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Carpets Techniques Traditions and History Jacques Anquetil An essential guide superbly illustrated in Col. throughout. 224pp £27.50 Add
5000 Ans de Textiles Jennifer Harris Superb detailed survey wioth important contibutors who are experts in their field. Text in French. Fully illustrated in colour throughout. 318pp £40.00 Add
Chinese Textile Designs Gao Hanyu Translated by Rosemary Scott and Susan Whitfield. A detailed authoritative history of all aspects of the history and design of Chinese textiles. Superbly illustrated in colour. 272pp. £36.00 Add
The Art of the Felt Maker M.E.Burkett Catalogue of a most important exhibition held in the UK 1979/1981. Unique survey of the ancient art of feltmaking. Very well illustrated. Some colour. 111pp. £55.00 Add
Latvian Weaving Techniques Anita Apinis-Herman Superb detailed guide to all the various Latvian weaving techniques. Well illustrated throughout. 136pp. £100.00 Add
Chinese Silk A Cultural History Shelagh Vainker A unique survey of the fascinating cultural history of silk from its Neolithic origins to the twentieth century. Superbly illustrated in colour. 224pp. £12.00 Add
Arts of the Amazon Edited by Barbara Braun A definitive documentation of the arts and crafts produced in this fascinating area. 192 illustrations, 148 in colour. 128pp. £10.00 Add
Miao Costumes from Guizhou Province South West China Deryn O'Connor Produced to coincide with the exhibtion that showed the scope of costume and textile design from the remote Guizhou province. Well illustrated with many colour photos. Location photogrpahy by Gina Corrigan. 80pp. £120.00 Add
The Technique of Woven Tapestry Tadek Beutlich An invaluable practical guide. 4 colour and 44 black and white photos. 91 line illusttrations. 120pp. £40.00 Add
Straw Work and Corn Dollies Lettice Sandford Authoritative practical guide. Well illustrated with black and white photos and line drawings. 96pp. £14.00 Add
Costume - The Journal of the Costume Society No 10
Comprised of articles by authoritative costume historians. Includes The Paisley Textile Industry 1695-1830, Edinburgh Shawls, Scottish National Dress, Liberty's 1875-1975, Zandra Rhodes etc. Many black and white illustrations. 124pp. £60.00 Add
A Choice of Design 1850-1980 Fabrics by Warner and Sons Limited Warner and Sons Ltd Catalogue to acompany the touring exhibition in 1981/1982. A unique history of the firm plus a n illustrated catalogue of some of their fabrics. 110pp. £35.00 Add
Front and Back Tapestry of the Apocalypse at Angers Francis Muel and Antoine Ruais Superb survey illustrated with colour photographs. 80pp. £20.00 Add
The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries Kirsten Grimstad (Editor) Proceedings of Meetings at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels, Belgium, September 21-24, 1987. Many black and white illustrations. 117pp. £15.00 Add
The Morant Collection of Old Velvets, Damasks, Brocades etc. with a description of English Upholstery during the 17th and 18th Centuries M. Jourdain Catalogue with 43 plates, some in colour. 35pp text and descriptions. £55.00 Add
The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding Peter Collingwood Definitive guide with detailed practical instructions. Very well illustrated with detailed line drawings throughout. 120pp. £80.00 Add
Scottish Textile History John Butt and Kenneth Ponting (Editors) Authoritative detailed survey. Some illustrations. 193pp. £120.00 Add
The Aesthetics and Vocabulary of Nakshi Kantha Perveen Ahmad Superb detailed survey with coloured plates. 101pp. £60.00 Add
The Mayorcas Collection Christie's Unique superbly illustrated catalogue of the sale held on Friday 12 February 1999. Displaying the Mayorcas collection of tapestries and textiles. 274pp. £40.00 Add
The Big Book of Sling and Rope Braids Roderick Owen Superb detailed and fully illustrated patterns for over 250 braids. 159pp. £35.00 Add
ANGORA - A Handbook for Spinners Erica Lynne Drawings by Robeta Wackett.134pp. £44.00 Add
Why Paisley? Valerie Reilly Fascinating survey. 16pp. £15.00 Add
Textiles Boliviens Region de Charazani Louis Girault Text in French. 'Bolivian Textiles of the Charazani Region'. 164pp. £90.00 Add
The Book of Fine Linen Francoise de Bonneville Preface by Mark Porthault. Translated from the French by Deke Dusinberre. Superbly illustrated. 208pp. £8.00 Add
The Structure of Weaving Ann Sutton Authoritative guide to techniques and aesthetics. 80 Colour Photos, 100 B/W photos, 125 line illustrations. 192pp. £40.00 Add
Fabric Dyeing and Printing Kate Wells Authoritative ultimate fabric designer's bible. Superbly illustrated. 192pp. £65.00 Add
Shibori: Creating Color and Texture on Silk Karren K Brito Authoritative practical guide. Superbly illustrated throughout. 128pp. £29.00 Add
Sarawak Crafts: Methods Materials and Motifs Heidi Munan Part of the Images of Asia series. Unique survey with. many illustrations, some in colour. 92pp. £25.00 Add
Origins of Chintz John Irwin and Katharine B. Brett An authoritative and detailed survey with a catalogue of Indo-European cotton-paintings in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. 134pp. £110.00 Add
ViewThe Journal of the Surface Design Association Surface Design On and About the Body Patricia Malarcher (Editor) Superby illustrated magazine. Spring 2005 Issue. 60pp. £15.00 Add
Textiles Today A Kettle's Yard Exhibition Marianne Straub Woven and embroidered works selected by Marianne Straub for the travelling exhbition in 1981. Small paperback. Fully illustrated in colour and black and white. 24pp £15.00 Add
Traditional Carpets of Serbia Compiled Exhibition catalogue jointly prepared between the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade and the Horniman Museum in London. Colour and black and white illustrations. 32pp. £25.00 Add
Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools Deborah Robson A catalog of the 29 touring pieces from the Save the Sheep Exhibit plus photos and information on endangered species and basic spinning terms and concepts. Illustrated. 95pp. £12.00 Add
A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles Zandra Rhodes A stunning book celebrating the work of the British Fashion Icon Zandra Rhodes. Details her creative process, the textile printing process and the fantastic finished product. 160pp. £20.00 Add
The Tartan Weaver's Guide James D. Scarlett Revised edition. 142 Tartans in colour with historical notes, 228 thread counts and guidance for weavers. £25.00 Add
Lion Rugs Parviz Tanavoli The Lion in the art and culture of Iran.Unique well illustrated survey. 151pp. £38.00 Add
Textile Graphics by Lilian Dring Joan Edwards Compiled by Joan Edwards. Foreword by Constance Howard. A unique survey of this amazing innovative textile artist. Well illustrated. 20pp. Paper covers stapled. £20.00 Add
Soviet Costume and Textiles 1917 - 1945 Tatiana Strizhenova A fascinating major study, the late art historian Strizhenova chronologically traces the development of designs for fashions intended for the working masses. 311pp £45.00 Add
Word Textiles - A Visual Guide to Traditional Techniques John Gillow and Bryan Sentance A complete guide to the whole range of traditional handmade textiles from all corners of the globe. Invaluable reference. Fully illustrated. 240pp. £40.00 Add
The Influence of Ottoman Turkish Textiles and Costume in Eastern Europe Veronika Gervers History, Technology and Art: Monograph 4. A study of the influence the Ottoman Empire on Eastern European costume and arts. 168pp £38.00 Add
Romanian Folk Textiles Joyce Winkel & Dr. Paul Petrescu Catalogue for the Romanian Folk Textile exhibition in 1978 at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, LA. Also contains a brief history of Romania and the development of costume and textiles. High quality Illustration and photographs. 48pp £22.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 1 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 1 of 10 - discussing known examples of Western European Embroidery before 1100, textile imagery in Old English poems and more. High quality Illustration. 185pp £28.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 2 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 2 of 10 - discussing clothing descriptions in an early Irish poem in relation to archaeological finds, the Latin inscription on the Bayeux Tapestry and more. High quality Illustration. 190pp £32.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 3 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 3 of 10 - discussing England, Flanders, France, Germany and Spain from the 7th to the 16th Centuries. High quality Illustration. 221pp £30.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 4 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 4 of 10 - a special focus on headdress, with papers analysing women's turbans in 15th C French paintings, the changing meaning of the term cuff and more. High quality Illustration. 227pp £34.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 5 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 5 of 10 - featuring several articles examining the interaction of medieval romance with textiles and clothing, French Gothic ivory carvings illustrating fashionable dress and more. High quality Illustration. 208pp £30.00 Add
Medieval Clothing and Textiles - Volume 6 Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocker Volume 6 of 10 - presents groundbreaking articles in novel areas of textile and dress scholarship: an introduction to an unexamined class of embroidery, scholarly research on historical dress in Latvia and more. High quality Illustration. 225pp £35.00 Add
Swedish Swatches Malin Selander A combination in revised for of four Swatch books from the author - yellow, blue, red, green series in colour photos. Illust. 60pp £33.00 Add
Making Kumihimo Japanese Interlaced Braids Rodrick Owen The author uses his vast experience to unlock the secrets of the Takadai (a form of Kumihimo). Illust. 192pp £27.00 Add
The Techniques of Rug Weaving Peter Collingwood A complete account of rug weaving from its simple beginnings up to the attainment of a professional standard. Illust. 527pp £70.00 Add
Batik: A Survey of Batik Design Alfred Steinmann Ltd Edtn 378/400. A Detailed study of the Javanese art of Batik, this book specifically focusses on textile prints of non European origin. Illust. £48.00 Add
Handmade Baskets from Nature's Colourful Materials Susie Vaughan The book offers a step-by-step account of how to make a selection of strong, natural-looking baskets using a variety of materials. Illust. 80pp £35.00 Add
A Short History of Calico Printing in the Sett Valley A Robinson A study of the history of the Sett Valley Trail and its place in the Calico printing industry until the 1970s. Illust. 30pp £18.00 Add
The Techniques of Tablet Weaving Peter Collingwood The most comprehensive survey of tablet weaving techniques available. Illust. 430pp £35.00 Add
A Textile Terminology: Warp & Weft Dorothy K. Burnham An explanation of textile terminology firmly based on the internationally accepted multilingual vocabularies of CIETA. Illust. 216pp £160.00 Add
Paper Textiles Christina Leitner A fascinating & complete guide to making textiles from paper along with a brief history on the subject. Illust. 191pp £20.00 Add
From Loom to Lathe - and back again Blackwood Morton & Sons and Cooke, Sons & Company The story of how 2 of Britain's greatest carpet weavers contributed to the war effort and kept the company names alive. Illust. 56pp £25.00 Add
The Weaver's Book of Fabric Design Janet Phillips A focus on the designing of woven fabrics on four-shaft and multi-shaft looms. Illust. 144pp £50.00 Add
Te Aho Tapu - The Sacred Thread Mick Pendergrast This beautiful book is a celebration of the art of Maori women's weaving. Illust. 124pp £55.00 Add
Linen: Hand Spinning and Weaving Patricia Baines A detailed description of the techniques for the spinning and eaving of linen. Illust. 208pp £42.00 Add
Hand Block Printing & Resist Dyeing Susan Bosence A remarkable knowledge base for block printing and resist dyeing, this classic craft book is a facsimilie of the 1985 original. Illust. 144pp £42.00 Add
Swedish Hand Weaving Malin Selander The joy of handweaving in its limitless creativity, is conveyed to you in this book. Illust. 128pp £90.00 Add
Willow Work Mary Butcher An explicit text supported by clear and instructive drawings allows advanced willow weaving to be performed with confidence. Illust. 64pp £34.00 Add
The Ashford Book of Spinning Anne Field A comprehensive spinning primer written by a leading spinner with an international reputation as a teacher and craftswoman. Illust. 152pp £28.00 Add
Indigo Textiles: Technique and History Gosta Sandberg A delightful book painting the history of indigo dyes and a description of techniques in using them. Illust. 184pp £55.00 Add
Textiles: A Classification of Techniques Annemarie Seiler-Baldinger A classic work on the techniques of construction and decoration of fabrics. Illust. 256pp £45.00 Add
Hand Spinning & Woolcombing Grace M. Crowfoot & H. Ling Roth Reprinted from the original Bankfield Museum notes, detailing techniques and history of hand spinning and woolcombing. Illust. 62pp £24.00 Add
The London Weavers' Company 1600-1971 Alfred Plummer An authorised history of the Worshipful Company of Weavers, the oldest of all London Livery Companies tracing its origins to the 12th C. 476pp £12.00 Add
Tablet Weaving Ann Sutton & Pat Holtom A full guide of techniques for the ancient art of tablet weaving for both beginners and advanced weavers. Illust. 104pp £32.00 Add
The Textile Book Colin Gale and Jasbir Kaur Taking us behind the scenes with professionals to reveal what various jobs involve, what influences decision makers, and how their decisions affect what we buy next season. Illust. 205pp £10.00 Add
Japanese Ikat Weaving Jun and Noriko Tomita A professional approach to the subject of Japanese Ikat (Kasuri) weaving in which lengths of yarn are tied and dyed before weaving. Illust. 88pp £85.00 Add
Modern Block Printed Textiles Alan Powers Accompanied by vivid colour illustration throughout, the study moves from Morris in the late 19th century, to Art Deco work and the period up to and shortly after the Second World War. Illust. 93pp £34.00 Add
Pinmakers to the World Johnathan Hunt This is the story of a firm founded two centuries ago which flourishes today as the international leader in its industry. Newey is probably the world's largest manufacturer of pins and haberdashery. Illust. 64pp £30.00 Add
Les Tapis D'Orient Ludmila Kybalova Text in French. 'The Oriental Carpets' An interesting study of the history and style of carpets from the Orient, sections for each geographical area (Iran, China, Africa, Central Asia etc.). Illust. 136pp £35.00 Add
Turk Susleme Sanatlarinda Desen Ve Motif Azade Akar & Cahide Keskiner Text in Turkish/English. 'Ornament and Design in Turkish Decorative Arts' A study of the history and design of Turkish decoration and its original influences. Illust. £40.00 Add
Le Chale Cachemire en France au XIX Siecle Pierre Arizzoli Clementel Text in French.The Cashmere Shawl in France in the 19th Century. A guidebook for the exhibition at the Lyon Historical Museum of Fabrics 1983-1984. Illust. 100pp £35.00 Add
Caucasian Rugs of Yesterday Nicoas Fokker A beautiful book studying 'genuine Caucasian' rugs, dating from pre WWI that are the work of individual expert craftsmen. Illust. 141pp £23.00 Add
Studies in Indo-European Textile History John Irwin & P. R. Schwartz Explaining the precise nature of the Indo-European commerce that had its foundation in Indian textile products, detailing the fabrics, commissioning and technical processes of manufature. Illust. 124pp £55.00 Add
Leather Techniques through the Ages
Text in English. Celebrating 75 years of the BASF leather and fur factory, a full history of leather techniques and traditional tanning. Illust. 109pp £70.00 Add
In Blackburne Valley: The History of Bowers Mills Augustus Muir A comprehensive history of Bowers Mills, situated in the West Riding of Yorkshire, an area with many textile and clothing manufacturers who relied on the water mills for their business. Illust. 87pp. £30.00 Add
Colne Valley Cloth Phyllis Bentley A history spanning 6 centuries of woven woollen cloth in the Colne Valley (an area of the West Riding of Yorkshire). Illust. 70pp £30.00 Add
Moroccan Carpets Brooke Pickering, W. Russell Pickering & Ralph S. This is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey of 19th and 20th century Moroccan rugs and textiles in 115 stunning color plates. Illust. 160pp £180.00 Add
The History and Method of Tablet Weaving Thorskegga Thorn A study of the origins of tablet weaving and pratical instructions for the craft. Illust. 16pp £46.00 Add
Hidden Threads of Peru: Q'ero Textiles Ann Pollard Rowe & John Cohen Combining ethnography, anecdote, and textile art to offer fascinating new insights into a culture that can trace its traditions back to the Inca empire. Illust. 160pp £25.00 Add
The Fabrics of Hawaii (Bark Cloth) Adrienne L. Kaeppler A study of the history and techniques of Bark Cloth fabric used in Hawaii. Illust. 71pp £50.00 Add
The Scottish Linen Industry in the Eighteenth Century Alastair J. Durie A fresh study of the Scottish linen industry telling how and why the industry grew during the 18th C. 180pp £25.00 Add
The Early Medieval Textiles at Maaseik Belgium Mildred Budny and Dominic Tweddle A detailled scholarly study of the earliest extant Anglo-Saxon Christian liturgical vestments, especially the technical characteristics & construction of their woven textiles & embroideries. Illust. 389pp £20.00 Add
The Homespun Textile Tradition of the Pennsylvania Germans Ellen Gehret and Alan Keyser A significant exhibition and publication illustrating the varied textiles utilized within the agrarian society of the pennsylvania germans. Illust. £36.00 Add
Textile and Weaving Structures Peter Collingwood A source book for makers and designers of textiles and weaving structures. Illust. 160pp £25.00 Add
Iban or Sea Dayak Fabrics and Their Patterns A. C. Haddon & L. E. Start A Descriptive Catalogue of the Iban Fabrics in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Cambridge. Illust. 160pp £18.00 Add
A History of Textile Art Agnes Geijer A handbook for scholars abd students with a comprehensive survey of worldwide textile history from ancient times to the 20th C. Illust. 317pp £18.00 Add
Creative Ropecraft Stuart E. Grainger Creative Ropecraft is a treasure trove of knots, hitches, bends, plaits and netting and is considered the standard work on practical and decorative knots and ropework. Illust. 128pp £10.00 Add
Rush-Work (Pitmans Craft -for -all Series) Mabel Roffey and Charlotte S. Cross Part of Pitman's Craft-for-All Series, An illustrated step by step guide to weaving with natural rushes. Illust. 82pp  £30.00 Add
Lao Textiles and Traditions Mary F. Connors The story of the Lao-Tai who produce exquisitely woven textiles with rich natural dyes and intricate designs. Illust. 82pp  £55.00 Add
Rush-Work Norah Florance Part of the Bell Handbooks Series, An illustrated step by step guide to weaving with natural rushes. Illust. 90pp  £8.00 Add
Chronicon Rusticum-Commerciale or Memoirs of Wool John Smith Facsimilie of the original 1747 edition, being a collection of history and argument concerning the wool trade. 422pp & 576pp  £22.00 Add
Textiles and the Consumer The Education Dept. A booklet about textiles for the home and personal wear prepared for the co-operative consumer education programme. Illust. 68pp  £15.00 Add
The British Wool Textile Industry 1770-1914 D. T. Jenkins and K. G. Ponting This book analyses the progress of the wool textile industry and considers the competitive position of the industry in home and foreign markets. 388pp  £34.00 Add
Japanese Braiding: The Art of Kumihimo Jacqui Carey This book will introduce you to the basics of Japanese braiding. There are full step-by-step instructions for each move, followed by pictures of lovely examples to inspire you. Illust. 96pp  £12.00 Add
Practical Rushwork Norah Florance An illustrated step by step guide to weaving with natural rushes, with specific focus on practical uses such as baskets and plant pots. Illust. 59pp  £65.00 Add
Your Book of Corn Dollies Joan Rendall A guide to the ancient craft of making dollies of corn, a step by step guide to building up an intricate design. Illust. 48pp  £20.00 Add
Hollins and Viyella - A Study in Business History F. A. Wells The history of William Hollins & Co who begane as suppliers of yarn and became famous as proprietors of the 'Viyella' fabric. Illust. 262pp  £20.00 Add
Workers of Closed Textile Mills B. B. Patel An analysis of the issues of labour absorption under the influx of displaced textile mill workers following their closure in Ahmedabad. Illust. 72pp  £15.00 Add
Observations on Improved Machinery John Anstie Observationas on the importance and necessity of introducing improved machinery into the woollen manufactory. Illust. 99pp  £12.00 Add
Los Tejidos Prehispanicos del Area Central Andina en el Museu de America Luis J. Ramos Gomez Text in Spanish. 'Prehispanic Textiles in the Central Andean Area displayed in the Museum of America' A fully illustrated guide of textiles. Illust. 208pp  £25.00 Add
Felting - a workbook for school and home Tinna Norskov Hansen A step by step process to creating felt from wool and patterns for creating mittens, bonnets and moccasins. Illust. 40pp  £65.00 Add
Nuno Felt Liz Clay A collection of techniques and inspirational photos showing uses of nuno felt for accessories and home interiors. Illust. 128pp  £8.00 Add
Watercolor Felt Workbook Patricia Spark A guide to making pictorial felts using wet and dry felting methods (2nd edtn). Illust. 60pp £50.00 Add
Dyeing to Colour Bailey Curtis A guide to microwave dyeing and other simple methods of colouring fabric with dye. Illust. 50pp  £30.00 Add
Cinquantenaire des Tissus D'art Lisio
Text in French. '50 Years of Art Fabrics in Lisio' A selection of Silk art fabrics from the Italian Design house Lisio. Very high quality Illustration. £50.00 Add
ViewModrotlac Linda Brassington A study of Indigo Country Cloths and Artefacts from Czechoslovakia. Illust. 72pp  £40.00 Add
Dutch Felt Ria van Els-Dubelaar Tex in Dutch/English. Presenting a collection of the artists work and some of the images that have inspired it, as well as fascinating techinical secrets for the best feltwork. Illust. 159pp £35.00 Add
Line in Tapestry Kathe Tod-Hooker This book is written about line use, line technique and producing lines in tapestry - from the simple to the difficult. Illust. 82pp £40.00 Add
Shaped Tapestry Kathe Todd-Hooker This book is filled with information about weaving tapestries 'outside the box' i.e. non rectangular or 3D. Illust. 77pp £65.00 Add
Felt Without Seams Shelia Smith Book Two - Making Hollow Forms. Dealing with the making of hollow forms for functional items such as hats and bags but also for decorative shapes. Illust. 14pp. £32.00 Add
Beyond the Basics Shelia Smith Book Three - Advanced Feltmaking Techniques. Teaching more complex techniques to feltmakers. Illust. 16pp £15.00 Add
Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques Raoul D'Harcourt A fascinating reprint of one of the most highly detailed studies of handmade textiles ever made. Illust. £19.00 Add
Creative Cloth Doll Faces Patti Medaris Culea A step by step guide by an acclaimed doll artist to creating the perfect face for your dolls using paints, pastels, fibers and other techniques. Illust. 128pp £20.00 Add
Creative Cloth Doll Couture Patti Medaris Culea A step by step guide by an acclaimed doll artist to creating beautiful clothing and accessories for your art dolls. Illust. 128pp £20.00 Add
Art Cloth Jane Dunnewold Follow a master fiber artist through a wonderful journey of techniques and materials for surface design for fabric. Illust. 175pp £17.00 Add
Interweave Felt Magazine Special Issue 2007 Various A special edition of Interweave Knits specifically focusing on felt knitting. Illust. 96pp £20.00 Add
Ciba Review 70 - Textile Art in Ancient Mexico P. Westheim Issue No. 70 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional Mayan textile designs and the methods used to produce them. Illust. 34pp £40.00 Add
Ciba Review 86 - Scottish Highland Dress J. Telfer Dunbar Issue No. 86 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional Scottish clothing in the Highlands, its woven construction and method of dyeing. Illust. 30pp £55.00 Add
Ciba Review 88 - Swedish Peasant Textiles I. Henschen Issue No. 88 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional peasant textiles from throughout Sweden. Illust. 30pp £44.00 Add
Ciba Review 89 - The Handkerchief M. Braun-Ronsdorf Issue No. 89 of the Ciba Review - focus on the history of handkerchiefs and their construction since the Roman Empire. Illust. 30pp £30.00 Add
Ciba Review 90 - Textile Arts of the North American Indians A. Latour Issue No. 90 of the Ciba Review - focus on traditional American Indian textile designs and the methods used to produce them. Illust. 30pp £48.00 Add
Ciba Review 91 - The Linen Industry of St. Gall H. Luthy Issue No. 91 of the Ciba Review - focus on The linen industry in the Irish town of St. Gall. Illust. 34pp £40.00 Add
Ciba Review 93 - Uniforms E. A. Gessler & H. Schneider Issue No. 93 of the Ciba Review - focus on military uniforms and their construction and dyeing. Illust. 34pp £20.00 Add
Ciba Review 96 - Velvet A. Latour Issue No. 96 of the Ciba Review - focus on the return of velvet and corduroy into fashionable clothing. Illust. 30pp £40.00 Add
Ciba Review 1965/1 - Nonwovens J. W. S. Hearle Issue No. 1 of 1965 of the Ciba Review - focus on the rise of nonwoven fabrics due to their ease of shaping. Illust. 41pp £38.00 Add
Ciba Review 1965/4 - Sportswear H. Schramm Issue No. 4 of 1965 of the Ciba Review - focus on sportswear to textile printing to modern production. Illust. 48pp £45.00 Add
Ciba Review 1966/1 - Slovene Textiles W. F. Schweizer Issue No. 1 of 1966 of the Ciba Review - focus on Slovene textiles from medieval frescoes to more modern lace making. Illust. 60pp £40.00 Add
Creative Cloth Doll Beading Patti Medaris Culea A focus on beading techniques and embellishments for your dolls from the leading expert in the field. Illust. 128pp £20.00 Add
The Continuous Thread of Revelation Alysn Midgelow-Marsden A review of the evolutionary process through which the author has developed her textile work over time. Illust. £15.00 Add
Ciba Review 1965/5-6 - Sulphur R. J. Forbes Issue No. 5-6 of 1965 of the Ciba Review - focus on Sulphur and its use as a dye for textiles and fabric. Illust. 54pp £40.00 Add
Creative Weaving Sarah Howard & Elisabeth Kendrick Few people are aware that weaving is a whole person activity, providing fulfillment, companionship and creativity. This book will show you how to achieve all these things, and more. Illust. 112pp £15.00 Add
Pixie Felt Using the Felting Needle Birgitte Krag Hansen Text in English. Step-by-step guide to creating details for felt pixies with a felting needle. Illust. 72pp £110.00 Add
Dyrefilt Med Filtenalen Animal felt using the felt needle Birgitte Krag Hansen Text in Danish. 'Animal Felt Using the Felt Needle' Step-by-step guide to creating felt animals with a felting needle. Illust. 117pp £100.00 Add
Felt - handmade style India Flint & Toyoko Sugiwaka This book explains the techniques and equiment needed to make your own felted objects and offers 23 step-by-step projects for gifts, accessories and homewares. Illust. 112pp £100.00 Add
Japanese Country Textiles Anna Jackson Drawing on the V&A's rich collection, this book details Japanese Country Textiles ranging from futon covers to Okinawa robes. Illust. 128pp £37.00 Add
Leather John W. Waterer Reprinted from Singer & Holmyard: History of Technology. A guide to leatherworking through the ages. Illust. 190pp £20.00 Add
The Journal of the Surface Design Association: Metallic Surfaces Patricia Malarcher (Editor) Summer 2005 issue of the Journal of Surface Design, focussing on metallic surfaces for textiles, homeware, jewellery and clothing. Illust. 76pp £25.00 Add
The Fabric of Stuffs Ursula Priestley A study of the Norwich textile industry from 1565 to the present day. Illust. 44pp £30.00 Add
Swiss Straw Work Veronica Main A unique and inspirational book, brimming with creative potential, capturing the intricacy and elegance of Swiss straw work designs. Illust. 192pp £15.00 Add
Exploring Colour Julia Caprara This book introduces the language of colour in an accessible and straightforward way, allowing you to find your true colour sense with experimental approaches to stitching. Illust. 81pp £52.00 Add
Eye of the Needle Jennifer Harris & Alice Kettle A sumptuous celebration of the work of Alice Kettle, one of Britain's most exciting young textile artists. Illust. 88pp £82.00 Add
The Studio of Bernat Klein Various A guide to the exhibition at Christie's in Glasgow held on 24 November 1994, celebrating the life and work of Serbian artist Bernat Klein. Illust. £40.00 Add
The East Anglian Linen Industry Nesta Evans A study of rural industry and local economy of East Anglia 1500-1850 that was dominated by linen. Illust. 178pp £12.00 Add
The Last Handloom Weavers - Paradise Mill, Macclesfield Jill Norris The story of last handwoven silk in England and the developments that led to new machined processes. Illust. 24pp £20.00 Add
Medieval Life and Leisure Linda Woolley A study of the Devonshire Hunting tapestries, and their richly detailed displays of hunting in the 15th c. currently diplayed at the V & A Museum. Illust. 118pp £35.00 Add
Moroccan Textile Embroidery Isabelle Denamur Text in English. Moroccan Textile Embroidery explains how Moroccan women passed this cultural art on to the next generation and how embroidered patterns were used to decorate interior spaces. Illust. 191pp £95.00 Add
Toiles de Jouy Josette Bredif A study of classic printed textiles from France 1760-1843. Illust. 184pp £80.00 Add
Handbook of Ornaments in Color - 3 A. C. Racinet Text in French/English/German. Volume 3 of 4 showing 60 colour plates of magnificent designs in ornamental settings such as textile, ceramic and painting. Illust. 127pp £48.00 Add
Spitalfields Silks Natlaie Rothstein Book 6 of the V & A Museum's Small Colour Book Series, focus on the silk industry in Spitalfields. Illust. 11pp £50.00 Add
The Beginner's Guide to Australian Aboriginal Art R. Lewis A study of aboriginal art and the symbols, their meanings and some Dreamtime stories. Illust. 16pp £22.00 Add
Sheep and Wool for Handicraft Workers Michael L. Ryder A concise guide about the structure of wool and its uses. Illust. 24pp £20.00 Add
Practical Gilding Peter & Ann Mactaggart This book demistifies the process of gilding, with full descriptions and explanations of the materials and techniques. Illust. 74pp £12.00 Add
Camouflage Patterns Katsuya Moriizumi (Designer) Text in Japanese/English. 100 royalty free eps and jpeg files of camouflage patterns. CD included with all images digitally. Illust. 100pp £18.00 Add
Encyclopedia of Mosaic Elaine M. Goodwin Thorough reference guide for all mosaicists whatever their level of expertise with easy reference A-Z entries on all techniques, materials and equipment. Illust. 192pp £26.00 Add
Serizawa: Master of Japanese Textile Design Jo Earle & Kim Brandt & Others This is the first book in English to trace Serizawa's artistic biography in detail using the finest examples of his work from leading Japanese textile collections. Illust. 144pp £18.00 Add
The Bayeux Tapestry - A Comprehensive Study Sir Frank Stenton, Sir James Mann and others A comprehensive study of the famous Bayeux Tapestry. Illust. 182pp £35.00 Add
Felted Textures - Combining Felt & Fabric Sheila Smith A new approach to feltmaking, a study with step by step instructions for nuno felting (nuno is the Japanese word for woven cloth). Illust. 10pp £30.00 Add
Paper & Metal Leaf Lamination Claire Benn, Jane Dunnewold and Leslie Morgan A full illustrated guide to a mixed media approach with cloth, showing how you can laminate finished textile artworks. Illust. 54pp £85.00 Add
The Hand-Woven Rugs of Finland T. Sirelius A historical study of traditional hand woven Finnish rugs and their importance in society. Illust. 13pp £80.00 Add
The Norwich Shawl Pamla Clabburn The first major work to be published on the Norwich shawl and its manufacture, this book includes extensive background information and puts the garment in context of the fashion and textile industries. Illust. 145pp £55.00 Add
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Flowers Pamela Robertson A study of Mackintosh's use of plant forms as decorative and formal sources for his designs in architecture and textiles. Illust. 112pp £20.00 Add
Silk Paper for textile artists Sarah Lawrence Silk paper is an exciting technique that is becoming ever more popular with textile artists. The process consists of taking silk fibres and felting them together to make sheets of fabric. Illust. 128pp £10.00 Add
Textile Manufacturers in Early Modern England Eric Kerridge A detailed study of the textile industry in England along with production techniques and company histories. Illust. 428pp £140.00 Add
The Master Spinner - A Life of Sir Swire Smith Keighley Snowden A study of the life and work of Sir Swire Smith - the master spinner. 348pp £22.00 Add
Crefft Y Turniwr Coed / The Wood-Turner's Craft J. Geraint Jenkins and T. Alun Davies Text in Welsh/English. A study of the traditional craft of wood turning in Wales. Illust. 24pp £40.00 Add
Textile Adventures - mixed media and stitch Isobel Hall An exciting look at mixed media techniques for textile art creation. Illust. 81pp £50.00 Add
Cyanotypes on Fabric Ruth Brown Learn how to create beautiful, subtle, blueprints on gorgeous fabrics. You'll also find out how to create digital negatives and how to colour your cyanotypes. Illust. 94pp £70.00 Add
Handwoven Decorative Trim Robyn Spady An introduction to weaving passementerie trims. Illust. 36pp £30.00 Add
Filt, Fiksfakserier og Fiduser Tinna Norskov and Janne Fasano Text in Danish and English. 'Funny Felting with Finesse' A guide to making easy and funny things with felt, step-by-step instructions and colour photos. Illust. 52pp £30.00 Add
Samuel Oldknow & the Arkwrights George Unwin A classic in economic history studying the industrial revolution in Marple and Stockport. Illust. 259pp £15.00 Add
Dyeing Silk, Mixed Silk Fabrics and Artificial Silks Dr. A. Ganswindt A guide from the authors own experience to dyeing many different silks and silk type fabrics in a range of colours. 220pp £26.00 Add
Rugs from The American Museum in Britain Sheila Betterton A companion book to 'Quilts and Coverlets' by the same author, giving the history and techniques of rug making in America. Illust. 56pp £16.00 Add
Arthur & Company Limited John F. Barclay The story of 100 years of textile distribution in Scotland by Arthur & Company Ltd of Glasgow. Illust. 186pp £10.00 Add
The V & A Museum's Textile Collection: British Textiles from 1900 to 1937 Valerie Mendes Part of The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection series - this lavishly illustrated book celebrates English woven, printed and embroidered textiles and their designs. Illust. 95pp £15.00 Add
400 Years of English Tapestry Various A catalogue for the English tapestry exhibition held at the Vigo-Sternbers Galleries in 1971 with a showcase of 39 B&W full page plates. Illust. 66pp £45.00 Add
Tapestries - Their Origin History and Renaissance (Ltd Edn) George Leland Hunter No. 72/550. A study of the origin and history of tapestries including construction techniques and skills. Illust. 438pp £60.00 Add
The Carpet Makers (1962) Charles A. Oakley A history of A. F. Stoddard and Company Limited, showcasing 100 years of designing and manufacturing carpets of quality. Illust. 72pp £20.00 Add
How to Hook Rugs (1952) Mrs Harry King A guide to the ancient art of rug hooking, intended for the beginner to learn simple techniques and then develop themselves into a creatvie artist. Illust. £25.00 Add
Werkstoff Filz - Fundamentals of Clothing and Accessories Monika Traub Text in German. 'Material Felt - Fundamentals of Clothing and Accessories' A fascinating guide to making fashionable pieces out of felt. Illust. 159pp £65.00 Add
Maisa Tikkanen - Huopateoksia Marina Gylen & Carla Enbom Text in Finnish/English. 'Maisa Tikkanen - Works in Felt' A fascinating study of felt artwork from the Finnish studio. £40.00 Add
Mehandi Designs Vaishali Narvekar Text in Hindi/English. A collection of Mehandi hand designs in B&W. Illust. 64pp £35.00 Add
Japanese Studio Crafts - Tradition and the Avant-Garde Rupert Faulkner There have been two distinct trends in Japanese crafts: a diversification of avant-garde tendencies, and the continuation of the more traditional art movements. This book examines these different approaches to studio crafts, and uses a broad range of examples of each craft to describe the sophistication of the making processes used. Illust. 192pp £30.00 Add
The Victoria and Albert Colour Books: INDIAN ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS Susan Stronge A series of illustrated books in which the Victoria and Albert Museum have assembled colour plates showing the best of their vast collection of designs. This volume focusses on Indian architecture. 32pp £10.00 Add
The Ashford Book of Weaving Anee Field This guide to weaving follows on from "The Ashford Book of Spinning", and is designed to meet the needs of weavers at all levels by offering a creative approach and expert instruction in all aspects of weaving. Illust. 200pp £25.00 Add
The Ashford Book of Dyeing Ann Milner A comprehensive, clearly written introduction to the wonderful world of colour - placed on fabric exactly how and where you want it. Illust. 176pp £50.00 Add
An Elizabethan Inheritance - The Hardwick Hall Textiles Santina M. Levey Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire houses a world-famous collection of 16th and 17th century textile furnishings, this lavishly illustrated and authoritative introduction to the collection places the textiles in their day-to-day context. Illust. 112pp £28.00 Add
Experimental Textiles Kim Thittichai This book provides experimental design ideas as well as experimental textile practice and offers exercises for design work and projects for finished textiles. Contains stunning images of work by major textile artists and emerging stars. Illust. 128pp £45.00 Add
Transparency in Textiles Dawn Thorne Achieving transparency and translucency in textiles is the major new trend. Combine stitch and cloth with acetates, acrylics, perspex, resins and gels. This title provides techniques, projects and inspirational textile art. It uses all the materials that are readily available and safe to use. Illust. 128pp £45.00 Add
The Sheldon Tapestry Weavers and their Work E. A. B. Barnard and A. J. B. Wace A study of William Sheldon and his fellow weavers, and the tapestries they constructed. Illust. 59pp £20.00 Add
Paintstiks: Marvellouse Markal - Sumptuous Shiva Ruth Issett This book illustrates the various different applications and methods of applying Paintstiks to fabric and paper. Illust. 46pp £22.00 Add
Mark Thornhill Wade: Silk Dyer, Soho D. B. Dagley A biography and company history of Mark Thornhill Wade, a master silk dyer who operated in Soho in the 18th C. Illust. 157pp £30.00 Add
Sweated Industries and Sweated Labor James A. Schmiechen A history of the London clothing trades 1860-1914 and their use of sweatshops. llust. 209pp £15.00 Add
Filtede Tasker Noriko Tachibana Text in Danish. 'Felted Bags' 21 felt bag designs with instructions and pictures, 1st Danish edition translated from the original 2001 Japanese book. llust. 96pp £50.00 Add
Exquisite Evolon Marion Barnett The complete step-by-step guide to working with the versatile Evolon fabric. llust. 66pp £56.00 Add
Filte Fantasier Lisbeth Tolstrup & Lisbeth Degn Text in Danish. 'Felting Fantasies' book dealing with felt, both as clothing, home accessories and art media. No patterns to be found in this book, but a detailed introduction to the field and a review of the active felters in Denmark. llust. 176pp £25.00 Add
Felt Art of the Mongols L. Batchuluun Exploring the origins and semiology of Mongolian 'felt culture' and discussing the more recent emergence of technology in the industry. llust. 291pp £120.00 Add
Sonia Delaunay Colour Moves: Art and Fashion Matteo de Leeuw-de Monti and Petra Timmer Superb survey with over 250 illustrations of her art and fashion designs. 200pp. £50.00 Add
On Form Fibrefusion A stitcher's workbook on sculptural textiles. Fascinating survey beautifully illustrated in colour. 56pp. £30.00 Add
1960s Fashion Print A Sourcebook Marnie Fogg A superb survey fully ilustrated in colour. 186pp. £30.00 Add
Fabric - Ritual - Man Oleg Lysenko Weaving traditions of the East Europe Slavs. Detailed well illustrated survey.Over 40pp. £50.00 Add
Lucet Braiding: Variations on a Renaissance Cord Elaine Fuller Explorations beyond the common square cord using multiple threads, beads, gimp and ribbon, making spiral, flat and picot cords for trims, embroidery and costume accessories. Fully illustrated. 32pp £40.00 Add
Costumes & Featherwork of the Lords of Chimor Ann Pollard Rowe Textile Museum exhibition catalog of Pre-Columbian textiles. 190pp £40.00 Add
An Illustrated Guide to the Care of Costume and Textile Collections Jane Robinson & Tuula Pardoe An illustrated guide to the care of costume and textile collections. 50pp £20.00 Add
Christie's Street Fashion: Costume and Textiles
Catalogue for the sale in South Kensington, Tuesday, 25 October 1994. Showcasing Costume and Textiles including 'Street Fashion'. £15.00 Add
Man is a Weaver Elizabeth Cheley Baity This story of things woven and spun will therefore be of direct interest to a wide public to-day, especially as it is written in a lively and informal manner. 334pp £20.00 Add
Chintz and Cotton Joyce Burnard A study of India's textile gift to the world. 92pp £80.00 Add
Early Nasca Needlework Alan R. Sawyer This work concentrates exclusively on the elaborately embroidered textiles from the Ica and Nasca valley regions in south-coastal Peru. 176pp £65.00 Add
Chintz - Indian Textiles for the West Rosemary Crill In the past hundred years or so, 'chintz' has come to mean any floral printed furnishing fabric. Its origins as a hand-drawn and dyed fabric from India are often forgotten, but it is with these rare earlier chintzes that this book is concerned. 144pp £110.00 Add
The Development Of Italian Textile Design From The 12th To The 18th Century Antonino Santangelo A comprehensive guide to traditional Italian textiles and their changes over the centuries. Many high quality colour plates. 240pp £30.00 Add
The V & A Museum's Textile Collection: Woven Textile Design in Britain from 1750 to 1850 Natalie Rothstein This volume illustrates the development of style from the late-Rococo through the neo-classical to the elaborate designs of Paisley shawls in the 1840s. 112pp £20.00 Add
The V & A Museum's Textile Collection: British Textiles from 1850 to 1900 Linda Parry The fourth of a seven-volume series which provides an illustrated history of British textile design. This title looks at British textiles from 1850 to 1900. 147pp £35.00 Add
The V & A Museum's Textile Collection: British Textiles from 1940 to the Present Ngozi Ikoki Covers the history of British textile design from 1940 to the present day. 128pp £20.00 Add
Silk & Stone: The Arts of Asia Jill Tilden (Editor) This volume explores the rich diversity of Asian art. The book forms part of the "Hali Annual" series. 240pp £25.00 Add
Les Tapisseries D'Aubusson et de Felletin Pascal-Grancois Bertrand & Others Text in French. 'The Tapestries of Aubusson and Felletin'. Fantastic Illustration throughout. 204pp £300.00 Add
ViewLee Fabrics Manual Arthur H. Lee A display of fabrics offered by the Lee Fabrics Company, displayed with pictures through section A to L. 48pp £35.00 Add
Shoowa Design Georges Meurant A display of African Textiles from the Kingdom of Kuba. 205pp £68.00 Add
ViewRiggisberger Berichte 7: Leinendamaste - Produktionszentren und Sammlungen Regula Schorta (Editor) Text in German/French/English. 'Riggisberger Reports 7: Linen Damasks - Production Centres and Collections'. £250.00 Add
ViewRiggisberger Berichte 8: Seidengewebe des 18. Jahrhunderts Regula Schorta (Editor) Text in German/French/English. 'Riggisberger Reports 8: 18th Century Silks'. A study of the industries of England and Northern Europe. £220.00 Add
Chinese Silks Dieter Kuhn (Editor) Magnificently researched and illustrated book, preeminent scholars draw upon spectacular discoveries to provide the most thorough account of silk ever written. 624pp £40.00 Add
The Tiger Rugs of Tibet Mimi Lipton This book reproduces 108 of the various designs of Tiger Rugs from TIbet, illustrated in colour and accompanied by four essays. 191pp £72.00 Add
The Art of Annemieke Mein Annemieke Mein & Charles McCubbin This book should be of interest to all those working with textiles, and all forms of needlecrafts, fabric painting and soft sculpture. 160pp £35.00 Add
Chinese Silks and Sewing Tools Jocelyn Chatterton This book will appeal to those interested in both China and its silk industry, whether they are embroiderers, historians, textil enthusiasts or costume students. 108pp £100.00 Add
The Secret Life of Textiles: Six Pattern Book Archives in North West England Philip Anthony Sykas This book presents the results of groundbreaking research in six regional holdings of textile pattern books, aiming to make these important resources more widely knocn and accessible. 160pp £360.00 Add
ViewRare Textiles: Abstract Textiles Esther Fitzgerald A beautifully phorographed collection of abstract textiles reflecting the author's personal taste. £35.00 Add
Rare Textiles 2003 Esther Fitzgerald A beautifully phorographed collection of rare textiles reflecting the author's personal taste. £45.00 Add
Au Fil Du Desert - Tentes et Tissages des Pasteurs Nomades de Mediterranee Arnaud Maurieres & Others Text in French. 'Over the Desert - Tents and Weavings of the Noadic Pastors of the Mediterranean'. 143pp £37.50 Add
A Book of Cuts Edward Bawden A large-format album of linocuts from master draughtsman Edward Bawden. 83pp £40.00 Add
Country House Floors 1660 - 1850 Christopher Gilbert & Others Part of a series - Temple Newsam Country House Studies: Number 3. A guide to traditional floors and floor coverings from country houses throughout Britain. 112pp £65.00 Add
Tapisseries et Armures des Collections Royales D'Espagne Charles Quint Text in French. 'Tapestries and Armor from the Royal Collections of Spain'. 215pp £60.00 Add
Challenges of Plastic Elio Fiorucci Text in Italian/English. An interesting study of clothing and accessories made from plastic. 120pp £30.00 Add
Indian Textiles John Gillow & Nicholas Barnard Indian Textiles is the first comprehensive survey of the handmade textiles of the whole of the South Asian subcontinent, bringing to life in hundreds of glorious photographs their vibrant colours, textiles and motifs. 224pp £80.00 Add
Michael Brennand-Wood: You Are Here Pamela Johnson A display of Michael Brennand-Wood's stunning textile art. 96pp £65.00 Add
Catalogo de Tapices del Patrimonio Nacional - Volumen I: Siglo XVI Paulina Junquera De Vega & Concha Herrero Carreter Text in Spanish. 'Catalog of National Heritage Tapestries - Volume I: XVI Century'. 359pp £170.00 Add
Lao Textiles: Ancient Symbols - Living Art Patricia Cheesman The first publication covering the history, techniques, culture and symbolism of an art form only relatively recently discovered. Illust. 140pp  £68.00 Add
Hot Textiles: Inspiration and Techniques with Heat Tools Kim Thittichai An inspirational and practical guide to the potential of heat tools for textile artists. 128pp £38.00 Add
Textile Sculptures Irene Waller Here the author introduces the latest and most exciting aspects of the movement with an analysis of the work of over 20 major artists. 160pp £45.00 Add
Shibori: For Textile Artists Janice Gunner Aimed at quilters, embroiderers and textile artists who not only want to master the techniques of shibori but also find ways of using the fabric. 127pp £23.00 Add
Sztuka Woskiem Pisana Maria Wronska-Friend Text in Polish/English. 'Art Written with Wax'. A study of Batik (Japanese textile dyeing) in Indonesia and Poland. 256pp £40.00 Add
Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstance Nancy Spies Detailing the history of the craft of brocaded tablet weaving from the sixth to the sixteenth century. 315pp £165.00 Add
The Art of The Beautiful: Clothing and Fabric Designs of the Huichols Pablo De La Cruz Carl Lumholtz Here are the best designs of one of the world's most delightful groups of artisans - the Huichols of Mexico's Sierra Madre. 60pp £70.00 Add
Tents: Architecture of the Nomads Torvald Faegre Here for the first time are the principal tent designs of the noads of the world, illustrated with over a hundred line drawings and diagrams. 167pp £40.00 Add
The Bernheimer Family Collection of Carpets Hans Konig (Preface) Auction catalogue for the sale held at Christie's, London on Wednesday 14 February 1996. Showcasing the collection of carpets held by the Bernheimer Family. 201pp £36.00 Add
The Tapestries of Sigismund Augustus Magdalena Piwocka A stunning display of the tapestries that belonged to King Sigismund Augustus in the 16th Century. 95pp £40.00 Add
An Exhibition of Contemporary French Tapestries Mildred Constantine & Albert Chatelet A catalogue of the travelling exhibition in the USA, showcasing tapestry work by Hans Arp, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and many others. 40pp £28.00 Add
A Medieval Tapestry in Sharp Focus Larry Salmon A catalogue for the exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1977, highlighting details in the displayed tapestries. 25pp £30.00 Add
ViewA Decorative Art: 19th Century Wallpapers in The Whitworth Art Gallery Professor C. R. Dodwell Catalogue for the exhibition held at The Whitworth Art Gallery 4th October - 21st December 1985. 68pp £26.00 Add
ViewOils and Lubricants Used on Leather D. H. Tuck A guide to the selection and methods of application of oils and fats used in leather making which may help the conservator to appreciate the nature of leather and its safe treatment. 22pp £15.00 Add
ViewLeather: Its composition and changes with time Christopher Calnan and Betty Haines (Editors) This publication represents the edited proceedings of the first conference held by the Leather Conservation Centre in August 1986 at Nene College, Northampton. 90pp £15.00 Add
ViewThe Fibre Structure of Leather James Jackman (Preface) This first monograph gives in a concise form, the basic structure and properties of leather. 36pp £15.00 Add
Leather Conservation - A Current Survey James Jackman (Editor) A monograph indicating the current (1982) state of the art of preserving leather. 23pp £15.00 Add
ViewFeltmaking for Everyone or The Fury of the Elements in the Kitchen Sink Anna Agnete Nissen A fun yet informative guide giving the steps to feltmaking. 36pp £15.00 Add
ViewConservation of Leather in Transport Collections Christopher Calnan (Editor) A study of the papers given at a UKIC conference (Restoration '91) in London in October 1991. 36pp £15.00 Add
The Story of Navaho Weaving Kate Peck Kent Illustrated with photos of blankets in the collection of the Heard Museum of Anthropology and Primitive Art. 48pp £22.00 Add
Easy-to-Make Stuffed Dinosaurs Zillah Halls Full-size patterns and easy-to-follow instructions enable even beginning needle-workers to create 13 adorable mini-models of preehistoric creatures. 64pp £15.00 Add
Weaving on Rings and Hoops Lynn Paulin A clear and simple guide to begin weaving interesting designs on rings and hoops. 32pp £30.00 Add
A Royal Subject - Portraits of Queen Charlotte Michael Levey A study of the portraits painted of Queen Charlotte by many different artists. 24pp £20.00 Add
Threads of Imagination Antonia Tozer A display of Central Asian and Chinese Silks from the 12th to the 19th Century that were exhibited at Spink February-March 1999. £80.00 Add
Tintes Naturales Para Lana De Oveja Hugo Zumbuhl Text in Spanish ' Natural Dyes for Sheep's Wool'. A full study of many different types of dye with samples. 98pp £100.00 Add
Textiles from the Sangiorgi Collection Donald King A catalogue for the exhibiition at Spink & Son Ltd September-October 1985 showcasing stunning textiles. £50.00 Add
The Royal Windsor Tapestry Manufactory 1876-1890 Gordon G. Cullingham An illustrated handlist of tapestries woven at the old Windsor works. 88pp £58.00 Add
Sling Braiding of the Andes Adele Cahlander A study of the traditional braiding methods used by the peoples living around the Andes mountains. 96pp £40.00 Add
Gobeliny XV-XIX Wieku: W Zamku Krolewskim Na Wawelu Maria Hennel-Bernasikowa Text in Polish and English. 'Tapestries at Wawel Royal Castle 15th-19th Centuries'. High quality illustration throughout. 358pp £65.00 Add
The Rural Industries of England & Wales: Vol 1 H. E. Fitzrandolph & M.D. Hay The results of a survey made on behalf of the agricultural economics research institute, Oxford. Volume 1 of 4: Timber and underwood industries and some village workshops. 239pp £22.00 Add
The Rural Industries of England & Wales: Vol 2 H. E. Fitzrandolph & M.D. Hay The results of a survey made on behalf of the agricultural economics research institute, Oxford. Volume 2 of 4: Osier-growing and basketry and some rural factories. 159pp £40.00 Add
The Rural Industries of England & Wales: Vol 3 H. E. Fitzrandolph & M.D. Hay The results of a survey made on behalf of the agricultural economics research institute, Oxford. Volume 3 of 4: Decorative crafts and rural potteries. 168pp £8.00 Add
The Rural Industries of England & Wales: Vol 4 H. E. Fitzrandolph & M.D. Hay The results of a survey made on behalf of the agricultural economics research institute, Oxford. Volume 4 of 4: Wales. 123pp £8.00 Add
Textiles in Early New England: Design, Production and Consumption Peter Benes (Editor) The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Annual Proceedings 27 through 29 June 1997. 240pp £45.00 Add
Textiles in New England II: Four Centuries of Material Life Peter Benes (Editor) The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Annual Proceedings 18 through 20 June 1999. 272pp £45.00 Add
ViewExploring Fashions & Fabrics Edward Osmond In a fascinating story of fabrics from early man wearing animal skins to the modern (1967) day ad age of man-made fibres. 96pp £45.00 Add
'Making the Grade' The Badge of Rank III Linda Wrigglesworth Catalogue from an exhibition in 1996. Profusely illustrated with 51 colour reproductions of magnificent images of badges with elaborate captions. 65pp £50.00 Add
The Victoria and Albert Colour Books: IKATS Clare Woodthorpe Brown A series of illustrated books in which the Victoria and Albert Museum have assembled colour plates showing the best of their vast collection of designs. This volume focusses on Indonesian Ikats (bound fabric). 32pp £10.00 Add
The Victoria and Albert Colour Books: THIRTIES FLORAL FABRICS Frances Hinchcliffe A series of illustrated books in which the Victoria and Albert Museum have assembled colour plates showing the best of their vast collection of designs. This volume focusses on floral fabrics from the 1930s. 32pp £10.00 Add
Textiles on Test J. Guilfoyle Wiilliams A study for distributor and consumer of the wearing and washing properties of fabrics and garments. 194pp £30.00 Add
ViewThe Waterproofing of Fabrics Dr. S. Mierzinski Third revised edition (1921). Translated from the original German, with 29 illustrations. 142pp £30.00 Add
Art Deco Textiles: The French Designers Alain-Rene Hardy This sumptuous new book invites the reader to discover the spectacular world of Art Deco fabrics. 256pp £40.00 Add
Perskie Tkaniny Jedwabne / Persian Silk Textiles Beata Biedronska-Slotowa Text in Polish and English. Part of a new series of catalogues of the collections of the National Museum in Cracow. 151pp £75.00 Add
A Softer Landscape: The Life & Work of Jenny Cowern Valerie M. Rickerby and Mary E. Burkett
£40.00 Add
The Textiles of Wales Ann Sutton This book is at once a history, resource book and guide to the background, traditions and present directions of the textile industry in Wales. 96pp £80.00 Add
Central Asian Ikats Ruby Clark This invaluable introduction to the magnificent ikats of Central Asia sets the creation of these fabrics into the context of a long history of textile production that once centered around the trade of the famous Silk Road. 94pp £104.00 Add
Kimono Patterns Pepin van Roojen Offering a wide selection of the very best examples of kimono patterns, in various techniques and from various eras. CD Rom with images enclosed. £22.00 Add
The Art & Embroidery of Jane Hall: Reflections of Nature Jane Hall In a unique combination of art, photography and prose, Jane Hall's exquisite work in textile art intertwines with the world that inspires it. 128pp £30.00 Add
Textiler Hausrat Jutta Zander-Seidel Text in German. 'Household Textiles'. Focussing on clothing and household textiles in Nurenberg from 1550-1650. 440pp £80.00 Add
The Illustrated History of The Paisley Shawl Valerie Reilly Story of Paisley's Eastern origins and it's evolution and dramatic impact on the world of fashion. 96pp £50.00 Add
The Textile Conservator's Manual Sheila Landi Provides an in-depth review of the current practice, ethics, and materials used in textile conservation. 202pp £72.00 Add
Catalogue of Wall-Papers C. C. Oman A study of the history of wallpaper, its various designs and materials. 114pp plus plates. £15.00 Add
Textiles and Clothing c.1150-c.1450 Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard and Kay Stan This highly readable account will be of wide general interest; dress historians and archaeologists will also find a wealth of new insights into the fashions, clothing and textile industries of medieval England and Europe. 223pp £32.00 Add
The Study of the Bayeux Tapestry Richard Gameson (Editor) This illustrated volume presents the most important literature on the Bayeux tapestry written over the last two hundred years. £40.00 Add
Theme & Variation - More Weaving That Sings Nadine Sanders and Joyce Harter Keeping the best of the original book "Weaving Thhat Sings - Variations on the Theo Moorman Technique", but adds greater emphasis on designing for the weave structure. 125pp £85.00 Add
A Handweaver's Source Book Marguerite Porter Davison (Editor) A selection of 146 patterns from the Laura M. Allen collection. Drawings by Charles C. Denzler. 129pp £50.00 Add
The Master Weavers Pria Devi (Editor) Catalogue produced for the Festival of India in Britain, Royal College of Art, Autumn 1982. £32.00 Add
Sprang - Thread Twisting, A Creative Textile Technique Hella Skowronski & Mary Reddy Sprang is thread twisting and is the newest (and oldest) thing in textile crafts. 100pp £75.00 Add
Songket: Malaysia's Woven Treasure Grace Inpam Selvanayagam In this pioneering study of songket, Selvanayagam provides a fascinating historical survey of the cloth, including its uses, weaving techniques and design structure. 204pp £34.00 Add
The Common Thread. The Warp and Weft of Thinking Vanessa von Gliszczynski English language edition. From fibers to threads and dyes to fabrics, The Common Thread: The Warp and Weft of Thinking, published to accompany the exhibition at the Museum of World Cultures in Frankfurt, examines textile techniques and their contexts of meaning. 255pp £23.00 Add
The Cambridge History of Western Textiles. 2 Volume Boxed Set David Jenkins (Editor) This magnificent two-volume study brings together the leading experts on textiles from eight countries, ensuring authoritative coverage of the production and uses of textiles in western societies from the earliest times to the present day. £170.00 Add
Wheels and Looms David Bryant A guide to making equipment for spinning and weaving. 190pp £55.00 Add
Kumihimo - Understand by looking at pictures. Higher Course
Text in Japanese. Superbly detailed line drawings and some coloured illustrations for creating Japanese Kumihimo braids. 102pp £70.00 Add
Kumihimo - Understand by looking at pictures. Normal Course
Text in Japanese. Superbly detailed line drawings and some coloured illustrations for creating Japanese Kumihimo braids. 96pp £55.00 Add
The Lost Tapestries of the City of Ladies Susan Groag Bell Like a particularly good detective story, this richly textured book follows tantalizing clues in its hunt for a group of missing artistic masterpieces. 254pp £80.00 Add
Ceske Lidove Tkaniny Jitka Stankova Text in Czech. 'Czech Folk Fabrics' A study of traditional folk fabrics from the Czech Republic. High quality photographs. 150pp. £25.00 Add
Tribal Rugs James Opie This book describes and discusses the ancient roots of tribal weavings and the development and significance of the common patterns and traditions which they display. 328pp £50.00 Add
The Unicorn Tapestries Adolfo Salvatore Cavallo Tracing the origins of the tapestries as well as possible interpretations of their symbolic meaning. This is an essential book for any lover of medieval art and textiles. 128pp £22.00 Add
When Silk Was Gold: Central Asian and Chinese Textiles James C. Y. Wyatt & Anne E. Wardwell A beautiful book focusing on more than sixty fragile and luxurious Central Asian and Chinese textiles dating from the eighth through the fifteenth century. 238pp £140.00 Add
Muslin Sonia Ashmore This book charts the history of muslin from India to Europe to America, illustrated by some of the finest examples from the V&As relatively unexplored collection of more than 900 objects. 160pp £70.00 Add
Toile de Jouy Melanie Riffel, Sophie Rouart & Marc Walter Printed textiles in the classic French style. High quality illustration throughout. 218pp £14.00 Add
Ancient Peruvian Textiles Ferdinand Anton 302 illustrations, 112 in color. More ancient textiles have been found in Peru than anywhere else in the world. 236pp £34.00 Add
Beyond the Tanabata Bridge - Traditional Japanese Textiles William J. Rathbun (Editor) This opulent and authoritative guide to the folk textiles of Japan, based on the collection of the Seattle Art Museum - one of the most comprehensive and significant in America. 198pp £32.00 Add
Topkapi - Costumes, Embroideries and other Textiles J. M. Rogers, Hulye Tezcan & Selma Delibas The magnificent Ottoman costumes and embroideries in the collection of the Topkapi Saray Museum are the focus of this important survey. 216pp £50.00 Add
Kings, Heroes & Lovers Parviz Tanavoli A pictorial study of rugs from the Tribes and Villages of Iran. 303pp £70.00 Add
Traditional Textiles of Central Asia Janet Harvey The commentary explores the materials, dyes and looms; the types of objects made and their diverse regional and tribal variations; the clothes and costumes; and the lavish embroderies and embellishments. 160pp £35.00 Add
Carpets an Introduction Jon Thompson By dividing carpets into four categories - tribal, cottage industry, workshop and court, the author shows the reader how to begin to trace the likely origins of carpets, to understand how they are made, and to appreciate how and why patterns differ. 176pp £44.00 Add
Dhurries - History, Technique, Pattern, Identification Nada Chaldecott This is the first thorough-going guide to the dhurrie, incorporating over 250 examples, most specially photographed. 160pp £20.00 Add
Pictorial Book of Traditional Stripes and Lattices Kamon Yoshimoto (Editor) Text in Japanese and English. Displaying over 1000 patterns of traditional patterns. 157pp £70.00 Add
Textiles at Temple Newsam Helen Bower A showcase of the Roger Warner Collection. High quality illustration throughout. 112pp £18.00 Add
Encyclopaedia of Textiles Ernst Flemming A study of decorative fabrics from antiquity to the beginning of the 19th Century including the Far East and Peru. 289pp £65.00 Add
Classic and Modern Fabrics Janet Wilson More than 600 fabrics and 700 color illustrations: an authoritative, accessible, and definitive guide to all the textiles available today. 320pp £25.00 Add
European Textiles in the Robert Lehman Collection Christa C. Mayer Thurman A catalogue of the collection owned by Robert Lehamn and his father, accompanied by fantastic imagery. 300pp £40.00 Add
Portuguese Needlework Rugs Patricia Stone A study of the time-honored art of Arraiolos Rugs afapted for modern handcrafters. 118pp £26.00 Add
Folk and Tribal Designs of India Enakshi Bhavnani Text in English. A companion volume to 'Decorative Designs and Craftsmanship of India'. This volume studies traditional designs from folk and tribal communities. £60.00 Add
Textiles of the Wiener Werkstatte 1910-1932 Angela Volker Presenting selections from the original gouache drawings, pattern books and about 20,000 samples now in the collection of the Austrian Museum for applied Arts, Vienna. 254pp £82.00 Add
The Tapestry Collection - Medieval and Renaissance G. F. Wingfield Digby A study of the tapestry collection at the V&A Museum, with a focus on medieval and renaissance era pieces. £18.00 Add
Glasgow Girls: Women in Art and Design 1880-1920 Jude Burkhauser While the "Glasgow Boys" group of painters has been widely written about, their female contemporaries have received far less attention, this book redresses the balance. 262pp £35.00 Add
Textile Treasures Naomi Tarrant An introduction to European decorative textiles for home and church in the National Museum of Scotland. 110pp £60.00 Add
Flowers for the Earth Lord Traci Arden A study of Guatemalan textiles from the Permanent Collection. 164pp £25.00 Add
Textiles in America 1650-1870 Florence M. Montgomery Describes the textiles used for early-American bed hangings, window curtains, and upholstery, shows samples of early fabrics, and defines terms related to fabrics and sewing. 412pp £42.00 Add
Designing Tapestry Jean Lurcat A guide with 53 examples of both antique and modern (1950) tapestry designs chosen by the author. 61pp £60.00 Add
Textile History: Volume 7, 1976 K. G. Pointing (Editor) Volume 7 in the series, mainly focussing on the European industry 1750-1850. ISSN - 0040-4969. 205pp £15.00 Add
Textile History: Volume 31, Number 2, November 2000 K. G. Pointing (Editor) Volume 31, No. 2 in the series, mainly focussing on the English and Irish industry in the 16th and 17th centuries. ISSN: 0040-4969. 115pp £20.00 Add
Textile History: Volume 32, Number 1, May 2001 K. G. Pointing (Editor) Volume 32, No. 1 in the series, special issue focussing on medieval textiles. ISSN: 0040-4969. 132pp £20.00 Add
200 Years: The Hosiery Unions 1776-1976 Richard Gurnham The history of the National Union of Hosiery and Knitwear Workers, its evolution and its predecessors. 197pp £10.00 Add
The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries George Wingfield Digby The famous medieval tapestries with hunting subjects which belonged to the Dukes of Devonshire and were at Hardwick Hall before being acquired by the V&A Museum in 1957 are the subject of this monograph. £20.00 Add
Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia & Transcaucasia John T. Wertime With reference to a selection of the best pieces available, the author of this book develops a case for pinpointing specific regional weaving styles, by grouping the bags according to shared design repertoire, use of colour, and sumak technique. £65.00 Add
The Flemish Tapestries at Wawel Castle in Cracow Jerzy Szablowski A study of the treasures of King Sigismund Augustus Jagiello held at Wawel Castle. 500pp £48.00 Add
The Art of Tapestry Pierre Verlet, Michel Florisoone and others The greater part of this book is devoted to the history of this craft from the Middle Ages to the present day and is richly illustrated. 278pp £50.00 Add
The Bayeux Tapestry David M. Wilson Describes the historical background and physical characteristics of the eleventh century tapesty, and explains the events it portrays. 234pp £32.00 Add
Treasures of Indian Textiles D. H. Sahiar (Editor) Bringing to view some of the finest fabrics, woven, spun, painted and printed throughout India ovwer the centuries. 146pp £80.00 Add
Courtaulds - An Economic and Social History. Vol I & Vol II D. C. Coleman Volume 1 & 2 of the series. I: The Nineteenth Century Silk and Crepe. II: Rayon. 283pp & 521pp £34.00 Add
Wallpaper in America Catherine Lynn Drawing on the extensive collections of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design, as well as from sources across America and Europe, the author documents the changing tastes in pattern and color preferences. 533pp £19.00 Add
Russian Imperial Style Laura Cerwinske A sumptuously illustrated, full-color book re-creates the Russian aristocracy's world of opulent design, beautiful objects, and magnificent art and architecture through gorgeous pictures and rich text. 223pp £16.00 Add
William Morris - Ornamentation & Illustrations fro the Kelmscott Chaucer Fridolf Johnson Beautiful tailpieces, decorative letters, elaborate floral borders and frames, samples of body type, and other illustrations contain all 87 Burne-Jones woodcuts and every Morris border and decoration. 112pp £10.00 Add
PUA - Iban Weavings of Sarawak Edric Ong A guide to traditional Iban textiles exhibited at the Sarawak Museum. 110pp £40.00 Add
Textile History: Volume 4, October 1973 K. G. Pointing (Editor) Volume 4 in the series, mainly focussing on the European industry 1750-1850. ISSN - 0040-4969. 151pp £20.00 Add
Designing for Printed Furnishing Fabrics and Wallpapers Marjorie Sankey and M. M'Veagh Reynolds This is a book for the student and amitious free-lance designer of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers. 60pp £20.00 Add
Artists' Textiles in Britain 1945-1970 Geoffrey Rayner et al. This work features illustrations of textiles for fashion (including headscarves) and furnishings designed by artists living or working in Britain for British companies during the period 1945-1970. 127pp £65.00 Add
A Celebration of Cloth Mary Fogg Containing a selection of quilts created since the 1970s. £20.00 Add
Women's Work - Textile Art from the Bauhaus Sigrid Wortmann Weltge Unearths a missing chapter in the story of the most important institution in the history of modern design. 208pp £75.00 Add
Designs in Indian Textiles Ajit Mookerjee (Editor) Selected entirely from the institute's own portfolio of traditional textile designs, collected over a number of years. With 70 coloured and monochrome plates. £30.00 Add
Carpets and Interiors: A Guide for Architects, Decorators, Furnishers etc. James Templeton & Company The aim of this book is to give guidance to those who have to provide carpets for special purposes. High quality photography. £35.00 Add
William Morris: Wallpapers & Designs Andrew Melvin (Editor) A study of William Morris' best wallpaper designs through his career, ful page illustration throughout. £20.00 Add
Christopher Dresser: The People's Designer 1834-1904 Harry Lyons In this extensively researched book, Lyons seeks to answer many questions as well as examining the overlooked areas of Dresser's work in textiles, wallpapers and graphic design. 320pp £72.00 Add
Elsie de Wolfe: A Decorative Life Nina Campbell & Caroline Seebohm Combines a colorful overview of contemporary interior design with the riveting life and times of the founding mother of the decorating profession.152pp £25.00 Add
Brocklehurst-Whiston BWA: The Story of its Activities Brocklehurst-Whiston The history of Cheshire silk company Brocklehurst-Whiston Amalgamated founded in 1745. 65pp £36.00 Add
Nanima's Chest Zuleikha Mayat A beautifully photographed study of Indian shawls and decorative designs. 99pp £50.00 Add
To Weave for the Sun Rebecca Stone-Miller A guide to the ancient Andean textiles held in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 271pp £40.00 Add
ASAFO: African Flags of the Fante Peter Adler and Nicholas Barnard Describes the colorful flags of the Fante, and explains the proverbs, myths, and traditions that influence the design of these appliqued banners. 96pp £15.00 Add
Living Traditions of India: Kalamkari Nelly H. Sethna A guide to the printed and painted fabrics from Andhra Pradesh. 94pp £40.00 Add
Russian Kerchiefs and Shawls Olega Gordeyeva Text in English. A collection of kerchiefs and shawls of many types, common in Russia from the 18th to the 20th Century. 168pp £35.00 Add
Cloth That Does Not Die Elisha P. Renne A study of the meaning of cloth in Bunu social life. 269pp £10.00 Add
The Hungry Mills Norman Longmate The Story of the Lancashire Cotton Famine 1861-1865. 319pp £12.00 Add
Broadlooms and Businessmen John S. Ewing and Nancy P. Norton A history of the Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company. 437pp £15.00 Add
Carpeting The Millions - The Growth of Britain's Carpet Industry J. Neville Bartlett The book examines the growth of the British carpet industry from the middle of the 18th Century when carpets were an expensive luxury, to the beginning of the 1970's. 296pp £10.00 Add
Memoir of Samuel Slater - The Father of American Manufacturers George S. White Reprint of the original 1836 volume. Connected with a history of the rise and progress of the cotton manufacture in England and America. 449pp £14.00 Add
The History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London in 2 Volumes. William Herbert Reprint of the original 1837 volumes. Principally compiled from their grants and records with an historical essay and accounts of each company... 498pp & 684pp £25.00 Add
The History of Wool and Wool Combing James Burnley Reprint of the original 1889 volume. A study of the wool industry and the manufacturing processes surrounding it. 487pp £20.00 Add
Hanging By A Thread Dr W. W. Knox A study of the The Scottish Cotton Industry c.1850-1914. 204pp £12.00 Add
The Cotton Trade of Great Britain Thomas Ellison Reprint of the original 1886 volume. Cass library of industrial classics No.11. 360pp £12.00 Add
Days at the Factories George Dodd Reprint of the original 1843 volume. The manufacturing industry of Great Britain described. 548pp £12.00 Add
The Textile Industry W. English Part of the Industrial Archaeology Series. Studying the development of the textile industry during the industrial revolution. 242pp £20.00 Add
An Introduction to the Study of Textile Design Aldred F. Barker Third edition, with numerous illustrations and diagrams, part of a series 'Text-Books of Technology'. £22.00 Add
The Arts of the Maori Department of Education Wellington, New Zealand This book brings together reference material from the past of the Maori and from schools that are using it in their classrooms to showcase traditional Maori craft. 55pp £25.00 Add
Summer and Winter and Other Two-Tie Unit Weaves Harriet Tidball Shuttle Craft Guild - Monograph Nineteen, 1966. A collection of patterns for warp-threaders. 58pp £130.00 Add
Arts and Crafts of Hawaii: XII - Ornaments Te Rangi Hiroa Part of a series displaying the arts and crafts of Hawaii, this volume covers personal adornment and ornaments. 57pp £32.00 Add
ViewEarly Textiles Found in Scotland A. S. Henshall, S. Maxwell and Others Reprinted from the Proceeding of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Vols. LXXXVI and LXXXVIII, Sessions 1951-1956. 62pp £50.00 Add
Late Saxon Textiles from the City of London Frances A. Pritchard A study of Saxon textiles found in the City of London. £30.00 Add
Malaysian Songket Norwani Mohd. Nawawi A guide to this traditional Malaysian weaving. With illustration. 119pp £40.00 Add
ViewIslamic Textile Design Unknown Catalogue for the exhibition on Islamic Textiles & Their Influence in Europe. 24pp £40.00 Add
Silk: Sarsenets, Satins, Steel & Stripes Louanne Collins and Moira Stevenson A study of 150 years of Macclesfield textile designs. 83pp £130.00 Add
ViewOriental and European Fabrics State History Museum A fantastic pictorial study of the stunning fabrics held in the State Museum. £25.00 Add
A Compendious History of the Cotton Manufacture Richard Guest Part of the Cass Library of Industrial Classics No. 16. £20.00 Add
European Textile Printers in the Eighteenth Century S. D. Chapman and S. Chassagne A study of Peel and Oberkampf and the development of textile printing. 257pp £35.00 Add
The Hardwick Hall Inventories of 1601 Lindsay Boynton A study of the antiquities held at Hardwick Hall. £30.00 Add
ViewH. R. Lilley Artist & Designer H. J. Bruce A study of the life and work of H. R. Lilley with many pictures of his applique and embroidery. 36pp £80.00 Add
Threads of Feeling John Styles The London Foundling Hospital's Textile Tokens, 1740-1770. 72pp £38.00 Add
Aubusson et la Renaissance de la Tapisserie XXXII Collectif Text in French. 'Aubusson and the Rebirth of the Tapestry XXXII'. Mars 1946 edition of this artistic and literary journal. 64pp £20.00 Add
The Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith Susan Whitfield A glimpse into history through the manuscripts, artefacts, paintings, coins and textiles which lay hidden in the desert ruins until their discovery in the early twentieth century. 48pp £12.50 Add
Ciba Review 58 - Batiks A. Steinmann Issue No. 58 of the Ciba Review - focus on the traditional Middle-East dyeing used to make Batik cloth. Illust. 38pp £40.00 Add
Blockley and the Silk Trade Norah M. Marshall Enlarged edition with introduction by Sir Robert Lusty and appendices by Sir Edward Warner, Mr R.A. Smeeton, Dr A.W. Exell and Mrs Wyn Wheatcroft. 43pp £25.00 Add
Malay Shadow Puppets Amin Sweeney Dr Sweeney examines Malay shadow puppets with a special reference to the superb collection purchased by the British Museum a decade ago from Awang Lah. 80pp £20.00 Add
Egyptian Landscapes - Weavings from the Ramses Wissa Wassef School Sir Michael Weir Catalogue for a traveling exhibition of wool and cotton tapestries. 64pp £10.00 Add
Ancient Peruvian Mantles, 300 B.C. - A.D. 200 Unknown Mantles, the rectangular wrapping cloths found on two-thousand-year-old funerary bundles from the south coast, are impressive demonstrations of the ancient Peruvian arts of needle and loom. 24pp £30.00 Add
The History of Jacob Jean-Paul Asselberghs Text in English. A guide to Brussels tapestries from the 16th Century. £25.00 Add
Selvedges: Janis Jefferies writings and artworks since 1980 Victoria Mitchell (Editor) A study of artist Janis Jefferies and her works. 110pp £26.00 Add
KumiHimo - Techniques of Japanese Plaiting Jules & Kaethe Kliot A concise guide to the traditional techniques of the famed Japanese plaiting. 20pp £18.00 Add
Weaving in Miniature Carol Strickler & Barbara Taggart A guide to textile and weaving for use in dolls houses and other miniatures. 77pp £62.00 Add
The Story of Rayon Arnold Hard A guide to the Rayon industry in the UK, with stories from the largest company founders themselves. 92pp £20.00 Add
Jean Wilson's Soumak Workbook Jean Wilson This hand reference guide to the Soumak techniques shows just how versatile this family of warp-wrapping methods can be. 49pp £110.00 Add
The Weaver & The Throwster David Possee A study of the 19th Century silk industry of Essex and Suffolk. 2nd Edition. 74pp £75.00 Add
Woolgatherings for Dyers & Spinsters: No.1 - Dyer in the Garden Dee Duke & Rowena Edlin-White Part of a series, each focussing on a different aspect of dyeing and spinning. 32pp £15.00 Add
Woolgatherings for Dyers & Spinsters: No.2 - The Beginner Spinner Dee Duke & Rowena Edlin-White Part of a series, each focussing on a different aspect of dyeing and spinning. 30pp £15.00 Add
Woolgatherings for Dyers & Spinsters: No.3 - The Mediaeval Dye Pot Dee Duke & Rowena Edlin-White Part of a series, each focussing on a different aspect of dyeing and spinning. 32pp £15.00 Add
ViewWoolgatherings for Dyers & Spinsters: No.4 - A Spinner's 'Rhymerie' Dee Duke & Rowena Edlin-White Part of a series, each focussing on a different aspect of dyeing and spinning. 30pp £15.00 Add
Woolgatherings for Dyers & Spinsters: No.5 - Knitting Handspun Yarns Dee Duke & Rowena Edlin-White Part of a series, each focussing on a different aspect of dyeing and spinning. 31pp £15.00 Add
Woolgatherings for Dyers & Spinsters: No.6 - Everything in the Kitchen Sink Dee Duke & Rowena Edlin-White Part of a series, each focussing on a different aspect of dyeing and spinning. 32pp £15.00 Add
Men in Petticoats Peter Farrer (Editor) A selection of letters from Victorian newspapers. 44pp £46.00 Add
Weaving in Nepal: Dhaka-Topi Cloth Susi Dunsmore This booklet records the results of a study of the traditional methods used by Nepalese weavers. £20.00 Add
The History of Woad and The Medieval Woad Vat John Edmonds Part of the Historic Dyes Series, No. 1. A study of Woad and its importance to the English textile industry. 37pp £75.00 Add
Medeltida Textilier av Svensk Tillverkning Agnes Geijer Text in Swedish. 'Medieval Textiles of Swedish Manufacture'. Volume 1 from the collections of the state historical museums. £50.00 Add
Brief Guide to the Chinese Woven Fabrics Victoria and Albert Museum A guide to traditional Chinese textile weaving. Including 16 full page plates. £18.00 Add
The Tale of Sebastian the Silkworm Zoe, Lady Hart Dyke A playful guide to the process of silk creation. 15pp £30.00 Add
The Story of the Cotton Plant F. Wilkinson F.G.S Years of research brought together to give a comprehensive guide to cotton as a plant and the techniques for its harvest. 200pp £15.00 Add
European Textile Patterns - Traditional Style - 1 Unknown Text in English. Part of The Best in International Textile Design series. Very large, high quality illustration showcasing European textile patterns. £56.00 Add
Art Nouveau: Paris 1895 Unknown Text in German, French and English. Part of the 'Giftwraps by Artists' series. Containing 12 full-colour patterns. £55.00 Add
Paisley Unknown Text in German, French and English. Part of the 'Giftwraps by Artists' series. Containing 12 full-colour patterns. £15.00 Add
Walk in Splendour: Ceremonial Dress and the Minangkabau John & Anne Summerfield In this lavishly illustrated volume, 13 contributing authors--9 of them Minangkabau--consider ceremonial dress, motifs, fibers, patterning techniques, traditional architecture, ceremonies, jewelry, music, dance, literature, and historiography. £42.00 Add
Painting on Cloth Marie Peacey A treasury filled with ideas for decorating fabrics with textile and silk paints. 48pp £35.00 Add
Decorative Design Fritzi Brod No.3 in Pitman's series of art books. Offering a collection of traditional and modern designs to inspire budding designers and artists. £15.00 Add
ViewPrinted Cottons at Old Sturbridge Village Paula Sampson Preston A showase of the traditional textiles found at the historical site Old Sturbridge Village. 36pp £26.00 Add
In Search of Colour Vernon Shearer and Arthur Smith A guide to the history and process of fabric dyeing, with fun illustrations throughout. 41pp £40.00 Add
ViewThe Textile Industries (8 Volume Set) William S. Murphy A Practical Guide to Fibres, Yarns & Fabrics in Every Branch of Textile Manufacture. £190.00 Add