1908. Fully illustrated. 204pp. £95.00 Add
Das Militar Bilderbuch R. Knotel German Text. The Military Storybook of the war in Europe. With colour illustrations. 49pp. £26.00 Add
The South Africa 1853 Medal G. R. Everson The roll of the recipients and the story of the campaign medal issued for the frontier wars between 1834 and 1853. 155pp. £10.00 Add
Arms & Armor Stephen N. Fliegel An intriguing examination of the culture of the warrior and hunter by the assistant curator of medieval art at the Cleveland Museum. 181pp. £34.00 Add
50 Years of Yeomanry Uniforms R. G. Harris An album of 32 paintings by the late Edmund A. Campbell backed by detailed research. £32.00 Add
Military Drawings and Paintings in the Royal Collection A. E. Haswell Miller and N. P. Dawnay In 2 Volumes Plates & Text. A study of military drawings and paintings in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen. £35.00 Add
Military Pilot & Aircrew Badges of the World 1870-Present: Vol 1 - Europe Don Chalif Story of military aviation badges and those who wore them. Fully illustrated with pictures of the author's personal collection and photgraphs of fighter pilot aces. 224pp. £25.00 Add
Uniforms, Weapons and Equipment of the World War II G.I. Stephen W. Sylvia & Michael J. O'Donnell In depth photo study of the weapons and gear of the American GI in World War 2. High quality illustration throughout. 223pp. £35.00 Add
Polski Mundur Wojskowy Zdzislaw Zygulski jun. and Henryk Wielecki Polish Text. Polish Military Uniform. High quality colour photgraphs throughout. 417pp. £38.00 Add
Badges & Insignia of the British Armed Services Commander W. E. May & W. Y. Carman & John Tanner A comprehensive record covering the Royal Navy the Army and the Flying Services and the insignia worn by them. Fully Illustrated. 367pp. £35.00 Add
The French Revolution as seen by Madame Tussaud Witness Extraordinary. Pauline Chapman Marking the 200 year anniversary of the Revolution. A study showing the experiences of the lower social classes using the accounts of Madame Tussaud. With illustrations. 193pp. £6.00 Add
Infantry Uniforms of the British Army: Third Series 1850-1960 P. H. Smitherman A selection of 20 high quality full colour plates showing the development of army uniform from the Crimean War to more modern dress uniform. £10.00 Add
Fighting Troops of the Austro-Hungarian Army 1868 - 1914 James Lucas Looking at the history of the most colourful soldiers in Europe from the Habsburg Cavalry in 1868 to the outbreak of WWI. Fully Illustrated. 224pp. £35.00 Add
The WRNS M. H. Fletcher Illustrated history of the Women's Royal Naval Service. Charts the dramatic part women have played in the defence of Britian through 2 world wars to the present day. 160pp. £18.00 Add
Uniforms of the SS - Volume 7 Andrew Mollo Volume 7 - Waffen SS Badges and Unit Distinctions 1939 - 1945. Fully Illustrated. 96pp. £200.00 Add
A Bibliography of Military Books up to 1642 Maurice J. D. Cockle Third impression of the 1900 original considered an invaluable standard work of reference. This Bibliography collates British and foreign military books from the invention of printing to 1642. 268pp. £14.00 Add
Uniforms of the Peninsular Wars 1807 - 1814 Philip Haythornthwaite & Michael Chappell A study of the war in the Iberian peninsular from 1807 - 1814 with a focus on uniforms. High quality illustrations. 180pp. £10.00 Add
England and the Maori Wars Angus J. Harrop A study of the Maori wars and the effect they had on the British Empire. 423pp. £95.00 Add
Highland Dress Arms and Ornament Lord Archibald Campbell A study with illustrations of Scottish Highland weaponry uniform and decoration. 176pp. £45.00 Add
A Survey of Chemical and Biological Warfare John Cookson & Judith Nottingham A chilling study of the use and manufacture of chemical and biological weapons exploring both scientific data and official statements. 376pp. £40.00 Add
Dress Regulations 1846 W. Y. Carman The uniform of the British army at the beginning of the Crimean War. 160pp. Facsimile of 1846 edition. £10.00 Add
Sir Richard Grenville of the Civil War Amos C. Miller A study of Sir Grenville's life and his influence on the Civil War. 215pp. £10.00 Add
Sieges of the Great Civil War Brigadier Peter Young & Wilfrid Emberton A detailed study of the most important sieges of the Civil War 1642 - 1646. Basing House and Donnington Castle included. 159pp. £6.00 Add
Queen Alexandra's Nursing Corps Julie Piggott A history of the QAs showing the rise of the first army nursing organisations. Includes a study of Florence Nightingale. 105pp. £35.00 Add
The Scottish Gael James Logan An accurate and scholarly account of the origin antiquities and traditions of the Caledonian Celts. Comprised of 2 well illustrated volumes. 393 & 440pp. £40.00 Add
Henry V and the Conquest of France 1416 - 1453 Paul Knight & Graham Turner Part of the Men at Arms series no. 317. Study of battles ranging from Agincourt to Castillon. Illustrated. 48pp. £6.00 Add
Partisan Warfare 1941 - 45 Nigel Thomas & Peter Abbott Part of the Men at Arms series no. 142. Study of the Partisan war and the German policy to eastern Europe and the Balkans. Illustrated. 40pp £5.00 Add
The British Army on Campaign 1816 - 1902 Michael Barthorp Part of the Men at Arms series no. 193. Volume 1 of 2 Studying 1816 - 1853 from the end of the Napoleonic war to the start of the Crimean. Illustrated. 48pp £5.00 Add
Modern African Wars: Angola and Mozambique 1961 - 74 Peter Abbott & Manuel Ribeiro Rodrigues Part of the Men at Arms series no. 202. Volume 2 of 2 Studying The fight between the African Liberation Movement and the occupying Portuguese. Illustrated. 48pp £6.00 Add
Attack the Colour A. E. Clark-Kennedy A study of the Royal Dragoons in the Peninsula and Waterloo and the low opinion that Wellington had of them. 158pp. £10.00 Add
British & American Artillery of World War 2 Ian V. Hogg Comprehensive encyclopedia providing an illustrated and highly detailed account of the artillery used by the Allied armies during WWII. 256pp. £10.00 Add
Napoleonic Military History - A Bibliography Donald D. Horward A very methodical bibliography that covers around 7300 books with introductions for each research section. 689pp. £14.00 Add
Keep the Home Fires Burning Cate Haste A study of propaganda in the First World War and the effect it had on the morale of the populace. Includes the creation of 'The Evil Hun'. 230pp. £22.00 Add
Rum Rebellion H. V. Evatt Australian Classics Edtn. A study of the overthrow of Governor Bligh by John Macarthur and the New South Wales Corps. 365pp. £10.00 Add
Military Metal Shoulder Titles Ray Westlake Volume 1 of 3 - Infantry. A comprehensive illustrated work covering all shoulder titles worn by infantry in the British Army. 166pp. £16.00 Add
Renaissance Fortification - Art of Engineering J. R. Hale An examination of military works from c.1400 to c.1600 and the careers of those who designed them. Including works from da Vinci & Michelangelo etc. 64pp. £16.00 Add
Old British Model Soldiers 1893 - 1918 L. W. Richards An illustrated reference guide for collectors with more than 1000 lead figures listed. DJ grubby with small tears and price clipped. 75pp. £14.00 Add
To Face the Daring Maoris Michael Barthorp A story of the first Maori War 1845 - 47 told through the letters and diaries of the British soldiers who fought and retreated. 237pp. £38.00 Add
Simkin's Soldiers - The British Army in 1890 Lieutenant Colonel P. S. Walton Volume 1 - The Cavalry and The Royal Artillery with a special section on The Royal Marines. Selection of Richard Simkins prints and examination of several regiments. 94pp. & 18 colour plates. £12.00 Add
Regiments of Foot H. L. Wickes A historical record of all the foot regiments of the British Army. 170pp. £6.00 Add
The Hanoverian Army During the Seven Years War Joachim Niemeyer & Georg Ortenburg A study of the Hanoverian Army during the Seven Years War fully illustrated with colour plates. 86pp. £80.00 Add
The War Toys Kriegsspielzeuge Reggie Polaine No.1 The Story of Hausser-Elastolin. Illustrated collectors guide. 156pp. £38.00 Add
Crimean Uniforms: 2 - British Artillery Robert Wilkinson - Latham A fully illustrated guide showing the uniforms and equipment of the British Artillery. 81pp. £18.00 Add
Go To Your God Like A Soldier Ian Knight A study of the British Soldier fighting for Empire 1837 - 1902. A complete picture of the British military experience until the end of the Boer War. 260pp. £12.00 Add
Engines of War Henry Wilkinson Historical and experimental observations on ancient and modern warlike machines and implements - including the manufacture of guns gunpowder and swords with remarks on bronze iron and steel. 269pp. £12.00 Add
Gallipoli John Masefield A study of the war on the Gallipoli Peninsula. 182pp. £10.00 Add
Maps and Plans - Illustrating Fortescue's History of The British Army Fortescue Volume VII of Fortescue's History of the British Army featuring 18 detailed coloured maps. £20.00 Add
The French Infantry and Artillery 1795 - 1812 Richard K. Riehn A study of French military uniform around the time of the Revolution. With Illustrations. 11pp. £10.00 Add
Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke Michael Bennett A study of the last battle of the 'Wars of the Roses' - Stoke Field and the role that Lambert Simnel / Edward VI played. 157pp. £8.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms - The Lace Wars Part 1 Lilane and Fred Funcken A study of the arms and uniform of France - The King's Household and the Infantry under Louis XV and Louis XVI; The British and Prussian Infantry from 1700 to 1800. Fully Illustrated. 156pp. £70.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms - The Lace Wars Part 2 Lilane and Fred Funcken A study of the arms and uniform of French, British and Prussian Cavalry and Artillery; Other countries Infantry Cavalry and Artillery from 1700 to 1800. Fully Illustrated. 158pp. £35.00 Add
German Army and Navy Uniforms & Insignia 1871 - 1918 E. J. Hoffschmidt & W. H. Tantum A study of the German military uniforms and badges from 1871 to the end of the First World War. Fully Illustrated. 195pp. £50.00 Add
Their Glory Shall Not Be Blotted Out Lieutenant-Colonel Olaf MacLeod A study of the last full dress uniform of the British Army and how it was replaced during the Great War. High quality Illustrations. 72pp. £15.00 Add
Hertfordshire's Soldiers from 1757 J. D. Sainsbury A survey of the auxiliary Military forces raised in Hertfordshire from 1757 to the present day. Illustrated. 103pp. £25.00 Add
The Hever Castle Collection - Arms and Armour Sotheby's Volume 1 - Arms and Armour of the illustrated catalogue for the Sotheby's sale 5th May 1983. 148pp. £20.00 Add
Crecy 1346 Anatomy of a Battle Henri de Wailly An engaging study of the first battle of the Hundred Years War. Fully illustrated. £7.00 Add
Uniformi Militari Italiane del Settecento Massimo Brandani & Piero Crociani & Massimo Fioren Text in Italian. Second Printing - Italian Military Uniform of the 18th Century. Fully Illustrated. 76pp. £50.00 Add
Civil Defence in War Elizabeth Billingham A study of the role of the People's Army in the World Wars. Fully illustrated. 72pp. £10.00 Add
Les Armees De L'Histoire Uniformes Christian Blondieau French Text. Armies Uniform History. Issue No. 4 - Eagles and Headwear in the First Empire. Illustrated. 72pp. £22.00 Add
Canadian Militia Dress Regulations 1907 David Ross & Rene Chartrand Illustrated with ammendments to 1914 - a study of uniform and organuisation of the Canadian Militia. 124pp. £26.00 Add
Deutschlands Armee in Feldgrauer Kriegs und Friedens-Uniform Paul Casberg German Text. German Army in field gray uniform in war and peace. High quality illustrations and explanations. £50.00 Add
History of The Grenadier Guards 1656 - 1949 Captain Martin A little work written to provide those still serving and those who have served a record of the Regiment through the ages. 66pp. £50.00 Add
Regimental Badges Major T. J. Edwards Fully comprehensive work showing all cap badges worn in the British Army in 1951 with descriptions and illustrations. 358pp. £10.00 Add
Civil War Gentlemen 1862 Apparel Arts and Uniforms R.L.Shep and W.S.Salisbury Pattern Consultant Betty Williams. Complete 1865 American Tailoring System. Includes Shirts, Uniforms, Fashion Plates and Illustrations etc. 260pp £40.00 Add
Uniforms of the Royal Artillery 1716-1966 P. H. Smitherman A selection of 20 high quality full colour plates showing the development of artillery uniform from its creation to more modern dress uniform. £10.00 Add
Uniforms of the Yeomanry Regiments 1783-1911 P. H. Smitherman A selection of 20 high quality full colour plates showing the development of yeomanry uniform from its creation until just before WWI. £25.00 Add
Vecchie Uniformi Della Marina P. Giannattasio Italian Text. Old Navy Uniform - A Historical Summary. 1817 - 1940.16 full colour stylised plates by Pietro Giannattasio. £45.00 Add
Heraldic China Mementoes of the First World War P. D. Gordon Pugh 3 Coloured and 24 monochrome plates illustrating numerous examples of naval and military heraldic porcelain manufactured both by the firm W. H. Goss and some of it's competitors. £12.00 Add
Cronica Del Traje Militar En Mexico Del Siglo XVI AL XX Don Virgilio M. Galindo Text in Spanish English French and German. Chronicle of Mexican Military Costume from the 16th C. to the 20th C. Artes de Mexico No. 102 Volume XV. 114pp. £50.00 Add
Regiments Suisses Au Service De France (1800-1814) J. R. Bory Text in French. Swiss Regiments in the service of France. 66 full colour plates. £100.00 Add
Pickelhauben (Spiked Helmets) Eric Johansson A study of German headdress from the 17th to the 20th century. Fully illustrated with colour photographs. Ltd. Edtn. 819. 180pp. £94.00 Add
Les Coiffures Militaires Du Troisieme Reich Richard De Filippi Text in French. Military Headwear of the Third Reich. A study with high quality photographs throughout. 206pp. £50.00 Add
Dress and Field Service Hats of the Third Reich Tom Shutt Volume 1. A study of German military hats with high quality photographs throughout. Un-numbered but one of 1000 copies. 219pp. £50.00 Add
Renaissance Armies 1480 - 1650 George Gush The first book to ever record in detail the organisation, equipment, uniforms, flags and tactics of the armies of the Renaissance period of European history. Fully illustrated. 128pp. £25.00 Add
The Story of Firearm Ignition Edsall James A study of mechanical design and the firing contrivances for guns from the early matchlocks to modern cartridge arms. Fully illustrated. £6.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms - The First World War Part 1 Lilane and Fred Funcken A detailed survey of the uniforms and weapons of the Allies and Central Powers 1914 - 1918. Part 1 covers Infantry, Tanks and Aircraft. Fully illustrated. 154pp. £22.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms - The First World War Part 2 Lilane and Fred Funcken A detailed survey of the uniforms and weapons of the Allies and Central Powers 1914 - 1918. Part 2 covers Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, Medical Services, Administration, Navy and the Marines. Fully illustrated. 154pp. £18.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms - The Napoleonic Wars Part 1 Lilane and Fred Funcken A detailed survey of the uniforms and weapons of all the countries involved in the Napoleonic Wars. Part 1 covers The French, British, Prussian and Spanish armies. Fully illustrated. 156pp. £25.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms - The Napoleonic Wars Part 2 Lilane and Fred Funcken A detailed survey of the uniforms and weapons of all the countries involved in the Napoleonic Wars. Part 2 covers The French Garde Imperiale, the armies of the German Duchies, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Austria and Russia. Fully illustrated. 156pp. £12.00 Add
Uniforms of the Seven Years War - No. 2 Austria J. Braithwaite A handbook designed to provide sufficient information on the dress, standards and structure of the army to enable the collector to finish a scale figure in greater detail. 24pp. £8.00 Add
The Dress Distinctions of the 10th Royal Hussars (P.W.O) Lithographed by BRUCE of Cambridge A look at the uniform and badges of the 10th Royal Hussars. £22.00 Add
Indian Army Uniforms - Infantry W. Y. Carman A study of Indian army uniform under the British from the 18th C. to 1947 with Artillery, Engineers and Infantry. Illustrated. 258pp. £70.00 Add
The Costume of the 46th Regiment Michael Angelo Hayes A copy of a book with military plates from Michael Hayes dated from 1837. 24pp. 10 plates. £10.00 Add
The Road from Runnymede - Magna Carta and Constitutionalism in America A. E. Dick Howard A study considering the impact of English statute from the Magna Carta on Amerucan liberties and freedoms. 533pp. £45.00 Add
Uniforms of the 1775-1783 American, British, French and German Armies Lt. Charles M. Lefferts In the War of the American Revolution. Bicentennial Edition 1776 - 1976. Copy of the famous 1926 Lefferts book with high quality plates. 292pp. £25.00 Add
His Majesty's Bodyguard of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen - at - arms Harvey Kearsley A study of the King's personal bodyguard and their achievements and duties in each successive reign. 314pp. £10.00 Add
Sabretaches of the British Army W. Y. Carman A selection of photographs of sabertaches in the National Army Museum with a short history of the development of the sabertache until it was abolished. 24pp. £8.00 Add
Little Wars H. G. Wells A game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books - A study of toy soldier wars. 111pp. £40.00 Add
An Assemblage of Indian Army Soldiers & Uniforms Michael Glover A selection of paintings from Chater Paul Chater showing the variety in the typed of soldiers who served in the Army of the Queen Empress or King Emperor. £8.00 Add
Dixie Buckles Dixie Gun Works A sales and collectors guide from Dixie Gun Works showing their collection of belt buckles. Fully illustrated. 76pp. £15.00 Add
The Flags of the Confederate States of America United Confederate Veterans A pamphlet summarising the commonly used flags of the confederacy, a reprint of the 1907 original with text from Generals Lee & Mickle. 6pp. £22.00 Add
American Military Button Makers and Dealers; Their Backmarks and Dates William F. McGuinn & Bruce S. Bazelon Expanded edition - A comprehensive listing and discussion of makers and suppliers of American Military and related uniform buttons covering the period from ca.1790 to ca. 1920. 132pp. £30.00 Add
Women on the Warpath David Mitchell The story of the women of the First World War. 400pp. £15.00 Add
The Duke of Berwick and his Son Sir Charles Petrie A selection of unpublished letters regarding the 1st Duke of Berwick from the private papers of the Tenth Duke of Berwick. 112pp. £20.00 Add
The Rifle Volunteers Ray Westlake The first book to put on record the various rifle volunteer corps to be formed as a result of the formation in 1859 of the Volunteer Force. 173pp. £10.00 Add
Heraldry In War: Formation Badges 1939 - 1945 Lt. Colonel Howard N. Cole A study of WWII military badges. Fully illustrated with extra illustrations included. 143pp. £15.00 Add
Campaign & Independence Medals Issued During the 20th Century British Army Major N. W. Poulsom A Catalogue of Campaign and Independence Medals Issued During the Twentieth Century to the Britih Army. 127pp. £5.00 Add
Prisoners Of War Work 1756 - 1815 Jane Toller A study of every type of prisoner at war work including bone and wood work straw work etc. £10.00 Add
A Study of Targets in Games The Rev. P. H. Francis A fascinating look at the origins of games and sports often coming from military maneuvers. 235pp. £74.00 Add
Shoulder Belt Plates and Buttons Major H. G. Parkyn Fully illustrated record of changes in shoulder plates and buttons of the British regular army. 1st edtn and rebound. 341pp. £40.00 Add
Voice From The Ranks Timothy Gowing A personal narrative of the Crimean Campaign by the author who was a sergeant in the Royal Fusiliers. 145pp. £8.00 Add
The Handbook of British Bayonets Ian D. Skennerton A pocket sized buyer's guide for British and Commonwealth bayonets. 64pp.Scarce item. £24.00 Add
A History of the Uniforms of The British Army 5 Volume Set Cecil C. P. Lawson A full set of 5 books presented as a complete history of British Military Uniforms. Illustrated with line drawings and colour plates. Dates of Publication - Vol1 1969. Vol2 1971. Vol3 1974. Vol4 1970. Vol5 1970. £140.00 Add
Armour and Weapons Paul Martin A study focussing on the use of armour and weaponry from the 8th century until firearms began to dominate the field of battle. 298pp. £30.00 Add
Canada & The American Revolution 1774 - 1783 Gustave Lanctot A study of the role Canada and it's people played in the American Revolution. 321pp. £12.00 Add
Nagasaki - The Forgotten Bomb Frank W. Chinnock An moving account of the second larger bomb that dropped on Nagasaki and its continuing effects. 304pp. £14.00 Add
Britains Ltd Toy and Model Catalogue 1940
A fine facsimilie reprint of the last pre-war edition catalogue by the famous British Model Soldier Maker. 243pp. £15.00 Add
Retreat From Kabul George Bruce Fully documented account of the drama of bungled politics, incompetent generalship and extreme personal bravery which marked the attempted invasion of Kabul. 280pp. £12.00 Add
Royal Engineers Volunteers 1859-1908 R.A.Westlake Concise illustrated survey. 20pp. £35.00 Add
How to Build your own Flintlock-rifle or Pistol Georg Lauber A guide for how to build a flintlock firearm at home. £100.00 Add
The Forgotten Service: Auxiliary Ambulance Station 39 Angela Raby Illustrating in documents, poems and photographs what daily life was like for the London Auxiliary Ambulance Service as they tried to help those injured in the London bombings. 144pp £14.00 Add
The Roman Legions Daniel Peterson Europa Militaria Special No.2. In this book the 500-year story of the evolution of the Roman legionary, his armour and equipment is told by means of vivid colour photographs of authentic reconstructions. Illust. 96pp £7.00 Add
Forsyth & Co.: Patent Gunamkers W. Keith Neal & D. H. L. Back A comprehensive study of Forsyth & Co. from their earliest of the percussion gun and detailed descriptions of each forsyth piece. High quality illustration throughout. 280pp. £35.00 Add
The Revolver 1818-1865 A. W. F. Taylerson & R. A. N. Andrews & J. Frith The full story of early revolving arms and the steps by which they became the side-arms of multitudes. High quality illustration throughout. 360pp. £50.00 Add
A History of Spanish Firearms James D. Lavin A history beginning with the recorded appearance of gunpowder in Spain tracing the development of firearms until the death of Isidro Soler the great gunsmith.Well illustrated throughout. 304pp. £65.00 Add
The Indian Sword P. S. Rawson Part of the Arms & Armour Series. This book was developed from a catalogue raisonne of the Indian swords in the collection of the V&A Museum. Illustrated. 108pp. £100.00 Add
European Armour Claude Blair Starting in 1066 the author traces the development of European armour and its adaptions to changes in weaponry until it became obsolete due to improvements in the effectiveness of gunpowder. 248pp. £35.00 Add
Warriors and Weapons 3000 B.C. to A.D. 1700 Niels M. Saxtorph An extensive study of ancient warriors and the weaponry they used, with over 400 full colour illustrations. High quality imagery throughout. 260pp £7.00 Add
Army Uniforms of World War 1 Andrew Mollo and Pierre Turner This volume covers the peace-time and field uniforms of the metropolitan armies and aviation services, which fought in Europe at the heart of the struggle in WW1. High quality imagery throughout. 219pp £12.00 Add
The Dress of the First Regiment of Life Guards in Three Centuries U. H. R. Broughton Limited Edition 166 of 300. A collection of 40 full colour plates and a brief history of the First Regiment of Life Guards. High quality imagery throughout. £285.00 Add
SKETCHES of the HIGHLANDERS of SCOTLAND (Two Volumes) Col. David Stewart 2 Volumes. A monumental work dealing with the history of the Highlands and the character of the Highlander. High quality illustration. Prices clipped and edges sl. grubby from storage. 595 & 455pp + Appendices. £60.00 Add
European Armour John Hayward A booklet displaying the collection of 15thc. - 197hc. suits of armour at the V & A Museum. Illust. £6.50 Add
Uniformi Coloniali Libeche 1912-1942 Piero Crociani & Andrea Viotti Text in Italian/English. 'Uniforms of the Libyan Colonial Troops 1912-1942' A study of insignia and uniforms worn by the Libyan army whilst under Italian colonial control. Illust. £34.00 Add
L'Uniforme et les Armes des Soldates des Etats-Unis Liliane & Fred Funcken Text in French. Vol. 2 Cavalry. 'The Uniform and Weapons of the Soldiers of the United States' focus on the War of Independence, Secession of Mexico and the epic Far-West. Illust. 156pp £48.00 Add
The Year of the Buzz Bomb Richard Brown Baker A journal of London in 1944 when the V-1 rockets (nicknamed buzz bombs) were first dropped. Illust. 118pp £30.00 Add
Ciba Review 93 - Uniforms E. A. Gessler & H. Schneider Issue No. 93 of the Ciba Review - focus on military uniforms and their construction and dyeing. Illust. 34pp £20.00 Add
A Short History of the Seaforth Highlanders C. S. Nairne (Editor) A study of the founding and development of the British Army regiment of the Seaforth Highlanders. 88pp £25.00 Add
Headdresses of the British Army - Yeomanry W. Y. Carman A detailed regiment by regiment study of British Yeomanry Helmets and Hats. Illust. 87pp £14.00 Add
Military Uniforms A Manual of United States and Foreign Armed Forces
A collection of uniforms from all sectors of the military in the USA, UK and various other nations. Illust. £125.00 Add
They Saw it Happen Professor John Adair (Editor) A presentation of contemporary accounts of the Siege of Basing House. Illust. 81pp £28.00 Add
China Station 1859-1864: The Reminiscences of Walter White Basil Greenhill Part of the Maritime Monographs and Reports series, No. 3 - autobiography and study of Quatermaster Walter White and his life as a sailor. Illust. 52pp £12.00 Add
Uniforms of British Line Cavalry and Horse Artillery mid 19th Century
A collection of 8 high quality full colour plates showcasing British Cavalry and Horse Artillery from the mid 19th Century. Illust. 9pp £20.00 Add
Racontee par L'image D'apres les Sculpteurs, les Graveurs et les Peintures Compiled La Guerre. Text in French. 'War - Told by the images from sculptors, engravers and painters' A study of famous art depicting war. Illust. 414pp £250.00 Add
Elizabeth's Army & The Armada John Tincey A study of selected contemporary documents recording many interesting facts about army that fought the Spanish Armada. Illust. 74pp £16.00 Add
World War II British Women's Uniforms Martin Brayley & Richard Ingram Europa Militaria Special No.7. This book records the uniforms and insignia worn by the women's services in all theatres of war, in more than 220 colour photographs of rare original items from private collections. Illust. 96pp £10.00 Add
Medieval Military Costume Gerry Embleton Europa Militaria Special No.8. Medieval Military Costume contains photographs of spearmen, archers, crossbowmen, gunners and knights, mainly from the period 1300 to 1500. Illust. 96pp £5.00 Add
Hunting for the Right Weapon Alison Petch A guide to the Upper Gallery of the Pitt Rivers Museum, showcasing traditional weapons from around the world specifically those used for hunting. Illust. 56pp £12.00 Add
Maori Art A. Hamilton A fascinating tome that present a comprehensive study of various types of traditional Maori art (originally published in 1901). Illust. 439pp £100.00 Add
De la Cape a la Botte - Historique des Tenues Francaises de Venerie (Ltd Edtn) Charles-Jean Hallo Ltd Edtn 588/1350. Text in French. 'The Cape to the Boot - French History of Hunting' Brilliant full page colour plates and monochrome drawings depicting various French Military costuming. 245pp £160.00 Add
The Enemy, The German Army in Photographs Alan Pryce Jones (Editor) Fantastic 'behind the scenes' pictures of German vehicles and weaponry used during WWII. 60pp £28.00 Add
A History of the Dress of the British Soldier John Luard Limited Edition 140 of 400. A direct facsimilie of the 1852 edition, including 50 line drawings. £10.00 Add
Uniformer, Faner Og Vaben: i Den Danske Haer fra 1659 til 1980 B. Walbom-Pramvig Text in Danish. 'Uniforms, Flags and Weapons in the Danish Army from 1659 to 1980' 215 colour illustrations with accompanying historical text. 128pp £70.00 Add
Attack in the West: Napoleon's first campaign re-read today W. G. F. Jackson One of the first studies of a classical military campaign designed to apply the lessons of the past to modern military problems. 242pp £12.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms: Second World War - Part 2 Liliane and Fred Funcken A study of the arms and uniforms of 2nd World War participants. Fully Illustrated. 119pp. £8.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms: Second World War - Part 3 Liliane and Fred Funcken A study of the arms and uniforms of 2nd World War participants. Fully Illustrated. 110pp. £6.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms: Second World War - Part 4 Liliane and Fred Funcken A study of the arms and uniforms of 2nd World War participants. Fully Illustrated. 112pp. £12.00 Add
Arms and Uniforms: The Age of Chivalry - Part 3 Liliane and Fred Funcken A study of the arms and uniforms of the Medieval age. Fully Illustrated. 104pp. £40.00 Add
L'Uniforme et les Armes des Soldates de la Guerre 1939-1945 Liliane & Fred Funcken Text in French. Vol. 1. 'The Uniform and Weapons of the Soldiers of the 1st World War'. Illust. 156pp £25.00 Add
Weapons and Equipment: Complete Three Volume Set Various Comprising three seperate volumes; Napoleonic Wars, Marlborough Wars and Victorian Soldier. £30.00 Add
Neath and the Spanish Civil War: Catalyst of the Angry Thirties George Eaton Fascinating study with illustrations and pictures. 90pp £12.00 Add
La Cavalleria di Linea di Murat 1808-15 Piero Crociani & Massimo Brandani Text in Italian with a brief summary of the text in English. 'Murat's Line Cavalry'. Well illustrated with colour and B&W plates. £30.00 Add
Le Uniformi Dell'A.O.I (Somalia 1889-1941) Piero Crociani & Andrea Viotti Text in Italian with a brief summary of the text in English. 'Uniforms of Italian East Africa (Somalia 1889-1941)'. Well illustrated with colour and B&W plates. £35.00 Add
L'Armata Rossa e le Sue Uniformi (1917-1945) Elio & Vittorio Del Giudice Text in Italian. 'The Red Army and its Uniforms (1917-1945)'. Well illustrated with colour and B&W plates. 224pp £70.00 Add
Le Passepoil Janvier 1921-Decembre 1921 L. Y. Bucquoy & Guy Devautour Text in French. 'The Passepoil: January 1921 - December 1921'. Illustrated bulletin of the society of study of the uniforms. 143pp £35.00 Add
Uniformes des Regiments Francais de Louis XV a Nos Jours Alex Cart Text in French. Limited edtion 945 of 950. 'Uniforms of the French Regiments of Louis XV to Our Days'. 225pp £180.00 Add
Bersaglieri: Epopea dei fanti piumati da La Marmora ai Commandos A.A. V.V. Text in Italian. 'Bersaglieri Story of the soldiers' plumage from La Marmora to the Commandos'. 383pp £60.00 Add
Combat Flying Equipment: U.S. Army Aviators' Personal Equipment, 1917-1945 C. G. Sweeting The first book to describe the development and characteristics of virtually every item of personal equipment used by the Army's airarm from the First World War to WW2. 244pp £25.00 Add
Archaeological Investigation of Fort Ligonier 1960-1965 Jacob L. Grimm Complete and scholarly exploration of the archeological investigation of an 18th century Pennsylvania fort. Copiously illustrated with black & white photos and drawings throughout. 186pp £32.00 Add
Uniforms of Marlborough's Wars Arthur Kipling & Frank Wilson A comprehensive and detailed picture of the dress worn by the officers and other ranks of the combatant armies in the time of the Marlborough's Wars. 32pp £35.00 Add
Militarie Instruction for the Cavallrie John Cruso Direct facsimilie of the 1632 edition. This manual on the organisation and use of cavalry, quartermasters, officers, trumpeters, scouts, spies and fighting men of all grades. £58.00 Add
Make All Sure: The Conservation and Restoration of Arms and Armour Robert Douglas Smith (Editor) A study on the conservation and restoration of antique arms and armour. 144pp £20.00 Add
Bibliografia Iconografica Del Traje Militar de Espana Francisco Ferrer Llull & Joseph Hefter Text in Spanish/English/French/German. Pictorial bibliography of Spanish military dress. 73pp £88.00 Add
The Campaign of Gaugamela E. W. Marsden A study of Alexander's most decisive battle; an assessment of his strategy and tactics. 80pp £70.00 Add
Memorias De La Real Academia De Buenas Letras De Barcelona: Tomo XII Francois Buttin Text in French. Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Good Letters of Barcelona. A study of military costume from the middle ages to the rebirth. £50.00 Add
Arms & Armour in Spain II Ada Bruhn de Hoffmeyer Text in English. A short survey, well illustrated. 314pp £65.00 Add
The 1540 Armour Garniture of King Henry VIII H. Russell Robinson Consisting of 6 full page cut-out models replicating King Henry VIII's armour. 14pp £12.50 Add
A Primer of World Bayonets - Part 1 & 2 John Walter & Gordon Hughes Well illustrated study of common knife and sabre bayonets from around the world, split over 2 volumes (sold as a pair). £30.00 Add
The Italian Army 1805-14 W. J. Rawkins A study of the Italian Army during the Napoleonic Era with illustrations. 35pp £20.00 Add
The Polish Army 1807-14 W. J. Rawkins A study of the Polish Army during the Napoleonic Era with illustrations. 34pp £10.00 Add
The Silvered Armour of Henry VIII in the Tower of London Claude Blair A study of 'The Emperor Maximilian's Gift of Armour to King Henry VIII and the Silvered and Engraved Armour at the Tower of London'. 56pp £20.00 Add
The British Army - Past and Present R. Simkin A collection of 8 high quality full colour plates showcasing British Cavalry and Infantry from the late 18th to early 19th Century. Illust. 9pp £20.00 Add
Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars: The Royal Artillery (7) Alan Kemp Volume 7 of the series. Fully illustrated study of the Royal Artillery's uniforms and equipment during the Napoleonic Wars. 82pp £10.00 Add
Tradition: Special Indian Cavalry Issue No. 2 J. B. R. Nicholson (Editor) The journal of the international society of military collectors number seventy three. Well illustrated throughout. 40pp £10.00 Add
A Register of Territorial Force Cadet Units 1910-1922 R. A. Westlake A full register of all cadet corps in the UK between 1910-1922. 82pp £20.00 Add
Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars: French Imperial Guard Infantry, June 1815 (5) Bryan Fosten Volume 5 of the series. Fully illustrated study of the French Imperial Guard Infantry during the Napoleonic Wars battles in Paris and Waterloo. 26pp £4.50 Add
Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars: French Imperial Guard Infantry, June 1815 (6) Bryan Fosten Volume 6 of the series. Fully illustrated study of the French Imperial Guard Infantry uniforms during the Napoleonic Wars. 54pp £6.50 Add
Prussian Landwehr & Landsturm Peter A. Hofschroer A study of the organisation of Prussia's militia, with specific focus of the soldiers who fought in campaigns of 1813 to 1815. 129pp £20.00 Add
Prussian regular, irregular, and provincial Hussar regiments 1757-1762 R. D. Pengel Unpaginated. Ills. £7.00 Add
Maison du Roy: Flags & Uniforms, Cavalry & Infantry R. D. Pengel Unpaginated. Ills. £20.00 Add
A Supplement to Military Insignia of Cornwall D. Endean Ivall & Charles Thomas Well illustrated display of insignia with descriptions. 17pp £11.00 Add
Sketch Book of Hand Guns John E. Lister Highly detailed line drawings of many different handguns with full notes aongside each drawing. 30pp £25.00 Add
The Golden Age of Single-Shot Rifles Edsall James A study of Rifles as their design progressed from inexpensive sporting models to precise match rifles custom-built by America's finest craftsmen. 33pp £50.00 Add
Sketch Book 76 Robert L. Klinger The American soldier 1775-1781: A detailed collection of sketches, notes and patterns. 53pp £20.00 Add
Kriegsmarine Uniforms, Insignia, Daggers and Medals of the German Navy 1935-1945 Peter Stahl Fantastic illustration showing the German Navy during the 2nd World War. £75.00 Add
Etudes sur les Armes Anciennes, L'armement, L'art etc en Orient et Occident: XV A. B. Hoffmeyer Text in Spanish/French/English. Gladius - Studies on Ancient Weapons, Armaments, Military Art and Cultural Life in East and West: Volume XV. 163pp £20.00 Add
Etudes sur les Armes Anciennes, L'armement, L'art etc en Orient et Occident: III A. B. Hoffmeyer Text in Spanish/French/English. Gladius - Studies on Ancient Weapons, Armaments, Military Art and Cultural Life in East and West: Volume III. 99pp £20.00 Add
It Was Like This - Oosterbeek, 17th of September 1944 C. B. Mackenzie Text in English/Dutch. A short factual account of the battle of Arnhem and Oosterbeek. 84pp £4.50 Add
Sharps Rifle - The Gun That Shaped American Destiny Martin Rywell A study of the Sharps Rifle company and the guns it produced. 156pp £20.00 Add
To the people of Britain at War from the Prime Minister of Australia Robert Gordon Menzies This collection of the speeches of the Prime Minister of Australia uncludes his inspiring broadcast message: 'To the Women of Britain'. 95pp £10.00 Add
The Journal of The Royal Artillery - Vol. XCIII No.1 Spring, 1966 Various 250th Anniversary issue studying the history of The Royal Artillery. £18.00 Add
The Search for the Well-Dressed Soldier 1865-1890 Gordon Chappell Museum monograph no. 5. A study of developments and innovations in United States Army uniforms on the western frontier. 51pp £30.00 Add
Ordnance Memoranda No. 29 - Horse Equipments and Cavalry Accoutrements.
Reprint of 1891 original. A study of the specifications for and descriptions of cavalry equipment. £15.00 Add
Los Canones de Carlos V Narciso Sanchez Morales Text in Spanish. The stories of Carlos V (Addition to Gladius Vol. VIII). 6pp £10.00 Add
Extracts from Handbook for the 13-PR Q.F. Gun (Land Service) Various Extracts from the QF 13 pounder field gun used by the British army. 36pp £18.00 Add
Hayward's Gazette (Commemorative Issue) K. J. Douglas-Morris Waterloo 160th Anniversary 18 June 1815-18 June 1975 Edition. 80pp £25.00 Add
Regulation Military Swords J. Wilkinson-Latham Well photographed study of the evolution and history of military swords. 32pp £8.00 Add
Great Western Gun Works Illustrated Catalogue No. 40 J. H. Johnston Reproduction of 1888-89 catalogue. Fantastic illustrated cataogue with prices and descriptions of each model sold along with accessories. £30.00 Add
Le Fanion de la Marne Louis Muller Text in French. 'The Flag of Marl'. Written by the orderly officer of General Joffre during the battle. 13pp £10.00 Add
Crests & Badges of the Regiments of Yeomanry in Daily Use
A3 sized poster of Yeomanry crests and badges in full colour. £20.00 Add
The Canadian Journal: Arms Collecting, Vol. 18, No.2 Various Selection of short articles covering various arms collection specialities. 74pp £25.00 Add
The Canadian Journal: Arms Collecting, Vol. 19, No.3 Various Selection of short articles covering various arms collection specialities. 102pp £25.00 Add
Britains Ltd Toys Catalogue, 1936
1980 direct facsimilie of the 1936 original edition. With full price lists and illustrations. £15.00 Add
Iver Johnson Firearms Catalogue, No. 19A
Direct facsimilie of the 1919 original edition. With full description and illustrations for each gun. £15.00 Add
The Robert Abels Collection of Bowie Type Knives of American Interest Robert Abels Fully illustrated booklet showcasing the Bowie Knife collection of Robert Abels. 20pp £25.00 Add
Metallic Cartridges, Manufactured and Tested at the Frankford Arsenal, PA T. J. Treadwell Direct facsimilie of the original 1873 edition. £10.00 Add
A Brief History of Bullet Moulds Codman Parkerson Illustrated short study of bullet moulds and how they have evolved over time. 31pp £30.00 Add
The Riddle of a 13th Century Sword-Belt Bertha Collin A short study into a sword-belt found in the royal tombs at Las Huelgas. 16pp £10.00 Add
L'Uniforme a Travers Trois Siecles 1650-1920 E. L. Bucquoy Text in French. 'The Uniform Through Three Centuries'. Well illustrated throughout. 45pp £30.00 Add
The Story of the Field of the Cloth of Gold G. Lambert A stunningly rare original copy of this oft reproduced story. 39pp £100.00 Add
Glossary for Organisationsbuch der NSDAP
Glossary of translated terms and explanations to accompany the 1943 edition of the 'Organization Book of the Nazi Party'. 7pp £10.00 Add
Camouflage: Military Training Pamphlet No. 46 The Chief of the Imperial General Staff Part 2 : Field Defences. Fantastic original copy. £35.00 Add
Abzeichen und Uniformen des Heeres
Text in German. 'Badges and Uniforms of the Army'. £30.00 Add
Gunsmithing Simplified: No. 4 - Engraving Geoffrey Casbard A simple guide to engraving stocks and sidelocks for rifles and pistols. 20pp £15.00 Add
Book of Hoxie Bullets Applied to Winchester Cartridges G. H. Hoxie Fantastically rare original pamphlet advertising the wonders of the Hoxie Bullet. £20.00 Add
Operator's Manual M16A1 Rifle W. C. Westmoreland Technical Manual TM9-1005-249-10 explaning the operation and care of the standard issue M16A1 Rifle, issued to US infantrymen. £20.00 Add
Cuatro Siglos de Uniformes en Chile Alberto & Antonio Marquez A. Text in Spanish. 'Four Centuries of Uniforms in Chile'. 227pp £18.00 Add
Bulletin of the Raffles Museum Singapore, Straits Settlements
Series B, Vol I, No.2, December, 1937. Incredibly scarce booklet detailing archaeological excavation in Singapore, a focus on tools and militaria found during the digs. 137pp £70.00 Add
L'uniforme Italiana - Nella Storia E Nell'Arte Alessandro Gasparinetti Text in Italian. 'The Italian Uniform in History and Art'. 270pp £55.00 Add
Les Uniformes du Premier Empire: Les Cuirassiers E. L. Bucquoy Text in French. 'The Uniforms of the 1st Empire: The Curassiers'. 197pp £25.00 Add
The Book of The York Pageant 1909 Louis N. Parker & James Rhoades Ltd Edtn 214 of 400. A dramatic representation of the city's history in seven episodes from B.C. 800 to A.d. 1644. £20.00 Add
British Military Prints Ralph Nevill A collection of stunning military prints with descriptions celebrating the once mighty British Army from the Napoleonic Wars. 72pp £50.00 Add
Zolnierz Polski - Ubior, Uzbrojenie, Ioporzadzenie Rady Muzealnej (Editors) Text in Polish. 'Polish Soldiers - Clothing, Armament, Equipment'. Covering 1815 to 1831. 471pp £50.00 Add
No Soldats du Siecle Caran D'Ache Text in French. 'Our Soldiers of the Century'. Very scarce book with full page plates. £90.00 Add
Album Militaire: Armee D'Afrique, Spahis
Text in French. 'Military Album: African Army, Spahis' 15 Full colour plates depicting the famed Spahi cavalry. £80.00 Add
Le Uniformi Coloniali Libiche 1912-1942 Piero Crociani & Andrea Viotti Text in Italian. 'Libyan Colonial Uniforms from 1912-1942'. £40.00 Add
Mediaeval Arms and Armour Francesco Rossi High quality photographs and a detailed study of pieces of arms and armour from the medieval period. 63pp £40.00 Add
Celebrities of the Army & Celebrities of the Stage Commander Chas. N. Robinson (Editor) 2 Volume merged and bound in blue leather (the book has a split in the middle for the change of volumes). Wonderfully illustrated throughout with high quality colour plates. £75.00 Add
Cavalry Uniforms of the British Army P H Smitherman A collection of 20 beautifully detailed drawings illustrating almost every cavalry regiment in the army. £35.00 Add
Ungarische Bauerntrachten M. Kresz Text in German. 'Hungarian Peasant Clothing'. 2 Volumes, One containing a study and descripton and the other containing over 50 high quality plates. £25.00 Add
Uniforms of the Royal Navy - During the Napoleonic Wars John Mollo A study complete with high quality illustration throughout, showcasing the varying Royal Navy uniforms during the Napoleonic Wars. £40.00 Add
Military Uniforms One - The Imperial Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte
Fantastic quality full length, full colour plates showcasing the Imperial Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte. £40.00 Add
Military Uniforms Two - Regiments of Scotland
Fantastic quality full length, full colour plates showcasing the Scottish Regiments. £30.00 Add
Iconografia del General San Martin Bonifacio del Carril Texgt in Spanish. 'Iconography of General San Martin'. Exceptionally rare book showcasing the artistic depictions of the famed Argentinian general. 186pp £120.00 Add
Caps & Helmets of the American Revolution
A collection of 4 complete caps to cut out and put together, very rare book. 8pp £80.00 Add
Uniformen und Abzeichen der Deutschen Streitkrafte
Text in German. 'Uniforms and Badges of the German Armed Forces'. Full colour high quality plates. 24pp £80.00 Add
Loyal Volunteers of London & Environs Thomas Rowlandson Ltd edtn 143 of 400. A collection of high quality full colour plates showcasing volunteer uniforms. £230.00 Add
Institution Laws and Ceremonies of the Most Noble Order of the Garter Elias Ashmole Collected and digested into one body by the author, facsimilie of the original 1672 edition. £65.00 Add
American Flight Jackets John A. Maguire & John P. Conway A history of U.S. flyers jackets from World War II to desert storm. 278pp £45.00 Add
Uniform Buttons - Enfield Arsenal Manual Evelyn Vickers-Smith Full page b/w photos of 00's of military uniform buttons with identification legends. 36pp £30.00 Add
Royal Splendour in the Royal Armoury Anne-Marie Dahlberg Text in English. A selection of items from the Royal Armoury, Stockholm. Includes a selection of arms & armour, firearms etc. 80pp £14.00 Add
Old Sword-Play Alfred Hutton The systems of fence in vogue during the XVIth, XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries with lessons arranged from the works of various ancient masters. £325.00 Add
St. Paul's Cathedral in Wartime W. R. Matthews Interesting snapshot of how this historical building survived destruction during WWII. 104pp £45.00 Add
Tapisseries et Armures des Collections Royales D'Espagne Charles Quint Text in French. 'Tapestries and Armor from the Royal Collections of Spain'. 215pp £60.00 Add
ViewThe Evacuees B. S. Johnson (Editor) This is a personal and subjective look at the mass evacuation of children uring the 2nd World War. 287pp £12.00 Add
ViewThe Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem from Josephus Rev. Alfred J. Church The "Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem" is an adaptation of Josephus' dramatic first-hand account of the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 in his famous historical work, "The Jewish Wars." 172pp £65.00 Add
ViewHonor Blackman's Book of Self-Defence Honor Blackman A full guide with photographs, going from warm-up and stance to locks and throws, with Judo, Karate and Ju-Jitsu moves all covered. 127pp £60.00 Add