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Biennale di Firenze 1998 Fashion and Cinema Leonardo Mondadori Unique survey from the exhibition held in 1998 merging both cinema and fashion. Fully illustrated throughout with many striking images. 170pp. £10.00 Add
Steiglitz A Beginning Light Katherine Hoffman A unique biographical, historical and artistic survey of the early life and work of the photographer Alfred Steiglitz (1864-1946). Generously illustrated. 381pp. £8.00 Add
Arthur Tress Facing Up Bernard Letu Short text in French and English. A collection of Tress's forceful and erotic images.79pp. Edges slightly aged. £7.00 Add
Robert Mapplethorpe 1970-1983 Compiled Exhibition catalogue revealing many of this photographer's works. 64pp. Cover and edges slightly aged. £16.00 Add
The Lives of Lee Miller Antony Penrose A unique survey of the life and work of this famous model and photographer, written by her son. 171 duotone illustrations. 216pp. £12.00 Add
Himba Sergio Caminata Testo di Franco La Cecla. Superb black and white photographs. £50.00 Add
Fashion An Anthology by Cecil Beaton Cecil Beaton Catalogue compiled by Madelaine Ginsburg. Many black and white photographs and some other illustrations. 61pp. £18.00 Add
Unseen Vogue The Secret History of Fashion Photography Robin Derrick and Robin Muir (Editors) Hundreds of never seen before images in this fascinating survey. 352pp. £12.00 Add
In and Out of Fashion William Klein The first book on the fashion work of the legendary photographer William Klein, to be published in conjuction with a major exhibition at the International Center of Photography in New York. £100.00 Add
Paris + Klein William Klein A gathering together hundreds of photographs shot by Klein from the time he first picked up a camera in the 1960s until he put it down, momentarily, to put together this book. £70.00 Add
Scavullo: Photographs 50 Years Enid Nemy This definitive retrospective book on one of the world's greatest living fashion and portrait photographers. 224pp £60.00 Add
Mannequins Steven M. Richman This compelling photographic essay captures the personalities and drama of storefront figures, while presenting intriguing questions about the nature of mannequins. 160pp. £60.00 Add
Mannequins Nicole Parrot First international history of the mannequin with high quality illustrations throughout. 240pp. £65.00 Add
Vogue Book of Fashion Photography Polly Devlin A selection of the best fashion photography from Vogue magazine from 1919 to 1979. 240pp. £30.00 Add
Rico Puhlmann: A Fashion Legacy William A. Ewing Photographs and illustrations 1955-1996 from one of the most prolific and versatile photographers working in the 2nd half of the 20th century - Rico Puhlmann. 256pp. £34.00 Add
Toni Frissell: Photographs 1933 - 1967 Toni Frissell The story of Toni Frissell told through her photographs. High quality photographs throughout. 153pp. £25.00 Add
Horst: Sixty Years of Photography Horst This volume presents six decades of photographs by internationally known photographer Horst P. Horst. 279pp. £110.00 Add
Vogue Women Georgina Howell Women photographed by Vogue magazine feature in this book which follows the forms that female beauty has taken over the 20th century. 176pp. £20.00 Add
The Art of Being You Gianni Versace This richly illustrated volume presents a candid look at the many sources of Versace's inspiration. 248pp. £35.00 Add
John Rawlings - 30 Years in Vogue Kohle Yohannan A study of Rawlings elegant and iconic fashion and celebrity images taken for Vogue over a period of 30 years. 267pp. £35.00 Add
Norman Parkinson - Portraits in Fashion Robin Muir A fascinating study of Norman Parkinson's life and work. High quality photographs throughout. 192pp £14.00 Add
Visionaire's Fashion 2001 Stephen Gan A book devoted to designers of the new avante-garde, featuring a double-page spread devoted to each of the 64 hand-picked designers. High quality photography throughout. £20.00 Add
In the Sixties Franck Habicht A study of 1960s London where photographer Frank Habicht pointed his camera and captured the exuberance and innocence of those halycon days. This text presents his photographs. 120pp £50.00 Add
a Marrakech Giorgio Armani No Text. A stunning showcase for The Giorgio Armani Collezione Primavera Estate 1992. High quality imagery throughout. £65.00 Add
Dries van Noten: Women's Collection, Summer 1998 Dries van Noten No Text. A stunning showcase for The Dries van Noten: Women's Collection from Summer 1998. £80.00 Add
The Great Photographers: David Bailey Martin Harrison Charting David Bailey's career and his commitment to photography, especially nude photography. Illust. 64pp £12.00 Add
Mario Testino Portraits Patrick Kinmouth For the first time, these memorable and stunning celebrity portraits by Mario Testino have been collected into one volume featuring over 130 images. Illust. £90.00 Add
Modern Souls Donna Karan B&W Photography by Herb Ritts in the classic Donna Karan mode. £50.00 Add
Gianni Versace Dialogues de Mode Palais Galliera 'Des photographes autour d'une creation'. Exhibition catalogue of the the work of Versace as seen through the best photographs of his advertising campaigns. Text in French. Italian and English. 91pp. £40.00 Add
Fashion in Photographs 1860-1880 Miles Lambert Superb photographic survey alongside an infomative and absorbing text. 144pp. £60.00 Add
John Cowan: Through the Light Barrier Philippe Garner Philippe Garnerís absorbing book describes the way in which the talented and opportunistic Cowan carved himself a very specific niche in the fast flowing maelstrom that was sixties fashion photography. £24.00 Add
Terence Donovan Fashion Diana Donovan & David Hillman This book reveals how Terence Donovan's constant invention and experimentation not only set him apart from his contemporaries, but also influenced generations to come. Stunning photography throughout. £35.00 Add
Collezione Giorgio Armani Primavera Estate 1990 Giorgio Armani Folder with closure tape containing two books full of photographs displaying the 1990 Armani Collezione. Aldo Fallai (Men/Uomo) and Jacques Olivar (Women/Donna) are the featured photgraphers. 48pp £80.00 Add
Storia d'Amore Oreste del Buono Folder a book full of photographs displaying the 1991 Armani Spring/Summer Collection. Aldo Fallai is the featured photgrapher. £40.00 Add
Front Row/Backstage Mario Testino This text provides a sizzling look into the supercharged world of the international fashion collection shows - seen from both the coveted front row and uninhibited backstage by premier fashion photographer Mario Testino. £34.00 Add
Richard Avedon: Woman in the Mirror Anne Hollander An incisive by art historian Anne Hollander offers an overview of a half century of Avedon's images of women. 246pp £44.00 Add
Sieff Fashion Barbara Sieff This wide-ranging collection of Jeanloup Sieff's work captures some of his most famous photographs spanning a career of nearly forty years. £35.00 Add
David Bailey: Locations - The 1970s Archive Martin Harrison Throughout the decade, Bailey determined to photograph peoples and places across the world that fascinated him. 259pp £19.50 Add
Appearances: Fashion Photography Since 1945 Martin Harrison A study of fashion photography since 1945. 312pp £90.00 Add
Melvin Sokolsky: Seeing Fashion Martin Harrison This book is the first retrospective of Sokolsky's fashion photography, and represents another major rediscovery of one of America's finest image-makers. 192pp £70.00 Add
Beaton in Vogue Josephine Ross This book includes articles, drawings, and photographs by Beaton dating from the 1920s to the 1970s. 240pp £35.00 Add
F.C. Gundlach: The Photographic Work Klaus Honnef This volume presents six decades of photographs by internationally known photographer Horst P. Horst. £40.00 Add
A Gun for Hire Helmut Newton & June Newton This book brings together a selection of Newton's fashion catalog work from as early as 1962 through 2003 and his last editorial photographs for US and Italian Vogue. 216pp £50.00 Add
Photographing Fashion: British Style in the Sixties Richard Lester Unparalleled photographs, groundbreaking fashion, all published for the first time since they appeared in the decade that still defines British style. £25.00 Add
Man Ray Man Ray A must-have book for art lovers and particularly fans of Man Ray. 80pp £12.00 Add
The Fashion Makers: A Photographic Record Walter Vecchio A first view of the working fashion factory and of the complicated aspects of the garment industry. 277pp £20.00 Add
The Great photographers: Cecil Beaton Philippe Garner In the two essays accompanying this book of photography, Beaton is portrayed as a dandy who inspired David Bailey's generation with a sense of style among many others. 64pp £12.00 Add
Visionaire's Fashion 2000 Stephen Gan A book devoted to designers of the new avante-garde, featuring a double-page spread devoted to each of the 64 hand-picked designers. High quality photography throughout. £15.00 Add
Magic Time Capella Images of couture by the masters. Yves Saint Laurent, Lacroix, and Dior are represented. £15.00 Add
Fashion Images De Mode Lisa Lovatt-Smith & Patrick Remy A stuning collection of high quality fashion photographs from greats such as Testino and Newton. £18.00 Add
Fashion's Front Line: Fashion Show Photography from the Runway to Backstage Nilgin Yusuf & Niall McInerney A visual journey through three decades of photographing shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York, showcasing the extraordinary work of catwalk photographer Niall McInerney. 196pp £14.00 Add
Mid-Century Fashion and Advertising Photography William Helburn The first book to survey Helburnís work. It gives readers a delicious taste of the vivid reality that the television series Mad Men seeks to evoke. 224pp £22.00 Add
DESTROY: Sex Pistols 1977 Dannis Morris Documenting the originators of an iconoclastic period in British youth culture, music and fashion in over 170 classic photographs. £15.00 Add
La Moda: Parte Prima Gianni Rizzoni (Editor) Text in Italian. Most photos focussing on fashion 1920s-30s. £12.00 Add
La Moda: Parte Seconda Gianni Rizzoni (Editor) Text in Italian. Most photos focussing on fashion 1940s-70s. £12.00 Add
La Moda: Parte Terza Gianni Rizzoni (Editor) Text in Italian. Most photos focussing on fashion 1970s-80s. £12.00 Add
Cream - The Lost Scottish Tour Chris Welch 'We just let things happen. It was quite extraordinary to have three guys in their glamorous stage costumes wandering about in the Highlands Of Scotland'. Photographs by Robert Whitaker. £45.00 Add
(un)FASHION Tibor & Maira Kalman A fascinating collection of photographs illustrating dress and fashion around the world, including sections on optics, masks, work, play, footwear and headgear. £50.00 Add