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Nylon The Manmade Fashion Revolution Susannah Handley A celebration of Design from Art Silk to Nylon and thinking fibres. Very well Illust. £12.00 Add
Carpets Techniques Traditions and History Jacques Anquetil An essential guide superbly illustrated in Col. throughout £12.00 Add
Designing Worksheets Jan Messent Presentation techniques for Textile Students. Illustrated in the author's inimitable style. £7.50 Add
The Art of the Felt Maker M.E.Burkett Catalogue of a most important exhibition held in the UK 1979/1981. Unique survey of the ancient art of feltmaking. Very well illustrated. Some colour. 111pp. £10.00 Add
Latvian Weaving Techniques Anita Apinis-Herman Superb detailed guide to all the various Latvian weaving techniques. Well illustrated throughout. 136pp. £45.00 Add
Chinese Silk A Cultural History Shelagh Vainker A unique survey of the fascinating cultural history of silk from its Neolithic origins to the twentieth century. Superbly illustrated in colour. 224pp. £12.00 Add
Uncut Cloth Saris Shawls and Sashes Nasreen Askari and Liz Arthur Published for the exhibition held at the Paisley Museum and Art Galleries. A superb colourful survey which explores the extraordinary range of unstitched cloth used across South Asia.128pp. £12.50 Add
Arts of the Amazon Edited by Barbara Braun A definitive documentation of the arts and crafts produced in this fascinating area. 192 illustrations, 148 in colour. 128pp. £8.00 Add
Lace and the Emerald Isle Alan Brown Privately printed unique survey of the history of lace in Ireland. Black and white illustrations. 51pp. £15.00 Add
Miao Costumes from Guizhou Province South West China Deryn O'Connor Produced to coincide with the exhibtion that showed the scope of costume and textile design from the remote Guizhou province. Well illustrated with many colour photos. Location photogrpahy by Gina Corrigan. 80pp. £85.00 Add
Lace in Miniature Ann Collier How to create decorative lace and lace accessories for the small scale. Very well illustrated with detailed line drawings. 128pp. £8.00 Add
Samplers Town and Country
A collection of fine antique needlework samplers, naming the cities, towns and villages in which they were worked. Including a group of rare map samplers. Very well illustrated with colour photos. 48pp. £30.00 Add
Diligence, Industry and Virtue
British Samplers and Historic Embroideries. Catalogue from the Witney Antiques Exhibition. Superbly illustrated with colour photos. 48pp. £30.00 Add
Samplers Mapped and Charted
Samplers and Historic Embroideries. Exhibition catalogue of rare and unusual pieces themed around maps. Superbly illustrated with colour photos. 56pp. £25.00 Add
On This Fair Sampler Does My Needle Write
Samplers and Historic Embroideries. Exhibition Catalogue of rare and fine pieces. Superbly illustrated in colour. 56pp. £25.00 Add
Stitched in Adversity
Samplers of the Poor. Samplers and Historic Embroideries. Exhibition catalogue of fine examples of those pieces made by children mainly in institutions. Superbly illustrated with colour photos. 56pp. £25.00 Add
An Exceptional Endeavour
British Samplers and Historic Embroideries. Exhibition catalogue of rare and interesting pieces. Superbly illustrated in colour. 48pp. £25.00 Add
Decorative Tassels & Cords Effie Mitrofanis Lavishly illustrated work on the techniques of tassel making. 72pp. £11.00 Add
The Technique of Woven Tapestry Tadek Beutlich An invaluable practical guide. 4 colour and 44 black and white photos. 91 line illusttrations. 120pp. £14.00 Add
Building Torchon Lace Patterns Bridget M. Cook Full colour photos and colour coded diagrams throughout. Brief multi language instructions. Nearly 30 original bobbin lace patterns. 98pp. £60.00 Add
MOLA - Applique with a difference Marie Peacey Practical guide to the traditional needlework craft of the Cuna Indians of the San Blas Islands in Central America. Very well illustrated. 80pp. £6.00 Add
Samplers - A School Room Exercise
Exhibition catalogue of a rare collection of needlework samplers recording the shool, institution or teacher under whose instructions the sampler was made. Well illustrated in colour. 34pp. £30.00 Add
Straw Work and Corn Dollies Lettice Sandford Authoritative practical guide. Well illustrated with black and white photos and line drawings.96pp. £8.00 Add
Costume - The Journal of the Costume Society No 10
Comprised of articles by authoritative costume historians. Includes The Paisley Textile Industry 1695-1830, Edinburgh Shawls, Scottish National Dress, Liberty's 1875-1975, Zandra Rhodes etc. Many black and white illustrations. 124pp. £60.00 Add
Arts and Crafts Movement - Textiles and Interiors Compiled Concise informative and well illustrated survey. 64pp. £3.00 Add
A Choice of Design 1850-1980 Fabrics by Warner and Sons Limited Warner and Sons Ltd Catalogue to acompany the touring exhibition in 1981/1982. A unique history of the firm plus a n illustrated catalogue of some of their fabrics. 110pp. £20.00 Add
Traditional Bedfordshire Lace Technique and Patterns Barbara M Underwood Authoritative historical and practical guide to this beautiful lace. Well illustrated in black and white throughout. 92pp. £15.00 Add
Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns Withof & Duchesse Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof Stunning selection of patterns for the lacemaking enthusiast with full instructions and many black and white illustrations. 144pp. £85.00 Add
Front and Back Tapestry of the Apocalypse at Angers Francis Muel and Antoine Ruais Superb survey illustrated with colour photographs. 80pp. £20.00 Add
From East to West Textiles from G.P. and J. Barker
Unique survey of the company and its work based on the exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert Museum 1984. Very well illustrated, some colour. 160pp. Private book plate on FEP. £10.00 Add
The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries
Proceedings of Meetings at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels, Belgium, September 21-24, 1987. Many black and white illustrations. 117pp. £12.00 Add
The Triple Crowns Tom Girtin A narrative history of the Drapers Company 1364-1964. 408pp. £8.00 Add
The Morant Collection of Old Velvets, Damasks, Brocades etc. with a description of English Upholstery during the 17th and 18th Centuries M. Jourdain Catalogue with 43 plates, some in colour. 35pp text and descriptions. Covers, prelims, edges and some pages aged and worn with some scattered foxing. All held in paper wraps with some small tears on spine. Very scarce item with the Morant and Co. stamp on front cover. £55.00 Add
The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding Peter Collingwood Definitive guide with detailed practical instructions. Very well illustrated with detailed line drawings throughout. 120pp. £95.00 Add
Scottish Textile History John Butt and Kenneth Ponting (Editors) Authoritative detailed survey. Some illustrations. 193pp. £70.00 Add
The Aesthetics and Vocabulary of Nakshi Kantha Perveen Ahmad Superb detailed survey with coloured plates. 101pp. £60.00 Add
The Big Book of Sling and Rope Braids Roderick Owen Superb detailed and fully illustrated patterns for over 250 braids. Small book label removed from FEP and BEP.159pp. £40.00 Add
ANGORA - A Handbook for Spinners Erica Lynne Drawings by Robeta Wackett.134pp. Small trade bookplate on FEP. £35.00 Add
Latvian Weaving Techniques Anita Apinis-Herman Comprehensive very well illustrated survey. 136pp. £45.00 Add
Why Paisley? Valerie Reilly Fascinating survey. 16pp. £11.00 Add
Textiles Boliviens Region de Charazani Louis Girault Text in French. 164pp. £30.00 Add
The Book of Fine Linen Francoise de Bonneville Preface by Mark Porthault. Translated from the French by Deke Dusinberre. Superbly illustrated. 208pp. £8.00 Add
The Structure of Weaving Ann Sutton Authoritative guide to techniques and aesthetics. 80 Colour Photos, 100 B/W photos, 125 line illustrations. 192pp. Small chip to top of D/J. £38.00 Add
Fabric Dyeing and Printing Kate Wells Authoritative ultimate fabric designer's bible. Superbly illustrated. 192pp. £20.00 Add
Celtic Beasts Animal Motifs and Zoomorphic Design in Celtic Art Courtney Davis Visually stunning survey tracing the origins styles, motifs and development of the use of animals in Celtic art. Well illustrated in B/W. 96pp. £18.00 Add
Shibori Creating Color and Texture on Silk Karren K Brito Authoritative practical guide. Superbly illustrated throughout. 128pp. £30.00 Add
Iban or Sea Dayak Fabrics and their Patterns A. C. Haddon and L. E. Start Unique survey. Illustrated. 160pp. £18.00 Add
Images of Asia Sarawak Crafts Methods Materials and Motifs Heidi Munan Unique survey. many illustrations. Some in colour. 92pp. £20.00 Add
Origins of Chintz John Irwin and Katharine B. Brett An authoritative and detailed survey with a catalogue of Indo-European cotton-paintings in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. 134pp. Inscription on FEP. £120.00 Add
Textiles Today A Kettle's Yard Exhibition Marianne Straub Woven and embroidered works selected by Marianne Straub for the travelling exhbition in 1981. Small paperback. Fully illustrated in colour and black and white. 24pp. Ex-Lib but small mark only on FEP. Main contents clean to good. £25.00 Add
Traditional Carpets of Serbia Compiled Exhibition catalogue jointly prepared between the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade and the Horniman Museum in London. Colour and black and white illustrations. 32pp. £15.00 Add
Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools Deborah Robson A catalog of the 29 touring pieces from the Save the Sheep Exhibit plus photos and information on endangered species and basic spinning terms and concepts. Illustrated. 95pp. Whole book very slightly warped. Main contents very good. £26.00 Add
Samurai Undressed Jacqui Carey A study of the importance of Kumihimo in Japanese Samurai armour. 80pp. £28.00 Add
A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles Zandra Rhodes A stunning book celebrating the work of the British Fashion Icon Zandra Rhodes. Details her creative process, the textile printing process and the fantastic finished product. 160pp. £20.00 Add
The Tartan Weaver's Guide James D. Scarlett Revised edition. 142 Tartans in colour with historical notes, 228 thread counts and guidance for weavers. £30.00 Add
Lion Rugs Parviz Tanavoli The Lion in the art and culture of Iran.Unique well illustrated survey. 151pp. £30.00 Add
Textile Graphics by Lilian Dring Joan Edwards Compiled by Joan Edwards. Foreword by Constance Howard. A unique survey of this amazing innovative textile artist. Well illustrated. 20pp. Paper covers stapled. £20.00 Add
Soviet Costume and Textiles 1917 - 1945 Tatiana Strizhenova A fascinating major study, the late art historian Strizhenova chronologically traces the development of designs for fashions intended for the working masses. 311pp £45.00 Add
Word Textiles - A Visual Guide to Traditional Techniques John Gillow and Bryan Sentance A complete guide to the whole range of traditional handmade textiles from all corners of the globe. Invaluable reference. Fully illustrated. 240pp. £40.00 Add
The Influence of Ottoman Turkish Textiles and Costume in Eastern Europe Veronika Gervers History, Technology and Art: Monograph 4. A study of the influence the Ottoman Empire on Eastern European costume and arts. 168pp £38.00 Add
Folk Costumes - Woven Textiles and Embroideries of Rumania Tancred Banateanu & Gheorghe Focsa & Emilia Ionesc Text in English. A comprehensive study of traditional Romanian folk costume, textiles and embroidery. High quality illustrations. 423pp. £50.00 Add
Romanian Folk Textiles Joyce Winkel & Dr. Paul Petrescu Catalogue for the Romanian Folk Textile exhibition in 1978 at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, LA. Also contains a brief history of Romania and the development of costume and textiles. High quality Illustration and photographs. 48pp £22.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 1 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 1 of 10 - discussing known examples of Western European Embroidery before 1100, textile imagery in Old English poems and more. High quality Illustration. 185pp £28.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 2 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 2 of 10 - discussing clothing descriptions in an early Irish poem in relation to archaeological finds, the Latin inscription on the Bayeux Tapestry and more. High quality Illustration. 190pp £32.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 3 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 3 of 10 - discussing England, Flanders, France, Germany and Spain from the 7th to the 16th Centuries. High quality Illustration. 221pp £30.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 4 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 4 of 10 - a special focus on headdress, with papers analysing women's turbans in 15th C French paintings, the changing meaning of the term cuff and more. High quality Illustration. 227pp £34.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 5 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 5 of 10 - featuring several articles examining the interaction of medieval romance with textiles and clothing, French Gothic ivory carvings illustrating fashionable dress and more. High quality Illustration. 208pp £30.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 6 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 6 of 10 - presents groundbreaking articles in novel areas of textile and dress scholarship: an introduction to an unexamined class of embroidery, scholarly research on historical dress in Latvia and more. High quality Illustration. 225pp £35.00 Add
Swedish Swatches Malin Selander A combination in revised for of four Swatch books from the author - yellow, blue, red, green series in colour photos. Illust. Small marks from storage on cover. 60pp £33.00 Add
Making Kumihimo Japanese Interlaced Braids Rodrick Owen The author uses his vast experience to unlock the secrets of the Takadai (a form of Kumihimo). Illust. Small marks from storage on cover. 192pp £38.00 Add
The Techniques of Rug Weaving Peter Collingwood A complete account of rug weaving from its simple beginnings up to the attainment of a professional standard. Illust. DJ and edges sl. grubby. 527pp £35.00 Add
The Techniques of Rug Weaving Peter Collingwood A complete account of rug weaving from its simple beginnings up to the attainment of a professional standard. Illust. Small damage to bottom of spine and bottom edge but contents clean. 527pp £35.00 Add
Batik: A Survey of Batik Design Alfred Steinmann Ltd Edtn 378/400. Ex Libris. A Detailed study of the Javanese art of Batik, this book specifically focusses on textile prints of non European origin. Illust. Rough cut edges, cover and end papers sl. grubby but contents v. clean. £48.00 Add
Handmade Baskets from Nature's Colourful Materials Susie Vaughan The book offers a step-by-step account of how to make a selection of strong, natural-looking baskets using a variety of materials. Illust. Very sl. wear on cover from storage. Illust. 80pp £9.00 Add
A Short History of Calico Printing in the Sett Valley A Robinson A study of the history of the Sett Valley Trail and its place in the Calico printing industry until the 1970s. Illust. Some wear on cover. 30pp £18.00 Add
The Techniques of Tablet Weaving Peter Collingwood The most comprehensive survey of tablet weaving techniques available. Illust. DJ and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. Illust.430pp £78.00 Add
A Textile Terminology: Warp & Weft Dorothy K. Burnham An explanation of textile terminology firmly based on the internationally accepted multilingual vocabularies of CIETA. Illust. Price clipped and edges v. sl. grubby. 216pp £72.00 Add
Braids & Beyond Jacqui Carey From military braids to mouse traps, antique to modern and handmade to industrial, how centuries of skill have turned a piece of string into a work of art. Illust. 56pp £22.00 Add
Paper Textiles Christina Leitner A fascinating & complete guide to making textiles from paper along with a brief history on the subject. Illust. Cover has v. minor. wear from storage. 191pp £20.00 Add
From Loom to Lathe - and back again Blackwood Morton & Sons and Cooke, Sons & Company The story of how 2 of Britain's greatest carpet weavers contributed to the war effort and kept the company names alive. Illust. Cover faded and grubby but contents clean. 56pp £20.00 Add
The Weaver's Book of Fabric Design Janet Phillips A focus on the designing of woven fabrics on four-shaft and multi-shaft looms. Illust. Price clipped and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. Illust.144pp £65.00 Add
Te Aho Tapu - The Sacred Thread Mick Pendergrast This beautiful book is a celebration of the art of Maori women's weaving. Illust. Cover has v. minor marks from storage. Private inscription inside fron cover. 124pp £40.00 Add
Linen: Hand Spinning and Weaving Patricia Baines A detailed description of the techniques for the spinning and eaving of linen. Illust. Price clipped and top edge grubby but contents very clean. 208pp £45.00 Add
Hand Block Printing & Resist Dyeing Susan Bosence A remarkable knowledge base for block printing and resist dyeing, this classic craft book is a facsimilie of the 1985 original. Illust. Top edge sl. grubby but contents v. clean. 144pp £35.00 Add
Swedish Hand Weaving Malin Selander The joy of handweaving in its limitless creativity, is conveyed to you in this book. Illust. DJ and edges sl. grubby but contents clean. 128pp £35.00 Add
Willow Work Mary Butcher An explicit text supported by clear and instructive drawings allows advanced willow weaving to be performed with confidence. Illust. Cover grubby from storage but contents clean. 64pp £75.00 Add
The Ashford Book of Spinning Anne Field A comprehensive spinning primer written by a leading spinner with an international reputation as a teacher and craftswoman. Illust. Cover and top edge grubby but contents clean. 152pp £22.00 Add
Indigo Textiles: Technique and History Gosta Sandberg A delightful book painting the history of indigo dyes and a description of techniques in using them. Illust. Price clipped and cover sl. grubby from storage but contents v. clean. 184pp £75.00 Add
Textiles: A Classification of Techniques Annemarie Seiler-Baldinger A classic work on the techniques of construction and decoration of fabrics. Illust. Cover faded from storage but contents v. clean. 256pp £25.00 Add
Hand Spinning & Woolcombing Grace M. Crowfoot & H. Ling Roth Reprinted from the original Bankfield Museum notes, detailing techniques and history of hand spinning and woolcombing. Illust. Price clipped and spine faded but contents clean. 62pp £38.00 Add
The London Weavers' Company 1600-1971 Alfred Plummer An authorised history of the Worshipful Company of Weavers, the oldest of all London Livery Companies tracing its origins to the 12th C. Cover sl. tatty but contents v. clean. 476pp £28.00 Add
Tablet Weaving Ann Sutton & Pat Holtom A full guide of techniques for the ancient art of tablet weaving for both beginners and advanced weavers. Illust. Price clipped and DJ sl. grubby but contents clean. 104pp £48.00 Add
The Textile Book Colin Gale and Jasbir Kaur Taking us behind the scenes with professionals to reveal what various jobs involve, what influences decision makers, and how their decisions affect what we buy next season. Illust. Cover has small marks from storage. 205pp £15.00 Add
Japanese Ikat Weaving Jun and Noriko Tomita A professional approach to the subject of Japanese Ikat (Kasuri) weaving in which lengths of yarn are tied and dyed before weaving. Illust. Cover has some marks but contents clean. 88pp £48.00 Add
Modern Block Printed Textiles Alan Powers Accompanied by vivid colour illustration throughout, the study moves from Morris in the late 19th century, to Art Deco work and the period up to and shortly after the Second World War. Illust. Excellent condition. 93pp £22.00 Add
Pinmakers to the World Johnathan Hunt This is the story of a firm founded two centuries ago which flourishes today as the international leader in its industry. Newey is probably the world's largest manufacturer of pins and haberdashery. Illust. 64pp £38.00 Add
Les Tapis D'Orient Ludmila Kybalova Text in French. 'The Oriental Carpets' An interesting study of the history and style of carpets from the Orient, sections for each geographical area (Iran, China, Africa, Central Asia etc.). Illust. DJ sl. tatty. 136pp £13.00 Add
Turk Susleme Sanatlarinda Desen Ve Motif Azade Akar & Cahide Keskiner Text in Turkish/English. 'Ornament and Design in Turkish Decorative Arts' A study of the history and design of Turkish decoration and its original influences. Illust. Cover sl. grubby but contents clean. £15.00 Add
Caucasian Rugs of Yesterday Nicoas Fokker A beautiful book studying 'genuine Caucasian' rugs, dating from pre WWI that are the work of individual expert craftsmen. Illust. Price clipped and DJ sl. tatty. 141pp £25.00 Add
The Wool Textile Industry in Great Britain J. Geraint Jenkins A detailed study of the history and development of the wool industry in the UK. Illust. Ex Libris, price clipped, dj sl. tatty contents clean. 309pp + plates £42.00 Add
Studies in Indo-European Textile History John Irwin & P. R. Schwartz Explaining the precise nature of the Indo-European commerce that had its foundation in Indian textile products, detailing the fabrics, commissioning and technical processes of manufature. Illust. DJ grubby. 124pp £33.00 Add
Leather Techniques through the Ages
Text in English. Celebrating 75 years of the BASF leather and fur factory, a full history of leather techniques and traditional tanning. Illust. Sl. grubby. 109pp £25.00 Add
In Blackburne Valley: The History of Bowers Mills Augustus Muir A comprehensive history of Bowers Mills, situated in the West Riding of Yorkshire, an area with many textile and clothing manufacturers who relied on the water mills for their business. Illust. 87pp. £22.00 Add
Colne Valley Cloth Phyllis Bentley A history spanning 6 centuries of woven woollen cloth in the Colne Valley (an area of the West Riding of Yorkshire). Illust. DJ tatty. 70pp £45.00 Add
Moroccan Carpets Brooke Pickering, W. Russell Pickering & Ralph S. This is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey of 19th and 20th century Moroccan rugs and textiles in 115 stunning color plates. Illust. Fine. 160pp £105.00 Add
The History and Method of Tablet Weaving Thorskegga Thorn A study of the origins of tablet weaving and pratical instructions for the craft. Illust. 16pp £46.00 Add
Hidden Threads of Peru: Q'ero Textiles Ann Pollard Rowe & John Cohen Combining ethnography, anecdote, and textile art to offer fascinating new insights into a culture that can trace its traditions back to the Inca empire. Illust. V. sl. marks from storage. 160pp £25.00 Add
The Fabrics of Hawaii (Bark Cloth) Adrienne L. Kaeppler A study of the history and techniques of Bark Cloth fabric used in Hawaii. Illust. Tatty DJ and sl. wave in pages but contents clean. 71pp £30.00 Add
A Short History of Decorative Textiles and Tapestries Violetta Thurstan An interesting history of decorative textiles and tapestries. Illust. Tatty cover and sl. grubby edges. 112pp £12.00 Add
The Textile Industry of South - West England Marilyn Palmer & Peter Neaverson A social archaeology looking at the buildings, firms and techniques from the textile industry of South-West England. Illust. V. sl. marks from storage. 160pp £8.00 Add
The Scottish Linen Industry in the Eighteenth Century Alastair J. Durie A fresh study of the Scottish linen industry telling how and why the industry grew during the 18th C. Spine sl. faded. 180pp £17.50 Add
The Early Medieval Textiles at Maaseik Belgium Mildred Budny and Dominic Tweddle A detailled scholarly study of the earliest extant Anglo-Saxon Christian liturgical vestments, especially the technical characteristics & construction of their woven textiles & embroideries. Illust. Sl. wear to cover from storage. 389pp £10.00 Add
The Homespun Textile Tradition of the Pennsylvania Germans Ellen Gehret and Alan Keyser A significant exhibition and publication illustrating the varied textiles utilized within the agrarian society of the pennsylvania germans. Illust. Cover sl. grubby but contents clean. £36.00 Add
Textile and Weaving Structures Peter Collingwood A source book for makers and designers of textiles and weaving structures. Illust. Price clipped. 160pp £45.00 Add
Iban or Sea Dayak Fabrics and Their Patterns A. C. Haddon & L. E. Start A Descriptive Catalogue of the Iban Fabrics in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Cambridge. Illust. Sl. wear to cover but contents v. clean. 160pp £14.00 Add
A History of Textile Art Agnes Geijer A handbook for scholars abd students with a comprehensive survey of worldwide textile history from ancient times to the 20th C. Illust. DJ sl. grubby with small tear but contents v. clean. 317pp £21.00 Add
Rush-Work Pitmans craft for all series Mabel Roffey and Charlotte S. Cross Part of Pitman's Craft-for-All Series, An illustrated step by step guide to weaving with natural rushes. Illust. Edges grubby and dj sl. tatty but contents clean. 82pp  £24.00 Add
Lao Textiles and Traditions Mary F. Connors The story of the Lao-Tai who produce exquisitely woven textiles with rich natural dyes and intricate designs. Illust. 82pp  £40.00 Add
Rush-Work Norah Florance Part of the Bell Handbooks Series, An illustrated step by step guide to weaving with natural rushes. Illust. Price clipped, DJ and edges grubby but contents clean. 90pp  £9.50 Add
Chronicon Rusticum-Commerciale or Memoirs of Wool John Smith 2 Volumes. Facsimilie of the original 1747 edition, being a collection of history and argument concerning the wool trade. Covers sl. grubby from storage, fine condition internally. 422pp & 576pp  £22.00 Add
The British Wool Textile Industry 1770-1914 D. T. Jenkins and K. G. Ponting This book analyses the progress of the wool textile industry and considers the competitive position of the industry in home and foreign markets. Price clipped, edges grubby and dj sl. tatty but contents clean. 388pp  £34.00 Add
Japanese Braiding: The Art of Kumihimo Jacqui Carey This book will introduce you to the basics of Japanese braiding. There are full step-by-step instructions for each move, followed by pictures of lovely examples to inspire you. Illust. Cover sl. grubby but contents excellent. 96pp  £8.00 Add
Your Book of Corn Dollies Joan Rendall A guide to the ancient craft of making dollies of corn, a step by step guide to building up an intricate design. Illust. Cover sl. grubby but contents clean. 48pp  £8.50 Add
Hollins and Viyella - A Study in Business History F. A. Wells The history of William Hollins & Co who begane as suppliers of yarn and became famous as proprietors of the 'Viyella' fabric. Illust. Presentation book plate inside front cover. Price clipped and DJ tatty. 262pp  £8.00 Add
Workers of Closed Textile Mills B. B. Patel An analysis of the issues of labour absorption under the influx of displaced textile mill workers following their closure in Ahmedabad. Illust. Price clipped, dj faded and grubby but contents clean. 72pp  £15.00 Add
Observations on Improved Machinery John Anstie Observationas on the importance and necessity of introducing improved machinery into the woollen manufactory. Illust. Cover sl. grubby but contents clean. 99pp  £7.00 Add
Los Tejidos Prehispanicos del Area Central Andina en el Museu de America Luis J. Ramos Gomez Text in Spanish. 'Prehispanic Textiles in the Central Andean Area displayed in the Museum of America' A fully illustrated guide of textiles. Illust. 208pp  £25.00 Add
Felting - a workbook for school and home Tinna Norskov Hansen A step by step process to creating felt from wool and patterns for creating mittens, bonnets and moccasins. Illust. Cover grubby from storage but contents clean. 40pp  £65.00 Add
Nuno Felt Liz Clay A collection of techniques and inspirational photos showing uses of nuno felt for accessories and home interiors. Illust. 128pp  £11.00 Add
Watercolor Felt Workbook Patricia Spark A guide to making pictorial felts using wet and dry felting methods (2nd edtn). Illust. Cover has v. minor marks from storage. 60pp £47.00 Add
Dyeing to Colour Bailey Curtis A guide to microwave dyeing and other simple methods of colouring fabric with dye. Illust. Cover has v. minor marks from storage. Personal inscription from author on title page. 50pp  £42.00 Add
Cinquantenaire des Tissus D'art Lisio
Text in French. '50 Years of Art Fabrics in Lisio' A selection of Silk art fabrics from the Italian Design house Lisio. Very high quality Illustration. Cover is grubby and page edges tanned. £50.00 Add
Embellish and Stitch Valerie Campbell-Harding & Maggie Grey A sumptuously illustrated book that not only covers the embelishing machine but also has lots of ideas for using felting needles by hand. Illust. Edges have sl. wear. 57pp £18.00 Add
Dutch Felt Ria van Els-Dubelaar Tex in Dutch/English. Presenting a collection of the artists work and some of the images that have inspired it, as well as fascinating techinical secrets for the best feltwork. Illust. Cover is sl. grubby. 159pp £40.00 Add
Line in Tapestry Kathe Tod-Hooker This book is written about line use, line technique and producing lines in tapestry - from the simple to the difficult. Illust. Cover is sl. grubby. 82pp £30.00 Add
Shaped Tapestry Kathe Todd-Hooker This book is filled with information about weaving tapestries 'outside the box' i.e. non rectangular or 3D. Illust. Cover and bottom edge sl. grubby. 77pp £70.00 Add
Felt Without Seams Shelia Smith Book Two - Making Hollow Forms. Dealing with the making of hollow forms for functional items such as hats and bags but also for decorative shapes. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 14pp. Softback. £45.00 Add
Beyond the Basics Shelia Smith Book Three - Advanced Feltmaking Techniques. Teaching more complex techniques to feltmakers. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 16pp £18.00 Add
Applique and Beyond Annette Morgan & Bailey Curtis A beautifully illustrated book displaying a range of applique. Illust. 33pp £7.50 Add
Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques Raoul D'Harcourt A fascinating reprint of one of the most highly detailed studies of handmade textiles ever made. Illust. Cover and edges v. sl. grubby. £10.00 Add
Creative Cloth Doll Faces Patti Medaris Culea A step by step guide by an acclaimed doll artist to creating the perfect face for your dolls using paints, pastels, fibers and other techniques. Illust. As new but for v. sl. marks from storage. 128pp £12.50 Add
Creative Cloth Doll Couture Patti Medaris Culea A step by step guide by an acclaimed doll artist to creating beautiful clothing and accessories for your art dolls. Illust. 128pp £10.00 Add
Art Cloth Jane Dunnewold Follow a master fiber artist through a wonderful journey of techniques and materials for surface design for fabric. Illust. Cover shows sl. wear. 175pp £11.00 Add
Interweave Felt Magazine Special Issue 2007 Various A special edition of Interweave Knits specifically focusing on felt knitting. Illust. 96pp £8.00 Add
Ciba Review 70 - Textile Art in Ancient Mexico P. Westheim Issue No. 70 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional Mayan textile designs and the methods used to produce them. Illust. Sl. tatty copy but contents clear and legible. 34pp £26.00 Add
Ciba Review 86 - Scottish Highland Dress J. Telfer Dunbar Issue No. 86 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional Scottish clothing in the Highlands, its woven construction and method of dyeing. Illust. Edges tanned. 30pp £26.00 Add
Ciba Review 88 - Swedish Peasant Textiles I. Henschen Issue No. 88 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional peasant textiles from throughout Sweden. Illust. 30pp £15.00 Add
Ciba Review 89 - The Handkerchief M. Braun-Ronsdorf Issue No. 89 of the Ciba Review - focus on the history of handkerchiefs and their construction since the Roman Empire. Illust. Cover sl .grubby. 30pp £21.00 Add
Ciba Review 90 - Textile Arts of the North American Indians A. Latour Issue No. 90 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional American Indian textile designs and the methods used to produce them. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 30pp £18.00 Add
Ciba Review 91 - The Linen Industry of St. Gall H. Luthy Issue No. 91 of the Ciba Review - focus on The linen industry in the Irish town of St. Gall. Illust. Spine sl. damaged and ink spot on front page, otherwise clean. 34pp £18.00 Add
Ciba Review 96 - Velvet A. Latour Issue No. 96 of the Ciba Review - focus on the return of velvet and corduroy into fashionable clothing. Illust. 30pp £28.00 Add
Ciba Review 1965/1 - Nonwovens J. W. S. Hearle Issue No. 1 of 1965 of the Ciba Review - focus on the rise of nonwoven fabrics due to their ease of shaping. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 41pp £25.00 Add
Ciba Review 1965/4 - Sportswear H. Schramm Issue No. 4 of 1965 of the Ciba Review - focus on sportswear to textile printing to modern production. Illust. Spine damaged and cover sl. grubby. 48pp £22.00 Add
Ciba Review 1966/1 - Slovene Textiles W. F. Schweizer Issue No. 1 of 1966 of the Ciba Review - focus on Slovene textiles from medieval frescoes to more modern lace making. Illust. 60pp £26.00 Add
How to Read Pattern Clive Edwards A practical introduction to looking at and appreciating the decorative art of pattern in textile design. Illust. Clean copy. 256pp £4.50 Add
Creative Cloth Doll Beading Patti Medaris Culea A focus on beading techniques and embellishments for your dolls from the leading expert in the field. Illust. 128pp £20.00 Add
The Continuous Thread of Revelation Alysn Midgelow-Marsden A review of the evolutionary process through which the author has developed her textile work over time. Illust. Sticker on spine, otherwise clean. £22.00 Add
Ciba Review 1965/5-6 - Sulphur R. J. Forbes Issue No. 5-6 of 1965 of the Ciba Review - focus on Sulphur and its use as a dye for textiles and fabric. Illust. Cover has note on top and edges sl. grubby. 54pp £25.00 Add
Creative Weaving Sarah Howard & Elisabeth Kendrick Few people are aware that weaving is a whole person activity, providing fulfillment, companionship and creativity. This book will show you how to achieve all these things, and more. Illust. Clean copy. 112pp £20.00 Add
Pixie Felt Using the Felting Needle Birgitte Krag Hansen Text in English. Step-by-step guide to creating details for felt pixies with a felting needle. Illust. Sl. wear to cover and small marking on front end paper. 72pp £85.00 Add
Dyrefilt Med Filtenalen Animal felt using the felt needle Birgitte Krag Hansen Text in Danish. 'Animal Felt Using the Felt Needle' Step-by-step guide to creating felt animals with a felting needle. Illust. Sl. wear to cover. 117pp £80.00 Add
Felt India Flint & Toyoko Sugiwaka This book explains the techniques and equiment needed to make your own felted objects and offers 23 step-by-step projects for gifts, accessories and homewares. Illust. 112pp £13.00 Add
Japanese Country Textiles Anna Jackson Drawing on the V&A's rich collection, this book details Japanese Country Textiles ranging from futon covers to Okinawa robes. Illust. Edges and cover sl. tanned but otherwise clean. 128pp £38.00 Add
Leather John W. Waterer Reprinted from Singer & Holmyard: History of Technology. A guide to leatherworking through the ages. Illust. Cover sl. faded. Ex Libris. 190pp £12.00 Add
The Journal of the Surface Design Association: Metallic Surfaces Patricia Malarcher (Editor) Summer 2005 issue of the Journal of Surface Design, focussing on metallic surfaces for textiles, homeware, jewellery and clothing. Illust. 76pp £8.00 Add
The Fabric of Stuffs Ursula Priestley A study of the Norwich textile industry from 1565 to the present day. Illust. Clean copy. 44pp £22.00 Add
Swiss Straw Work Veronica Main A unique and inspirational book, brimming with creative potential, capturing the intricacy and elegance of Swiss straw work designs. Illust. Cover edges show sl. wear from storage. 192pp £50.00 Add
Exploring Colour Julia Caprara This book introduces the language of colour in an accessible and straightforward way, allowing you to find your true colour sense with experimental approaches to stitching. Illust. Cover shows v. sl. wear from storage. 81pp £55.00 Add
Eye of the Needle Jennifer Harris & Alice Kettle A sumptuous celebration of the work of Alice Kettle, one of Britain's most exciting young textile artists. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 88pp £95.00 Add
The Studio of Bernat Klein Various A guide to the exhibition at Christie's in Glasgow held on 24 November 1994, celebrating the life and work of Serbian artist Bernat Klein. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. £28.00 Add
The East Anglian Linen Industry Nesta Evans A study of rural industry and local economy of East Anglia 1500-1850 that was dominated by linen. Illust. Spine sl. faded but contents clean. 178pp £19.00 Add
The Last Handloom Weavers - Paradise Mill, Macclesfield Jill Norris The story of last handwoven silk in England and the developments that led to new machined processes. Illust. Clean copy. 24pp £10.00 Add
Medieval Life and Leisure Linda Woolley A study of the Devonshire Hunting tapestries, and their richly detailed displays of hunting in the 15th c. currently diplayed at the V & A Museum. Illust. Clean copy. 118pp £18.00 Add
Moroccan Textile Embroidery Isabelle Denamur Text in English. Moroccan Textile Embroidery explains how Moroccan women passed this cultural art on to the next generation and how embroidered patterns were used to decorate interior spaces. Illust. Cover has sl. wear. 191pp £115.00 Add
Toiles de Jouy Josette Bredif A study of classic printed textiles from France 1760-1843. Illust. Clean copy. 184pp £80.00 Add
Handbook of Ornaments in Color - 3 A. C. Racinet Text in French/English/German. Volume 3 of 4 showing 60 colour plates of magnificent designs in ornamental settings such as textile, ceramic and painting. Illust. Cover has small marks from storage. 127pp £22.00 Add
Spitalfields Silks Natlaie Rothstein Book 6 of the V & A Museum's Small Colour Book Series, focus on the silk industry in Spitalfields. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 11pp £5.00 Add
Sheep and Wool for Handicraft Workers Michael L. Ryder A concise guide about the structure of wool and its uses. Illust. Cover sl. grubby. 24pp £20.00 Add
Weaving Patterns from Sweden Malin Selander Translated from original Swedish edition. A collection of Swedish weaving patterns ranging from tablecloths to cushions and robes. Illust. DJ sl. grubby. 120pp £19.00 Add
Serizawa: Master of Japanese Textile Design Jo Earle & Kim Brandt & Others This is the first book in English to trace Serizawa's artistic biography in detail using the finest examples of his work from leading Japanese textile collections. Illust. New. 144pp £14.00 Add
Felted Textures - Combining Felt & Fabric Sheila Smith A new approach to feltmaking, a study with step by step instructions for nuno felting (nuno is the Japanese word for woven cloth). Illust. 10pp £18.00 Add
Paper & Metal Leaf Lamination Claire Benn, Jane Dunnewold and Leslie Morgan A full illustrated guide to a mixed media approach with cloth, showing how you can laminate finished textile artworks. Illust. Clean copy. 54pp £85.00 Add
The Hand-Woven Rugs of Finland T. Sirelius A historical study of traditional hand woven Finnish rugs and their importance in society. Illust. Cover grubby but contents clean. 13pp £200.00 Add
The Norwich Shawl Pamla Clabburn The first major work to be published on the Norwich shawl and its manufacture, this book includes extensive background information and puts the garment in context of the fashion and textile industries. Illust. 145pp £75.00 Add
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Flowers Pamela Robertson A study of Mackintosh's use of plant forms as decorative and formal sources for his designs in architecture and textiles. Illust. Clean copy. 112pp £16.50 Add
Through the Eye of a Needle H. E. Blyth The story of the English Sewing Cotton Company. Includes original letter signed by the chairman as celebration of 50 years of the company. Illust. 111pp £32.00 Add
Silk Paper for textile artists Sarah Lawrence Silk paper is an exciting technique that is becoming ever more popular with textile artists. The process consists of taking silk fibres and felting them together to make sheets of fabric. Illust. Clean copy. 128pp £18.00 Add
Textile Manufacturers in Early Modern England Eric Kerridge A detailed study of the textile industry in England along with production techniques and company histories. Illust. DJ sl. grubby. 428pp £85.00 Add
The Master Spinner - A Life of Sir Swire Smith Keighley Snowden A study of the life and work of Sir Swire Smith - the master spinner. Cover sl. tatty and some pages sl. tanned but generally v. good condition. 348pp £26.00 Add
Textile Adventures - mixed media and stitch Isobel Hall An exciting look at mixed media techniques for textile art creation. Illust. Fine copy. 81pp £28.00 Add
Handwoven Decorative Trim Robyn Spady An introduction to weaving passementerie trims. Illust. V. sl. wear to cover from storage. 36pp £20.00 Add
Filt, Fiksfakserier og Fiduser Tinna Norskov and Janne Fasano Text in Danish and English. 'Funny Felting with Finesse' A guide to making easy and funny things with felt, step-by-step instructions and colour photos. Illust. Cover has some wear but contents v. clean. 52pp £12.50 Add
Dyeing Silk, Mixed Silk Fabrics and Artificial Silks Dr. A. Ganswindt A guide from the authors own experience to dyeing many different silks and silk type fabrics in a range of colours. DJ v. tatty and torn and edges grubby but contents v. clean. 220pp £26.00 Add
Rugs from The American Museum in Britain Sheila Betterton A companion book to 'Quilts and Coverlets' by the same author, giving the history and techniques of rug making in America. Illust. Good copy. 56pp £12.50 Add
British Textiles from 1900 to 1937 Valerie Mendes Part of The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection series - this lavishly illustrated book celebrates English woven, printed and embroidered textiles and their designs. Illust. Clean copy. 95pp £25.00 Add
Tapestries - Their Origin History and Renaissance (Ltd Edn) George Leland Hunter No. 72/550. A study of the origin and history of tapestries including construction techniques and skills. Illust. Cover tatty, rough cut edges and spine damaged but contents clean. 438pp £60.00 Add
The Carpet Makers (1962) Charles A. Oakley A history of A. F. Stoddard and Company Limited, showcasing 100 years of designing and manufacturing carpets of quality. Illust. Cloth cover sl. grubby and one plate missing. 72pp £20.00 Add
How to Hook Rugs (1952) Mrs Harry King A guide to the ancient art of rug hooking, intended for the beginner to learn simple techniques and then develop themselves into a creatvie artist. Illust. Cover, title page and end papers all sl. grubby but rest of contents v. clean. £16.00 Add
Werkstoff Filz - Fundamentals of Clothing and Accessories Monika Traub Text in German. 'Material Felt - Fundamentals of Clothing and Accessories' A fascinating guide to making fashionable pieces out of felt. Illust. 159pp £50.00 Add
Maisa Tikkanen - Huopateoksia Marina Gylen & Carla Enbom Text in Finnish/English. 'Maisa Tikkanen - Works in Felt' A fascinating study of felt artwork from the Finnish studio. Spine discoloured but otherwise clean. £20.00 Add
Tribal Rugs Jenny Housego This book paints a fascinating picture, not only showing superb examples of tribal rugs but also the way in which they are woven and the life of the tribes themselves. Cover and edges sl .grubby. 174pp £15.00 Add
The Textiles of William Folliott Elfrida Helen Sellick and W. A. Sellick A study of the exhibition of 'The Textiles of William Folliott' held at The Working Silk Museum in 1993, also including his biography. Illust. Clean copy. 40pp £10.00 Add
An Elizabethan Inheritance - The Hardwick Hall Textiles Santina M. Levey Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire houses a world-famous collection of 16th and 17th century textile furnishings, this lavishly illustrated and authoritative introduction to the collection places the textiles in their day-to-day context. Illust. Clean copy. 112pp £24.00 Add
Layered Textiles Kim Thittichai The latest book from the bestselling author Kim Thittichai focuses on the range of ideas and techniques for layering your textiles. These layers can produce simple to extreme surfaces for stitch. Illust. As new. 128pp £20.00 Add
Experimental Textiles Kim Thittichai This book provides experimental design ideas as well as experimental textile practice and offers exercises for design work and projects for finished textiles. Contains stunning images of work by major textile artists and emerging stars. Illust. As new. 128pp £28.00 Add
Transparency in Textiles Dawn Thorne Achieving transparency and translucency in textiles is the major new trend. Combine stitch and cloth with acetates, acrylics, perspex, resins and gels. This title provides techniques, projects and inspirational textile art. It uses all the materials that are readily available and safe to use. Illust. As new. 128pp £26.00 Add
The Sheldon Tapestry Weavers and their Work E. A. B. Barnard and A. J. B. Wace A study of William Sheldon and his fellow weavers, and the tapestries they constructed. Illust. Cover, title page, last page and edges grubby but contents v. clean. 59pp £20.00 Add
Mark Thornhill Wade: Silk Dyer, Soho D. B. Dagley A biography and company history of Mark Thornhill Wade, a master silk dyer who operated in Soho in the 18th C. Illust. Edges and DJ grubby and private inscription on front end paper but contents clean. 157pp £40.00 Add
Decorative Straw Work Lettice Sandford and Philla Davis A study of the history of straw work, a practical guide to creating your own and a presentation of fresh new ideas and designs. Illust. Price clipped, DJ sl. tatty and edges grubby, contents clean. 135pp £12.00 Add
Filtede Tasker Noriko Tachibana Text in Danish. 'Felted Bags' 21 felt bag designs with instructions and pictures, 1st Danish edition translated from the original 2001 Japanese book. llust. 96pp £15.00 Add
Exquisite Evolon Marion Barnett The complete step-by-step guide to working with the versatile Evolon fabric. llust. V. clean copy. 66pp £20.00 Add
Filte Fantasier Lisbeth Tolstrup & Lisbeth Degn Text in Danish. 'Felting Fantasies' book dealing with felt, both as clothing, home accessories and art media. No patterns to be found in this book, but a detailed introduction to the field and a review of the active felters in Denmark. llust. 176pp £25.00 Add
Felt Art of the Mongols L. Batchuluun Exploring the origins and semiology of Mongolian 'felt culture' and discussing the more recent emergence of technology in the industry. llust. Sl. wear to cover but generally clean copy. 291pp £120.00 Add
Sonia Delaunay Colour Moves: Art and Fashion Matteo de Leeuw-de Monti and Petra Timmer Superb survey with over 250 illustrations of her art and fashion designs. 200pp. £50.00 Add
1960s Fashion Print A Sourcebook Marnie Fogg A superb survey fully ilustrated in colour. 186pp. £35.00 Add
Lucet Braiding: Variations on a Renaissance Cord Elaine Fuller Explorations beyond the common square cord using multiple threads, beads, gimp and ribbon, making spiral, flat and picot cords for trims, embroidery and costume accessories. Fully illustrated. 32pp £50.00 Add
Costumes & Featherwork of the Lords of Chimor Ann Pollard Rowe Textile Museum exhibition catalog of Pre-Columbian textiles. 190pp £40.00 Add
An Illustrated Guide to the Care of Costume and Textile Collections Jane Robinson & Tuula Pardoe An illustrated guide to the care of costume and textile collections. 50pp £20.00 Add
Christie's Street Fashion: Costume and Textiles
Catalogue for the sale in South Kensington, Tuesday, 25 October 1994. Showcasing Costume and Textiles including 'Street Fashion'. £15.00 Add