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A Century of Lingerie: Revealing the Secrets and Allure of 20th Century Lingerie Karen W. Bressler, Karoline Newman and Gillian Pro Very well Illustrated survey of lingerie from the Edwardian period to the end of the 20th Century. 144pp £15.00 Add
The Bikini: A Cultural History Patrik Alac The history of the bikini from its inception in the 1940's to the current day. Superbly Illustrated in Col. throughout. 215pp £25.00 Add
The Art and Craft of Hairdressing N. E. B. Wolters (Editor) 'A standard and complete guide to the technique of modern hairdressing, manicure, massage and beauty culture'. 659pp £35.00 Add
Foundations of Fashion: The Symington Corsetry Collection 1860-1990 Philip Warren Offers a unique survey of fashionable corsetry, foundation wear and swimwear. Very well illustrated. 92pp £25.00 Add
Fragrance and Fashion Compiled Unique survey of the perfumes made under the auspices of fashion designers from Lanvin to Kenzo and Balmain to Armani (in all 31 designers and their frangrances) . Full descriptions of the perfumes and their composition. Superbly illustrated in colour throughout.127pp. £10.00 Add
Socks & Stockings Jeremy Farrell The Costume Accessories Series edited by Dr. Aileen Ribeiro. A detailed survey of the evolution of these functional and decorative accessories for men and women from Tudor times to today. Well illustrated throughout. 95pp. £15.00 Add
An Illustrated Dictionary of Hairdressing and Wigmaking James Stevens Cox Revised edition. Comprehensive work of reference covering wigs, beards, moustaches and hairstyles of all periods plus implements, and processes of hairdressing with their history, description and meanings. 1136 illustrations. 312pp. £25.00 Add
Powder Compacts A Collectors Guide Juliette Edwards Packed with valuable tips and fact files with fascinating details on manufacturers, design, materials and care. Full color photos of over 150 collectible pieces. Plus price guides. 64pp. £10.00 Add
Fashion Wigs Selling and Servicing Joanne Gale A comprehensive manual covering every aspect of machine made wigs. Well illustrated with black and white photos. 99pp. £10.00 Add
Photographic Make-Up for Stills and Movies Vincent J R Kehoe Practical guide mainly illustrated with line drawings and B/W photos. 94pp. £50.00 Add
Sign Boards of Old London Shops Sir Ambrose Heal Unique survey of over 2,000 signboards distributed over 150 trades. Many black and white illustrations. 220pp £17.00 Add
Village Atlas - Growth of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire 1834-1904
A unique set of maps covering the period when the great industrial cities were expaning rapidly, offering a unique topographical and social survey. 202pp. £10.00 Add
English Lantern Clocks W.F.J.Hana Translated by E.J.Tyler. The origin and development of the English Lantern clock with 145 photographs of many examples and their mechanisms. 159pp. D/J clipped. £10.00 Add
The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights Paul Hollister A comprehensive study of paperweights, surveying the entire history of the subject. 135 weights in full color and over 240 in black and white. 312pp. All edges foxed. £15.00 Add
A Glimpse of Stocking A Short History of Stockings Yvonne Deutsch Concise colourfully illustrated survey. 64pp. £10.00 Add
Ghosts of Dorset Peter Underwood Fascinating guide. Black and white illustrations. 96pp. £3.50 Add
The Seaside Holiday The History of the English Seaside Resort Anthony Hern Entertaining and revealing social history. Some black and white illustrations. 209pp. £6.00 Add
Craig on Theatre J. Michael Walton (Editor) An invaluable introduction to Craig, and a unique compendium of his most significant writings. Some black and white illustrations. 192pp. Very good in D/J. £45.00 Add
Woodford Then and Now Reginald L. Fowkes A photographic commentary being a unique local history. Glossary. 192pp. Fine in fine D/J. £18.00 Add
Mortal Remains - History and Present State of Victorian and Edwardian Cemetery Chris Brooks Unique authoritative history followed by a discussion on their preservation and future. Many black and white illustrations. 186pp. Price clipped. £6.00 Add
English Doll's Houses Of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Vivien Greene Comprehensive and detailed survey written by an authority on the subject. Specially commissioned photos of about 100 doll's houses with the history of each house described in meticulous detail. 224pp. Small marks on FEP. £35.00 Add
Jack and Jill A Study in Our Christian Names Ernest Weekley Fascinating survey. 193pp. Prelims aged. £4.00 Add
A Garden in the Sky The Story of Barkers of Kensington D. W. Peel Introduction by Hector Bolitho. A fascinating history of a unique store 1870-1957. Some black and white illustrations. 175pp. Top and lower edges stained. £15.00 Add
Russian Decorative Art Nina Asharina (Compiled) Translated from the Russian by Paul Eric Carlson. A unique survey from the 12th to the early 20th Century from the Historical Museum, Moscow. 164 Colour plates preceded by 13pp text. £18.00 Add
The Trams of London in old Picture Postcards Ian F. Finlay 8pp introduction followed by114 black and white illustrations with accompanying descriptions. £12.00 Add
The Elegant Carriage Marylian Watney Unique attractive survey. 46 Black and white illustration. Revised Edition. Price clipped. £7.50 Add
The Valentine and Its Origins Frank Staff Fascinating and detailed survey. Well illustrated, some colour. 144pp. Inscription on title page. £8.00 Add
Phaidon Guide to Pewter Vanessa Brett Comprehensive survey. 250 photographs, 120 in colour. 80 line drawings. 7 Maps. 256pp. Price clipped. £5.00 Add
English Cutlery Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century J. F. Hayward V&A Museum publication. Concise guide. 18pp text plus 24 black and white photographs. Some discolouration on last page. £6.50 Add
Christopher Pinchbeck and his family Rita Shenton Unique portrait of the family and their work. Black and white illustrations. 71pp. £10.00 Add
Penny Dreadfuls and other Victorian Horrors Michael Anglo Fascinating and entertaining survey of the escapist reading for Victorian working class youths with all their gory details. Black and white illustrations. 125pp. Price clipped. £16.00 Add
Horse Brasses Their History and Origin Reginald A Brown Unusual survey of 88 these fascinating artifacts including the symbolic reason for many of the designs.Some black and white illustrations. 88pp. Small part of top of spine missing. £9.50 Add
Hidden Femininity Farid Chenoune 20th Century Lingerie. Well illustrated survey. 197pp. £45.00 Add
Regency Rogue Pamela Bennetts The Earl of Dunmorrow and Lady Davina Temple both want to buy the house of Sir Christmas Dee, following the false rumour that it is for sale...175pp. £20.00 Add
My Caravaggio Style Doris Langley Moore Cloth cover and edges sl. aged. 216pp. £8.00 Add
Joan Crawford The Raging Star Charles Castle Authorised biography. The definitive book on this tough and complex woman. 188pp. Price clipped. Inscription on FEP. £14.00 Add
Les Pavillons French Pavilions of the Eighteenth Century Cyril Connolly and Jerome Zerbe Unique detailed survey. Very well illustrated throughout. 211pp. £18.00 Add
Oxford and Cambridge Christopher Brooke, Roger Highfield, Wim Swaan Lavishly illustrated history. 367pp. £10.00 Add
The Finest Rooms in France Editors of French House and Gardens A cross section of beautiful rooms designed by some of France's most distinguished families and decorators. Superbly illustrated in colour and black and white throughout. 320pp. £30.00 Add
Revolutionary Ceramics Soviet Porcelain 1917-1927 Nina Lobanov-Rostovsky A unique survey reporducing a selection of the most stunning and significant pieces of the art still in existence. Superbly illustrated throughout. 160pp. £25.00 Add
The Picture Postcard and its Origins Frank Staff Detailed profusely illustrated history. 96pp. £20.00 Add
Shopping in Style London from the Restoration to Edwardian Elegance Alison Adburgham Detailed authoritative history. 174 illustrations. 192pp. Price clipped. £8.00 Add
The Painted Garden 1949 Noel Streatfeild Some line drawings in text. 320pp. Rough cut edges at lower edges. Slight foxing on all edges. Main contents clean to good.Very torn D/J. £6.50 Add
A History of the King's School, Worcester Alec Macdonald Detailed authoritative survey including its historic site and the complete story of the school from its foundation by Henry VIII. Some black and white illustrations. 346pp. All edges slighly aged. £22.00 Add
Afro-American Folk Lore 1971 A.M.H. Christensen 'Told round cabin fires on the sea Islands of South Carolina'. Reprinted from a copy in the Fisk University Library Negro Collection. The Black Heritage Library Collection. £12.00 Add
The Stones of Venice The Folio Society John Ruskin Edited and Introduced by Jan Morris. 14 colour and 16 black and white plates. 350pp. Small corner of FEP creased. Attractive decorated coverand with slip case. £16.00 Add
Tartanware Princess Ira Von Furstenberg Souvenirs from Scotland. A unique survey of the highly collectible tartanware superbly illustrated in colour throughout. 71pp. Price clipped. £25.00 Add
Pioneers In West Africa Sir Harry Johnston Fascinating survey originally published in 1912. Illustrated. 336pp. £12.00 Add
Cambridge - Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes John Willis Clark 33 attractive illustrations. Edges aged. Spine a ltittle weak but all held tight. Sl.scuffs to cloth cover. £18.00 Add
Lola Montes Limited Edition 1973
The tragic story of a liberated woman. Limited edition of 1,000 copies. 90pp. Black and white illustrations. Long inscription on prelim. £14.00 Add
Forgotten Thameside Glyn H. Morgan Unique survey of a part of Essex virtually unknown but steeped in history. Black and White illustrations. 220pp. £7.00 Add
Ann Miller -Tops in Taps Jim Connor An authorised pictorial history of one of the greatest tap dancers in the world. Introduction by Hermes Pan. 224pp. £10.00 Add
Lady Bullfighter Patricia McCormick The courageous story of an American girl who became a bullfighter. Some illustrations. 189pp. Edges aged. Cloth cover sl. grubby in worn D/J. £28.00 Add
The Militant Suffragettes Antonia Raeburn Introduction by J. B. Priestley. The story of a phenomenal movement. Some illustrations. 268pp. Some ageing on prelims and edges. £6.00 Add
The Triumph of Wit Robert Bernard Martin A Study of Victorian Comic Theory. 105pp. £8.00 Add
The Scientific Revolution in Victorian Medicine A. J. Youngson Fascinating survey. 237pp. £9.00 Add
The Sexual Arena and Women's Liberation Edward J. Bardon 249pp. £45.00 Add
New Light on Tolstoy Rene Fulop-Miller (Editor) Literary fragments. letters and reminiscences not previously published. Translated by Paul England. Some mono Plates. 330pp. Foxing to prelims and edges. Blue cloth cover sl. worn. Main contents clean. £20.00 Add
Historical Survey of Pharmacy in Great Britain Carl Schmeidler Concise survey. 91pp. £18.00 Add
Laughing Gas and Safety Lamp Amabel Williams Ellis and Euan Cooper Willis The Story of Sir Humphrey Davy. 192pp. £6.00 Add
History of the Worshipful Company of Paviors of the City of London 1966 Edition
Third Edition completely revised and brought up to date. Some black and white illustrations. 154pp. £20.00 Add
Play the Devil History of Gambling in the United States 1492-1955 Henry Chafetz 475pp. Edges aged. £10.00 Add
Death, Burial and the Individual in Early Modern England Clare Gittings An examination of English attitudes to death since the Middle Ages. 269pp. £80.00 Add
The History of Market Bosworth Peter Foss Unique detailed history.Well illustrated in black and white. 240pp. £24.00 Add
Queen Victoria and the Discovery of the Riviera Michael Nelson Foreword by Asa Briggs. Some illustrations. 204pp. £6.00 Add
The Art of Beatrix Potter Enid and Leslie Linder Revised and enlarged edition revealing her greatness as an artist. Very well illustrated. 406pp. Long inscription on FEP. Edges sl. aged. £15.00 Add
Jeff Hawke - Counsel for the Defence Willie Patterson and Sydney Jordan Book two in the two-book set of the complete series of the comic book adventures of Jeff Hawke, Counsel for the Defense. 88pp £15.00 Add
Jeff Hawke Willie Patterson and Sydney Jordan Book one in the two-book set of the complete series of the comic book adventures of Jeff Hawke. 88pp £18.00 Add
Frank Frazetta Book Two Edited by Betty Ballantine Once again, with twelve black and white studies and thirty two magnificent colour plates in this. £16.00 Add
Frank Frazetta Book Three Edited by Betty Ballantine Containing many previously unpublished studies from the artist's working sketchbooks in addition to glorious full-colour reproductions of paintings executed for book covers. £16.00 Add
Frank Frazetta Book Four Edited by Betty Ballantine Including previously unpublished studies from the artist's sketch books and superb four-colour reproductions of original paintings. £40.00 Add
Garth - Book One - The Clouds of Balthus Jim Edgar Illustrated by Frank Bellamy. 96pp £50.00 Add
Gartth - Book Two - The Women of Galba Jim Edgar Illustrated by Frank Bellamy £25.00 Add
Christmas with the Savages Mary Clive Decorated by Philip Gough. 177pp. Top edge and FEP aged. £12.00 Add
Edwardian Cars Ernest F. Carter A Reverie of Adventurous Motoring. Some black and white photos. 245pp. Small inscription on FEP. Foxing on edges. £12.00 Add
Sexuality in Eighteenth Century Britain Paul-Gabriel Bouce (Editor) 262pp. £25.00 Add
Doctor Who Cybermen David Banks Illustrated by Andrew Skilleter. Introduction by Gerry Davis. Additional material by Adrian Rigelsford. 144pp. £15.00 Add
The Years of Grace Noel Streatfeild (Editor) Advice and problem solving for 'growing up girls'. Black and white line drawings and other illustrations. 384pp. Scattered foxing on all edges. £8.00 Add
Aspro - How a family business grew up R. Grenville Smith and Alexander Barrie Remarkable story of one man's enterprise grew into a huge multi national business. Some illustrations. 182pp. £5.00 Add
Bishop's Stortford College 1868-1968 John Morley and Norman Monk-Jones A Centenary Chronicle. Some illustrations. 221pp. £12.00 Add
Manual of Wigmaking Mary Botham and L. Sharrad Authoritative detailed practical guide. 114pp. £25.00 Add
Making Ends Meet - Pawnbroking and working-class credit Melanie Tebbutt Fascinating survey. Some illustrations.235pp. £8.00 Add
Perukes and Periwigs Janet Arnold A survey of the popular wigs c1660 - 1740 along with pictures of several famous wearers. 32pp £30.00 Add
Wish you were here McGill D and Calder-Marshall A The Art of Donald McGill. Fascinating well illustrated survey of his art of the comic postcard. 127pp. £15.00 Add
The Making of the Royal Pavilion Brighton Designs and Drawings John Morley Private Bookplate on FEP, small tear on DJ. Superbly illustrated. 280pp. £30.00 Add
The Cathedral Builders Jean Gimpel Translated from the French by Teresa Waugh. Copious illustrations. 127pp. £50.00 Add
Powder & Paint: A History of the Englishwomans Toilet Neville Williams This is a history of the Englishwoman's toilet from the earliest recorded mention of the 16th C. up to the present day (1957). 192pp £15.00 Add
Cream The Lost Scottish Tour Chris Welch A unique collection of historic photographs of Cream. Photographs by Robert Whitaker. Foreword by Pete Brown. 131pp. £45.00 Add
Inside Out - A Brief History of Underwear Shelley Tobin Well illustrated softback. 48pp. £12.00 Add
Americans and Queen Marie of Romania Diana Fortescue A selection of documents revealing the life of one of the grand daughters of Queen Victoria. 284pp. £35.00 Add
Toys of Other Days Mrs F. Neville Jackson A world study of popular historical toys and their evolution to the first quarter of the 19th Century with illustrations. Slightly grubby top edges. 379pp. £6.00 Add
The Bon Marche Michael B Miller Bourgeois Culture and the Department Store 1869 - 1920. 266pp. £25.00 Add
Selfridges Gordon Honeycombe Seventy Five Years. The Story of the Store 1909 - 1984. 240pp.Top edges sl. grubby. Contents good. £25.00 Add
Don Pedro's Captain Pamela Bennetts Fiction. The story of Edward the Black Prince and how he restores Don Pedro to his throne. 156pp. £20.00 Add
The Bikini Book Mike Evans Editor Concise colourful survey. 64pp. £15.00 Add
Dress Design Elizabeth Wray in collaboration with F.R.Morris The How to do it Series No 47. Sketches and pattern drafts.Cloth covers grubby. £16.00 Add
The Story of The Pony Express Raymond and Mary Settle A study of the brilliant transcontinental mail service from 1860 - 1861. Top edge and DJ sl. grubby spine discoloured and price3 clipped but contents v. clean.178pp. £10.00 Add
Tight Lacing: Part 1 1828-1880 Peter Farrer A bibliography of letters concerning stays and corsets for men and women. Part 1 1828 to 1880. 40pp. £50.00 Add
Perfume and Pomanders Edmund Launert Scent and Scent bottles through the ages. Translated from the German by Jean M Launert. Well illustrated throughout. 212pp. £20.00 Add
Corsets: A Visual History R. L. Shep Compiled by and Notes by R. L. Shep. Hundreds of corset illustrations. 19th and 20th Century Corset Ads. Corset Catalogs. Corset Prices. Unusual Corsets. Historical Notes. Over 200pp. £45.00 Add
Lingerie in Vogue since 1910 Christina Probert Fascinating survey very well illustrated in colour. 96pp. £20.00 Add
Swimwear in Vogue Since 1910 Christina Probert Fascinating pictorial survey of swimwear in vogue. 96pp. £16.00 Add
The English Jigsaw Puzzle 1760 to 1890 Linda Hannas Standard reference work. Black and white illustrations.164pp. Price clipped. £22.00 Add
Modesty Blaise The Puppet Master Peter O'Donnell Illustrated by Romero. 96pp. £18.00 Add
Modesty Blaise The Warlords of Phoenix Peter O'Donnell Illustrated by Jim Holdaway and Romero. 96pp. £25.00 Add
Modesty Blaise Death of a Jester Peter O'Donnell Illustrated by Romero. 96pp. £12.00 Add
Modesty Blaise The Iron God Peter O'Donnell Illustrated by Romero. 96pp. £22.00 Add
Modesty Blaise Uncle Happy peter O'Donnell Illustrated by Jim Holdaway. £10.00 Add
Modesty Blaise The Hell-Makers Peter O'Donnell Illuistrated by Jim Holdaway. 96pp. £15.00 Add
Modesty Blaise Book Two Mister Sun Peter O'Donnell Illustrated by Jim Holdaway. 80pp. £30.00 Add
Lingerie: A Lexicon of Style Caroline Cox An exploration of the fashion theory, fetish and fun of underwear superbly illustrated throughout. 192pp £40.00 Add
100 Years of Fashion Illustration Cally Blackman A visual feast of 400 dazzling images presenting a comprehensive survey of the history of fashion illustration and an overview of the development of fashion. 381pp. £25.00 Add
Patterns in Fashion Macarena San Martin A unique broad spectrum of pattern design and their variations covering a range of applications for costumes and accessories. Organized by colour this reference book is aimed at all levels and features pattern designers from all over the world. The CD contains 50 patterns to inspire and use. 190pp. £12.00 Add
Early Portraits of Queen Victoria 1820-1855
Preface by Justin McCarthy.Spine sl. weak but all held. All endpapers foxed and aged. Inscription on FEP. Corner of FEP clipped. Blue cloth cover sl. grubby. £25.00 Add
Friends of the People Asa Briggs The centenary history of Lewis's one of the largest British retail undertakings. Edges and prelims sl. aged but main contents good in sl. worn D/J. 242pp. £15.00 Add
The Collection of Vollers Corsets Alwyn R. Coates (Photographer) Containing high fashion images of models in corsets, all shot on location in Latin America. There are 35 colour images and 8 classic Alwyn R Coates black & white art imagery. 89pp £20.00 Add
Lingerie Catherine Bardey A History and Celebration of Silks, Satins, Laces, Linens and other bare essentials. Very well illustrated throughout . £18.00 Add
Scent Bottles Kate Foster A Coinnoisseur Monograph tracing the history of Scent Bottles from the 6th to the early 19th Century. Black and white illustrations. 111pp. £15.00 Add
Vintage Lingerie: Historical Patterns and Techniques Jill Salen 30 beautiful and historically accurate examples of period lingerie from 1850 to 1970. with full working patterns photographs and drawings. Includes corsets, brassieres, knickers, girdles, petticoats and more. 128pp. £16.00 Add
Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques Jill Salen 25 beautiful and historically accurate corsets covering the period 1750-1917. Working patterns, photographs and drawings for each. 128pp. £16.00 Add
The Regime of the Stay Lace Peter Farrer A further selection of letters from Victorian newspapers. Some illustrations. 135pp. £40.00 Add
An Illustrated History of Fashion Alice Mackrell 500 Years of Fashion Illustration. 224pp. £14.00 Add
The Westmores of Hollywood Frank Westmore and Muriel Davidson The fascinating story of the remarkable dynasty of the Westmore family makeup geniuses. 254pp. Some illustrations. £26.00 Add
The Ultimate Giles Peter Tory An illustrated tribute to the Legendary Cartoonist - Giles. 304pp. Small inscription on FEP O/W very good in D/J. £15.00 Add
Classic Perfume Advertising 1920-1970 Jacqueline Johnson For the perfume bottle collector, advertising historian, and those active in graphic arts, this beautiful book has over 370 magnificent images. 192pp £30.00 Add
Les Flacons de la Seduction Ghislaine Pillivuyt French and English Text. A study of the art of perfume in the 18th century. High quality illustration throughout. 160pp. £42.00 Add
Perfume - Joy, Obsession, Scandal, Sin Richard Stamelman A cultural history of fragrance from 1750 to the present. High quality illustration throughout. 384pp. £48.00 Add
The Book of Perfume Elisabeth Barille and Catherine Laroze The history, creation and selection of fine fragrance, detailing the people and processes involved composition of a perfume. 224pp. £40.00 Add
What Works in Fashion Advertising Peggy Fincher Winters and Arthur Allen Winters A provocative and critical look into the world of fashion advertising. Fully Illustrated. 159pp. £8.00 Add
Fashion Art for the Fashion Industry Rita Gersten A fascinating look at the world of fashion design from the conception of the idea to the end result using fashion art. Illustrated. 117pp. £28.00 Add
The Golden Age of Shop Design Alexandra Artley An opulent pictorial survey of design in European department stores, fashionable speciality shops and cafes from 1880 to 1939. Fully illustrated. 128pp. £26.00 Add
Tahiti Tattoos Gian Paolo Barbieri Text in English. Gian Paolo Barbieri's photographs of the tattooed people of Tahiti provide a record of an unspoken Polynesian language left on the skin of the people. £50.00 Add
The Face of the Century - 100 Years of Makeup and Style Kate De Castelbajac A look at the concept of women's make-up and style in the 20th century, a time of change and experimentation in Europe and the USA.. 192pp. £30.00 Add
The Unknown Paintings of Kay Nielsen David Larkin A collection of unpublished paintings to illustrate a translation of "A Thousand and One Nights". £14.00 Add
Furnishing The World Pat Kirkham, Rodney Mace and Julia Porter A study of the East London furniture trade 1830 - 1980. Illustrated. Cover and edges sl. grubby. 136pp. £45.00 Add
Petty: The Classic Pin-Up Art of George Petty Reid Stewart Austin This exclusive collection features rare images from centrefolds, pin-ups, ad , & many original paintings. Includes foreword by Hugh Hefner. Deluxe Edition with Bonus Gatefold. £40.00 Add
Fashion Illustration Colin Barnes A study of the techniques of fashion drawing. Fully illustrated. 160pp. £22.00 Add
Warhol: The Masterworks Eric Shanes A study of Andy Warhol as a painter, printmaker, occasional sculptor and filmmaker. High quality illustration throughout. 144pp. £24.00 Add
Andy Warhol Fashion Simon Doonan Before he found fame as the father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol was an accomplished advertising illustrator and commercial artist for fashion tastemakers.This book is a study of that work. 255pp. £10.00 Add
Stain of Suspicion Charles Williams Fiction. The best of American crime fiction, a murdered husband and threats of violence... Cover grubby but overall fair. 190pp. £6.00 Add
The Cyberiad Stanislaw Lem Fiction. Fables for the Cybernetic Age. Translated from the original Polish text. Aged but overall fair. 295pp. £10.00 Add
Select Essays of Dr. Johnson George Birkbeck Hill Limited edition 90/150. Vol. 1 only. A selection of stories from The Rambler series. Rough cut pages, heavy foxing to front end paper and edges, contents held and clean. 239pp. £35.00 Add
Holly House & Ridges Row May Baldwin A tale of London old and new. Illustrations by M.V. Wheelhouse. Heavy foxing to edges and prelims and book plate on front end paper but contents are legible. 339pp. £8.00 Add
Vengeance With A Twist and other stories Peter Cheyney Fiction. Fascinating crime thriller from Peter Cheyney. Grubby cover and prelims, small tears to 2 pages but overall fair. 64pp. £7.00 Add
Epicurus's Morals Walter Charleton Ltd Edtn of 750 copies. A collection of morals from the ancient greek philosopher. Rough cut and grubby edges, inscription on prelim and cover is tatty and discoloured but contents clean. 119pp. £40.00 Add
Deacon Brodie - Father to Jekyll & Hyde John S. Gibson A look at the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's 'The Strange Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'. Illustrated. DJ and edges grubby and price clipped but contents good. 158pp. £12.00 Add
The Entwining Richard Condon Fiction. Jean Henstell is destined to be the first female president of the USA, destined ever since she read it in the diary of her deceased mother. DJ and top edge sl. grubby. 288pp. £10.00 Add
The Desert is Yours Erle Stanley Gardner A fascinating account accompanying the author and his two companions on their expeditions through the Western desert of the USA. Edges and DJ grubby but contents good. 160pp. £7.00 Add
The Wonderful O James Marc Simont Thurber Fiction. A fairy story in which a pirate tries to purge an island of all words with the letter O. Illustrated. DJ and edge v. grubby but contents clean. 73pp. £12.00 Add
The World in the Evening Christopher Isherwood Fiction. Another quasi-fictional account of love, loss, and regret chronicling the protagonist's bric-a-brac search for true love. Tanning to page edges but contents clean. 333pp. £16.00 Add
The Circling Year: Part IV - Rambles in Winter W. Percival Westell The story of the author's rambles in winter and his studies as a naturalist. Several high quality colour plates. Foxing to edges. £22.00 Add
Kipling's Horace Charles Carrington Fiction. Ltd Edtn 402/500. A modern edit of Kipling's lost story - Horace. Fine condition in original slip-case. £85.00 Add
A Week of Love James Leasor Fiction. Jason Love is presented with 7 of his most baffling and exciting case histories in suspense. Edges and DJ sl. grubby. 165pp. £6.00 Add
He that has once been happy is, for aye, out of destruction's reach. Irene Butterworth A biography of the author's parents, brother and eldest sister drawing on just her own memories. Prelim clipped and edges sl. grubby but contents v. good. 53pp. £7.00 Add
The Venetian Pamela Bennetts Fiction. A vivid and fast-moving historical romance combining love, bravery, beautiful women and intrigue. Set in 16th Century Venice. 240pp. £45.00 Add
Richard and the Knights of God Pamela Bennetts Fiction. The exciting tale of Simon Fitzalan, the Crusades of Richard Couer de Lion and the Holy relic stolen from the first Crusaders. 253pp. £32.00 Add
Envoy from Elizabeth Pamela Bennetts Fiction. A fictional twist on the invasion of the Spanish Armada and the attempted assassination of Queen Elizabeth I. 254pp. £28.00 Add
Royal Sword at Agincourt Pamela Bennetts Fiction. A fictional twist on the great battle at Agincourt and the victory against Lady Felice that gives Henry V the regency of France. 252pp. £28.00 Add
A Crown for Normandy Pamela Bennetts Fiction. A fictional twist on the tale of William of Normandy and the battle of Hastings. 252pp. £45.00 Add
Stephen and the Sleeping Saints Pamela Bennetts Fiction. 1144, England, anarchy - in the small hell that Geoffrey de Mandeville created, the paths of 4 people unexpectedly crossed. 190pp. £18.00 Add
The Barons of Runnymede Pamela Bennetts Fiction. A fictional twist on the events at Runnymede and the signing of the Magna Carta while England sits at the brink of Civil War. 272pp. £24.00 Add
The Angevin King Pamela Bennetts Fiction. A fictional twist on the story of Henry Plantagenet, Thomas Becket and Eleanor of Aquitaine. 286pp. £22.00 Add
The Adversaries Pamela Bennetts Fiction. Against a background of death and violence 2 powerful Italian rulers fight ruthlessly for Valentina Sandro and her State. 252pp. £20.00 Add
The Suzerain Pamela Bennetts Fiction. The tale of Marin Monteferra, the suzerain of Ravello and the threats to his state. 255pp. £85.00 Add
Heroes All Edgar Wallace A collection of stories of Gallant Deeds of the War for boys. Wear to cover, edges grubby and sl. foxing to some pages, inscriptions on two pages but fair overall for age. 255pp. £32.00 Add
Contemporary Writers: Ted Hughes Thomas West A valuable study of the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, providing a clear and intelligent introduction to his work. Edges and cover discoloured but content clean. 126pp. £6.50 Add
Royal Doulton Figures Desmond Eyles & Louise Irvine & Valerie Baynton 3rd Edition of the invaluable reference book, a veritable bible for collectors of Royal Doulton figures providing details for the entire collection. Illustrated. DJ and edges sl. grubby. 407pp. £32.00 Add
Art Deco Interiors Patricia Bayer Documenting the fascinating decoration and design classics of the 1920s and 1930s. Good condition but sl. marks and sticker on cover. 224pp. £50.00 Add
Fashion Drawings in Vogue - Carl Erickson William Packer A celebration of the work of one of Vogue's longest serving and most distinguished artists (Carl Erickson). High quality illustration throughout. 128pp. £12.00 Add
Fashion Drawings in Vogue - Rene Bouet-Willaumez William Packer A celebration of the work of one of Vogue's longest serving and most distinguished artists (Rene Bouet-Willaumez). High quality illustration throughout. 128pp. £28.00 Add
The Folklore Museum F. Smekens & W. Van Nespen A concise guide to the collection of the Folklore Museum, Antwerp. Gives a floor by floor walkthrough with pictures. 44pp. £30.00 Add
The Sandvig Collections Guidebook Fartein Valen-Sendstad Text in English, translated by James D. Edmondston. A study of the Sandvig Collections 'Maihaugen' showing traditional Norwegian folk life, art and architecture. High quality illustrations. 66pp. £10.00 Add
We Are One Joanna Eede A unique combination of moving tribal statement, expert and celebrity essays and stunning photojournalism showing the humanitarian and enviromental concerns of tribal peoples. 224pp. £25.00 Add
The Antiques of Perfume Leslie G. Matthews A detailed historical account of the uses of perfume by ancient peoples and the introduction of perfume into Europe. High quality Illustration. 88pp £12.00 Add
A Magyar Nepi Iparmuveszet Harminc Eve Fekete Aladarne Text in Hungarian/German. '30 Years of Hungarian Folk Arts & Crafts' Published to coincide with the exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Ethnography. High quality Illustration and photographs. £50.00 Add
Das Hessische Osterbuch Gerd J. Grein & Karl Baeumerth Text in German. 'The Hessian Easter Book' Study of the traditional folk practices at easter with specific emphasis on egg decoration. High quality Illustration and photographs. 62pp £8.00 Add
Varga - The Esquire Years Kurt Vonnegut A catalogue raisonne of Alberto Vargas, every Esquire Varga girl is represented in this volume along with a biographical essay and many never before reproduced images. High quality illustration throughout. 176pp £40.00 Add
Vintage Swimwear: Historical Patterns and Techniques Jill Salen Over 25 stunning and historically accurate patterns for retro swimwear, from 1880 to 1970. 126pp £10.00 Add
Resort Fashion: Style in Sun-Drenched Climates Caroline Rennolds Milbank This title contains rare and previously unpublished photographs by legends such as Slim Aarons, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Toni Frissell, Norman Parkinson, and more. 286pp £14.00 Add
Dinand: The Shapes of Perfume Pierre Dinand & Jean Lescat Text in English. A celebration of 30 years of design (1960-90) by Pierre Dinand who has designed for fashion greats such as YSL, Givenchy, Tiffany and many more. High quality illustration. £75.00 Add
Vargas: 20s-50s Albert Vargas Text in German/English/French. A celebration of 30 years of Vargas' greatest work (1920s-50s) Very high quality illustration. 78pp £13.00 Add
Whalebone to See-Through: A History of Body Packaging Michael Colmer A racy account of the history of underwear. Imaginitavely designed and illustrated, it gives an amusing picture of woman's obsession with the presentation of her body. High quality illustration. £10.00 Add
Douglas Young's ABC of Stage Make-Up for Men Douglas Young Invaluable guide with step-by-step instruction for creating a variety of characterful looks for men on stage. High quality illustration. £9.50 Add
Douglas Young's ABC of Stage Make-Up for Women Douglas Young Invaluable guide with step-by-step instruction for creating a variety of characterful looks for women on stage. High quality illustration. £9.50 Add
Vargas Alberto Vargas and Reid Austin A celebration of 60 years of Alberto Vargas who has devoted his life to celebrating the beauty of American women with his ethereal paintings. High quality imagery throughout. 128pp £15.00 Add
Perfume - The Creation and Allure of Classic Fragrances Susan Irvine The first definitive account of out attempt ot express ourselves through our sense of smell. Examining the entire subject, following the development, creation and makers. High quality imagery throughout. 160pp £20.00 Add
Hair-Styles and Head-Dresses Renee Huggett This book describes the hair-styles and head-dresses of men and women from ancient Egyptian times,through all the periods of British history, to the 1980s. High quality imagery throughout. 72pp £7.00 Add
Perfume Bottles - A Collector's Guide Madeleine Marsh The budding collector will find this easy-to-use and highly practical guide an ideal introduction to this increasingly popular field. Illustrated. 64pp £20.00 Add
The Perfume Companion Nigel Groom An exploration of the history of perfume-making from ancient times to the present day and explains why and how it was used for all manner of purposes. High quality imagery throughout. 192pp £40.00 Add
And All Was Revealed Doreen Caldwell In this book the author peels away the layers to show not onlty how fashions changed over the years, but how women even altered their figures to suit the prevailing mode. High quality imagery throughout. 144pp £10.00 Add
The Great Rabbi Loew of Prague F. Thieberger A study of the life and work of Rabbi Loew and the legend of the Golem. DJ is grubby, foxing to page edges and end papers and private book plate inside front cover but contents clean. 177pp £30.00 Add
Gamages Christmas Bazaar - 1913 Alison Adburgham A fantastic work of nostalgia, a reprint of the entire Christmas Bazaar published by the famous London store Gamages in 1913. High quality imagery throughout. Price clipped, private bookplate inside front cover and edges grubby but contents v. clean. 144pp £19.00 Add
Pierced Hearts and True Love Hanns Ebensten An illustrated history of the origin and development of European tattooing and a survey of its present state (1953). High quality imagery throughout. 96pp £72.00 Add
Secrets of Poise Personality and Model Beauty John Roberts Powers A professional guide to the tricks of the trade for professional models, including clothing, accessories and makeup. Illustrated. 304pp £35.00 Add
The World of Perfume Fabienne Pavia A fascinating study of both fragrances and their containers, which can themselves be a work of art. High quality imagery throughout. 143pp £12.00 Add
The Georgian Country House Dana Arnold Presenting an analysis of the social and cultural significance of the country house during the Georgian Period. High quality imagery throughout. Only minor marks from storage. 210pp £25.00 Add
Caravaggio: A Life Helen Langdon A critical biography of the Old Master painter, impeccable research and details recapturing the complex world of genius and patronage. High quality imagery throughout. Cover sl. discoloured from storage. 436pp £18.00 Add
Uncertain Unions Lawrence Stone Tracing the ways in which during the 17th and 18th centuries the tradition of Marriage changed in England. Illustrated. DJ and edges grubby but contents clean. 153pp £8.00 Add
The Countryman's England Dorothy Hartley A personal account from the author about her years spent observing the traditions and innovations of the countryside. Illust. 116pp. £12.00 Add
French Prints of the Eighteenth Century Ralph Nevill The first English work providing clear and reliable information of use to those interested in French engravings of the 18th Century. High quality imagery throughout. Cover and edges grubby but contents clean. 242pp £12.00 Add
Victorian Divorce Allen Horstman A study of the history of divorce with specific focus on the Victorian era where society divided between Respectable and unRespectable. Illust. DJ tatty and edges grubby but contents clean. 196pp £10.00 Add
Medieval London William Benham and Charles Welch A comprehensive study of the life of everyday people in Medieval London. Illust. Cover and edges are worn and grubby but contents clean. 219pp £10.00 Add
The Romance of King Ludwig II of Bavaria Frances Gerard A study of King Ludwig's life and his relations with Wagner and his Bavarian Fairy Palaces. Cover and edges aged and grubby but contents clean. 272pp £20.00 Add
Herbalism Through the Ages Ralph Whiteside Kerr A study of herbs - Nature's secret health ingredient. Private inscription on front end paper. 225pp £10.00 Add
Love, Life & Sex Barbara Cartland The famous book by Barabara Cartland, a book for happiness and fulfilment for men and women of all ages. Cover sl. discoloured and pages tanned but contents clean. 189pp £20.00 Add
Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies Paul Harris 'Man of Pleasure's Kalender for the Year 1793'. A fascinating slice of social history, showing a full list of prostitutes working in Covent Garden from the year 1793. Cover and edges v. sl. grubby but contents clean. 106pp £40.00 Add
Street Characters of a Victorian City John Sowden & Gary Firth Reproduced in full colour are Pot Mary, Whistling Tom, Fish David and many others, through the art of John Sowden the colourful characters of Victorian Britain are brought back to life. High quality imagery throughout. 93pp £9.50 Add
The History of Death Michael Kerrigan A unique reference guide of burial customes and funeral rites from the ancient world to modern times. High quality imagery throughout. DJ sl. grubby from storage. 192pp £11.00 Add
Camp - The Lie That Tells the Truth Philip Core Savagely witty depictions of more than two centuries of 'camp' find it embodied in personalities and places, objects and artefacts. High quality imagery throughout. DJ sl. grubby from storage and price clipped but contents clean. 212pp £95.00 Add
Chinese Jade Carving S. Howard Hansford A study of the unique Chinese folk art of jade carving from the lecturer of Chinese Art at the University of London. High quality imagery throughout. 145pp £20.00 Add
Women in England 1760-1914 Susie Steinbach An astonishing work of research, charting every area of women's life and the development of feminism through all social classes. High quality imagery throughout. Fine condition. 342pp £5.00 Add
The English Vice Ian Gibson A carefully researched book presenting the first serious attempt to investigate the British prefilection for beating and its sexual associations. Ex Libris. DJ is tatty and price clipped but contents clean. 364pp £45.00 Add
Pink Coat, Spangles and Sawdust Frank Foster Reminiscences of circus life with Sanger's, Bertram Mills and other circuses. High quality imagery throughout. DJ missing, cover grubby, pages foxed but legible and complete. 176pp £40.00 Add
Collar the Lot Peter and Leni Gillman A detailed account of how Britain interned and expelled it's wartime refugees. Illust. Edges sl. grubby and cover has sl. crease but contents clean. 334pp £8.00 Add
Daily Life in Florence J. Lucas-Dubreton Daily Life Series No.2. Florence - in the time of the Medici family. Illust. Price clipped and edges v. sl. grubby but contents clean. 324pp £16.00 Add
A Guinea A Box Anne Francis A biography about Thomas Beecham, the famed chemist who founded the pharmaceutical business Beechams, written by his great grand-daughter. High quality imagery. DJ is tatty and price clipped, edges grubby but contents clean. 191pp £12.00 Add
A Tour Thro' the Whole Island of Great Britain Vol 1 only (1968) Daniel Defoe New print of the 1724 edition, 'a particular and diverting account of whatever is curious and worth observation'. Designed as a guidebook for the British Isles. High quality imagery throughout. DJ missing, cover and edges have small marks from storage but generally v. good condition. 415pp £75.00 Add
Folk Devils & Moral Panics (1972) Stanley Cohen First Edition. Focusing on a detailed case study on the creation of mods and rockers, the author presents a case on society's obsession with creating modern 'folk devils'. High quality imagery. 224pp £40.00 Add
A Triptych of Poisoners Jean Plaidy In this triptych the author has sought to answer why men and women commit murder and specifically what makes a prolific poisoner. Illust. DJ tatty and price clipped and edges sl. grubby but content clean. 191pp £25.00 Add
Skittles - The Life and Times of Catherine Walters. The Last Victorian Courtesan Henry Blyth A brilliant and fascinating study in mid-Victorian morality and an intriguing view of a woman who was very much a product of her age. 261pp £36.00 Add
The Art of Ancient Egypt Gay Robins This book traces the course of Egyptian art from its sudden initial flowering to its final resurgence during the rule of the Ptolemies. High quality imagery throughout. DJ and edges sl. grubby from storage but otherwise very clean. 271pp £17.50 Add
Birmingham... The Sinister Side Steve Jones With the help of over 100 photographs this book displays the harsh lives and privations of our victorian ancestors from Birmingham. High quality imagery throughout. DJ and edges sl. tanned from storage but otherwise very clean. 302pp £28.00 Add
The Book of Hitchin Anthony M. Foster Ltd Edtn no. 549. The book of Hitchin reflects the past and unique tradition of a town that for 1000 years was the largest between Bedford and St. Albans. Illust. DJ and edges sl. grubby. 132pp £20.00 Add
The Japanese Tattoo Donald Richie & Ian Buruma A richly illustrated and well-researched book with a full history of the Japanese tattoo from its earliest beginnings. High quality imagery throughout. 115pp £70.00 Add
The Adventures of Pioneer Women in New Zealand Sarah Ell First hand stories of pioneer women from their letters, diaries and reminiscences including adventures by land and sea. Illust. Cover and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. 208pp £30.00 Add
Johnson Brothers Dyers & Cleaners 150 Years T. B. S. Johnson An interesting factual history covering 150 years of the Johnson Brothers company. Illust. Cover and edges grubby but contents clean. 36pp £12.00 Add
High Society: The English Social Elite 1880-1914 Pamela Horn A fascinating overview of English upper class life before the Great War, describing the creeping influence of the nouveaux riches. High quality imagery throughout. Price clipped . 215pp £10.00 Add
The Triple Tree Donald Rumbelow Tracing the history of Tyburn and the Old Bailey and the beginnings of Newgate as a roman fort to its demolition in 1902. Illust. Price clipped and DJ and edges sl. grubby. 223pp £45.00 Add
Guardians of the Queen's Peace George Howard A study of the development and work of Britain's police from 1820-1953. High quality imagery throughout. Price clipped and DJ tatty. 256pp £6.50 Add
Prostitution and Prejudice Edward J. Bristow The story of the Jewish fight against white slavery (prostitution) 1870-1939. Illust. Minor marks from storage but otherwise v. clean. 340pp £85.00 Add
Mary Ann Cotton Arthur Appleton The story of Britain's most prolific poisoner, Mary Ann Cotton. It is believed that she may have had as many as 20 victims, this book charts her life from birth to her last days in Durham Gaol. Price clipped, DJ sl. discoloured, end papers and edges grubby. Contents clean. 154pp £10.00 Add
Gilded Prostitution Maureen E. Montgomery Status, money and transatlantic marriages 1870-1914. A brilliant analysis explaining the anti-american feeling and the pejorative views of British peers marrying unaristocratic American women at the turn of the century. Minor marks from storage, v. clean otherwise. 342pp £35.00 Add
Aberfan - The Story of a Disaster Tony Austin This moving, yet controlled documentary record is considered the definitive account of the Aberfan disaster and its aftermath. Illustrated. Price clipped, cover tatty and private inscription on front end paper but contents clean. 230pp £60.00 Add
The Art of Nursing Florence Nightingale An entirely new and revised edition of Miss Florence Nightingale's personal notes on nursing, first written in 1859. DJ is grubby and price clipped but contents clean. 52pp £10.00 Add
Spas of England and Principal Sea-Bathing Places (2 Vols) A. B. Granville 2 Volumes covering 1:the north & 2:the midlands and south. A reprint of the original 1841 comprehensive survey of English health resorts. Illustrated. Price clipped and DJ grubby. 423 & 640pp £18.00 Add
Illustration for Displays and Showcards W. A. Vickers Designed to assist the modern writer who has become skilled at lettering and feels the artistic urge to begin drawing. Illustrated. Cover is sl. tatty from age but contents clean. 96pp £19.00 Add
Edwardian London (4 Vols) George R. Sims All 4 volumes complete. Every aspect of life in Edwardian London is presented through the eyes of journalists, authors, philanthropists and famous writers of that time. All subjects are covered in great detail. Illustrated. Some marks from storage on covers and edges. 278 & 280 & 293 & 273pp. £42.00 Add
Woman as Sex Object Thomas B. Hess and Linda Nochlin Studies in erotic art, 1730-1970. In this book distinguished art historians reassess female erotic imagery and its range from sensual bliss through domesticity to threat and even terror. Illust.DJ tatty and price clipped and edges grubby but contents clean. 257pp £21.00 Add
100 Period Details: Doors & Windows Mary Miers Part of the 100 period details series - this issue concentrates on the design and decoration of doors and windows from medieval to art deco. High quality illustration. Price clipped and small marks from storage on covers and edges. 108pp £22.00 Add
Paris Sketchbook Ronald Searle and Kaye Webb A book of complete enchantment, a personal journal kept by a husband and wife who evoke the spirit of Paris. Illustrated. DJ sl, tatty and edges grubby but contents clean. 120pp £26.00 Add
The Arts and Crafts Movement Gillian Naylor A fascinating history of the arts and crafts movement with focus on individual designers as well as organisations such as the Century Guild. Illustrated. Price clipped and small marks from storage on covers and edges. 208pp £17.50 Add
Holland House in Kensington Derek Hudson A fascinating text showing the history of Holland House from its original construction in 1605 until its substantial destruction by bombs during WW2. Illust. Price clipped and DJ tatty. 142pp £12.50 Add
Making Ends Meet Melanie Tebbutt A majore study of daily routines and relationships between pawnbroking and working class credit. Hi2546gh quality imagery. DJ and edges sl. grubby and price clipped but contents clean. 235pp £8.00 Add
Wrap & Drape Fashion Elisabetta 'Kuky' Drudi Providing a comprehensive course in the history design and drawing of shawls, scarves, capes, sarongs and pareos. Illust. 232pp £16.00 Add
Foundation of Fashion Christopher Page Covering the period from 1856 to 1981 the collection of R. & W. H. Symington & Co Ltd is one of the most comprehensive surveys of fashionable corsetry, foundation wear and swimwear in the world. Illust. 82pp £45.00 Add
An Historical Record of N. Corah & Sons Ltd C. W. Webb A history of N Corah & Sons - the company, its employees and its products (hosiery, underwear and outerwear). Illust. 120pp £32.00 Add
The Artificial Face - A History of Cosmetics Fenja Gunn A detailed study of the methods used by both sexes illuminates the changes in moral attitudes and social conditions and reveals the often extraordinary methods adopted to achieve fashionable beauty. Illust. 192pp £10.00 Add
Natural Beauty Secrets Deborah Rutledge A selection of natural recipes for beauty preparations to be made in your own home. 151pp £45.00 Add
Create Your Own Perfumes Using Essential Oils Chrissie Wildwood All the information you need to create your own perfumes at home. With profiles of different oils, including their healing and mood enhancing properties, and advice on which oils blend well together. Illust. 141pp £20.00 Add
History of Perfume Frances Kennett The most complete survey of the ancient art of perfumery and its place in society, politics and science. Illust. 208pp £10.00 Add
The Complete Book of Potpurri & Perfumery Denise Greig A collection of fresh ideas and a lot of new recipes for potpurri and perfumery. Illust. 96pp £10.00 Add
Rhapsodie Hongroise Rezso Varjasi and Vince Horvath Text in French. 'Hungarian Rhapsodies' a study of Lizst's piano pieces that explore Hungarian folk clothing, dancing and music. Illust. 175pp £20.00 Add
Beato Angelico les Fresques de Saint Marc à Florence Anna Maria Francini Ciaranfi Text in French. 'Fra Angelico's Frescoes of Saint Marc in Florence ' Beautiful high quality colour plates. Illust. Cover grubby and foxing to end papers but plates clean.   £40.00 Add
Carpaccio la Legende de Sainte Ursule Vittorio Moschini Text in French. 'Carpaccio, the Legend of Saint Ursula' Beautiful high quality colour plates. Illust. Cover grubby and foxing to end papers but plates clean.   £25.00 Add
Terry Nation's Dalek Annual 1977 Terry Nation A selection of stories, pictures and games inspired by the Daleks from the Dr. Who universe. Official Edition 1977. Illust. Cover shows some wear. 78pp £22.00 Add
Terry Nation's Dalek Annual 1978 Terry Nation A selection of stories, pictures and games inspired by the Daleks from the Dr. Who universe. Official Edition 1978. Illust. Clean copy. 63pp £12.00 Add
Domace Obrti na Slovenskem Janez Bogataj Text in Slovenian. 'Cottage Industries in Slovenia' A study of traditional craft art from Slovenia. llust. 247pp £25.00 Add
K9 Annual 1983 Mike wilde & Glenn Rix A rare one off annual produced to tell the story of Dr. Who's robot companion and help he gives to Sarah Jane. Illust. Sl. wear to cover from storage. 63pp £16.50 Add
Terry Nation's Dalek Annual 1976 Terry Nation A selection of stories, pictures and games inspired by the Daleks from the Dr. Who universe. Official Edition 1976. Illust. Clean copy but cover has some creases. 63pp £25.00 Add
Doctor Who - The Time-Travellers' Guide Peter Haining An indispensable book examining the wonder of Time Travel as seen through the eyes of all the different Doctors. Illust. Price clipped and dj sl. tatty. 272pp £6.00 Add
Doctor Who - The Cybermen David Banks An exciting celebration of these most popular of Doctor Who monsters - Cybermen. Illust. Clean copy. 144pp £7.50 Add
Doctor Who and the Daleks Omnibus Terry Nation A lavish book containing 2 novel length stories based on the adventure of Dr Who and the Daleks. Illust. Page edges tanned, dj tatty. 160pp £14.00 Add
Barokk a Magyar Nepmuveszetben Dr. Hofer Tamas Text in Hungarian/English. 'Baroque in Hungarian Folk Art' Exhibition catalogue for the Ethnographical Museum 'Year of Central European Baroque'. Illust. 56pp £30.00 Add
Mobilier Si Feronerie Populara Dr. T. Banateanu Text in Romanian. 'Popular Furniture and Fittings' A study of traditional wooden furniture from Romania. Illust. 76pp £25.00 Add
Thuringer Volkskunst Oskar Schmolitzky Text in German. 'Thuringian Folkart' A study of traditional folk art from the Thuringia region of Germany. Illust. £15.00 Add
The Keeper of the Bed Charles Humana The first modern study of the Eunuch, called the keeper of the bed who guarded the ladies and the intimate secrets of oriental rulers and despots. Illust. Price clipped, dj tatty and grubby but contents clean. 202pp £10.00 Add
The Curriers and the City of London Edward Mayer A history of the Worshipful Company of Curriers (leather workers). Illust. Private inscription opposite title page, some pages sl. tanned. 212pp £9.50 Add
Layout - Its Theory and Practice in Modern Commercial Art Cecil Wade Offering practical assistance to all who are interested in commercial art, giving the basic roman alphabet and showing how modern lettering styles are evolved from it. Illust. End papers and cover sl. grubby. 92pp £14.00 Add
The Races of Britain John Beddoe A facsimilie of the original 1885 edition, a prime storehouse of information on the physical appearance of modern Britons. Illust. Price clipped, dj sl. grubby. 321pp £5.00 Add
Brush Pen and Pencil: The Book of Dudley Hardy Dudley Hardy A study of the life and works of Dudley Hardy. Illust. Rough cut edges and cover sl. grubby, sl. foxing to some pages. 56pp £7.00 Add
Miss Irby and Her Friends Dorothy Anderson A thorough and fascinating book about the achievements of the humanitarian Miss Irby and her companions who are to this day considered heroes of Bosnia. Illust. Price clipped, dj tatty and grubby but contents clean. 252pp £6.50 Add
Fired for Royalty Josephine Jackson A study of commemorative pieces produced for royalty over 300 years, published to coincide with the Silver Jubilee. Illust. Cover shows signs of wear. 60pp £5.00 Add
A Guide Through the Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester
An epitome of the history of pottery and porcelain and the marks on Worcester porcelain. Illust. Grubby throughout and some damage ot spine but pages fixed and contents legible. 56pp £20.00 Add
Chinese Birthday, Wedding, Funeral and other customs Mrs J. G. Cormack A study of traditional Chinese dress, preparation and ceremony for various important events - chiefly focussing on Peking and the wealthy families therein. Illust. Cover sl. grubby and edges tanned and private inscription on front end paper. 209pp £40.00 Add
Hats and Caps of the Jews Eli & Elise Davis Text in English. A detailed study of the beginnings of the Jewish Kippah (cap) and its development over time. Illust. 60pp £40.00 Add
New Icons of Fashion Illustration Tony Glenville This lavish celebration of todays leading artists in the field of fashion illustration showcases the timeless craft and amazing diversity that characterise the genre. Illust. 222pp £14.00 Add
Historic Fairground Scenes Michael E. Ware A depiction of 80 years of the history of the fairground. Illust. DJ is tatty but contents clean. 96pp £7.50 Add
The Swimsuit Sarah Kennedy Marking 60 years after the birth of the bikini this glorious, glossy guide to the swimsuit in all its incarnations, marries design history with stunning photography and heralds the arrival of this once-practical garment into mainstream fashion. Illust. 304pp £22.00 Add
Mittel Europa: Living in Style in Vienna, Prague, Budapest & Lands of the Danube Suzanne Slesin and others In this volume the authors' attentions turn to the lands east of the Danube, and create "Mittel Europa" - an imaginary country with a gloriously real tradition of architecture and design. Illust. DJ has v. minor marks from storage. 251pp £7.50 Add
The Secrets of Dolls' House Makers Jean Nisbett The work of 30 of the most contemporary dolls' house and miniatures makers is revealed through words and photographs in this fascinating book. Illust. Cover has minor marks from storage. 191pp £12.00 Add
Georgette Heyer's Regency England Teresa Chris Join Judith Taverner, Annis Wynchwood, the Prince Regent and a whole host of romantic heroes and heroines on a nostalgic visual tour of England. Illust. Clean copy. 175pp £42.00 Add
Writing Implements and Accessories Joyce Irene Whalley Descriptions of all kinds of writing implements and accessories, from the Roman Stylus to the Typewriter, are brought together for the first time in this book. Illust. 144pp £12.00 Add
Varsity Rags and Hoaxes F. A. Reeve This book recalls some of the rags and hoaxes in Cambridge's past such as the classic Shah of Persia and Sultan of Zanzibar hoaxes. Illust. Cover sl. faded. 48pp £6.50 Add
Anatomy of Nakedness Paul Ableman A provoking and entertaining study of why we have such complex attitudes to our own bodies. Illust. Grubby DJ but contents clean. 112pp £20.00 Add
The Englishman's Christmas J. A. R. Pimlott A social history of Christmas in England and the difference in our celebration to others around the world. DJ and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. 230pp £18.00 Add
Bond and Free James H. W. Howard A true tale of slave times, studying the most recent period in history when slaves were kept in America. Clean copy missing DJ. 280pp £10.00 Add
Karesuando-Lapparna Etnografiska Skisser fran Kongama Och Lainiovuoma 1916-1919 Ossian Elgstrom Text in Swedish. 'Ethnographic Sketches from Kongama and Lainiovuoma 1916-1919' A study of life in rural Sweden. Illust. Cover shows signs of wear, edges grubby and end papers are foxed but contents clean. 358pp £120.00 Add
Antique Dental Instruments Elisabeth Bennion This book opens with a survey of the myths and folklore associated with teeth and toothache and follows through into the development of the dental industry. Illust. 192pp £25.00 Add
The Bauhaus - An Introductory Survey L. Hirschfeld-Mack A short illustrated history of the famed Bauhaus - a German 'School of Building' founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar. Illust. Cover and edges grubby and small tear on spine but otherwise clean. 54pp £18.00 Add
Casanova - A New Perspective J. Rives Childs A definitive biography of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova de Seingalt going deeper and looking at the man beyond the famed lover. Illust. DJ is grubby and faded. 346pp £10.00 Add
Egyptian Coffins John H. Taylor A study of the construction of Egyptian Coffins with pictures of preserved examples. Illust. Cover and edges grubby but contents clean. 68pp £9.50 Add
Dr Who Annual - 1965 Various Dr Who annual from 1965 with a selection of stories from the good doctor. Small pen marks on end papers and cover sl. grubby but otherwise v. clean. 93pp £18.00 Add
Batman Official Annual - 1982 Various A collection of stories taken from the Batman comics. One page loose, cover sl. grubby and price clipped but otherwise v. clean. 77pp £18.00 Add
Chatterbox - 1924 J. Erskine Clarke A selection of fascinating stories for children along with puzzles and pictures. Cover is tatty, some pencil marks on pages and foxing to some pages but whole book is legible. 318pp £7.50 Add
Wonder Book - 1918 Harry Golding (Editor) A picture annual for boys and girls with a selection of interesting stories. Cover is tatty, pages are tanned and end papers are foxed but otherwise clean. 264pp £15.00 Add
Uncle Dick's Annual - 1932 Uncle Dick (Editor) Dozens of adventure stories, pages of pictures of Pip, Squeak and Wilfred and many new and interesting puzzles all edited by Uncle Dick. Cover is tatty, some pages have foxing and there is sl. damage to the spine. £12.00 Add
Disciplines of Virtue Lynne Vallone Employing the methods of feminist theory and cultural studies the author examines the historical and social production of girls' culture in Britain and America 18th-19th C. Illust. DJ faded and sl. grubby. 230pp £40.00 Add
Marriage a la Mode Arthur S. May A surrogate's tales of strange wedding dramas, the author's personal recollections as a Barrister and Surrogate in Doctor's Commons. Illust. No DJ, spine faded, cover and edges grubby but contents good. 320pp £6.50 Add
American Tap Dancing Zelia Raye A guide to techinque, correct music and dress for American style tap dancing. Illust. Cover grubby and sl. foxing to some pages. 50pp £12.00 Add
Women in the Classical World Elaine Fantham, Helene Peet Foley & others Lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched, this book lifts the curtain on the women of ancient Greece and Rome. Illust. Edges and DJ sl. grubby but contents v. clean. 430pp £16.00 Add
An Ever Fixed Mark Mary Spain One woman's love expressed in poetry. 32pp £50.00 Add
Chatterbox - 1928 J. Erskine Clarke A selection of fascinating stories for children along with puzzles and pictures. Cover is tatty, some pencil marks on pages and foxing to some pages but whole book is legible. 318pp £7.50 Add
Twentieth-Century Decoration: The Domestic Interior from 1900 to the Present Day Stephen Calloway Through his carefully chosen illustrations and lively commentaries the author charts the twists and turns of fashion and the influence of designers, artists and innovators of all kinds through the decades in Europe and America. Illust. 408pp £24.00 Add
Hair Care John Frieda Sound, practical and up-to-the-minute advice on choosing the right style, colour and techniques for your hair, from leading expert John Frieda. Illust. 72pp £10.00 Add
Fashion Drawing & Dress Design Mabel L. Hall A handbook dealing with proportion, construction, pose and draping of the adult and child figure with numerous illustrations. Illust. 164pp £40.00 Add
A Source Book: Tattoo History Steve Gilbert The Tattoo History Source Book is an exhaustingly thorough, lavishly illustrated collection of historical records of tattooing throughout the world, from ancient times to the present. Illust. 216pp £100.00 Add
Perfumes, Cosmetics & Soaps - special reference to synthetics - 3 Vol. Set 1959 W. A. Poucher Full 3 volume set. A comprehensive guide to ingredients, methodology and creation of your own perfume, cosmeitcs and soap. Illust. 463, 453 & 260pp £100.00 Add
Eighteenth-Century Furniture Clive D. Edwards A study of furniture produced in the 19th C. from construction to consumption. Illust. DJ missing, sticker on front end paper, clean copy. 227pp £20.00 Add
Noblesse Oblige - 1956 Alan S. C. Ross and Others An enquiry into the identifiable characteristics of the English aristocracy. Illust. Price clipped and cover, edges and end papers grubby, otherwise clean. 114pp £45.00 Add
Dune: Pop-Up Panorama Book Maida Silverman Colorful 3-D scenes with punch-out characters and vehicles - all based on the spectacular movie (DUNE) Illust. Cover has sl. wear but contents excellent. £14.00 Add
Breasts, Bottle and Babies Valerie Fildes A fascinating history of infant feeding. llust. Clean copy. 462pp £120.00 Add
This Way to Beauty Helena Rubinstein A practical guide to obtaining and maintaining ones beauty. llust. 174pp £28.00 Add
The Polite World Joan Wildeblood A guide to English manners and deportment from earlier times and its changes in the 20th C. llust. Price clipped but otherwise clean copy. 224pp £35.00 Add
Skin Deep Ronald Scutt and Christopher Gotch A study of the mystery of tattooing with many high quality photographs of actual tattoos. llust. 205pp £48.00 Add
Selling Through the Window Harry Trethowan Explaining in detail many possible ways in which the window can be made to fulfil its essential purpose in the sale of goods. llust. 96pp £110.00 Add
Tapestry Weaving Kirsten Glasbrook A colourful exciting book that offers a rich source of stimulating and innovative ideas.Superbly illustrated throughout. 96pp. £25.00 Add
The Fashion Design Manual Pamela Stecker A comprehensive view of the creative process of designing for fashion. Detailed knowledgeable survey. Well illustrated. £70.00 Add
Hairstyles and Fashion: A Hairdresser's History of Paris 1910-1920 Stevem Zdatny This stimulating book contains articles written by the Paris hairstylist Emile Long between December 1910 and December 1920 for an English trade journal. 204pp £45.00 Add
A Collector's Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles: Minis, Mates and More Jeri Lyn Ringblum This handbook provides hundreds of clear color photographs and fascinating stories which reveal volumes about each fragrance, far beyond the size of the bottles. 264pp £14.00 Add
Profumi Mignon (Miniature Perfume Bottles) Carla Bordignon Text in Italian/English. A lovely showcase of over 100 miniature perfume bottles by the most famous perfumers in the world, dating from the late 1920's to the present. 143pp £25.00 Add
The New Book of Perfumes John Oakes John Oakes seeks to demystify the "parfumier's" art, introducing the reader to all the major perfume categories. 320pp £18.00 Add
All Made Up: 100 years of cosmetics advertising Penny Dade A brief history of 20th-century printed cosmetics advertising, illustrated with over 80 beautiful, full colour reproductions of advertisements. 112pp £25.00 Add
Fashions in Makeup: From Ancient to Modern Times Richard Corson Fashions in Makeup is a unique book in its field: a comprehensive history of cosmetics. In this highly praised volume, Richard Corson chronicles the pursuit of beauty from Ancient Egypt to the present day. 640pp £38.00 Add
Hair: Sex, Society, Symbolism Wendy Cooper A serious but unsolemn exploration of the facts and fictions, the myths and mysteries of our hair. 240pp £10.00 Add
The History of Vanity John Woodforde This book looks at the history of vanity from Roman times to the present day in all its aspects: dress and disguise of the body and the use of false calves, cod-pieces and stays. 135pp £30.00 Add
Hairstyles Of The World Pepin van Roojen This book contains a vast collection of some 1.000 images of coiffures from ancient times until the present day. 304pp £11.50 Add
Survival Of The Prettiest: The Science of Beauty Nancy Etcoff A comprehensive book on this complex and contentious subject, from the factual details of what makes a face beautiful to the deepest questions about the nature of beauty itself and its place in the human condition. 325pp £15.00 Add
Hope in a Jar: The Making of America's Beauty Culture Kathy Peiss Historian Kathy Peiss gives us the first full-scale social history of America's beauty culture. 334pp £16.00 Add
The Craft of Ladies' Hairdressing S. G. Flitman A comprehensive study of all aspects of hairdressing, with wonderful b&w photographs of styles, including competition styles, and diagrams. 191pp £15.00 Add
Magic of Make-Up: By the Most Modern Methods for Stage and Screen Harald Melvill A study of cosmetic practices in the creative arts, giving an overview of how different characterisations can be created solely through the use of make-up. 89pp £18.00 Add
Beauty: The Twentieth Century Jacqueline Demornex This is the first book dedicated to the universal history of beauty. Read about the history of art, cosmetics, magazines etc. £35.00 Add
Face Value: The Politics of Beauty Robin Tolmach Lakoff & Raquel L. Scherr Looks at the history and mythology of beauty, examines psychological attitudes toward beauty, and discusses sexual politics, ethnic identity, and stereotypes of beauty. 312pp £15.00 Add
Macfadden's New Hair Culture Bernarr Macfadden Offering rational, natural methods for cultivating strength and luxuriance of the hair. 140pp £18.00 Add
Secrets of the Harem Carla Coco This all-color book describes the Turkish harem in a comprehensive manner, bringing it to life with sensual, evocative illustrations and well-documented text. 191pp £30.00 Add
Agent Provocateur: A Celebration of Femininity Joseph Corre and Serena Rees This book studies female sexuality without embarrassment, but with empowerment. 192pp £12.00 Add
Doris Kloster's Demimonde: A Visual Exploration of Fetish Doris Kloster These previously unpublished color, duotone, and black-and-white photographs presented in Fetish World were shot on location in many private dungeons and provide an unforgettable insider's view. 160pp £18.00 Add
The Corset: A Cultural History Valerie Steele Why did women continue wear corsets forr four hundred years? And why did they finally stop? This lavishly illustrated book offers fascinating and often surprising answers to these questions. £14.00 Add
Underwear: The Fashion History Alison Carter This book follows the development of underwear fashion for men, women and children, from 1500 to the present day. 161pp £11.50 Add
The Corset Benedict Zilliacus Fascinating study of the history of corsets. Very scarce book. £45.00 Add
The History of Ladies Underwear Cecil Saint-Laurent This attractive and fully illustrated book covers underwear from earliest times to the present day (1968). 222pp £14.50 Add
The Story of Men's Underwear Shaun Cole In this work, Shaun Cole endeavours to re-establish for the first time, through well-researched socio-economic analysis, the importance of men's underwear in the history of costume from ancient times to today. 255pp £45.00 Add
Support and Seduction: A History of Corsets and Bras Beatrice Fontanel From the ancient Greeks to Mae West and Madonna, this light-hearted book charts the changing shapes of female beauty. 160pp £18.00 Add
The Bikini Pedro Silmon This book is a celebration in pictures of the bikini's four glrious decades. 160pp £24.00 Add
Making Waves: Swimsuits and the Undressing of America Lena Lancek and Gideon Bosker Explores the design and manufacture of swimwear throughout the twentieth century and delves into the psychological and social roots of swimsuit styles and their appeal. 160pp £18.00 Add
Bathing Beauties Michael Colmer The amazing history of female swimwear ravishingly illustrated in colour and black and white. 144pp £10.00 Add
Lingerie: The Evolution of Seduction Valerie Manferto de Fabianis (Editor) Text in English. A colorful and titillating pictorial history of the sexiest attire of all. 256pp £20.00 Add
The Bare Truth: Stars of Burlesque in the '40s and '50s Len Rothe Len Rothe has again pulled from his collection of original photographs of entertainers this delightful selection of over 100 images of Burlesque stars. 110pp £14.00 Add
That's Sexploitation: The Forbidden World of 'Adults Only' Cinema Eddie Muller & Daniel Faris A history of exploitation cinema from low budget pictures of the 1930s and 40s through an era of 'nudie cuties' and into the days of free love and beyond. 157pp £25.00 Add
Playboy at 50: Selections from the Archives Christie's New York Auction catalogue for the Playboy sale held Wednesday 17th December 2003 at Christie's New York. 187pp £25.00 Add
Art Nouveau and the Erotic Ghislaine Wood This concise, fully illustrated study shows how the idea of the erotic was given visual expression by artists and designers. 96pp £24.00 Add
The History of Underclothes C. Willett & Phillis Cunnington Fascinating survey of various undergarments worn by the English over six centuries. Well-documented, scholarly presentation enhanced with over 100 period illustrations. 185pp £11.00 Add
When Ladies Acquired Legs: History of Woman's Emancipation in Text and Pictures Erik Norgaard This unusual book is concerned with Woman's Emancipation. In text and with over 200 illustrations, it reveals how women started to think and do for themselves. 144pp £8.00 Add
Uplift: The Bra in America Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau In Uplift: A History of the Bra in America Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau use this item of clothing to gauge the social history of women and to understand the business history of fashion. 243pp £15.00 Add
Exotique: Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (Box Set) Kim Christy This colossal collection contains collections from the 'Exotique' Magazine. £45.00 Add
The Medieval Chastity Belt: A Myth-Making Process Albrecht Classen A fascintating analysis of the mythology of the chastity belt, with dissection of the literary and iconographic evidence. 222pp £45.00 Add
Figure Training or, Art of the Handmaid of Nature E. D. M This reprinted classic work, describes in elegant langage and minute detail the often extreme, but practical means employed to achieve a fashionable wasp-waisted and upright figure. £30.00 Add
Underwear and Lingerie: Part 1 & 2 Various This book covers all forms of intimate apparel, giving the standard varities of each type of garment and explaining in detail the principles of making. £35.00 Add
The Illustrated Book of Stockings Christopher Gower (Editor) Shocking stockings: an illustrated history of female hosiery. 96pp £15.00 Add
The Illustrated Book of Dominatrices Roger Moineau De Sade's Justine, Lady Latex and Mistress Sidonia are just a few of the formidable women encountered here. 96pp £15.00 Add
6 Full Colour Posters (Erte) Erte Six superb full-colour reproductions of Erte's most striking graphics, featuring a description of each painting and a short biography. £20.00 Add
Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel Isaac Mizrahi Three oversized and unconventional comic books featuring riotous artwork by William Frawley that take us to the heart of the fashion world. £18.00 Add
Erté at Ninety-five: The Complete New Graphics Marshall Lee (Editor) 163 works, reproduced in full colour, showing Erte's wonderful creativity in the final years of his life. 192pp £75.00 Add
La Mode en peinture No 7: Les Collections Hiver 84/85 Various Text in French. September-October-November Issue. £20.00 Add
Masks Various A book of really cool masks created by famous people and celebrities. 94pp £10.00 Add
Drawing Fashion: A Century of Fashion Illustration Joelle Chariau (Editor) Celebrates renowned art dealer Joelle Chariau's unique collection of some of the most remarkable fashion illustrations from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. 240pp £20.00 Add
Masters of Fashion Illustration David Downton A lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed book celebrating the work of the great fashion illustrators since the turn of the 20th century. 224pp £70.00 Add
Manifesti: Pubblicitaa e Moda Italiana 1890-1950 Dario Cimorelli & Anna Villari Text in Italian/English. This fascinating, abundantly illustrated book delves into the evolution of Italian advertising and fashion posters. 238pp £25.00 Add
Addressing the Century: 100 Years of Art and Fashion Peter Wollen Celebrating the cose and vivid relationship between art and fashion in the 20th century. 120pp £14.00 Add
Fashion Drawing Eliot Hodgkin Very scarce book published in 1932. A study of different types of fashion illustration, including big names such as Harrods, Jaeger, Burberry and more. Illustrated. 115pp £90.00 Add
Alastair: Illustrator of Decadence Victor Arwas This is the definitive book on Alastair owing to Victor Arwas's substantial biographical material spanning 25 large pages. 100pp £15.00 Add
Fashion Illustration: 1930 to 1970 from Harper's Bazaar Marnie Fogg This volume collates the best fashion illustration that were captured in the pages of the iconic Harper's Bazaar magazine from 1930 to 1970. 206pp £10.00 Add
Cap Badges of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces 1914-1919 Lenard L Babin Fully illustrated with descriptions for each badge. Cover and edges sl. grubby and 2 private stamps on FEP, otherwise clean copy. £30.00 Add
A Picture Book of Japanese Sword Guards V & A Museum A 1978 reprint of the original 1927 text courtesy of the V&A Museum. V. clean copy. 22pp £10.00 Add
Uniforms of the United States Army Henry Loomis Nelson Illustrated by 44 facsimile plates from water colour drawings by H. A. Ogden. DJ is v. tatty and ripped but contents are v. good. £70.00 Add
Fashions in Hair: The First 5000 Years Richard Corson Fashions in Hair is a unique book in its field: a comprehensive history of hairdressing. 701pp £50.00 Add
A Very Special Prison Erich von Gotha Graphic erotica from Erich van Gotha, taken from original French publishing. £32.00 Add
Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch Valerie Steele and Melissa Marra A lavishly illustrated tribute to one of the most remarkable self-invented personalities on the New York fashion scene - Susanne Bartsch. 171pp £26.00 Add
How to Draw and Paint Today's Fashions Viola French A collection of fascinating illustrations showing fashions of the day, how to construct body shapes including children and women. 34pp £20.00 Add
Narodne Nosnje Jugoslavije
Text in Croatian/Slovenian. 'National Geography of Yugoslavia'. 12 high quality, full page prints of traditional Yugoslavian costume. £20.00 Add
Ornaments of the Taimir Nationalities Yuri Gradinarov A beautifully illustrated look at the different Taimir peoples and there distinctive styles of clothing. 32pp £35.00 Add
Charlemagne's Mustache and Other Cultural Clusters of a Dark Age Paul Edward Dutton This book presents the reader with seven engaging studies of cultural life and thought in the Carolingian world. 280pp £20.00 Add
Hair in African Art and Culture Roy Sieber and Frank Herreman (Editors) In the West, hairstyle choices range from the purely functional to the complex fashion statement. This books shows how in the African continent their significance is far greater. 192pp £75.00 Add
ViewHans Andersen's Fairy Tales with Illustrations by W. Heath Robinson Hans Andersen A collection of fairy tales from the famed Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. 289pp £210.00 Add
Native Funk & Flash Alexandra Jacopetti This collection of contemporary folk art comes mainly from the San Francisco Bay area, but it is representative of a much more generalized return to home-decorated functional objects. £30.00 Add
Perfume in Pictures Margaret Woodneey Wyman Part of the Visual Industry Series. In these profusely illustrated pages you will find documentation on all phases of the beguiling subject of perfumerie. 80pp £30.00 Add
Secrets of Charm John Robert Powers and Mary Sue Miller 'For women only' "386ppHere's the book that shows you how to make the most of your age-old duty to be attractive, interesting and of value to others." 386pp £36.00 Add
The Arts of Beauty or Secrets of a Lady's Toilet Madame Lola Montez A reprint of the original 1858 edition. A guide to the mystical arts of beauty. 132pp £35.00 Add
The Caruska Sittings Elmer Batters A minibook collection of 50 semi-nude erotica pictures from the 'Caruska Sittings' by famed photographer Elmer Batters. £6.00 Add
Tapestry Conservation - Principles and Practice Frances Lennard and Maria Hayward The book facilitates more informed conservation practice and decision-making, and helps custodians to select the most appropriate method of intervention. 247pp £70.00 Add
The Studio How To Do It Series, No. 30: Fashion Drawing Francis Marshall A guide for the student of fashion design, presented by one of the best known fashion artists of his era. 96pp £50.00 Add
Penthouse: Oh, Wicked Wanda Frederic Mullally Hold on to your heads ad the most explosive heroine of the twentieth century whips across your brains. Vintage magazine created by Penthouse. £70.00 Add
The Secret Art of Tom Poulton A. J. Maclean This book brings to light for the first time the sexually explicit work of Tom Poulton, a reputable British artist who illustrated for the Radio Times. 156pp £25.00 Add
Beatrice Gordon Grimley Part of The Scarlet Library erotic novel series, with new illustrations by Lynn Paula Russell. 175pp £20.00 Add
The Way of a Man with a Maid Anonymous Part of The Scarlet Library erotic novel series, with new illustrations by Tim Major. 203pp £10.00 Add
Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry Christie Mayer Lefkowith Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry documents the contribution, as well as the influence of many great artists and industry innovators. 350pp £35.00 Add
ViewPeasant Art in Italy - Special Autumn Number of the Studio 1913 Charles Holme (Editor) Quality illustration throughout, showcasing b&w and colour plates of traditional clothing and crafts in Italy. £26.00 Add
ViewThe Child in Art and Nature Adolphe Armand Braun Revised and enlarged 2nd edition, with additional illustrations. 224pp £28.00 Add
William Dobson 1611-46 Malcolm Rogers A study of the life and work of painter William Dobson, published for the exhibition held at the National Portrait Gallery Oct 1983- Jan 1984. 92pp £45.00 Add
ViewComposition: An Analysis of the Principles of Pictorial Design Cyril Pearce A guide for students, art schools etc. for creating fine pieces of art. 120pp £50.00 Add
Christmas: Antiques, Decorations and Traditions Constance King This is the first vook to encompass all the antiques of Christmas, from early church figures and fine paintings to the mass-produced tree decorations. 160pp £20.00 Add
Mistress of Montmartre June Rose This is the story of Valadon, artist, model, friend and comtemporary of some of France's greatest artists. 284pp £32.00 Add
ViewThe Stanley Book of Designs for Making Your Own Furniture Lindley Abbatt A guide for making stylish furniture out of wood. 72pp £18.00 Add
Beatrix Potter - Her Lakeland Years W. R. Mitchell This is the compelling story of the real Beatrix Potter, based on interviews with those who knew her. 158pp £38.00 Add
The English Seaside Resort John K. Walton A Social History 1750-1914. A study of the importance of English seaside town growth in the context of the larger economy and quality of life changes of the period. 265pp £120.00 Add
The Sovereign Lady Sonia Keppel A study of the life of Elizabeth Vassall, third Lady Holland, with her family. 407pp £19.50 Add
ViewLives of the Friends and Contemporaries of Lord Chancellor Clarendon (3 Vols) Lady Theresa Lewis Original 3 volume set, 1852 edition. A guide to the life of Clarendon illustrative of portraits in his gallery. 304, 515 & 436pp £180.00 Add
ViewFeminist Perspectives in Philosophy Morwenna Griffiths (Editor) The essays in this book introduce to American readers the work of a group of British feminist philosophers, representing both the Continental and the analytic traditions, who argue that philosophy is in urgent need of a feminist perspective. 234pp £60.00 Add
ViewThe Glory of the Medieval World Regine Pernoud English translation of 'Le Tour De France Médiéval', translated by Joyce Emerson. 267pp £18.00 Add
ViewSlaves and Ivory in Abyssinia Major Henry Darley A record of adventure and exploration among the Ethiopian salve-raiders. Complete with photographs and maps. 219pp £100.00 Add
ViewWitchcraft at the Lamb Inn, Bristol Henry Durbin Ltd Edtn of 1000 copies. Reprint of an incredibly scarce 1800 text. With an introduction by Robert A. Gilbert. 60pp £50.00 Add
ViewThe Romance of the House of Savoy Alethea Wiel The oldest reigning dynasty in Europe is the House Of Savoy. This distinction is further enhanced by the grace and poetry associated with its antiquity of lineage. 258 & 272pp £40.00 Add
ViewRobert Louis Stevenson's: The Old Pacific Capital Robert Louis Stevenson The story of Monterey from Robert Louis Stevenson, from when he lived there in 1879. 55pp £55.00 Add