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Couture Bridalwear Pattern Layout and Design Margot Arendse Comprehensive guide to making your own couture bridalwear. Step by step diagrams, photographs and detailed instructions £35.00 Add
Costume - The Journal of the Costume Society No 15
Comprised of articles by authoritative costume historians. Includes Tailor to Kings 1470-1504, Two 16th Century Tailors, the Printed Shawl in Scotland, Bermans and Nathans etc. Many black and white illustrations. 100pp. £15.00 Add
Macchine Per Cucire - Sewing Machines Carla Leoni Unique survey of sewing machines from the 1870's. Very well illustrated in colour throughout. Text in Italian and English. 141pp. £18.00 Add
A Capitalist Romance: Singer and the Sewing Machine Ruth Brandon Captivating biography and social history. Some illlustrations. 244pp. £10.00 Add
Metric Pattern Cutting Winifred Aldrich A unique completely metric method for designing beautiful clothes. Fully updated and extended. Profusely illustrated with line drawings. 160pp. £19.00 Add
Lingerie Design on the Stand Dawn Cloake Designs for underwear and nightwear. Well illustrated with line drawings. 96pp. £25.00 Add
Fashion Design on the Stand Dawn Cloake Practical guide to a modern technique used in dressmaking. Many Line illustrations. 96pp. £18.00 Add
Pattern Drafting Childrens Garment Design M. Rohr 16pp of pattern drafts for children. Paper covers. Ring bound. £60.00 Add
Dress Fitting Natalie Bray 2nd Edition metric. Basic Principles and Practice. Many line illustrations in this authoritative guide. 112pp. £20.00 Add
Two Centuries of Fur Trading 1723 - 1923 Romance of the Revillon Family Marcel Sexe Fascinating history. Black and white photographs. £50.00 Add
Making Leather Purses and Totes Lisa Galvin Detailed practical guide. Very well illustrated with colour photographs throughout. 128pp. £35.00 Add
Federalist & Regency Costume 1790 - 1819 R.L.Shep Primary Source Materials that include descriptions and patterns for men and women. Fashion News and Illustrations from contemporary magazines. Uniforms. Embroidery Patterns. Ladies Riding Habits. Childrens Clothing etc. 217pp. £68.00 Add
Dress & Cloak Cutter: Women's Costume 1877-1882 Charles Hecklinger Revised and enlarged edition with additional material by R.L.Shep. A pattern drafting system. Princess style dresses. All types of Coats, Wraps, Jackets etc. Fashions of American Women during the period. Illustrations from American Fashion magazines. Glossary of Fashion Terms etc. 119pp. £24.00 Add
Early Victorian Men R. L. Shep (Editor) Tailoring for many styles of coats taken from The Tailors Masterpiece All Kinds of Coats by George Walker1838. Plus Hints on Etiquette 1836 and Fashion Illustrations from Modes de Paris 1836-1838. 194pp. £70.00 Add
Tailoring of the Belle Epoque W.D.F. Vincent Vincent's System of Cutting all kinds of tailor made Garments 1903. Revised Edition. Five parts in One Volume. Embellished with additional Illustrations. 418 Patterns including those for men and women, servants, uniforms etc. Plus biographical notes on W.D.F.Vincent. £110.00 Add
Civil War Gentlemen 1862 Apparel Arts and Uniforms R.L.Shep and W.S.Salisbury Pattern Consultant Betty Williams. Complete 1865 American Tailoring System. Includes Shirts, Uniforms, Fashion Plates and Illustrations etc. 260pp £40.00 Add
Making Kimono and Japanese Clothes Jenni Dobson Unique practical guide very well illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs. 128pp. £26.00 Add
Shirts and Men's Haberdashery 1840s to 1920s R.L.Shep and Gail Cariou Patterns Styles and History. Includes all types of shirts and workwear. 252pp. £95.00 Add
The Handbook of Practical Cutting on the Centre Point System (1866) Louis Devere Revised and Enlarged Edition. Men's Clothing of the Mid Victorian period, the US Civil War era and the Empire of Napoleon III. Practical cutting guide. Well illustrated. Over 130pp. £82.00 Add
Dress Selection and Design Marion S. Hillhouse The purpose of this book is to explain the principles of art, their application to clothing selection and their influence on buying and making clothes at any economic level. Illust. 216pp £40.00 Add
Period Costume for Stage & Screen 1800-1899 Jean Hunnisett Patterns for Women's Dress 1800 - 1909. Fully illustrated. 191pp. £45.00 Add
Henry Poole - Founders of Saville Row Stephen Howarth A study of the history of Henry Poole, one of the founders of Saville Row and how they became a legendary company. 159pp. £12.00 Add
Tailor's Pattern Book 1589 Juan de Alcega Rare collection of 135 tailoring patterns originally published in 1589, this information is unique since Alcega (a master tailor) was the first to publish the secrets of the trade. With full English translation. 66pp. £185.00 Add
Adaptable Stage Costume for Women Elizabeth Russell Starting with a basic bodice and skirt, the author shows how additions and acessories adapt the stage costume to each period from Saxon to Victorian. High quality imagery throughout. 95pp £14.00 Add
Le Tailleur: Un Vetement-Message Xavier Chaumette Text in French. 'The Tailor: Message of Clothing' A study of French women's tailoring and the story it tells. Illust. 111pp £16.00 Add
Dress Pattern Designing Natalie Bray A classic book on pattern cutting, now in its fifth edition, with over a hundred diagrams and forty plates with clear and detailed instructions on the basic principles of cut and fit. Illust. 176pp £33.00 Add
Through the Eye of a Needle H. E. Blyth The story of the English Sewing Cotton Company. Includes original letter signed by the chairman as celebration of 50 years of the company. Illust. 111pp £42.00 Add
Knots and Crosses Fay Maxwell Offering a different approach to canvas work, including new fabrics, stitches and threads with practical guides to creating interesting pieces. Illust. 24pp £14.00 Add
Glovemaking in West Oxfordshire N. L. Leyland and J. E. Troughton A study of the craft and history of glovemaking in West Oxfordshire. Illust. 41pp £14.00 Add
Glove Making at Home Frances A. Staite A guide to making your own gloves at home, with diagrams for all styles and stitches. Illust. 70pp £9.50 Add
Easy Sewing: The Kwik-Sew Way Kerstin Martensson Includes patterns for knit tops, blouses, skirts and pants in sizes XS-S-M-L-XL. Illust. 88pp £18.00 Add
Tailoring for Women Gertrude Mason A text-book for the class-room and the home on the cutting and making of women's coats in professional style. Illust. 181pp £10.00 Add
Making Smart Clothes Grace C. Dimelow Modern methods in cutting, fitting and finishing for smart women's clothes. Illust. 128pp £20.00 Add
Garment Technology for Fashion Designers Gerry Cooklin This handbook provides students and professionals with a basic and practical understanding of garment technology. Illust. 152pp £60.00 Add
Modern Pattern Design Harriet Pepin The complete guide to the creation of patterns as a means of designing smart wearing apparel. Illust. 253pp £90.00 Add
Pattern Drafting & Grading: Women's and Misses' Garment Design (Revised Edtn) M. Rohr Modern methods in cutting, fitting and finishing for smart women's clothes. Illust. 113pp £80.00 Add
Pattern Drafting for Dressmaking Pamela Stringer An easy-to-use, do-it-yourself guide for everyone who wants to learn how to make patterns for individual clothing designs. Illust. 184pp £40.00 Add
Singer Machine Embroidery - Artistic Possibilities of Domestic Sewing Machine Dorothy Benson This book contains 25 fully illustrated lessons in machine embroidery. Illust. 79pp £28.00 Add
Pattern Drafting and Dress Designing Albert Friedmann A practical textbook of instruction for designing working patterns for all types of made-to-measure garments for ladies and girls. Illust. 160pp £148.00 Add
Dress Design - Draping and Flat Pattern Making Marion S. Hillhouse and Evelyn A. Mansfield Explaining in detail the principles of draping fabric on the dress form, of flat pattern designing and the connection between the two. Illust. 326pp £85.00 Add
Grading for the Fashion Industry: the theory and practice Patrick J. Taylor & Martin M. Shoben A practical reference book for students, teachers and professionals dealing with one of the major problems of the clothing industry, that of grading and sizing. Illust. 288pp £55.00 Add
The Wish Booklet Volume III: Fashions 1871-1875 Susan Sirkis A collection of tailoring patterns for clothes and accessories to fit dolls 11"-13" tall, specifically womens fashions 1871-1975. Illust. 45pp £16.00 Add
The Wish Booklet Volume IV: First Lady Fashions 1789-1865 Susan Sirkis A collection of tailoring patterns for clothes and accessories to fit dolls 11"-13" tall, specifically fashions of the USA first ladies 1789-1865. Illust. 46pp £50.00 Add
The Wish Booklet Volume XV: Fashions 1806-1810 Susan Sirkis A collection of tailoring patterns for clothes and accessories to fit dolls 11"-13" tall, specifically women's fashions 1806-1810. Illust. 46pp £16.00 Add
The Wish Booklet Volume XVIII: Fashions 1853-1858 Susan Sirkis A collection of tailoring patterns for clothes and accessories to fit dolls 11"-13" tall, specifically women's fashions 1853-1858. Illust. 38pp £14.00 Add
Making Latex Clothes Sian-Kate Mooney This is the first practical book that shows dressmakers how to make the most of this innovative material by a leading maker of latex clothes. Illust. 112pp £65.00 Add
Fashion Design Drawing and Presentation Patrick John Ireland All aspects of fashion illustration are covered in this essential reference, it also deals with faces and hairstyles, and details such as collars, sleeves and pleats with a wide variety of materials. Illust. 120pp £70.00 Add
Accent on Accessories - First Edition Dora Shackell A clear guide to making fashionable and attractive accessories in your own home. Scarce book. Illust. 120pp £15.00 Add
The Art of Garment Making Phillip Dellafera Revised edition from the original author. Giving full details of the making of standard garments useful in any wardrobe. Illust. 133pp. Very scarce. £200.00 Add
Designing and Cutting Modern Leisure & Cotton Garments for Men A. G. Chaudhry A compilation of drafts which will be of interest to wholesale designers, bespoke cutters and students of tailoring, showing modern leisure clothing for men. Illust. 115pp £100.00 Add
Modelling and Flat Cutting for Fashion - from design to pattern Helen Stanley A basic course in modelling and flat pattern cutting, presenting a range and variety of methods with an emphasis on practicality. Illust. 180pp £29.00 Add
The Art of Fitting Ladies' Garments F. Whitworth Green A comprehensive selection of ladies tailoring considered as one of the most useful and practical contributions to the trade's technical literature. Illust. 58pp £88.00 Add
Essentials of Pattern Drafting and Modelling Dora Seton & Winifred Parker Clear instructions and large scale diagrams show in detail the drafting of all basic blocks and their adaption to varying styles. Illust. 88pp. Scarce First Edition. £25.00 Add
Organization, Management and Technology in the Manufacture of Men's Clothing Martin E. Popkin Offering comprehensive knowledge of the various departments that have to do with the production of clothing and its physical handling. Illust. 415pp £95.00 Add
Dressmaking Unique Esther Lindeque A complete course in cutting and designing ladies' dress covering every minute detail possible. Illust. 164pp £98.00 Add
Making Clothes for Children Agnes M. Miall A guide to dressmaking for mothers making their children's clothing, offering a guide for girls and boys from babys to young men and women. Illust. 182pp £20.00 Add
Fundamentals of Dress Construction Sibylla Manning & Anna M. Donaldson Providing an organised guide to dress construction so that each step receives due emphasis and attention. Illust. 223pp £55.00 Add
Dressmaking and Dress Design Bernard del Monte A practical guide for amateurs on cutting, making and altering clothes at home. Illust. 82pp £44.00 Add
Basic Shapes: Tunic/Dress Lydia Pickering and Patrick Taylor This book presents to the beginner the simple principle of pattern cutting. Illust. 20pp £12.00 Add
Processes for Garment-making and Simple Upholstery with a Supplement K. A. Voller Revised and enlarged 5th edn. Offering a selection of patterns for tailoring, sewing and knitting for both school and home use. Illust. 77pp £10.00 Add
The "ABC" of Cutting and Making Garments for Every-day Needs (1913 1st Edtn) Betsy L. Blackmore A practical manual showing how to draw the pattern, place it on a specified length of material, cut out and make the garments in the simplest possible manner. Illust. 222pp £95.00 Add
Fitting Men's Ready-To-Wear Clothes Joseph Marcus A manual for salesmen and fitters. Includes a glossary of tailoring terms and expressions. Illust. 118pp £65.00 Add
The Art of Cutting and English Costume Edward B. Giles The history of the art of cutting in England, preceded by a sketch of the history of English costumes. Illust. 192pp £53.00 Add
Late Victorian Women's Tailoring: The Direct System of Ladies' Cutting (1897) T. H. Holding 3rd facsimilie edn showing patterns and instructions for jackets, skirts, coats and capes as well as accessories. Illust. 192pp £38.00 Add
Women's Costume 1877-1885: The Complete Dress & Cloak Cutter Charles Hecklinger Revised and enlarged edtn, combining the 1880 and 1883 edtns. A collection of Victorian cutting diagrams and fashion illustrations. Illust. 212pp £45.00 Add
Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear Winifred Aldrich A simple but comprehensive book, featuring basic menswear designs that are easily adapted for the more creatively minded tailor. Illust. 128pp £150.00 Add
Modern Sizing and Pattern Making for Women's and Children's Garments Philip Kunick A highly authoritative study of pattern-making and garment sizing based on a life-time of experience and relentless quest for perfection. Illust. 178pp £125.00 Add
Civil War Ladies: Fashions and Needle-Arts of the Early 1860's R. L. Shep (Editor) A selection of primary source material from Peterson's Magazine 1861 and 1864 showing fashion illustrations, cutting patterns and embroidery etc. Illust. 348pp £18.00 Add
Singer: Fashion Tailoring Jessie Hutton If you have some sewing experience and want to learn fine custom tailoring techniques, this book is for you. Illust. 179pp £10.00 Add
The Vogue Sewing Book of Fitting Adjustments & Alterations Patricia Perry (Editor) A practical easy-to-follow book with special techniques that professional seamstresses and fashion designers use to achieve a smooth, elegant fit every time. Illust. 190pp £15.00 Add
Cutting Out for Student Teachers Amy K. Smith A collection of instructions and patterns for tailoring, intended for use by al teachers and students of the subject. Illust. 256pp £30.00 Add
Needlework Without Specimens - 1915 Edtn E. P. and C. A. Claydon A clear and detailed guide to modern (1915) school needlework, written by two headteachers. Illust. 237pp £32.00 Add
The Theory of Garment-Pattern Making W. H. Hulme A textbook for clothing designers, teachers of clothing technology and senior students. Illust. 136pp £65.00 Add
Pattern Making for Dressmaking and Needlework WALLBANK . E.& M. Wallbank Providing a reliable and useful book for teachers and students of tailoring with 'proportianate' patterns. Illust. 54pp £38.00 Add
Constructive Pattern Making Gertrude Fearnside A practical textbook for cutting patterns for elementary and secondary schools and for the use of teachers. Illust. 71pp £28.00 Add
School and Fireside Crafts Ann Macbeth and May Spence This little book aims at helping the teachers and the parents, and those interested in guild and clubs, to teach the new generation traditional arts and crafts. Illust. 106pp £30.00 Add
The 'Haslam' Practical Guide to Dressmaking & Tailoring G. A. & F. A. Haslam A reliable and easy guide to dress/coat/pocket/buttonhole making as well as a guide to children's garments and embroidery. Illust. 77pp £25.00 Add
The Modern Tailor Outfitter and Clothier - 3 Volumes complete A. A. Whife (Editor) Full 3 volume set. Considered one of the finest text-books for the clothing trade, offering technical, practical and commercial studies of tailoring. Illust. 321/277/364pp £290.00 Add
Uniting the Tailors Anne J. Kershen This book compares and contrasts the growth of the tailoring industry in London and Leeds and evaluates the contribution of Jewish immigrants. Illust. 226pp £30.00 Add
Longman's Complete Course of Needlework, Knitting & Cutting-Out (1911, 1st Edtn) Miss T. M. James A comprehensive text on needlework, knitting and tailoring from many years of practical experience from the author. llust. 451pp £35.00 Add
Fitting & Pattern Alteration Liechty, Pottberg and Rasband A multi method approach. Authoritative detailed reference book with pattern diagrams throughout. 344pp. £56.00 Add
Grading techniques for fashion design Jeanne Price and Bernard Zamkoff Revised edition of the industry standard for the basic operations of hand grading. Authoritative practical guide with many line drawings. 222pp. £90.00 Add
Fundamentals of Apparel Design Harriet Pepin Authoritative guide with line drawings and black and white photographs. 250pp. £125.00 Add
Making Simple Clothes Ida Hamre and Hanne Meedom The structure and development of clothes from other cultures. Many line drawings for making clothes plus other black and white illustrations. 115pp. £80.00 Add
Sizing, Pattern Construction and Grading for women's and children's garments P.Kunick Standard textbook for the clothing Industry. Detailed authoritative study. Numerous illustations, diagrams and tables. 168pp. £70.00 Add
Practical Dress Design Mabel D Erwin Principles of fitting and pattern making. Detailed practical guide with many line drawings. 470pp. £90.00 Add
Draping Women's and Misses' Garment Design M. Rohr Very scarce reprint of a unique tailoring work. Many pattern drafts. 24pp. Paper covers. £45.00 Add
Men's Custom Tailored Pants Stanley Hostek Authoritative guide with many pattern drafts. 43pp. £60.00 Add
Men's Custom Tailored Coats Stanley Hostek Authoritative guide with many pattern drafts. 233pp. £45.00 Add
Hand Stitches for the Fine Custom Tailored Garment Stanley Hostek Unique authoritative guide illustrated with LDs. 40pp. £65.00 Add
The Custom Shirt Book: Men and Women's Dress Shirts for the Home Sewer David Page Coffin Detailed authoritative guide illustrated with Line Drawings. 133pp £80.00 Add
Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear Winifred Aldrich Authoritative detailed guide superbly illustrated with drafting patterns throughout. 143pp. £14.00 Add
The Tudor Child - Clothing and Culture 1485 to 1625 Jane Huggett & Ninya Mikhaila The book is illustrated with sumptuous styles appropriate to different ranks and eras from 1485 to 1625. 160pp £40.00 Add
The Victorian Tailor Jason Maclochlainn This unique book is a wide-ranging introduction to the world of Victorian tailoring, including techniques, materials, and patterns. 158pp £30.00 Add
Savile Row: An Illustrated History Richard Walker A definitive history of Britain's "tailors' district" and of the social changes that it has effected over the years. 192pp £22.00 Add
Vincent's Systems Part 1 - Trousers, Gaiters &C W. D. F. Vincent The tailor and cutter academy systems of cutting all kinds of tailor-made garments - Part 1. Very rare original 1908 edtn. £135.00 Add
Sashiko: A Japanese Sewing Technique Rosemary Muntus A collection of patterns to recreate traditional Japanese Sashiko needlework designs. 52pp £38.00 Add
Stamping with the Basics Tony Laier Containing many illustrations along with some written instructions about how to make the designs with the 7 tools found in the No 5500 Basic Leathercraft Kit. 12pp £7.00 Add
Fundamentals of Men's Fashion Design Edmund B. Roberts A guide to designing and making men's casual clothes with various styles and techniques. £65.00 Add
Pattern Grading Simplified Jack Kirschner 2nd Printing. A manual for grading Women's, Misses', Juniors' and Children's dresses, suits and coats. 202pp £140.00 Add
Advanced Pattern Grading Simplified Jack Kirschner A guide to Wholesale, Stack, Mass and "Chinatown" grading. 210pp £140.00 Add
Clothing Liberation - Out of the Wardrobe and into the Streets Laura Torbet A book to give you ideas for making new fancy clothes. 73pp £150.00 Add
Back Tracking in the Fur Industry Robert G. Hodgson An illustrated history of the fox farming industry in Canada. Focusing on early development and discoveries by the men who made it into fur trading. 100pp £28.00 Add
Advanced Fur Craftsmanship Samuel Haphael A study of improved fur techniques in all peltries commonly used by the practical furrier. 242pp £180.00 Add
The American-Mitchell Text Book: Fur Designing - Patter Making, Grading Francis C. Weigl A comprehensive textbook for fur designing, pattern making and grading. 160pp £110.00 Add
Designing Patterns - A Fresh Approach to Pattern Cutting Hilary Campbell A guide and working tool forstudents and home dressmakers to help build up skills and confidence.124pp £30.00 Add
Wacky Wearables Sandra Forrest Dozens of zany, ute and dramatic accessories to cut out and wear. £100.00 Add
Fundamentals of Men's Fashion Design Edmund B. Roberts and Gary Onishenko Second Edition. A guide to designing and making men's casual clothes with various styles and techniques. 230pp £45.00 Add
Traite Pratique du Fourreur Francais J. L. Perrier Text in French. 'French Furriers Practical Treatise'. Practical guide to many different types of fur. 176pp £48.00 Add
Classic Tailoring Techniques Roberto Cabrera & Patricia Flaherty Meyers A construction guide for men's wear, very comprehensive and fully illustrated. 245pp £90.00 Add
How to Draft Basic Patterns Kopp, Rolfo, Zelin and Gross 4th Edition. This thoroughly expanded and revised reference includes principles and instructions for drafting all slopers. 135pp £40.00 Add
Dressmaker Ann Ladbury A sewing guide for beginners. Patterns for T-Shirt, skirt, trousers, jacket, blouse and dress in many versions. 100pp £12.00 Add
Pattern Cutting and Making Up. Volume 2 Martin M. Shoben & Janet P. Ward The simple approach to soft tailoring, with patterns for Jackets, Sleeves, Collars, Structured and Unstructured Silhouettes abd Professional Lining Techniques. 240pp £42.00 Add
The Complete Guide to Practical Cutting (1853) Edward Minister & Son A complete modern reprint of this original legendary tome. A good reference for one of the most elegant periods of men's clothing. £130.00 Add
Art in Dress (1922) P. Clement Brown This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. £48.00 Add
Late Georgian Costume J. Wyatt and H. Le Blanc Comprising direct facsimilie of: The Tailor's Friendly Instructor (1822) and The Art of Tying the Cravat (1828). £85.00 Add
Sew Creative Projects Donna Wilder A fun guide to creating interesting embroidered projects - as seen on the Public Television Station's "Sew Creative" series. 45pp £20.00 Add
Coat and Skirt Making Samuel Heath Sixth Edition. This famous book for learners at home, school and college, was written by a professional tailor and describes many basic techniques step-by-step. 132pp £24.00 Add
Dressing for the Ballet Joan Lawson and Peter Revitt A practical book to help both professional and amateur dancers to make suitable costumes for themselves, when professional help is not available. 96pp £150.00 Add
A Practical Approach to Costume Design and Construction: Volume II Beverly Jane Thomas Hundreds of cost-saving ideas, techniques, scaled patterns, and drawings - from altering or adapting available garments to creating hard-to-find period clothing and accessories. £28.00 Add
Bridal Couture Susa Khalije Fine sewing techniques for wedding gowns and evening wear. 145pp £50.00 Add
Breast Measure Vest System J. F. Davies A guide for proper measurement and fitting of many types of vest. 9pp £20.00 Add
The "Bradford Coat System" Herbert Hildreth A guide to the Bradford Coat System. 60pp £55.00 Add
The Modern Mitchell System of Men's Designing Frank C. Doblin This revised edition of the author's system of design and grading, writing a complete and simple treatise that is easily understood, and correct in principle. £150.00 Add
Modern Method of Women's & Children's Garment Design A. Gebbia Includes measurement charts, pattern drafting and grading. 163pp £100.00 Add
Modern Shirt Drafting for Stock Patterns Lewis H. Warmkessel Complete guide to shirt construction. 33pp £98.00 Add
Garment Patterns for the Edwardian Lady Mrs F. E. Thompson Originally published as La Mode Universelle No. 22. Fully illustrated with many cutting patterns. 64pp £40.00 Add
The "Standard" Work on Cutting (Men's Garments) 1886 Jno. J. Mitchell Co. A study of the art and science of garment cutting, complete facsimilie of the revised and elarged fifth edition. £25.00 Add
Cheap Chic: Update Caterine Milinaire Hundreds of money saving hints to create your own great look. Revised and updated. £45.00 Add
The King's Servants: Men's Dress at the Accession of Henry VIII Caroline Johnson A Tudor Tailor Case Study - providing a vivid picture of Henry VIII's early court. 48pp £70.00 Add
American Factory Production of Women's Clothing M. L. Disher No. 668 of the first edition. In original velour covers. A survey of the clothing industry in Canada and the USA. £30.00 Add
Hard's Year Book for the Clothing Industry 1951 Arnold Hard Bound in original red cloth, 'Grafton anti-shrink fabrics and frocks' advert on front cover. £50.00 Add
Hard's Year Book for the Clothing Industry 1955 Arnold Hard Bound in original red cloth, 'Grafton Wonderfully Washable, anti-shrink fabrics guaranteed' advert on front cover. £50.00 Add
Hard's Year Book for the Clothing Industry 1965 Arnold Hard Bound in original red cloth, 'Aero - the really safe fastener' advert on front cover. £50.00 Add
A First Course in Ladies' Garment Cutting Phillip Dellafera A book written primarily for beginners in the art of cutting ladies' garments and for those whose knowledge of this important subject stands in need of refreshment and augmentation. 90pp £165.00 Add
Make Your Own Gloves Gwen Emlyn-Jones The first comprehensive book on glove-making to be published.112pp £25.00 Add
The Dressmaker Unknown A complete book on all matters connected with Sewing and Dressmaking from the simplest stitches to the cutting, making, altering, mending and caring for the clothes. 130pp £30.00 Add
The Practical Boot and Shoe Repairer: Volume I D. Laurence-Lord A study of correct repair for boots and shoes, with focus on 'modern methods and materials'. 252pp £45.00 Add
The Practical Boot and Shoe Repairer: Volume II D. Laurence-Lord A study of correct repair for boots and shoes, with focus on 'modern methods and materials'. 269pp £45.00 Add
The Folkwear Book of Ethnic Clothing Mary S. Parker Easy ways to sew and embellish fabulous garments from around the world. 160pp £50.00 Add
Trachten aus Schleswig-Holstein Gisela Soltkahn A study of traditional folk clothing in Northern Germany, with cutting patterns and guides to recreating authentic pieces. 215pp £90.00 Add
Sleeves - A Treasury of Ideas, Techniques and Patterns Louise Todd Cope A treasury of ideas and resources which challenges creative fantasy in garment design. Including over 100 instructional illustrations. 129pp £30.00 Add
Pattern Cutting Margaret Melliar The author shows how, by using a basic block, patterns can be adapted to any style without the complication of having to draft out each design seperately. 112pp £30.00 Add
Productivity Team Report: Men's Clothing
Report of a visit to the USA in 1949 of a productivity team representing the Men's and Youth's factory tailored clothing industry. 84pp £20.00 Add
Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning Dora S. Lewis A detailed guide to tailoring, altering and designing your own clothes. £30.00 Add
How to Make Historic American Costumes Mary Evans and William-Alan Landes An easy to use handbook that details, step by step, instructions on how to make historic American costumes and accessories for plays, pageants or musicals. 180pp £11.00 Add
Practical Pattern-Making for Schools and Adult Classes K. A. Voller 7th Edition. A handbook for teachers of pattern making, with many illustrations to share with students. 88pp £10.00 Add
Home Dressmaking Agnes M. Miall Every woman's practical guide to the art of making smart clothes, with chapters on sewing for babies and children and renovations. 178pp £36.00 Add
Simple Garments for Infants M. B. Synge A full guide to creating clothes for infants with paper patterns comprising 52 pieces. 49pp £80.00 Add
Simple Garments for Children M. B. Synge A full guide to creating clothes for Children 4-14, with paper patterns comprising 57 pieces. 47pp £75.00 Add
The New Butterick Dressmaker Jacques Worth Fully illustrated guide to dressmaking. 309pp £15.00 Add
Scientific Designing of Women's Clothes Gaetan J. Lapick An analytical study of designing women's clothing, designed using the most modern methods available at the time. 268pp £30.00 Add
Dressmaking Simplified Valerie Cock Reprinted Third Edition. No beginner should be without this book, clear diagrams and detailed instructions provide an easy to follow method of working. 239pp £35.00 Add
The Golden Rule: The Universal Measure Marla Luterloh The ideal do-it-yourself pattern cutting method, presented in this new revised ringbound edition. Well illustrated throughout. £80.00 Add
The 'Cee-Bee' Nett Measure System for Cutting Ladies' Garments C. Blackwood A complete guide to the famous 'Cee-Bee' Seamless System for tailors of ladies' garments. 115pp £95.00 Add
Dress Designing M. F. Hepworth The book is planned for all who make their own clothes, especially the woman in the home. 167pp £15.00 Add
Clothes that Count Bradda Field A guide for making many types of clothing appropriate to the occassion. 152pp £100.00 Add
Tailored Garments Various Tailored suits, coats and capes - garments for men and boys, giving the standard varities of each type of garment and explaining in detail the principles of making. 47pp £40.00 Add
Children's and Maternity Garments Various Maternity and Infant's garments and Children and Misses Garments, giving the standard varities of each type of garment and explaining in detail the principles of making. 47pp £35.00 Add
Principles of Tailoring Various Essentials of tailoring, tailored seams and plackets and more. Explaining in detail the principles of making. 47pp £35.00 Add
Pitman's Craft for All Series: Glove Making Isabel M. Edwards A fuller and more complete book giving guidance on making many styles of gloves. 90pp £14.00 Add
Edwardian Hats Mme. Anna Ben-Yusuf This work contains a complete facsimilie of "The Art of Millinery (1909)" and illustrations from the Franklin Simon & Co., fall and winter 1908-9 catalogue. 256pp £34.00 Add
Weldon's Practical Leather Work (No. 118, Vol. 10)
No. 118, Volume 10 of the famous Weldon's Practical Needlework Series, focussing on how to model flowers and fruit in leather work. £30.00 Add
Pictorial Carving with Figure Carving Craftools for Leathercraft Al Stohlman A guide to creating fantastic works of art from leather. including bevelling techniques, how to model eyes, hair tools and foliage and pine trees. £30.00 Add
Unit Method of Sewing Iowa Home Economics Association Reprinted Third Edition. Clear easy to follow instructions and step-by-step procedures for the novice to construct clothing with the most modern techniques. 143pp £20.00 Add
The Art of Hand Sewing Leather Al Sothlman Stiching techniques with valuable information on tools and materials needed to get started. 69pp £20.00 Add
Leather Crafting Tony Laier This manual is an ideal introduction to leathercraft. Instructions for carving, lacing, dyeing and more. 58pp £30.00 Add
The Complete Serger Handbook Chris James The most comprehensive one-volume reference ever published on Serger machine sewing. 159pp £20.00 Add
Leather Craftsmanship John W. Waterer This book is an eclectic gathering of facts, theories, and pictures aimed to show how craftsmanship in leather had developed from early times and spread into many fields of use. 121pp £45.00 Add
Son of Hassle-Free Sewing Joan Weiner and Sharon Rosenberg Further adventures in homemade clothes by the authors of the illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book. 126pp £45.00 Add
The Reluctant Needle-Worker Betty Speller A nice guide for simple but useful needlework - starting with sewing on buttons, putting in buttons and taking up hems, then moving onto making cushions, curtains and more. 96pp £15.00 Add
Voge Sewing for Your Children Anne Marie Soto Illustrated Techniques to Sew Clothing for Growing Children. 192pp £24.00 Add
Playwork for the Little Ones Isabel M. Halley Being suggestions for the use of paper as a means of illustrating number lessons, fairy and nursery tales, doll-dressing and furtniture making etc. 118pp £15.00 Add
Common-Sense Needlework Jane A. Fleming A simple, practical guide to needlework for the home. 152pp £35.00 Add
Die Kunst des Kurschners Friedrich Malm and August Dietzsch Text in German. "The Art of the Collector" A manual of technical knowledge for fur crafting. 239pp £20.00 Add
The Ladies' Self Instructor in Millinery & Mantua Making, Embroidery & Applique
This work contains a complete facsimilie of the original 1853 work with original engravings and additional illustrations from Godey's Lady's book. £14.00 Add
The Teaching of Needlework Dorothy M. Howlett This book deals with the applcation of the fundamental principles of needlecraft to the teaching of the subject in schools. 86pp £28.00 Add
Blackboard Diagram Drawing for Teachers of Needlecraft E. R. Hambridge Designed for the teacher who is also a learner in the double arts of needlecraft and teaching. 168pp £35.00 Add
The Kingsway Book of Dressmaking Winifred Parker A full guide to creating ones own dresses, with detailing such as seams, buttonholes and belts. 94pp £10.00 Add
Making Clothes Stage 2: The Sewing Machine Toni Naldrett First master your machine, then use it to speed up your dressmaking and achieve a better finish. Helping beginners and old hands alike to make the fullest use of their machines. 63pp. £10.00 Add
Making Clothes Stage 6: Fine Finishing Toni Naldrett Care and imagination are necessary as much in the final stages as in all the previous steps that lead up to a beautifully made garment. Emphasis on trimmings such as braid, ribbon and applique. 63pp. £10.00 Add
Everything About Sewing Fur & Fur-Like Fabrics from Vogue Patterns Patricia Perry (Editor) All you need is a spirit of adventure and the ways and means loaded into this little book and you can make your own wonderful pieces from fur. 48pp £20.00 Add
Better Leathercraft A. Browne Practical instructions and hints for beginners in leatherwork. 69pp £30.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 101): How to Make Curtains
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own curtains. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 102): How to Make Draperies
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own draperies. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 103): How to Make Valances
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own valances. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 104): How to Make Bedspreads
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own bedspreads. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 105): How to Lay Out a Patterns and Cut
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to pattern making and cutting. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 106): How to Measure, Alter and Fit
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to measuring, altering and fitting clothes. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 107): How to Make Seams and Finishes
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to make seams and finishes. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 108): How to Make Sleeves
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own sleeves. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 110): How to Make Collars - finish necklines
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own collars. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 111): How to Make Zipper Closures
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own zipper closures. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 112): How to Make Belts and Hems
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own belts and hems. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 113): How to Make Slip Covers
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own slip covers. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 114): How to Make Cafe Curtains
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to sewing your own cafe curtains. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 116): Creating Charm When Sewing for Girls
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to creating charming clothes for young girls. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 117): How to Reinforce, Repair & Refit
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide for reinforcing, repairing and refitting clothes. 32pp £15.00 Add
Singer Sewing Library (Book No. 118): How to Do Dressmaker Tailoring
Part of the fantastic Singer Sewing Library series, many other volumes available. A full guide to dressmaking and tailoring. 32pp £15.00 Add
Needlework and Cutting-Out (1884) Kate Stanley Being hints, suggestions and notes for the use of teachers in dealing with the difficulties in the needlework schedule. 144pp £60.00 Add
Progressive Needlework J. M. Holt This book has been carefully designed to serve as a text book for pupils who are taking needlework as an examination subject. 94pp £12.00 Add
A Manual of Plain Needlework and Cutting-Out Emily G. Jones This little manual, a revised and enlarged edition of 'how to teach plain needlework and cutting-out' has been written as an aid to education on the subject of needlework. 128pp £25.00 Add
Women's and Children's Garment Design W. H. Hulme A textbook for garment designers, students and teachers of clothing technology. 205pp £50.00 Add
Handwork and Needlework Ellen P. Claydon Part of Pitman's Handwork Series. Simple and practical projects for home needleworkers. 88pp £12.00 Add
Needlework for Juniors Elsie Cooper Based on a scheme of Needlework suggested by the London County Council 1930, designed to teach sewing from a young age. 172pp £10.00 Add
The Sectional System of Gentlemen's Garment Cutting J. P. Thornton Revised and enlarged 7th Edition. Comprising patterns for coats, vests, breeches, trousers &c. 222pp £400.00 Add
The Sectional System of Ladies' Garment Cutting J. P. Thornton Comprising patterns for bodices, jackets, ulsters, skirts, habits &c. 304pp £425.00 Add
The Practice of Garment-Pattern Making W. H. Hulme A textbook for clothing designers, teachers of clothing technology and senior students. Illust. 136pp £65.00 Add
The Women's Outerwear Industry Margaret Wray This book describes post-war developments, both in organisation and in methods of production, in the women's outerwear industry in Great Britain. 318pp £15.00 Add
The 'Bradford' Systems Volume II Herbert Hildreth A full guide to the 'Bradford' cutting system, with multiple diagrams. 92pp £75.00 Add
Defects and Remedies in Tailor-Made Garments Phillip Dellafera A guide to alteration, adjustment and improvement of tailor-made garments that are defective in fit, style or make-up. 80pp £190.00 Add
The Art of Garment Making A. A. Whife New and revised 4th edition adapted from the original author's work. Giving full details of the making of standard garments useful in any wardrobe. Illust. 151pp. Very scarce. £200.00 Add
Thimble Collector's Encyclopedia John J. von Hoelle A reference book for thimble collectors. New international edition. Well illustrated. 334pp £37.50 Add
Lutterloh System International: The Golden Rule Marla Luterloh A teach yourself manual enabling people of all ages to learn a method of designing & cutting out patterns for all types of garments in all sizes for men, women & children. £145.00 Add
Practical Millinery Florence Anslow A book not only to teach the handicraft of millinery, but also offering a stimulating and original display of the subject matter. 216pp £150.00 Add
Hands and their Handicraft: Gloves Various The story of the fabric glove industry of Great Britain. Containing entries from many different manufacturers. 115pp £50.00 Add
The Practical Work of Dressmaking and Tailoring M. Prince Browne Fourth and revised edition. A complete instruction guide for all tailoring and dressmaking projects. 270pp £65.00 Add